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Grey Matters – Business, Strategy & Design
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Grey Matters – Business, Strategy & Design

Author: Richards Partners

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On this podcast, we explore the grey areas of strategy and design, and how it relates to brands in sectors from agriculture to beauty, to fashion, to food & beverage and everything in between. Each episode will be hosted by Brian Richards, who will be joined by Scott Wallace. Between them is about 60 years of experience in strategy, design and advertising. Joining them in other episodes down the line will be a variety of industry experts, thought leaders, designers, and strategists, all sharing their experience, expertise and grey matter for your learnings. This podcast is produced by Richards Partners, a strategy and design consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Learn more about us at:
4 Episodes
Today on the Grey Matters podcast, Brian and Scott discuss Ethics, Aesthetics, and Functionality, and how these three crucial components create a total brand experience. We’ll be shouting out some trailblazing New Zealand brands who are nailing these remarkably well, garnering national and international attention and acclaim, and talking about the lessons we can all learn from their successes.Joining them in this episode is Dr. Paul Winton from Temple Capital Investments. We’ve had the pleasu...
Marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be. As digital technology matures alongside the generations who grew up with it, more and more brands are finding it difficult getting a message to cut through the clutter. Whilst effective in the past, the crowded and fragmented media landscape of today makes the average marketer’s job substantially more difficult than it used to be. People curate their own consumption and only see what they want to see. But old habits die hard; agencies still ...
Storytelling is a profound part of what it means to be human. Stories bring us together; they help us understand ourselves and the world around us. They are a means of entertainment, of cultural preservation, and a way of instilling moral values onto the next generation. Humanity has come a long way from telling stories around the fire after a day spent foraging and hunting on the open savannah. But still, storytelling remains a crucial thread in the tapestry of cultures all around the world....
As New Zealand prepares to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses and brands will be looking for ways to best position themselves for the long road of recovery ahead. Today on the Grey Matters podcast, Brian and Scott talk about the 14 shots of adrenaline your business needs right now. The world will be a very different place as it emerges from this once-in-a-century pandemic. Is your business positioned for success in a post-pandemic world?