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Accessible philosophy simplified for the modern world. The objective of this Podcast is to deal with the philosophical aspects of humanities real and manufactured flaws, otherwise known as plot-holes.
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In this episode of Human Plotholes, I attempt to make a case for the existence of God using logic. This particular podcast is an ambitious one. It’s intended audience is theists, atheists, and everything in between. Some of the topics that I briefly talk about are consciousness, spirituality, truth, morality, ego, dualism, good, evil, nihilism, hedonism, religion, quantum physics, theism, atheism, and agnosticism. I try to include the most relevant topics related to the existence of God, so there is likely something for everyone in this particular episode. The intention of this episode is to open a channel of discussion about the existence of God, so I invite you to listen to the whole episode (even if you disagree with certain parts) and then join the discussion because philosophy is meant to be shared and discussed. Objectivity is a way to express the concept that there is one truth out there no matter how unknowable it actually might be to our human limitations. It is an ideal more than an idea that can not be fully understood by language. To begin to understand it you have to be willing to delve into things that might sound cliche or unscientific like your intuition, your heart, your soul, and the very fiber of your being. You must be willing to cast aside the very things you presuppose that it means to be human, what it means to be you, to truly find yourself. We are all at different stages of the same journey, some farther than others, but at the end of the tunnel, we are destined to see the exact same light. Our subjective reality insists we must interpret this light in an individually different way. Each of us contributing our own essence to this facet of reality that makes up the whole. Our ego resists objectivity, as its very survival depends on the subjectivity of our being. If this dragon that we call our ego is slayed once, we forever learn that its rightful place is not at the throne that is our being. The facade of personas melts away and you begin to understand that your very existence is a product of endless wisdom and love. All the causes of human suffering on earth begin and end in the human mind. The existence of earthly suffering is only a byproduct of the devolution of the loving standards set in place by our creator. All the proof I need of God’s true nature is the beauty interwoven and embedded into our reality, reserved for only those willing to look. Zoom in at the atomic level and there is cause for wonder and amazement. Zoom out and the cosmos will teach you that you are small, but simultaneously that you are very important. For who would be able to perceive the inconceivable vastness and beauty of the cosmos if not you?
This episode is an introduction of what this project is going to be about. I will be posting podcasts and articles regularly. We are going to tackle the big philosophical questions in a conversational manner that can be applicable to every day life. This project is meant to be interactive, as the painting above shows us, philosophy is meant to be shared and discussed.
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