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Author: Bonnie Landry

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You get to ask the questions. In the context of promoting joy, fun and an environment of love, your hosts, Bonnie and Elizabeth welcome you! Bonnie is a homeschool mom of seven kids, 29 years in (with a few more to go), writer, speaker and cheerleader. Elizabeth, mom of four, in the thick of glorious family life, brings her questions and yours to the table. Join us for some honest discussion about how to make home education cozy. Just like you imagined.
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This is my “audio book” version of my little booklet “Chocolate Chip Math.” Teaching math to small children is simple and lovely and here I share this book and a little commentary on the side.  Enjoy!
Another supplementary episode!Christina brings more obedience questions from our listeners to the table, and it gets sketchy.  We talk about bedtime: routines, dealing with fear, kids in bed, and, yup, martial intimacy.  It’s not homeschooling, but, hey…you can’t really separate sexuality from the rest of family life. We talk about the historical aspect of bedtime and sleep.  And I personally have concluded that bedtime would have been so much easier before electricity when we all went to bed at the same time…We also talk about encouraging other adults that you have given your child over to for care.  When we contract out their care to others, for a date night or school or our regular job, what are the considerations?  To wrap up, we talk about toddlers…oh the glorious, impulse driven toddlers…we cover a few different situations that are typical toddler.
Today I interview Alice, a mom of three, home base in England, who has travelled the world with her husband and family. Along the way she’s learned the value of cozy homeschooling and their daily walk (hike) as the heart of education. They’ve backpacked, RV’d, home-stayed and taken up residence around this globe. Her story is heartwarming and remarkable. She shares  the learning curve, practical tips, lovely insights and thoughts on adapting to our family’s needs along the way. Here is the link to the first video the kids did 3 years ago: is the link to the channel with all the other little videos they’ve made since:
Christina and I received so many messages and emails about real life discipline situations from our episode last week that we decided we should do  a couple of supplementary episodes just to address those discipline questions.  So here’s the first of those episodes!  
Challenges, community, criticism, conflicting sentiments. 
Obedience.  Most of our day as parents is trying to get our kids to do stuff.  Vast amounts of parental energy is used to gain our children’s compliance.  What’s reasonable to ask of our kids? What should we expect?Get off your butt parentingWhat makes a child easy to parent?  Gordon NeufeldHippie Housewife, the rod versessecuring cooperation without sacrificing kindness (blog post)



This week we chat about the socialization question of homeschooling, often the forefront issue on parents minds as they consider homeschooling.  Our own experience shapes our ideas about what socializing is.  We examine that idea, as well as some thoughts on how to create community and social opportunities.  Posts about community
Hey!  I read my little book "Dictation" with some commentary along the way.  Here is the link to resources I recommend, just scroll down to the language/dictation segment.
Christina and I cover a lot of territory this week.  We start off with what do you do when you find yourself comparing yourself to others women and other families.  Then we focus on how we keep school short and efficient.  We end up in mental health weaving through all that - helping ourselves be resilient and calming anxiety.  Tyranny of the urgent infographicpdfsBuilding resilience brain from the inside out
I interview John Paul Meenan, professor at Seat of Wisdom College in Ontario.  From a Catholic perspective, we explore the idea of Grace.  What is grace, responding to grace, how to increase out capacity for grace.  What is the role of grace in our lives, and what does that mean for parents.  He is fluent in St. Thomas, and we benefit as parents from the insight he brings alive.  https://catholicinsight.comhttps://www.seatofwisdom.caThe Diary of a Country Priest
Well if this isn't a podcasting career highlight for me.  Joseph Pearce is a beloved writer in the Catholic sphere and beyond, his particular area of passion is literature.  Our listener's benefit not only from his knowledge and love of Shakespeare, but his insights into suffering, the blessings of  home education and our life as the primary educators of our children.   Romeo and Juliet critical edition and study guideThe Quest for ShakespeareShakespeare on LoveJoseph's books at Ignatius PressThe Wagner Stories
A fun, rousing and thought provoking episode!  I chat with two moms from the UK, Bo, a pioneer home educator, and Zoe, a covid-induced newbie about the climate of home education in the UK and their own experiences.   But our conversations leads so many good places.  What is education…how do we deal with judgement, the effect that homeschooling has on women, and some political frustrations.  We discuss wet nurses and teens in the fourteenth century.  Zoe's  little blogette: those interested in American home school curricula in the UK (e.g. IEW or Life of Fred), do support Conquest Books in Wales. Run by a lovely and kind Christian fellow. They are ace: 7 of the Education Act of 1996 that Bo referred to:Duty of parents to secure education of children of compulsory school age.The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable—(a)to his age, ability and aptitude, and(b)to any special educational needs he may have,either by regular attendance at school or otherwise. organisation that supports Home Ed families or those interested in starting Home Ed is called Education Otherwise and would be well worth joining. They have all the info to help families deregister etc and can also provide support if there are difficulties with local councils. is a gibbet? (Not for the faint-hearted) of a "Public School" :
With our guest, Crystal Campbell, we discuss the nature of classical education.  There are often misunderstandings of what a classical education means, and how we approach this.  Classical education is a means of helping a human to flourish, and not a series of subjects or even the honing the human faculties or skills.  We delve into this topic, and Crystal and I are offering three workshops to delve even deeper!Click here for details and registrationHere are the resources:What is Classical Catholic Education by Jonathan Beeson Introduction to Classical Education by Dr. Christopher Perrin Education by Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Jr and Andrew KernBeauty in the Word by Stratford CaldecottConsider This by Karen GlassThe Liberal Arts Tradition by Kevin Clark, DSL and Ravi Scott JainIEW Linguistic Development Through Poetry MemorizationCrystal's website and public email:
Well, I can remember thinking, what do I do all day with this small person?  We talk about developing a routine with our littles ones as we move into homeschooling life.  We also talk about getting kids to help out as part of that framework.  We touch on getting distracted with our phones, and what to do when your child wants to “do it his way.”A day in the life without programs or workbooks
The resources we mention are here in this blog post.Oh, one of my favourite topics.  Prepping for our homeschool year.  Prepare our supplies and our curriculum ~ but mostly our hearts.  Yes, for sure there are some practical tidbits, where I actually say out loud to our listeners that hinged pencil boxes are life changing.  We discuss snacks at length.  I’m not sure why. 
We actually answer several questions today, but the one the episode is named after is where we spend most of our time...and such a fundamental question.   What is the difference?  Here are some more thoughts on that.But the other questions we spend some time on are:  How do we become good leaders in our home?What if our husbands aren't on board with this type of homeschooling/discipline?How do we encourage kids to get their work done?
All the resources I recommend are in this blog post, linking to my YouTube workshop.  Most things are linked directly to the source.  They are NOT affiliate case you're wondering.   There is also a list of ideas you can talk about with your kids as you learn how to make reading into the curriculum. this blog post contains links to the list below, it also includes a list of questions you might have in your brain to use literature as curriculum. suggested for a Medieval history studyAugustine came to Kent (In 597 a young boy accompanies a group, including Prior Augustine, to evangelize England)Son of Charlemagne (780s - the relating of the life of Charlemagne through one of his sons)If All the Swords in England (late 1100’s, story of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket)St. Thomas Aquinas, the dumb ox by Mary Fabyan Windeatt Big John’s Secret (early 1200’s, during the Crusades, a squire encounters St. Francis of Assisi)A Door in the Wall (1400’s - a young squire’s life is changed in the midst of the bubonic plague when he becomes crippled and needs care)Story BooksTomie DePaolaFrancis the Poor Man of AssisiThe Knight and the DragonBrother Francis of AssisiClown of GodA Medieval Feast AlikiMarguerite Writes a BookSaint George and the DragonThe Kitchen KnightDOVER BOOKS - historical colouring booksEYEWITNESSKnightMedieval LifeCastleArms and ArmourDa Vinci and His Times
In this episode, we talk with Phillip Campbell again, author of the The Story of Civilization series.  We discuss the importance and purpose of studying history and what grabs our attention about it.  How to get our kids to love it!We also talk about historical accuracy in books and movies, propaganda throughout history and how we use the symbols of history in our everyday lives.   Phillip has a new book out, especially designed for hard core history nerds:  Power From On High: Theocratic Kingship from Constantine to the ReformationHere is the link for Cruachan Hill Press: is Phillip's new book on Amazon: are a couple of historically-themed blog post by yours truly:
Some  thoughts about homeschooling high school.  This talk was given at the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference in February, and I'm chatting about the things I learned about high school.  Some resources are included here, so enjoy!
Christina Jaloway joins me co-hosting this episode where we interview Dr. Deborah MacNamara.  A wealth of knowledge and passion, Deborah MacNamara has beautiful and sensitive insights into the hearts of our children.    We discuss her work and her book, Rest, Play, Grow: making sense of preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one).  Deborah walks us gently, graciously through the layers and depths of building connection with our children, and helps us to understand the instincts and gifts we innately carry to give the safe environment that they crave.  Deborah's insights and gift to us can be summarized in the following quote ~ "The secret to [developing relationships] is  helping a child see that it’s not their job to strive to hold on to us but to take for granted that we won’t let go of them."Deborah's website:http://macnamara.caNeufeld Institute: on anxiety in children: Deborah MacNamara on Facebook here: on instagram:
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