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Three big disciple-maker talks for every parent with their kids.  
Cammie is back!  She rested, retreated, and refreshed for an eight week sabbatical.  Here's the story of what she did, what God did in her, and how it carries forward from here.
Big questions happen all the time.  Questions about self.  Questions to understand others.  Questions about leadership and how to navigate what's in front of us. The bigger the question, the quieter the space we need to be to hold that into Jesus. 
"White Privilege" is regular vocabulary to some and inflammatory words for others!  To talk race, we've got to talk about the terms.  What does that word mean coming out of real life experiences, and into seeking a real  expanded circle of relationships? Ed Cook joins Brian and Cammie for a Candid Conversation on Race that's sure to become a staple on the Shape of a Circle Podcast.
Just a few months ago, Ed Cook of Revive Church closed shop in the central city of Milwaukee, to bring his predominantly black church out to the suburbs for a year long connection with a the predominantly white Lakepoint Church.  Why?  How's it going?  What's everybody learning?  And how much are you looking forward to regular appearances from Ed on the Shape of a Circle podcast!
While Summers often scatter group discipleship and reduce it to a few back yard hangouts, summer time, can actually be the best time, for discipleship one on one.  Brian and Cammie offer a simple framework for making those one on one times count.
How to do life different with more rest.
Mike Francisco of 1128 Community joins Brian and Cammie to talk about rules.  Rules and religious burdens are so big of a concern to Mike that he planted a church most specifically aimed and breaking the rules and doing life different.  He gets to share his heart on that in this episode, and specifically what his church is doing on that front 6 months in.
There are outlines and formats for us to follow and pray, but this week, just put your headphones on and take a prayer walk with us!
This disciple-making episode is about helping people stay afloat, without getting sucked under yourself.
This might be our best episode yet on what Covid-19 and other difficulties have done to groups of disciples.
Whether it's the world around you, circumstances you are personally in, or the leadership direction at hand, we all as disciple-makers have to lead through difficult seasons.  This episode is about where do you go when you can't get away.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."  -Philippians 4.6It's at all time and in all things that our community of disciples can respond and in prayer, and proactively seek pray spaces as well.
Some have been praying personally or corporately for some time now, but even still there's a push into maturing that many of us need.
Some people just aren't familiar with prayer at all.  It might feel like community settings would be the last place they'd want to try it, but we can turn things around and make it the first.
We all know prayer is a big part of discipleship; but why then does it feel so awkward and unnatural to start praying within a community of other disciples?  Brian and Cammie tell stories on how they've made a push into prayer in their disciple-making settings.
Hearing from God can be as simple as starting with one word that lasts for one year.  A lot can be built from there.  And your community of disciples will help.
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