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Travels with John Smith

Author: Patti Fedrau (Layne)

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This podcast is about the 8 years John Smith and I lived in Wuhan, China and travels to other places inside and outside of China during during that time. It is read by me, Patti Fedrau (Layne).
70 Episodes
Travels with John SmithChapter 60 year 9 (2020)Peru Part 3Machu Picchu, Cusco Carnival-train ride beside the Urubamba River-eating guinea pig in Aguas Calientes-Hiram Bingham and Machu Picchu-a Book called, “Turn Right at Machu Picchu”-Walking around Machu Picchu -Market choices in Cusco-Rainbow Flag-One advantage of altitude-dancers twirling-Spraying foam for fun-Refuge above the square-Mayhem below-discovery- like secret agents-no escape-altitude sickness and homesick-Mom’s 90th-COVID 19 comes to Saskatchewan-Things get cancelled-Back to the present-future plans with John Smith-email addresses for you to contact us-Thank you
Travels with John SmithChapter 59 year 9 (2019-2020)Peru Part 2Arequipa and Cusco-Another Plaza de Armas-Hotel with a view-Zig Zag is delicious-The Cathedral that kept coming back-A room for a jewel thief-white volcanic rock in a quarry-under the charm of some alpacas-a mummy named Juanita-potato tasting-Monastery village-Cusco introduction-Altitude sickness is real-Cathedral built on top of a temple-starting to spread-cheeky artists get into the paintings-Sacsayhuaman big rocks-Cusco views a photo op
Travels with John SmithChapter 58 year 9 (2020)Peru Part 1Lima, Trujillo and Huanchaco-Lima’s Ceviche-The cliffs above the Pacific Ocean-Larcomar shopping mall -Barranco art-The Larco museum and erotic art-Peruvian Hairless-1st class bus ride -Steve and Nancy show us around-Huanchaco living-Purple jellyfish-Tacu Tacu my new fav food-Chan Chan mud palace-Trujillo’s kilometre long mosaic wall-Temples of the sun and moon-Deserted beach and discovering Inca Cola-Thai restaurant in a ghost town
-Thank you-An apology -further dates to listen-Anything is possible 
Travels with John SmithChapter 57 year 9 (2019-2020)London, Canada and Ecuador-cool places in London-back in Canada-finding a place to live-stuff in a truck from BC-boxes, painting and settling-planning a trip for Chinese NY-Xmas with family-1st hearing about the virus in Wuhan-masks or not? -Boutique hotel in Quito-Old town Unesco site-Eating chicken with the locals-A volcano where people live and crops grow-neighbourhood watch during the riots-middle of the world-experiments on the equator-Amazonian and Indigenous customs-‘The Queen of Water’ true story-guinea pigs and deadlier animals-chocolate and the making of it-the plaza and it’s going on-5:00 AM at the bus station-12 hours plus on a bus-Manta, the beach-Henry’s double-Christian’s seafood heaven-flying is faster-food poisoning?-altitude sickness?
Travels with John SmithChapter 56 year 8 (2019)Berlin and Lisbon(We love Europe)-Checkpoint Charlie-buying a piece of the wall-The ‘Fraternal kiss’-What the Brandenburg Gate represents-Naked Entertainment in the Pariser Place-German Pretzels -View from the River Spree-The Cement maze memorial-victims of the Holocaust-Topography of Terror-Bikini Berlin Mall-Buddy Bear Project-The post office-Naked fountain-a steep climb -1st view of Lisbon-Fish and Fado-the Praco do Comercio square -Polish tuk tuk driver-the white church with a view-Miradouro Largo das Portas do Sol custard tarts-the weekend market shoe shop-train to Sintra-meeting with Bryce in Cascais-more views in the old quarter -Fado CD’s
Travels with John SmithChapter 55 year 8 (2019)Bangkok, Beijing and Warsaw(Food and Fun in 3 places)-School ends and a surprise trip-jamming in Bangkok-shopping at Chatuchak weekend market-Being a tourist with Jeanine-Standing Buddha-Beijing Duck with Mizar-Grandma’s Hutong-Mizar’s music-Noodle heaven-Warsaw airport bus-Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw-Tallest Building in Poland-Freeloading on the bus
Travels with John SmithChapter 54 year 8 (2019)Zhangjiajie, Wuhan-crazy rides-mountain refuge-free entry-Zhangjiajie Avatar mountains-hiding from the monkeys -KTV sad-Grandma’s food-pool with a view-bad line up-very very bad line up-Simon and the ‘guitar boys’-Anything is possible-eating favourite foods-saying goodbye
Travels with John SmithChapter 53 year 8 (2019)Chinese New Year with Pat and LyleKou Lipe and Kou Lanta, Thailand-boat trip to Kou Lipe-customs on a beach-a cabin in paradise -Sunrise-relaxing-Saying goodbye-no peeking-cabanas in nature-bicycles-refuge from the rain-beach life-disco taxi-visit with Gabby and family-Dawn Marie and I get our feet nibbled-Old Town mishap-give this up?-meeting the Prime Minister of Thailand-changed plans
Travels with John SmithChapter 52 year 8 (2019)Chinese New Year with Pat and LylePenang and Langkawi, Malaysia -The museum hotel George Town-Lyle and a new friend -third eye ceremony-Peranakan mansion -Captain China’s place-red enveloppe -gigantic reclining Buddha-a little history-booking hotels online -Langkawi beach and a big jellyfish-night market and Malaysian food-Langkawi bridge in the sky-details about the bridge-foot spa in Oriental village-Romantic Valentines Dinner-The giant Eagle -Island hopping plan- Sardines in a speedboat 
Travels with John SmithChapter 51 year 8 (2019)Chinese New Year with Pat and LyleHanoi and Ha Long Bay-learning to survive the motorbikes-Old Quarter and it’s sights-King Roti bun discovery-cousins in the market-Vietnam’s New Year-Fireworks above the big square-Floating on Ha Long Bay-Lord of the Ring cave- fishing hut on the beach-floating fishing village ride-South China sea currant-Salt water Pearls-Hanoi Puppet show on water
Travels with John SmithChapter 50 year 8 (2019)Pat and Lyle in ChinaWuhan, Shanghai and Beijing-Kung Pao Chicken Chinese-Yellow Crane and Taxis-Tailor Street and Dumplings-Walking and Foot massages-Hu Bu Lane and Doupi-Han Show-Shanghai fake market shake down-never enough jewellery-Beijing Duck-The Wall with Drunken Doctors-Haggling on my birthday-Tiananmen Square cold
Travels with John SmithChapter 49 year 8 (2018-2019)Shenzhen, Krabi and Wuhan-meeting Wayne Gretzky-Typhoon in Shenzhen-Holed up in the hotel-Preparing for the unknown-disaster passes us by-fighting for space at the train station-Bangkok Cabbage and Condoms-Krabi view -Sacred Penis Cave-Snorkelling in Italian and Spanish-Eats on the beac and feet in the sand-They want to cancel Halloween -The Teahouse guitar boys-Tony, The World Series and Hot Dogs-Don’t block the VPN
Travels with John SmithChapter 48 year 7 (2018)Dunes, Dubai and Wuhan-dune bashing-belly dancer-Bedouin camp-The Burj Khalifa view-Gold souk-expensive tea-tallest building in the world- fountains and desert-$24,000 for a room -The Palm Jumeirah-Women only-I wanna live in a Mall-Dubai culture -‘no skin rules’-writing a song with Key-Simon and his music-The Teahouse -Prom and 1 BC forever!-Hothouse blues -An arranged marriage
Travels with John SmithChapter 47 year 7 (2018)Brunei and Kuala Lumpur-The Sultan of Brunei and his country-The Sultan’s house and stuff-our hotel is like a palace-losing my mind and my shoes-proboscis monkeys-stilt villages above the river-visiting mosques -no kissing in the taxi-2 monitor lizards in the goldfish pond-meeting ex-pats at the pool-living in Brunei if you are foreign-going to the parade on independence day-the Sultan and his wife stay standing throughout the parade-we decide to stay in-glass floor at the Kuala Lumpur tower and the Petronas towers -Air Asia baggage allowance-eating and hanging out around the hotel-KL and it’s people-back in Wuhan it’s Spring-highpoints
Travels with John SmithChapter 46 year 7 (2018)Birthday Moon and Myanmar- Snow Day- Blue Moon, Blood Moon and Eclipse Birthday- Cowboys in Bangkok- Hotel like home- Credit card blocked- Can’t change our money- Life on the train in Yangon- Buying a ticket isn’t easy- The beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda-  Don’t call it Burma-  thankaka cream and other market discoveries-  Orwell’s Burma Daysguides and driversa little bit of politicslocal  lunchreclining Chaukhtatgyi buddhaUp up and away in our beautiful balloontemples and cows below us Landing welcome by the local kidsBagan hotel is gorgeousCorn Cigars and fresh peanuts  Vegetarian feast
Travels with John SmithChapter 45 (2017-2018)End year 6, beginning year 7-Xiamen beach-Hanging out in Gulangyu-Welcome dinner with Jianping-back in Shanghai forest -Wuhan changes-Jamming in Prison-Staycation-Snow Queen and Colonel Saunders-Kota Kinabalu beach-6 foot lizard-New Years is not what it used to be-Making the decision to stay one more year
Travels with John SmithChapter 44 year 6 (2017)Golden Triangle, India-Sikh temple is cooking-new friend Maninder -poverty-Taj Mahal-the Emperor and his wives -Pink Palace of wind-The Maharajahs-the women of Amber Fort-cows-Holy Pushkar-mad ride to the Mosque-using the bag in the plane
Travels with John SmithChapter 43 year 6 (2017)Maldives, Sri Lanka part 2The colour of Paradise-swimming with a barracuda -3 million dollar sand dune in the middle of the ocean-Hulu Male-birthday dinner hospitality-no bikinis on the beach-the tourist beach-day trip to Paradise-snorkelling under our bungalow-sharks of every size-upgrade to more paradise-leopards and Pati’s-moonstones and cinnamon-virgin tea-turtles and fisherman on stilts-sad reminder of the 2004 tsunami
Travels with John SmithChapter 42 year 6 (2016-2017)Yoda and Sri Lankan Elephants-dressing like Yoda-Leonard Cohen ‘leaves the table’-temples-trains and tuk tuks-The Penthouse by the sea-water monitor in the floating market-drinking lime and ginger on a hot day-dizzy for Sigiriya-wild elephants 
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