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Author: Tyson Benson

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Yearning to learn more about technology and innovation? Join Tyson Benson as he interviews individuals to discuss the current state of technology and innovation, policies we should be considering to advance humankind's progress, and inventors that brought us to where we are today.
3 Episodes
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has been in the news quite a bit recently - ranging from President Trump's Executive Order because "Republicans feel Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices" to efforts to revise or repeal the law.However, more times than not, commentators and politicians do not actually understand what Section 230 is or does. In this episode, we take a deep dive into understanding what is Section 230 (the law that created the Internet), common misconceptions, and an analysis of some of the current proposals to revise Section 230 with Jess Miers.   
In this episode of Alternating Current, Professor Adam Mossoff discusses the current state of the U.S. patent system, the historical importance of the U.S. patent system, and what policies Congress can enact to improve it.  
Nikola Tesla's life continues to astound many people. Join me as I discuss Nikola Tesla's life and legacy with acclaimed Tesla biographer Marc Seifer. How was the uncle of President Donald J. Trump connected to Tesla? What did Nikola Tesla communicate with Joseph Stalin about during World War II? Did Nikola Tesla develop a "Death Ray?" Find out the answers to these questions in the inaugural episode of Alternating Current!
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