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Author: Glenn Llopis

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A podcast about the collapse of traditional corporate standards in today’s more personalized world. Leadership strategist, author, contributor to Forbes and founder of the Leadership in the Age of Personalization Movement, Glenn Llopis interviews executives across multiple sectors to find out how the balance between standardization and personalization can exist.
28 Episodes
In this episode, we talk about the need to start incorporating calculated risks and helping people be comfortable with failure – while delivering solutions with limited recourses. Our guest, Brad Williams, is the President of El Centro Campus at Dallas College. Brad has also served as the president at Oklahoma state university and his background involves communication, marketing, and music. Together, we discuss how can technology augment – not replace – one’s guide in the pursuit of their own truth and the process of marshaling resources in a way that help people where they want to get to.
In this episode we talk about the importance treating diverse communities with personalization to build trust, deliver the right message and elevate the level of care and access across the country. Our guest, Dr. Ed Kim, is the physician in chief at City of Hope Orange County in Southern California – a world-class leading organization in Cancer Treatment and Research. 
In this episode we discuss why higher education institutions need to adapt the way they are preparing students to land on jobs that don't exist and solve problems we haven't yet identified. Our guest today, Dr. Robert Johnson, is the 6th president of the Western New England University. Together we will discuss new ways to prepare students to do things that cannot be replicated by an algorithm or a robot by focusing on agile mindset with value creation as their mantra. We will also talk about the importance of having an interdisciplinary approach to higher education in opposition of the traditional majoring systems.
In this episode we discuss how to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet trough a cross disciplinary approach to higher educations and how to use the advancements of technology to create highly personalized curriculums. Our guest, Paul Pavlou, is the Dean of the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston.All episodes are available at – where you will find more content about leadership, strategy and innovation. So, if you relate to our content, please join our movement and help us spread the word! 
In this episode, we talk about the collective realization of a higher interconnectedness brought by the pandemic and how we could apply these notions in the higher education transformation. Our guest, Dr. Kaushal Chari, is the dean of the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Together, we talk about providing options in higher education so that we don't put students in boxes that limit individual growth and development. We will also talk about the new trends in higher education such as “Netflix for Learning” and the potential challenges of AI learning based education.  All episodes and more are available at Join the movement. 
In this episode, we talk about the evolving role of CHRO’s that are changing from being traditionally siloed managers within the organization to indispensable community builders that should be responsible for implementing inclusion as growth strategy in a world that is craving for more unity. Our guest, Kristin Gwinner the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Chico's FAS – an omni-channel retailer of clothing brands, including Chico's, White House Black Market, and Soma.
In this episode we discuss the importance of removing barriers in our higher education system – from simplifying the application process to getting to know and listen to every student. Our guest, Mike McDonough is the eighth president of Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. Since 2014, Mike has been working to foster intellectual curiosity, promote leadership and encourage social responsibility within a diverse population of students and community members. All our podcasts are available at where you will also find other videos, articles and other resources to contribute to the Age of Personalization Movement. 
This week we discuss the complexities and possibilities for higher education to change in a more personalized world. Our guest, Nancy Hubbard is a professor of management and Dean of college of business at the University of Lynchburg. Nancy is also an best-selling author of several books on strategy, change management and mergers & acquisitions and a PhD by the Oxford university. Nancy help us see the big picture in Higher Education and understand the complexities of a solid system that has been around for so many years and why it faces so much resistance to change. We will discuss topics related to strategy, survival and inclusion in higher education. All our podcasts are available at where you will also find other videos, articles and other resources to contribute to the Age of Personalization Movement. 
In this episode we discuss about the importance of co-designing the future of healthcare with patients and how to find the right balance of personalization and standardization on a systemic level.Our guest today is Dr. Neha Nanda – whom I refer to as the Paradigm Disruptor. Dr. Nanda serves as the medical epidemiologist for Keck medicine at the university of Southern California, where she leads the preparation and response to emerging infectious diseases (so you can imagine what she has been through since the outbreak).
In this episode, we talk about how an employee centric approach can have a significant impact on how we lead in times of crisis and uncertainty. We will talk about how a large, established organization had to adapt to the challenges of 2020 and saw that as an opportunity – rather than a challenge – for their employees to be true to their shared mission and play an essential role in their communities during these unprecedented times. Our guest this week is Jeff Pilof, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at CVS Health. 
In this episode, we will talk about the challenges that our educational system is faced with and how student centricity can play a big role in preparing our students to confront the world and transform society.Our guest is David Banks and he’s the president and CEO of the Eagle Academy Foundation and the founding principal of the Eagle Academy for Young Men. 
In this episode, we discuss the challenges of defining education as an investment, how 2020 digital transformation and social unrest is impacting the lives of professors, faculty and students. Our guest today, Adlai Wertman, is the David C. Bohnett Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the USC Marshall School of Business.Adlai is going to be amongst the featured 15 guest speakers in the higher education session of the 2020 Leadership in the Age of Personalization Virtual Summit – that will take place on October 28, 29 and 30. Check it out and register for free at:  
Our guest today comes directly from Wall Street to discuss the impact the pandemic has had not only in the consumer package goods industry - but also in higher education that must quickly adopt a consumer centric approach.  Nik Modi is a Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets, where he has responsibility for coverage of Beverage, Household Personal Care and Tobacco industries. Nik Modi will be one of our 35+ featured speakers at the 2020 Leadership in the Age of Personalization Virtual Summit. Check it out and register for free at: 
In this episode we discuss how organizations are being compelled to evolve their talent management practices in today’s more personalized word as they compete for global talent. Our guest, Eric Miller is the Vice President Global talent operations at Viacom CBS and has spent the last 25 years of his career in the HR space. Together we review how personalization is demanding corporations to rethink their policies and why 2020 is becoming a pivot point for this transformation. Eric will be one of the 30+ leaders to be featured in our upcoming Leadership in The Age of Personalization Virtual Summit on October 28, 29 and 30. Learn more about the summit and register for free at
In this episode we talk about the fundamentals of Leadership in the Age of Personalization with an experienced C-Suite Executive that was a pioneer of woman leadership at a large organization like Walmart. Gisel Ruiz served in C-suite roles in operations and human resources during her 26-year career at Walmart and has most recently retired as the EVP Chief Operations Officer at Sam's club. Today she’s the president and CEO of GMR Consulting Group. Gisel is one of 30+ leaders to be featured as speaker in our upcoming Leadership in The Age of Personalization Virtual Summit on October 28, 29 and 30. Learn more at
In this episode, we review how the cultural demographic shift is influencing higher education and how its diversity know-how can be a valuable asset for Corporate America. Our guest, Dr. Tomas Gomez-Arias is the Dean of the College of Business at the California State University in Stanislaus. 
In this episode, we discuss how COVID-19 became a catalyst for virtual care and how individual empowerment can play a large role to the advancement of the healthcare sector. Our guest, Dr. Shaden Marzouk, is the President of the CareMore and Aspire at Anthem. She has over two decades of experience in healthcare with expertise in services, provider, device technology, and pharmaceutical spaces. 
In this episode, we talk about the 3 P’s that are defining the narrative these days: Pandemic, Protests and Profit. Gyasi is the president at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global (CTCA). Along with our Co-Host, Professor Scott Lacy, we will discuss the importance of dismantling false narratives to create awareness and start acting as co-creators of an evolutionary agenda – one that is in alignment with today’s age of personalization.
In this episode, we review the racial tensions the world is rightly facing as consequences of a system that was created and perpetuated by design. Our guest, Pam Abner is the vice president and chief administrative officer for diversity and inclusion at Mount Sinai health system in New York. Together, we discussed how the recent racial protests have elevated the level of accountability in organizations and why this outdated standards that cannot scale in their current form in today's age of personalization.
In this episode, we identify the trends in higher education as it reinvents itself to teach in remote environments and provide the necessary curriculum to better equip students to today’s new realities that are impacting the workplace and marketplace. Our guest, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, is the dean of the AACSB-accredited School of Business at University of Washington, Bothell. Together we discussed how the higher education system has long suffered from standardization, identifying root causes like the tyranny of average, the boomerang student workers phenomenon and the sage on stage vs the guide on side methods.
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