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Hi! I'm Natalie Viglione and I developed the Disrupt Now Podcast with the intent to live and breathe truth, find and connect with authentic stories, and help raise consciousness.

I believe we all need to do our part! It's about spreading the narrative of good humans and to share the wisdom of teachings that can help humanity evolve.

This podcast will help empower you to live the life that YOU want to live; a life of freedom and purpose! This will provide you with the tools, tips, and techniques to help you embrace the fact that it's necessary to DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO!

In this podcast, we explore alternative health and overall well-being topics for both life and business.

I’m here to DISRUPT so please join me on this journey to move humanity to a much higher level of consciousness and create more mindful conversations for us to explore... TOGETHER.
85 Episodes
In this another exciting episode, Natalie and her guest, Erika Flint, will dive in and strip apart what hypnosis really is… and it's definitely more than just the “stage hypnosis” that we all know too well. Erika is an award-winning hypnotherapist, a best-selling author, and is all about hypnosis and heart-centered approaches to help people. Here are some of the amazing insight from her that you’ll find out in this episode: What does hypnosis mean and how does it tap into all parts of the Self, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally? What is hypnosis truly designed for and the greatest impacts it can have. How you can DEprogram and REprogram the brain with executable, repeatable functions? How do we increase our power in life INFINITELY? A 4-step technique that will help and take your mind and brain back into homeostasis and into an alpha brainwave state + MORE Take a listen or watch the video version of this episode. Find the video episode here: Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
In this episode, Natalie and her guest Tiffany Nguyen, a spiritual life coach, talk about ways to tap into Divine Guidance and why it’s very important to NOT ignore your gut (aka Intuition), and how this leads you to your core Truth so that you can learn how to live authentically!  Tiffany helps busy professionals and sensitive, high-achievers reconnect with their core truth and how to live life more authentically. Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:  Why the hardest lessons in life are our biggest growth opportunities Why leaning into extremes isn’t healthy, the key is to find harmony Why having a balance of spirituality and science is key to unlocking hidden wisdom If you’re finding that you’re resisting what your intuition is saying, it’s time to find out WHY Why tapping into Divine Guidance helps us find our authentic Self Why it’s important to stop and examine who we keep attracting into our lives - revealing patterns is key to stop repeating the same stuff over and over … with more wisdom inside this episode! With much more … take a listen or watch the video version of this episode. Find the video episode here: Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
“No one owns the water. No one owns the land. No one owns the oceans. No one owns the sand. These are given by our Mother. The Planet provides for free. Only by the hands of the greedy does the Earth require a fee.” - Unknown There is a truth that we must realize, each of us has a responsibility to make the world a better place, and we need accountability so we can turn things around. This episode features guest John Lefebvre, who has recorded albums with grammy-winning producers, spent time in prison, and has given away over $50 million dollars to charity. In this episode, we discuss: That no matter what your belief structure is, Mother Earth needs to be taken care of If we paid more attention to the way that older civilizations lived in harmony with all things, this world could become a better place (faster!) There are the “selfish wealthy” and then there are others who understand how to give back  It’s time to change humanity’s ethos from “grabby” to that of “sharing”  Sharing can change people’s lives and make the whole fake scarcity game go away for good With much more … take a listen or watch the video version of this episode. Find the video episode here: Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
Have you ever met avid travelers that seem to think that somehow that makes their life better? The problem is, people can travel and are always seeking to go FIND themselves but are often just as lost no matter where they’re at as where they started. This is a similar experience that Natalie’s beautiful guest, Sarah Wong, realized as well.  In this episode, they go on a deep, soulful journey around the following topics:  Why wanting to live in “other people’s shoes” leaves us feeling empty and causes impact on our mental health and more stress How seeking external validation continues to suck us dry of our power What’s missing in your life is always found WITHIN ourselves  Why humans can’t travel/buy/shop or ignore problems away (this causes MORE problems!) How mainstream media and “health” government organizations force this world into toxic cycles How to connect further with Source/Spirit and your body  How to start moving out of victimhood and into power through manifesting change in your life AND MORE!  This episode is all about METAMORPHOSIS! Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
In times of great fear and stress, it’s important to know how to manage stress, the right strategies to manage stress and fear that others use, and ways to keep the emotion of fear and stress under control.  In this episode, Natalie and her guest, Katie Hess, Founder of LotusWei, offer tips to manage stress, manage fear-based emotions, and steps that you can take to heal yourself and empower your life.  How to open up your life like a flower to all possibilities  Why it’s important to not be afraid to feel - don’t let yourself be frozen in fear, but how to move through it The power of balancing emotions through health using flower essence, essential oils/herbs, etc.  How to find freedom and leadership in times of hardship How growth both personally and professionally can be exhilarating as much as it can be scary  How you can take your healing into your own hands and some action-based tips you can use today With much more inside this episode, it’s jam-packed with POWERFUL insight and wisdom! MAKE SURE TO TRY OUT KATIE’S FLOWER ESSENCES! See the blog post here for more details:  Here’s a link to the amazing study mentioned in the podcast episode! CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE STUDY NOW
In this episode, Natalie discusses the 3 big ways that our power gets taken away from us almost from the get-go, and how we can get into the state of being where we RElearn how to connect to our intuition and become empowered to listen to our intuition. Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode: ⭐ How our power and innate magick is almost immediately taken away from us when we step into this world (not for all, but for MOST people on this planet) ⭐ Why it’s important to understand validation and why looking EXTERNALLY versus INTERNALLY is a huge part of the DISempowerment process ⭐ Why it’s imperative to move away from dogmatic belief systems and NOW is the time to start breaking down the old paradigms ⭐ The difference of being EMPOWERED and taking POWER; these are two very different energies ⭐ Why a key element is to believe in our abilities and our capabilities that we have innately ⭐ To remember that all we need is within (not out there) ⭐ Why it’s extremely essential to deprogram and how we need to relearn EVERYTHING ⭐ Why YOU are the only person you need permission from ⭐ Why letting go of control is not about stopping taking action… and more! If you have questions or want to connect, please reach out by emailing us here: Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
Another amazing episode featuring a Marengo coach, the last in this Marengo Series (for right now!).... and this time it’s with Kate Eckman!  The unique gift that she brings through into her work is that she leverages 3 very important aspects of all things: CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCE and WELL-BEING -- she knows there is a Link Between Personal Fulfillment and Business Success.  Here are some of the soulful wisdom drops that you’ll hear in this episode:  Why it’s necessary to break down the societal standards and disrupt belief structures How confidence, resilience and well-being is looking at the WHOLE PERSON (not little bits & pieces) Why competition is bullsh*t and women need to start supporting women FOR REAL That the outside of us is just a shell to the magnificence which is our SOUL  Ways to shed self-doubt and strengthen your spiritual core  Plus, more! Kate also has a new book called The Full Spirit Workout (see more in her full write-up)! Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
In this episode, Natalie speaks with Marengo Coach May Empson. She believes life can be full of miracles, joy, love, and creative experiences-- and it can! In this episode, we dive into:  Why getting rooted in spirituality is essential for all facets of our life [we’re NOT talking about uniform religion] Why a “real job” does mean doing something you LOVE [not what the world tells you is important and real FOR you]  Using intuition to fuel your personal and business life will bring you closer to YOUR truth When your body rejects your surroundings, it’s essential that you listen closely as to WHY Why there’s no circumstance that should ever require you to be the person you are NOT [you must be YOU] AND SO MUCH MORE! If you mention the Disrupt Now podcast, you’ll receive $100 off the first month of coaching with ANY Marengo coach! For more information, please check out and reach out to   Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
In this episode, we explore Devon McConnell’s journey and her path towards becoming a coach, she’s a part of the Marengo group (see episode 76 to learn more!).  Devon weaves mindfulness practices into her method of coaching to help bring energy, laughter, success, and well-being, and here are just some of the highlights:  Be the person that pushes you forward (you’re who you’re waiting for)  Scarcity isn’t real, there’s plenty for EVERYONE!  Leveling up and staying true means that you define success for yourself Time is the finite thing to measure against The act of stripping down and simplifying is a sense of freedom Why you must always dare to go against the grain  How to learn your own rhythm to acquire self-leadership AND MORE! If you mention the Disrupt Now podcast, you’ll receive $100 off the first month of coaching with ANY Marengo coach! For more information, please check out and reach out to Always go to to read all the details about our episodes.
Being guided and supported as you take the next step in your life/career/business is what a true coach should provide. We can call those who move onto this path teachers, guides, or coaches, but regardless of the word, the true essence of a really good coach is simply to help people tap into their OWN wisdom and gain clarity to get MORE out of life!  In this episode, Natalie talks to the founder of Marengo, Blaire Fernandez. Here are some of the juicy nuggets you’ll hear: How the journey to find a coach doesn’t have to be painful (learn from Blaire’s experience) Learn the difference between therapy and coaching (and the value of each) How self-work can lead to the opening of beautiful opportunities you don’t even know to exist How a coach can digest big complexities down to bite-sized pieces  How to bridge the gap between reality and the stories we tell ourselves  How Marengo could potentially have the coach that will help you to get to that future place you envision… plus more! As noted in this episode, if you mention the Disrupt Now podcast to Blaire, you’ll receive $100 off the first month of coaching with ANY Marengo coach! For more information, please check out and reach out to Blaire directly if interested in talking further at Always go to to read all the details about our episodes! 
3 years ago I timidly started this Disrupt Now Podcast, and was so happy to have had my favorite go-to teacher in life, Kute Blackson, on the show (go check out episodes 6 and 7). His grounded messages have always been easy to take in and he has been doing the transformational teaching thing since he was a little kid!  So honored to say that Kute is back on the podcast and this time, the message and focus is all about SURRENDERING. Kute’s new book, The Magic of Surrender is out, and here’s the magick that you’ll take in by watching or listening to this episode:  💫  Why you need to stake a claim your life now--rather than waiting until you’re dead to surrender, why not surrender now?  💫  Learn that surrendering is NOT a weakness, it’s actually the most POWERFUL move we can make 💫  We cannot willpower our way through life via force (and receive magick!), how to stop negotiating your destiny 💫  Learn how to allow life to reveal itself, when we’re open, we’re open to infinite creativity 💫  What if surrender means you get MORE than you could ever imagine?  💫  Why your mind is limited to the past, learn how to let go the willingness to know and control- you don’t have to know where you’re going 💫 How to start embracing the unknown and get out of our own way by telling yourself the TRUTH (no more lies opens your life to possibilities!) ...with so many more tips from Kute!  WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION HERE.  ***Please make sure to grab Kute’s book now BEFORE MAY 4th as you, my audience, have been offered free gifts from Kute if you order the book before May 4th, 2021. You can do so by going here:   
Guest, Dan Mangena, the founder of Dream With Dan is an expert in transforming real adversity into financial and personal opportunity. In this episode, we explore his journey that goes from bouncing back from losing millions, getting kidnapped, to finding a life of deep clarity, intention and flow. You’ll learn:  How every single thing that happens in your life leads to the point of exactly where you need to be When you're able to look at the shit and transcend the shittiness of it and be grateful for it, that's where the magic is What the intention of surrendering to the flow of life and just doing whatever the universe has can mean  How trusting and stepping WITH the universe leads to synchronistic events That Universe/God/Creator/Source is NOT a tyrant We are the authors and creators of our lives -- everything that shows up is a matter of choice, conscious or unconscious With so much more… this conversation is POWERFUL!  Find the video episode here: Make sure to subscribe and leave a review!
Guest, Max Borges, has grown a successful marketing agency and wrote a great quick pick me up book called How To Be Fan-f*cking-tastic! where he explores topics like optimism, mindset, disruption, and positivity. When you’re challenging the status quo, along the journey you’re going to piss some people off. Here are some of the top things we cover in this episode:  Why it’s not an easy task to grow a company over decades and stay strong in it WITHOUT the challenging the status quo part  That sometimes the best thing is to not have business experience on a topic so that you can create your OWN experiences  If you are always trying to fit in, then you're never going to do anything that is different--go outside of the box That every crazy idea starts out as a seemingly stupid idea, but then it can develop into a REALLY great idea (use imagination!) Stop looking at failures as failures, look at them as opportunities for finding who you are and as lessons that you needed Find the video episode here:  Make sure to subscribe and leave a review!
It’s time to get some real talk around the foundations of our businesses. We can talk about purpose and creativity all day, but it all must have fundamental foundations and structure in and around the financial stability parts. In this episode, the chat is with Derick Van Ness, a tax & wealth strategist for small business owners and CEO of Big Life Financial. In this episode you’ll learn:  A revolutionary and empowered way of understanding the essence of money  Why business owners have different financial needs than employees Why the current "financial planning" model is broken  How to build systematic wealth without needing to do stupid “get rich quick” schemes How to mix creativity with your soul’s purpose with a financial structure Derick’s Potential to Profit process and more! You can also watch the episode by going here: Make sure to subscribe and leave a review!
What is the great awakening? What is the significance of the great awakening? This episode is all about the evolution of humanity with guest, Sophie McLean. The conversation weaves through the current great awakening, the great shift from homosapiens to homospiritus, and delves into the fact that every single human is on a hero’s journey, we meander through these beautiful facts:  How we each have the POWER to shift from being the victim/sufferer to the powerful co-creator, an originator of all things in our life That humans have gifts, the gift is Kinetic Energy… learn why resisting this gift pushes us into more suffering We are being FORCED to either resist awakening or to awaken (you can choose) Homosapiens and ego have gotten us so far, but we have created a world of cruelty, division… it is time to transition What this awakening really means and how it is shoving us into Homospiritis and what that means… + more! Make sure to read our post about Sophie at (watch the video version here:, and she is giving away a FREE COURSE so make sure to go check that out!
Gut health expert and holistic healer, Lian Monley, works with clients and gets down to the biomechanical and physical level. Gut health is a major key to understanding how healthy we truly are. Here are some of the big things you’ll learn in this episode:  That there’s not just ONE component to healing but MANY - a truly HOLISTIC (whole body) approach is required Why the gut is the 2nd brain and one of the biggest keys to understanding dis-ease in the body and how this is also connected to the vagus nerve  How our gut holds up to 90% of all pathogens and bacteria in our bodies The things you can do RIGHT NOW to take action to get your gut and overall body more balanced  How we are our own biggest healers & more It’s vital that we become TRULY HEALTHY and we have to take it upon ourselves to find the right healers to help us (sadly, western medicine is not the answer to TRUE health).  *GIVEAWAY NOTICE* Start your gut health recovery with this FREE e-book from Lian for 5 winners! eBook giveaway: Heal The Gut: 6 Strategies to Heal your Gut  Go discover more, watch the video version, and enter the giveaway at 
In this episode, we step into the medical visionary brain of Melanie Weller, creator of Embody Your Star. Here’s what we cover in this mind-blowing episode:  That the Vagus Nerve in our body isn’t “just a nerve” that sits at the base of the skull, it’s actually a MAJOR key to alignment for better health, vitality, and more! Why there’s a deep relationship between our bodies and how we show up in the world How the cosmos are literally coded INTO our bodies; we are fractals of the cosmos-as above, so below  Electromagnetic frequencies are all around us and are key to understanding dis-ease in our bodies (think the Chinese Medicine concept of Qi (said like “chee”), chakras, and more)  That the astrological signs (e.g: the language of the cosmos) are actually the scientific way to communicate with our anatomical bodies And more… the ultimate message is that when you align BELOW (you/your body) with the ABOVE (Earth and greater cosmos), this is how you step into your brilliance in a bigger way than you ever thought possible! You can also watch the episode by going here: Make sure to subscribe and leave a review! GIVEAWAY NOTICE: We will be giving away a LIVE Vagus Nerve Decompression Course with Melanie (for up to 8 people)! GO SEE MORE ON and see Melanie’s post to learn more and how to enter.
After suffering from multiple health issues, guest Tim James knew that something had to change, and after the untimely death of his younger brother it was then that he finally decided to take action, a major catalyst for Tim starting his company, Chemical Free Body.   In this episode we’ll explore the recipe for living a healthier, longer, and more vibrant life:  Why you’ve GOT to become an "outside of the box" kind of thinker when it comes to your health Why traditional routes for cancer aren’t doing what we think they are and options you need to know about Why we have to stop handing your power over to Western medicine before exploring ALL our options (think NATURAL) Why the mentality of Western medicine isn’t about PREVENTION Why detoxing the body is ESSENTIAL to reaching true health How to live healthily and move away from a standard American diet Among many other health wisdom drops!
We have to take responsibility for our health, it’s within OUR power to do so. Want to learn how? This episode is with guest, Kristen Bowen, who’s the Founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. Here’s what you’ll find in this episode:  How an absolute health crash led to the creation of a business (awakening PURPOSE!) Why doing your own research for your health helps you take your power back  Why you need to look for out of the box solutions as this is where the healing path is found How our bodies are UNIQUE and why it’s imperative to know this Secrets to supporting your journey to true health through transdermal magnesium, superfoods, and more!
“There’s enough room in that big dark, beautiful sky for all of us to shine. In fact, the more stars that we have that light up the sky, the more ease we have in navigating this life. So please go shine your light!” - Our guest, Jennifer Love Our businesses, if you’re an entrepreneur, and our lives require us to look outside the box and to look into nature for answers. There is a clear reason why this makes sense and what this episode is all about!   Jennifer Love is a money therapist and wealth philosopher, as well as the CEO of the True Wealth Institute & -- she helps world leaders free themselves of the chains that hold them back from having a healthy relationship with money. Here’s what you get to explore in this episode:  The connection between nature and money (and what this means for your life) How connecting with nature connects you to yourself, and there’s massive power in this How to go back to a child-like innocence to bring more peace and joy in your life (and business) How nature is our ally and it links us into magic and lessons we can learn from it Why we aren’t meant to live in scarcity but rather in abundance (like nature itself) Why making values-based wealth decisions transforms your business and life  How most leaders are living in an “emotional poverty” and how this affects prosperity and success And so much more!
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