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The Shape of a Circle | Everyday Discipleship
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The Shape of a Circle | Everyday Discipleship

Author: Brian Hofmeister

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For Disciple Makers: those who are intentional about the commission of Jesus in everyday life, those who want to extend their transformation in Jesus into transformation for others in their everyday circles of relationship, those who want to push the envelope of what it means to gather small groups and missional communities into discipleship. Expect super short equipping episodes on how everyday discipleship is shaped by your everyday relationships.
53 Episodes
Fellas and ladies approach this very differently, but the power of  a physical touch is that it bridges the space between one soul and another.
It's takes having margin but also setting boundaries.
Justin Hronek shares how the "love language" of serving has helped him bring gospel connections to his workplace.
Words get truth back into the people you love.
Simple gifts in hard to reach places gets gospel relationships going.
Kicking off a full week of Episodes, Brian and Melissa give you the overview of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  It's way more than your favorite book about marriage.  It teaches you how do relationships, with meaningful love  wherever you go in your everyday circle.  Stay tuned all week as we'll break each of the five down with its own episode.
A little home hospitality goes a long way when you're making meaningful connections in your everyday circle.  Cammie gives some tips on how to make this stress free so you can keep saying without reservation, "Hey, why don't you come over."
Brian and Cammie teach how hard it can be to hold your tongue.  To just keep listening, until you really learn about people as they are, instead of jumping toward judging or fixing.
The speed of trust can move slow between women.  Melissa Hofmeister and Cammie Hronek guide you on how to get there, and help you see the gospel opportunities that have begun when that's where you are.
Brian and Cammie discovering that opening a beverage opens up people as they really are, and therefor shows you the open door to where the gospel can enter.
Justin Hronek and Matt Timmons share laughs and real life stories of what it's like making gospel connections in the workplace over noon hour.
The gospel starts opening up when relationships open up over a plate of food.  For your neighborhoods, Brian tells story about the power of a backyard BBQ.
It's starts as organically as swapping names.  I needs to get as intentional as writing those names down and remembering their story.
Everyone is busy.  Nobody has time to schedule one more thing.  How am I ever going to do outreach if I don't have time to add it?  How on earth am I ever going to find time to make a disciple?!  Cammie Hronek shares some starting principles for making disciples in everyday life.  This episodes kicks off a nine-week series of podcast extras to Brian, Cammie, and Justin's newly published book - Everyday Gospel.
Maybe you've been friends forever, or maybe you've got a list of strangers that signed up to be part of a group at your place.  Either way, relationships are one of the big four to start well with in group discipleship.
Brian and Mike talk around stories of ICNU conversations, and making room for leaders to multiply around you from there.
Don't make the common mistake of letting outreach be the last thing you start in your discipleship group, make it the first.
Are you going to pick up a book, study guide, or the Bible itself?  All have their place in creating discipleship content for your group discipleship, but we'll give you the pros, cons, and tips for each.
You don't have to buy a material or create your own questions every time you have a formative discussion around scripture.  These five questions can work anywhere in the Bible, and it'll leave the disciples you work with with a framework for learning on their own as well.  
When you're getting started it helps to set the ground rules for what to expect and how we'll interact together.
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