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On Point With Pastor Greg Locke

Author: Greg Locke

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Get ready for political and biblical supercharged truth — real, raw, and in your face! We're not going to back up, pack up, or shut up! The On Point Podcast Show is a news and opinion podcast that deals with faith, family, and politics.
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On this incredible episode of OnPoint special guest Duane "Dog" Chapman, a.k.a. (Dog The Bounty Hunter), talks about faith, family, and politics with Pastor Greg Locke.
On this episode of OnPoint with Pastor Greg Locke, Andy Stanley gets called out, the treachery of Ravi Zacharias is discussed, and Pastor Locke discusses his stance on.... Well, you'll just have to listen to find out. One thing is for sure though, you won't want to miss this action-packed episode of OnPoint.
On this episode of OnPoint with Pastor Greg Locke, Special Guest Tai Locke (Pastor Locke's Wife) discuss the perils of social conditioning and the devastating effects that sex trafficking is having on our society.
Learn how to unlock God's power in your life. Special guest Malachi O'Brien and Pastor Locke discuss the power of these key practices that if applied will transform your life.
On this episode of OnPoint, Abby Johnson, whose real-life story inspired the movie "Unplanned," teams together with Pastor Locke to tackle the tough issue of abortion in America.
In this episode of OnPoint, Pastor Locke and George Papadopoulos talk about the election and the deep state efforts to steal the presidency.
Pastor Greg Locke and Kevin Sorbo talk about Classless Joe Biden, the Punks of Antifa, and the Push to Steal an Election. Kevin also discusses his upcoming projects and share's His Powerful Testimony!
Will there be 4 more years of a Trump Presidency or will we wake up to Biden's American nightmare? Join us for this episode of ON POINT as Pastor Greg Locke unpacks it all.
Daughter of Dinesh D'Souza, Danielle D'Souza discusses her new book called, "The Choice." They talk about the tragedies of abortion and its impact on women and America. Will Roe V. Wade be overturned? Listen in as they tackle the tough issues on this new episode of OnPoint with Pastor Greg Locke.
This has been one crazy week in America and Pastor Locke doesn't mince words about it! 
Pastor Greg Locke talks about The End Times, The Abraham Peace Accords, and what they mean for us as believers. With Special Guests Matt Cruz from Rise Up Ministries and Gilad Rosinger from Radiant Israel. This is a Must Listen to podcast.
Dinesh and Pastor Locke expose the Democrat's lie about the "The Big Switch" and why the Leftist chose to stoke racial tensions versus the old socialist class war. This episode is action-packed!
This episode is powered packed as Pastor Lockes talks about his new upcoming book, having Dinesh D'Souza on the next podcast and his formal invite to the White House.
Pastor Locke interviews facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig about their conservative and Christian censorship and their double standard when it comes to Islam versus Christianity. We also discuss Roger Stone's conversion and the upcoming event at Global Vision Bible Church.
Pastor Greg Locke and the HodgeTwins talk about Snoop Dogg, the lefts double standards, the brainwashing that is going on, and black and white racism in America. 
Pastor Locke talks about the rebellion of John MacArthur and how he destroyed the arguments of the Left! He discusses the uselessness and ridiculousness of the face mask craze.Pastor Locke pushes back against Hollywood and the Elite Left's attempts to normalize pedophilia.
Diamond and Silk expose the sinister agenda of the Left's ultimate plan to undermine and exploit good, hard-working black Americans. Together with Pastor Locke, they discuss just exactly what is needed to institute change and what a bold response would look like from conservative America and the church!  
1st Pt: Pastor Locke talks about the perils and evil agenda of Planned Parenthood with special guest Ken Peters, Pastor of T.C.A.P.P. (The Church at Planned Parenthood).  2nd Pt: Pastor Locke goes on to discuss the Marxist agenda behind certain political activist groups whom we dare not mention for the sake of being censored. This is a Powered packed episode of raw and real truth!
Pastor Locke digs into the racist reality that America finds its self in. He delves into the reality of the Left's agenda and what the Black Lives Matter organizational values are. He also calls out the Pandering Shepherds of the church!
Pastor Locke rips into the disgusting antics of the left as they try and pander for the black vote! They're trying everything to get a vote this November. Well, we've got some bad news for them...
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Nelsonomics Runs

Really Really Great podcast. I've been following Locke for a couple years now and was excited to see he's doing a podcast. I'm really liking it, great material and I'll be looking forward to it hopefully every week

Jun 2nd
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