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Jethro and Matt welcome a very special guest, podcast legend Karen Chu! If you haven't listened to Good Job Brain yet, what are you waiting for? Well, wait until the end of this episode and then go!
From one musician to another, Matt and Jethro are join by Jess Evans and given a destination that would make Rick Sebak proud!
A trip away from a holy fish and on to a new rockin' destination with the host of Meditations with Ryan Zlomek, Ryan Zlomek! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Have Matt and Jethro gone a bridge too far? Can they find their way back? It now tomorrow and yesterday today? So many questions with so few answers and only one person can help. But who???
From a spooky place to spookier place? Maybe, but Jethro and Matt pass no judgement they just pay the tolls and roll along. Join them and Drunkard's Walk's own graphic designer!
Jethro and Matt are joined by musical genius Jesse LE as they travel to yet another page on Wikipedia. Will their journey ever end? We certainly hope not! Come along for a spooky walk this Halloween. Any questions?????
Matt and Jethro are joined by Dani Siller and Bill Sunderland from Escape This Podcast (and Solve This Murder and Play This Game) as they trek through Wikipedia once again. Will having two more people help the situation or just make it tougher? Once again posing the age-old question about single versus multi player games.Check out all of their wonderful work here:, a note: It's mentioned in the episode that Matt discovered Escape This Podcast through Good Job Brain. The truth is he found both through Lateral with Tom Scott! Credit where credit is due!
Back for season 9, Jertho and Matt venture off to parts unknown with the incomparable Rick Sebak! Make sure to check out his podcast Gumbands ( anywhere you find your podcast.
The season finale of season 8! Matt and Jethro return "home" unlike a certain quantum physicist and have fun doing it. Join them!
The Quantum Leap Podcast is back on Drunkard's Walk . . . or at least a third of it is. Check out the trip that Christopher sends Jethro and Matt on this week!
Matt and Jethro leave the world of science and enter the world of . . . well science, but with computers! Come along and learn something, maybe?
Jethro and Matt head away from the video games and into the world of chemistry thanks to Jethro's niece!
After a stunning conclusion last week Matt and Jethro venture forth to side-scrolling adventure with special guest Matt's daughter! Join them and get ONE UP on everyone!
It's the exciting conclusion to the wives episode! In part 2 we hear Matt and Jethro take the same walk, but will it be fast enough? A race to the finish with pride on the line, listen to find out who wins!
The wives are BACK! Once again Jethro and Matt will race them to the destination provided by Detroit improviser Emily Burnett. This is part one of a special two-parter so don't miss it!
It's back down to Earth for Matt and Jethro as they are joined by Detroit improviser Gary Lehman! Walk along and see where they go and how they get there!
From a mythical creature to the future? Jethro and Matt take on AI with the help of superfan Dave Forman!
Matt and Jethro head from the lap of luxury in Portugal to the deadly seas in this episode with guest Henry Kirby, 10. Walk along!
And off Jethro and Matt go toward one ruling class form another. With fresh haircuts they are ready for anything, which is good when Jethro's brother Dan is involved!
Did last week's episode put you on tilt? Well this week Matt and Jethro bring you an episode you'll want to replay as we are joined by the newest sibling directors hitting the jackpot, The Bragg Brothers! And be sure to check out their movie "Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game" available on to purchase or rent on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube and more! Links below:Official site - - TV - -
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