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Get to know your favorite bar owners and their entrepreneurial journeys.
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Mouton - Columbus, OH

Mouton - Columbus, OH


Dan and Joey talk with Jillian Smith from Mouton in Columbus, Ohio. Jillian is the GM of Mouton and a modern cocktail guru from California. With years of experience under her belt, Jillian shares what it is like to operate a bar in the heart of Columbus.
The Heights - Toledo, OH

The Heights - Toledo, OH


Toledo’s best rooftop bar, The Heights, is a go-to spot for everyone coming through northwest Ohio. In episode seven of the AfterHours Podcast, Frankie and Joey sit down with John Onsa, a true Philly cheese steak enthusiast.
Taste Wine Bar - Toledo, OH

Taste Wine Bar - Toledo, OH


Na Tasha from The Taste Wine Bar shares her entrepreneurial journey with the AfterHours cast. Her establishment is the first self serve wine bar in the Toledo area.
Jake's Saloon - Toledo, OH

Jake's Saloon - Toledo, OH


Frankie and Joey sit down with Andy, former wall street businessman turned entrepreneur and owner of Jake's Saloon, in Toledo, Ohio.
Frankie and Joey broaden the AHPC reach by visiting Boulevard Market in their home state of Michigan. Listen to Erika Aylward's entrepreneurial journey as she talks about her successful business and her soon-to-be new venture.
The AfterHours cast interviews its first guest, Kelli Powell. Kelli talks about her transition from corporate America to sole proprietor of Suburban Bottle, a winery in Perrysburg, Ohio.
Today we release the 2nd half of our interview with Will from The Spotted Owl. Be sure to check out the 1st half from last week!
One of America's most open-minded bars, The Spotted Owl is a bar to add to the bucket list. Today we talk to Will from The Spotted Owl to learn more about his establishment.
Welcome to the Unknown Caller Cocktail Bar. Walk through the telephone entrance and you'll be greeted with delicious mixed drinks, a vibrant & relaxed atmosphere, and Chattanooga's finest hosts (James and Kris) to create your cocktail of choice.
The Whiskey Vault

The Whiskey Vault


In 2014 Daniel started a YouTube channel centered around whiskey consumption, The Whiskey Vault. Now he is the host of two YT channels, founder of the Whiskey Marketing School, and a distillery owner.
The Craft Beer Channel is the go-to YouTube channel for all your beer-related content; such as news, reviews, trends, and banter. Founded in 2013 by two Brits with a thirst for knowledge, Jonny and Brad have successfully grown their channel to be the leading experts on their craft. Frankie and Dan discuss YouTube secrets, craft beers, and marketing strategies with Jonny Garret.
John Onsa, Food & Beverage Director of The Heights, is the first returning guest on the podcast. John's first time on the podcast was in early 2020; since then a lot has changed and this time around he reflects on the ups and downs of the food industry throughout the year. John, Frankie, and Joey discuss food, leadership, motivation, and sports at Toledo's Best Rooftop Bar.
Benchmark Restaurant is the 'new standard' for fine dining in Northwest Ohio. Benchmark is known for their "chef’s way" steak entrees which were created by their head chef and owner, Jeff Dinnebeil, and it has since become a fan favorite on their menu. Joey and Frankie have the pleasure of talking with their GM, Jon Mickle, who shares his 20-year journey through the restaurant industry. 
Chris Fredrickson was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime when he stumbled upon his family’s secret distilling patents. In 2012 he started distilling using these patents as a guide, and thus TC Whiskey Co. was founded. Nearly a decade since finding those distilling patents, Frankie and Joey have the pleasure of sampling some products using those same whiskey distilling techniques.
Frankie and Joey continue their interview with Zach Lahey from Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer. Hear more great stories and untold secrets about the food & beverage industry from a restaurant proprietor in the Midwest. This is the second half of our recording featuring Manhattan's in Toledo, OH.
Frankie and Joey sit down with Zach Lahey from Manhattan’s Pub 'n Cheer in Toledo, OH. Zach was a Broadway actor working odd jobs in the food industry to cover his bills while in NY. Nearly 18 years ago, he returned to Ohio and opened up Manhattan's in his hometown. This is part 1 of 2 from the epic interview we had featuring the owner of Manhattan's.
Evan Grier founded Bourbon & Baker in Manhattan, KS with the help of his leadership team. Since its inception in 2013, B&B has remained a staple in the KSU community for both sweet tooth and whiskey enthusiasts. Franke and Dan sit down with Evan, Katie, and Cadell to discuss dessert, whiskey, sports, and much more.
Frankie and Joe sit down with Tom Garrison, co-founder of Funky Turtle Brewing Company. Funky Turtle is known for its unique crafting style which incorporates fresh fruits, honey, and spices throughout the process. Since its inception in 2018, Funky Turtle has produced many fruit-flavored brews that have taken over Toledo, OH.
Carousel Bar - Dunedin, NZ

Carousel Bar - Dunedin, NZ


Joey and Frankie talk with a couple of “Kiwis” on this international podcast. Carousel Bar is a high-end cocktail bar in Dunedin, New Zealand known for their delicious handcrafted drinks. We talk with the owners, John and Tess about “Kiwi” stereotypes, traveling abroad, and drinking preferences.
Frankie and Joey sit down with comedian and social media influencer Qualin Harris, as he shares hot takes and funny stories from his experience in the food and beverage industry. Qualin is best known for his Confessions Of A Server persona where he posts satirical memes, rants, and skits about the restaurant business
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