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In this podcast episode, we have Mahima, the creator of The Mahima Mindset that helps people find and live their higher purpose. This powerhouse joins Natalie to talk about stepping into our genius, integrating shadow, and finding our brilliance. Great affirmations inside this episode like:   I trust myself.  I love myself.  I honor myself.  I respect myself.    Here are some of the insights in this episode:  Why powerful decisions should be made with creativity, joy, and love, not driven by fear. What it means to “follow your bliss”  That we must look beyond our pain, suffering, and our stories Find out the two levels of purpose: soul purpose and body purpose How you can honor the power of the now Why owning the “darkness within” (often called the shadow) helps to rearrange our thought patterns and empower the creator within  Why connecting deeper into the soul and “who you are” is where you can find freedom …and more! Make sure to watch (or listen) to the whole podcast episode now! Get Mahima’s 21-day mediation challenge on the link below! Reminder: We have the video versions on the Disrupt Now Podcast Video Channel here:  Always go to to read all the details about our episodes and explore our guests!
"Conversation is the ‘sex act’ of the soul" - Thomas Moore There are so many falsehoods in media that show us what kind of relationships we need to have, what relationships should look like, that you need to have sex every day, that you need to look a certain way… ALL of this is NOT truth because EVERY ONE, BODY AND RELATIONSHIP IS UNIQUE!  In this juicy episode with Dr. Joli Hamilton,  a research psychologist and sex + relationship coach, here’s what you’ll find in this episode: How would you define sex? We talk about why EVERYONE has a VERY different perspective on this so defining this in your relationships can mean everything!   If you’re unhappy in your relationship, we talk about why a “flame thrower” approach to starting over isn’t always the best way to figure things out (there is ANOTHER way!) Where do we get education on sex, relationships and love? We should look at WHAT we learned and see how to UNlearn things that don’t work for our lives.  There is NO SUCH THING as picture-perfect sex lives, relationships or lives in general (recognize this and you will be a lot more joyful with how your relationships unfold). Sex isn’t always the best way to create deep connection, conversation really is where the magic lies!  Having courageous conversations in your relationships to talk about what you BOTH need is a way to co-create the vision of your life and progression of what you’re truly CREATING together. …AND SO MUCH MORE (as always!)  Here’s the link to Joli’s handout mentioned in the episode: Reminder: We have the video versions on the Disrupt Now Podcast Video Channel here: Always go to to read all the details about our episodes and explore our guests!
When we look closely to the foundation of progress and action in this world, we will discover that it is all about evolution. Everything boils down to the idea of movement and transformation. It's about understanding that disrUPtions take you UP out of your current situation. That is, you are entering a place of greater possibility and potential, which is often forgotten and missed in the feelings that can surround unsteadiness or chaos. In this intuitive and always-awesome episode with Kute Blackson, we talk about evolution, our purpose, and what the meaning of surrendering means… A lot of Kute's work now is about surrendering. What does "Surrender" imply? What does surrendering in the now look like?  Here are some of the learnings you'll get in this episode: What is the most frequent misconception in surrender and surrendering? Why is surrendering a more active activity than complacency? How do we accept our individuality? How can we avoid comparing ourselves to the people around us? Why does magic happen when we remove the boundaries of life? What does complete surrender expose us to in life and the universe? Why do we need to think of life as a school or university for the growth of our soul? Our goal is to help people evolve. Every minute has a purpose. We cannot live our mission if we are not developing and evolving intuitively. With a lot more wisdom within! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
In this insightful podcast episode with Ted Moskovitz, we'll be delving into the most significant organic tech [HUMAN!] and our connection with the universe. Ted Moskovitz is a social entrepreneur, investor, and advisor who is passionate about well-being and human optimization. He is also the founder of Amma Healing, a health and wellness firm that uses hemp extracts as a better alternative to alcohol. Here's what you'll discover in this episode: The stark difference between non-organic tech and the real organic tech: HUMAN The core of ALL is frequency, vibration, and sound The HUGE cosmic idea of sharing One Consciousness (we are all connected!) That we are not separate from nature (we ARE nature!) Why we don’t even WANT toxic substances like alcohol when we raise our vibration Businesses that prioritize the well-being of people will WIN the long-game With much more inside this episode! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Alchemy is not just about turning metals into gold, it's much more and greater than that. But what does ‘alchemy’ truly mean? This episode is all about putting an end to being controlled by outside forces, transmuting, and becoming a powerful Spiritual Alchemist. Tracy King is an intuitive channel and transformational teacher. She also hosts the podcast Gritty Mystic. In this extremely powerful episode, we'll be diving into the following:  How we can use Spiritual Alchemy to map where we are in our evolution of consciousness What the 3 key phases of Spiritual Alchemy are, and how we can take control of our life Why it’s imperative to break away from indoctrination and control  Why belonging doesn't mean conformity Being your authentic self means the higher consciousness that you can reach We are the leaders of our lives, you can CHOOSE to take your power back… And so much more! This is an episode that will leave you EMPOWERED + INSPIRED! As always, there is a lot more to find out in this episode. Always make sure to listen to the full episode! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
In this podcast episode, we'll be diving into the aspect of separating self-worth from the bottom line. What is the connection between having a negative belief system and the amount of money a person has? In this inverted world, materialism has taken hold. How can we regain more balance and harmony around this “money” stuff? Guest for this episode is Aimee LaLiberte, owner of My Virtual CFO, a trusted profitability advisor, in this episode.  Here’s what we get into: Why people believe that the amount of money one owns is an actual sign of the person's worth [and how DISTORTED this is] How we create intentionality without judging ourselves based on what the general population thinks [the masses are WRONG!] The importance of a transparent relationship with money  Why we need to energetically align things around ourselves Transformation happens during DISRUPTION… LEAN IN! + MORE! Make sure to listen (or watch) to the full episode to learn more! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
I had always described myself as a vessel for life and business guidance. This is grounded by a mindset that draws on a corporate career in the fast lane in San Francisco to New York City, which was increasingly interrupted by my understanding that the strongest voice I had to follow was that of my Intuition and Higher Self. Gems and insights from my conversation on Monkey Business, a podcast by Rosalyn Palmer: That when we tap into the energetic connections between us, we become whole. As people's life and business are never separated How I was always an intuitive corporate agency person but categorized it as being a game-changer and creative and highly right brain Understanding that it was not me, but the hierarchical structures in which I was trying to survive How a women's conference, in New York City, with Mama Gina opened me up to a whole new world. It was the catalyst for leaving my six-figure job for a life in the mountains and being CEO of my own life That this was not easy and being an entrepreneur, creating a new life and identity was challenging How the healing between my soul and body created certainly that I was on the right path. A path that led to some of my family and former friends feeling that they no longer understood me but a path that led to meeting my husband That the world is inverted.  We doubt the true voices in our heads and discount our inner magic; instead, we sublimate our true selves to the structures we find ourselves in That I have to lead through example and to shock and disrupt people into an awakening and then guide them to their unique gifts. This can create a wave of good energy that will have a ripple effect and someone's life could be saved because of staying on your true path, being consistent and showing up. Why the world needs a massive disruption now to enable an unplugging from all the things that do not serve us, so we can stand in our truth and be a vessel of life and business guidance To listen to the full interview now! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
When shit hits the fan, how do you dig your way out? How do you get clarity while IN IT? How do you turn so-called “failures” into successes?  These are just a few questions to ask yourself, and key elements to this new episode. Guest, Chris Patrick, author of Disasters to Dreams: A Gritty Guide to Finding Success in the Face of Failure has been through a lot of shitshows, let’s talk about he triumphed and moved on to a much better path. Discover the following  in this episode: Why a lot of people are stuck with the victimized thinking, "Why do bad things always happen to me?" Why you must seek the opportunity in the hardship Why mindfulness is a never-ending conscious journey How you get more empowered by being brutally honest with yourself and others Why you must know YOUR core beliefs (not others around you) Why most people are not living their authentic, true purpose and what you need to do to get onto your proper pathway This conversation is truly raw and authentic. Watch (or listen) now to the full episode and get more wisdom drops! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Know Thyself. This is a quote that many have heard but few have deeply understood. What would happen if everyone would do just that and know themselves and learn how to ignite their power?  It would mean a world that would be so radically (and amazingly) different than we see today. A far more evolved Earth than we can fathom.  This episode’s guest is Addison Ames, an always-on channel, healer and more. He helps us explore the deeper meaning and truth of what Know Thyself means. In this powerful episode, we explore: What it means to have a deeper understanding of who we are on a big-bigscale, not the little scale that we've been told we are (we as Human and as part of Nature are far bigger than you could imagine!)  Why igniting the God-Self or the Divine-Self within is the most important part of evolution Why humans must understand that we are more than a singularity, we are multidimensional beings and more… The truth that we all have different setups in this realm, meaning not everyone has a Higher Self and even our Soul can be constructed in unique ways That humanity needs more high vibrational beings that are manifest in human form to raise the vibration of the Earth Plane (we need to speed up our evolution) What a soul walk-in is and the “soul marketplace” in which this happens Why it’s important to set an intention to understand yourself and to know that you're in an individualized school of study on this planet…  With so much more divine wisdom in this episode… enjoy as there’s a lot to soak in! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Why are the first seven years of human life so critical? (This includes the first 7 months for dogs and many other things, too!) A person's adult life issues can easily be determined by how their childhood went and it’s trackable. It sounds so simple and straightforward, but do we genuinely know and understand this? For the parents out there, please take notes on this one as it is an important episode! Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode with us: How the first seven years of life puts the stamp on what we're going to be like in our adulthood (and the issues we will face, where we go to uncover trauma) How looking back into our childhood help us breakdown belief systems and values that aren't ours, and in turn start the discovery process of what we truly believe in The connection between childhood and chakra development The high relevance of the number 7 in the universe and why the “first 7” is not a coincidence  Why slowing down and matching the child's speed is one of the most important pieces of advice for parents + MORE Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Plant medicine retreats and experiences are becoming a common theme in many conversations; for those that are seeking a connection to something MORE. This is even a conversation that I have within my friend groups as we know that plant medicine is powerful and something we’re tapping into as we bring back the wisdom of our ancient ancestors and the wisdom we have held in our former lives.  Jonathan de Potter is bringing something beautiful to the world in his work with Behold Retreats as the Founder & Creator, along with the healers and shamans he has as part of the team. In this episode, we uncover the beauty (and important advice) about exploring the plant medicine realm:  How plant medicine (like psilocybin and ayahuasca) helps you unlock your spirituality (nothing related to religion but something far beyond that) Being fully prepared for the experience is key which is detoxing beforehand and choosing to have ample time to integrate the experience afterwards How “modern science” is connecting back into what our ancient ancestors already knew  Why it’s important to understand that this medicine works on an energetic level and what that really means  That people need to be called to doing this rather than pushing themselves into experiences of plant medicine and the power it holds  And more! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
“You can’t heal what you don’t talk about.” This is the motto of this episode’s guest, Dr. Jeanne Michele. Seeing a human as a WHOLE integrated being that is multi-dimensional is essential to understand the basic construct of what a HUMAN even is. Dr. Jeanne Michele holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a degree in Spiritual Psychology, so she truly brings such a gorgeous perspective to life looking through science + spirituality (as this is an extremely important aspect of this show)!     In this episode, we cover:  Identity loss and how it impacts relational connections, health, and how it takes our power away  The power of courageous conversations and how essential these are to speaking and holding your truth How living and loving courageously is a bold move we all need to be making right now (this includes loving OURSELVES) How finding your Authentic Self is one of the most important aspects to life  Why finding support and guidance (a friend) that can see the REAL YOU is vital to thriving Plus, so much more! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
The Disrupt Now Podcast hits its 100th episode - WOOHOO! Very exciting! A big thank you to everyone that listens and is on this journey with our team to have more conscious conversations and elevate wisdom in this world! We have been at this for 4 years now and let's keep it going! How has disrUPtion been a catalyst for Natalie? (She drinks her own "kool aid" so to speak!) Here are some things that this 100th episode includes: What "reclaiming a legacy of light" means and how you can be empowered to accept who you TRULY are (are you an Avatar?). The opening of the pathway for training as a Master Herbalist and how to listen to your soul or your higher self or the Divine Within. Why heart-brain coherence is THE way to up level your consciousness and intuition (move beyond just the Mind and ignite your Heart). Natural, organic health and healing at the root of all is THE way forward for this entire planet, we have to give our bodies, flora and fauna what it needs to HEAL. Why everyone needs to learn how illness REALLY happens and where it comes from. Why we need to recognize that the medical system is so broken and why there needs to be a MELDING of ER/trauma care (which is allopathic/western medicine practices), with the TRUTH of ancient wisdom of natural health and healing practices of true health. How we step into our power and how we can start to heal ourselves and this world... with more nuggets of wisdom within! Always go to to read all the details about this episode. Important resources mentioned in this episode: Books to find and read: The Contagion Myth By Thomas Cowan, MD & Sally Fallon Morell (banned on many platforms like amazon to note but you can find it!) Monsanto Vs. The World by Jason Louv The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird Research: Yes, the cosmos are conscious! Read Gregory L. Matloff's research article about this - download from here Movie mentioned that is important to watch: The Terrain Film Water system to get your body healthy at the most basic foundation: PristineHydro Water Systems
If you're an avid listener of my podcast (and thank you so much if you are!) then you already know this, but if you haven't listened yet (you can find more info here), I am on a major healing journey. I discovered that majority of my health issues including unexplained weight gain was due to exposure to microscopic TOXIC MOLD. I then learned that the issue ran even deeper. As a child, I was riddled with illness from a low immune system caused by her father's exposure to agent orange in the Vietnam war. Being an athlete, I never gave up on exercise and never gave up on finding the solution to my health issues. In my new interview at Health Hero Show with Tim James, I talk about GREAT SET OF TOOLS for anyone dealing with mold toxicity or those who were exposed to agent orange and agent purple. Both are nothing I am afraid of because I CONTROL MY BODY'S DESTINY (as you do, too); we are not victims in our health as long as we do something about it, take responsibility, and work our assess off to GET HEALTHY. Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Often “having ambition” can be seen as if it’s something “bad,” mostly when it comes to women and ambition; as if it’s something women aren’t supposed to have. But, as we all know, having goals, dreams, ambition to do better, be more, etc. is something that all humans should equally be able to do!  In this episode we, as always, will disrUPt any crazy talk and ensure that everyone knows that all humans should DESIRE things for their lives and ambition could be a part of those desires, but it means something different for everyone (because we aren’t all the same and never will be nor should be)!  Natalie’s guest in this episode is Rebeca Allen, the CIO & Founder of Illuminate Personal Growth, and they go on a journey discussing:  Why ambition has no ONE definition as to what it means for our life How discovery is essential to the process - ask yourself  ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’ as step one  Why having commitment to get what you desire is imperative How to start believing that you DESERVE opportunity in your life  Start breaking down your belief structures to get to KNOWING Embracing disruptions as being for the ultimate good is where power can be found  Why looking at your environment for advocates for your life is incredibly important  If you have a negative self-thought, look for evidence of it being true (taking YOU out of the equation!) Plus, more! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
⁣I am on an incredible healing and empowerment journey; many of you are hearing the same calling... ⁣ In this time of the massive Great Awakening, many of us women are remembering and awakening deeper than ever before, and many of us are being called to reclaim a powerful legacy. ⁣ For me, I awakened in 2020 to the realization that I am to reclaim my legacy of light, to walk as a psychic-intuitive, as a healer, and to bring the priestess and shaman blood I have coursing through my veins to life again on this Earth. ⁣ But with this comes massive disruption and it means that many things have to change, and change quite abruptly! It can seem crazy, and others may not understand you any longer, but the Goddess is RISING and Mother Earth is calling us back to Her. I dive into HOW we can RISE together to walk with bold authenticity!⁣ Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
As humans, we constantly have this innate desire to be valued. We always like to know that our voice matters and be part of something important. But how did we get so divided and separated? What is happening right now is the total opposite of what each of us genuinely desires: INCLUSIVITY. In my conversation with Shawna Schuh, we'll be deep-diving into inclusivity in the workplace, which can be a total game-changer. Shawna is an eccentric thought leader, skilled executive leadership coach, and lifetime adventurer. She is a leadership coach and knows leaders thrive with an advocate who questions their thought processes, and her unconventional perspective gives her some eye-opening questions to ask. In this episode, we'll explore:  How and why animals and nature represent the true way humanity should be  Why learning how to do things differently is important for leaders (OUT OF THE BOX!) How essential it is to create consistent actions that allow teams, workplaces, etc. to become truly collaborative The truth that people have ALWAYS wanted to be treated fairly, equally, and to be a part of something, it’s part of our innate human desire How leaders need to back up their words with authentic ACTION Leaders need to let go of delusions and narcissistic qualities to be able to step into their true power As always, make sure to listen or watch the full episode to hear and learn more wisdom drops! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
Dropping out of college, dedicating yourself to self-help and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams, but ultimately failing to achieve any of your goals. Worse, spiraling into debt and feeling lost and lonely, what would be your next course of action? In this episode, we have Nate Rifkin who will share his incredible journey going from suicidal to empowered and the path that led him to discover an ancient form of meditation that elevated him to new levels of success he never dreamed possible. And being able to author his candid and painful book – but ultimately inspiring – The Standing Meditation. Here's what we'll cover in this mind-opening episode: Why finding an ancient practice within Daoism (aka Taoism) saved his life 12 years ago How empathic people can get very impaired from emotionally shut down environments  Why the Inner Practice navigating your soul is the most important work that you can do Modern science is finally catching up to the ancient wisdom of Qi (also spelled Chi) - the secret to our energetic bodies  Why inner work can create what feels like “chaos” but is really shaking loose all that no longer serves your soul’s path  The Universe is about tough-love - as above, so below  + MORE! Always make sure to take a listen or watch the video version of this episode to hear more wisdom drops! Always go to  to read all the details about this episode.
Manifestation happens when we enter into FLOW energy versus using forceful energy to control, control, control. Most of us have heard the terms manifestation or law of attraction before. But rarely do we talk about the truth of how it all works.  Let's dive deep into this with Jamie Sabat, our guest, the  Her journey started when she made the important decision to live the life she truly desired and moved into the practice and protocols for the overall health and wellness of our minds, bodies, and souls. Some of the wisdom you’ll hear in this episode:  The natural alternatives for wellness give us our control back for our own health and wellness The truth about natural birth versus what happens in hospital systems  Why deprogramming is necessary for manifestation Why we should always go back to ancient wisdom and remember that we are POWERFUL humans Reminders that there is no such thing as coincidences What does “flow state” mean How can we surrender to bring forward and become co-creators with the Universe  Make sure to listen to the full episode to learn more! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
We Are Always Healing

We Are Always Healing


Are you truly living life on your own terms? How much is your truth, individuality & life really worth? It is time to start claiming your path, re-awakening yourself to your truth, and getting out of the way. Excited about my new interview with Dan Mangena on his Do It With Dan Podcast... We had an awesome chat (he is super fun and LOVE his energy)! In this episode, Dan and I chat about healing, rediscovering our truth, and zero in on the fact that it really is time to STOP living life for someone else. NOW is THE time to discover what you truly desire, and get to making a life that is on YOUR terms! In other words, it is time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! Always go to to read all the details about this episode.
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