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The podcast that will tell you why your thoughts and ideas about video games, movies, TV series and other things are dead wrong. The good news is we're all going to have a lot of fun learning just how wrong everyone is.
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Yeah, yeah, Green Lantern isn't part of the DC Extended Universe, we all know it. The thing is, Luciano had never watched it before, and Chris, Matt and Spencer felt like this was unfair... to them, since the three of them had seen it before. So they went and "convinced" him to do an episode about it, so he was forced to watched. They clearly didn't think the idea through very well, though, because this meant they had to go watch it again, this time in full knowledge of what they were going to be subjecting themselves to. Well, nobody ever thought they were the brightest, anyway. And, if you ask me, making Luciano suffer through it is worth that pain. 😈 Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
They've complained. They've whined and bellyached. They've nitpicked. They have poked, prodded and otherwise manhandled each and every DC Extended Universe movie released so far. Now, it's time for them to tell us where they would go from here. This week, Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer fix the fucking DCEU. Being the prima donnas we know they are, each of them obviously felt the need to come up with their own ideas, so we actually get FOUR potential fixes to choose from. They each picked their favourite out of the other three options at the end, and you, dear listener, will get to vote on your preferred option as well (make sure to follow @yourewrongcast on Twitter to get notified when the poll is posted!).  Hopefully, with these many options and so much guidance on which ones everyone prefers, Warner Bros. will finally be able to make a good decision for a change? Eh, I wouldn't count on it. 😒Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
This is it! This week, You're Wrong takes on the very last of the current batch of DC Extended Universe movies: Wonder Woman 1984!  I'll be honest: I was actually quite excited about this being the movie they'd concluded their extended DCEU analysis on. I thought, "another Wonder Woman movie, yay! The first one was fun, and this one doesn't have to get into all of that 'origins' crap that first movies need to go through! It can just jump straight into another heartwarming, hopeful story, right? And, holy shit, it's set in the 80's! This is going to be magical! Even those grumpy assholes won't be able to stay grumpy watching this one!"... Hoo, boy. 😟😓Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
They're finally at the home stretch of their DC Extended Universe deep dive here on You're Wrong! Today, the topic of discussion is second-to-last movie from the current DCEU line-up: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – quite possibly the most obnoxious movie title in the history of space and time. Here's the thing: this one should have actually been two movies. Two separate, almost completely unrelated movies, in fact. But, as we know, Warner Bros. gonna Warner Bros., so what we got was some weird film version of the Frankenstein monster that introduces new, potentially important characters...  by focusing mainly on a completely different (and already introduced!) one. Oh, and one that introduces a wonderfully-hammy new villain and then completely obliterates him, beyond any possible logical salvation.Way to go, WB. Way to go. 🙄Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Another week, another analysis of a DC Extended Universe movie! This time, our intrepid hosts will be discussing Shazam! (yes, we're definitely using the acronym; pay no mind to the idiot who wrote the summary... that guy doesn't even know how to format his text properly). One way or another, it seems like all 4 of them at least had fun with the movie, which long-time listeners of this podcast will recognise for the rarity that it is. Well, at least for Luciano and Matt, being the crotchety old farts that they are. Spencer doesn't seem to have reached their levels of grumpiness yet, but I reckon it's only a matter of time. Chris might be spared, though. Even churlishness won't go to Whitby if it can help it. Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
The You're Wrong crew (yeah, I'm done typing all their dumb names – there's too many of them now, and you know who they are) continues their analysis of the DC Extended Universe movies. This week, they'll be squabbling about Aquaman!This movie really got the lads fired up. Whetted their interest. Titilated them. Yeah... it was a very thrilling film to watch... Huh? No, no! Ew. What I meant was that their eyeballs were pleased. They were optically delighted, as it were. Get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh.  Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Next on Matt and Luciano's (and Chris and Spencer's) deep dive into the movies of the DC Extended Universe is a wonderful breath of fresh air: Wonder Woman!Set 100 years in the past, in the dawn of the 20th century, this one tells the story of Diana's journey from Amazon princess to fully-fledged hero: her origins, in the wonderland island of Themyscira; her first encounter with Man – one Steve Trevor, who wonders into the magically-hidden isle by accident; her departure from the safety of her ancestral home into the "real" world, a place that quickly fills her with both dread and wonderment; the full impact of humanity's darker side and the wonderlessness of war; and the final fulfilment of her destiny, starting with her wonderworks on the war front and culminating in a wondrous battle against the enemy she was born to counter. You're not going to want to miss this one!(No puns or calembours were harmed in the making of this description.) Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Continuing their extended (and extensive) reperusal of the DC Extended Universe movies, Luciano and Matt, along with Chris and Spencer, take on the massive turd known as Suicide Squad. No, not The Suicide Squad – that one hasn't come out yet (as of the publishing of this episode). This is the original turd (and hopefully the only turd... Margot Robbie deserves better). Anyway, I digress. Oh, do you know who else digresses (a lot)? All four of those nerds. Holy shit, you'd think that they wouldn't blabber on for TWO HOURS about a movie they all pretty much agree sucks, but they did. Hell, the episode is almost as long as the goddamned movie itself! What the fuck is this, a play by play? Geez...Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Moving along on their journey to analyse the movies of the DC Extended Universe, Matt and Luciano are once again joined by Spencer and Chris, this time to discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.This is a movie with a notoriously convoluted plot, woefully bad takes on beloved characters (I'm looking at you, Jesse Eisenberg), iconically-shitty scenes (still looking at you, Jolly Rancher boy... not to mention the memetastic "Martha v Martha" resolution to the titular fight). Will Chris and/or Spencer still find it in themselves to somehow think this is a good movie, despite all that? Will Luciano and/or Matt, for that matter, even in spite of themselves? Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
As you know, at the end of the last episode, Luciano and Matt realised just how wrong Chris and Spencer (and you) were about Snyder Cut, so the decided they needed to go back to the beginning and analyse the entire DC Extended Universe with them along for the ride, so that they (and you) can finally understand the error of their (and your) ways.So this is how we find ourselves here, listening to them talk about the movie that gave birth to the DCEU: Superman Begins! I mean, Man of Steel! What are its faults and what are its merits? How did the decisions made prior to and during this movie affect and influence the cinematic universe it spawned? How badly did Warner Bros. shit the bed right from the get-go (spoiler alert: very)? Does anyone in this episode know how math or numbers work in any way, shape or form (spoiler alert: not really)?  Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
I really wanted to say "moving on to the next movie in Matt and Luciano's deep dive into the DCEU", but apparently they have friends who are not only completely wrong about the Snyder Cut, but also don't even have the decency of being ashamed about it.  Ever the gracious friends, our hosts, in their vaunted benevolence, decided to give said friends – Chris *bleep* and Spencer – a venue to humiliate themselv— uh, that is, explain the reasons behind their (wrong) opinions about Zack's Snyder's take on Justice League.Gird your loins again, everyone. Shit got real (dumb) this week!Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Welcome to a new You're Wrong series! This time, spurred on by the much-awaited release of the Zack Snyder's Justice League (a.k.a. the Snyder Cut), Luciano and Matt will endeavour to analyse and discuss the movies of the DC Extended Universe!And what better entry to start with than the Snyder Cut itself? It's rare to see a movie be "fixed" and re-released after critiques have been made and complaints have been filed, especially one that can draw from movies that came after the original was released. Moreover, this is a 4-hour-long behemoth of a movie – try to imagine just how much complaining those two can cram in about it? Besides... SEO gold like this doesn't just grow on trees, you know.So strap in (no, seriously... this thing is ginormous. I'm shook they kept it under 2 hours, to be honest) and come hear what the crotchety old fogeys have to say about this one! Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
You're Wrong is taking a break this week (for reasons you'll need to listen to this episode to find out 😉), but instead of just skipping an episode, we've decided to release something Matt and Luciano recorded a while ago as a bonus episode, just to keep the momentum going. During the Disney vs. Star Wars season, they decided to watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker together for a second time (since they watched it together the first time as well) instead of separately, as they usually do for movie reviews. They figured sharing the pain would lessen it (spoiler alert: it actually did!), and they figured it'd be a fun experience for all of you to hear their caustic commentary on that clusterfuck of a movie in real time, in case you ever decided to torture yourselves and watch it again.You're Wrong will be back on its regular schedule next week. Enjoy! ____________________MUSICBasic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
We finally reach the conclusion (for now) of Matt and Luciano's detailed (read: overly-long) and diligent (read: protracted) analysis of what Disney did (thus far) after backing a truckful of money onto George Lucas' driveway and walking away with the rights to our beloved Star Wars franchise! It is also, specifically, the conclusion of their analysis of Season 2 of The Mandalorian.So much happens in these four episodes, holy crap. We learn Baby Yoda's name! Beloved characters from other Star Wars movies and shows get/steal some (or a lot of) spotlight! Beloved characters from this Star Wars show make an reappearance! We get an actual, proper conclusion to a story arc (and before it was milked to death and ruined, to boot)! Lots of interesting things to talk about, lots of things for those two bastards to complain about, and most importantly, lots of things for you to be wrong about. Ah, who am I kidding, lots of things you're definitely wrong about. You really don't want to miss this one!  Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Luciano and Matt continue their dissection of Star Wars as imagined by Disney this week, and as they do so, they finally arrive at Season 2 of The Mandalorian!  Season 1 was pretty ballin'... can Season 2 live up to both its own hype on top of the precedent set by Season 1? What were our hosts expectations going in? Luciano hadn't seen it before, Matt had; did that make any difference in how they experienced it? How wrong were you about what you thought, and how many easter eggs and references did you miss? Only one way to find out...Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Another week, another episode of Matt & Luciano's inquest into Star Wars under Disney's auspices! Today, they continue analysing The Mandalorian -- specifically, Chapters 5 to 8 and the conclusion of Season 1.Following an unprecedented flash of self-awareness, our favourite curmudgeons actually managed to realise their disjointed blabbing barely makes sense to them, let alone anyone else, so they decided to remedy it by implementing something called episode structure... I know, right? Groundbreaking stuff. 🙄 In any case, they discuss the tail end of this first Season: how it measured up to their expectations, what they thought of the story, the characters, and also what their expectations are for Season 2 (well, mostly for Luciano, since he had somehow managed to not have watched S2 when they recorded this) in terms of plot and character development (and the show as a whole, really).Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
This week, Luciano & Matt's deep-dive into Disney's take on Star Wars finally veers away from the feature-length films and into the first ever live-action series in the Star Wars universe: The Mandalorian!In order to (try and) keep things (mostly) sane, each season of the show will be split into 2 episodes, to allow our dear hosts as much time as they feel they need to rambl— that is, dissect the story and the characters. In this first stab at analysing the series, they'll tackle Chapters 1 to 4. Given the awful, bitter taste The Rise of Skywalker left in its wake, what were their expectations going in? Did the show live up to them? What were their chief complaints? How can they possibly be this annoying? Give the episode a listen and find out (and if you discover the answer to that last question... please let me know)! Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Next up on Matt & Luciano's Star Wars deep-dive is the abomination known as "The Rise of Skywalker", the last movie of the Star Wars sequel trilogy (and the last movie of the whole "Skywalker saga", in fact).Look, you've seen the title of this episode, you read the summary. It's no secret: they both hate it. Hell, if you've been listening to You're Wrong for any length of time, you've known this for a while now, what with how much and how often they bring this dreck up, even when the discussion has nothing to do with Star Wars. Well... now the conversation is about Star Wars. And specifically about this movie. So, like the Sith of old, they let their hate flow through them and were finally able to give this piece of shit the thorough, no holds barred beating it deserves. It's definitely worth a listen. Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Pressing ahead with their Star Wars series, this week Luciano & Matt tackle the second movie in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, "The Last Jedi".And tackle it they did! For 90 minutes, in fact. They talk about their high hopes for some of the early ideas, their distaste for ever-escalating power levels, unnecessary MacGuffins and plot-powered technology, as well as their overall opinions on the narrative departures this movie takes from its predecessor.Oh, and Luciano whines about "what they did to 'my guy' Luke!" (his words, not mine). Like, a lot. For a concerning amount of time. Really. Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
In the third installment of Matt & Luciano's clinical (some would say surgical) analysis of Star Wars under Disney's tutelage, they finally get to the first movie of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, "The Force Awakens"! So what are we working with, here? A female action hero as a main character? Sign me up for some of that! A Stormtrooper that not only takes off their helmet but also betrays the Empire (*ahem*, I mean the "First Order") and joins the Rebel Alliance (uh... the "Resistance", sorry)? Noice. A galaxy littered with the remnants of a failed autocracy, a visual cautionary tale for any would-be dictators about what happens when people rise up and stand together against oppression and tyranny? Just take my damn money already!Well, I'll be! With ideas as refreshing and intriguing as these, there's just no way they would let nostalgia overshadow it all, right? ... Right? 🥺Music:Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
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