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Author: Steven McMorrow

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Join us as we converse with business owners, founders and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to understand their mission and why they do what they do!
20 Episodes
This episode I talk with Trevor Golding, Founder of Gold Leaf Technologies.  Gold Leaf Technologies Inc. is a Canadian distributor of quality LED lighting products and sensor-based technology, founded in 2017 and servicing all of Canada from their multiple locations.  Trevor and his team at Gold Leaf Technology take great pride in what they do, with a professional approach and outstanding customer service. It comes through in their knowledge of the expanding indoor horticulture industry. I really enjoyed talking with them about LED Lighting, where it's all headed and how he began.
In this episode, I got to talk with the host of CropTalk and Founder of Crop Walk, Charlie McKenzie! He has a lot of great insight regarding pest management, pathogen controls for commercial agriculture. Look for him on Linkedin, where he has videos online that unique, helpful and to the point. It was great to sit down and learn more about him and his company!  Also check out his podcast, Crop talk for some more great conversations!
This episode I talk with Kyle Moffitt out of Boston, MA.  We discuss his company, Stem Cultivation that truly maximizes square footage. Utilizing true vertical growing methods, state of the art technology to be efficient as possible and ease of use, Stem Cultivation is standing out of the crowd for maximum efficiency in the industry. Thanks to Kyle for the time and I'm excited to see them flourish moving forward!
This episode I talk with Ellis Smith, founder and chairman of American Cannabis Company(AMMJ). Ellis has over 20 years of of horticultural experience as well as owning and operating businesses.  We talk about the state of the industry today, how it should be moving forward and also The Flow State!!  Join me for a great conversation with a great thought leader in the industry.
Autumn has been in the business for over 15 years and has been a key part in building facilities that total 100,000's+ of square feet in multiple countries and 10 states. Great to sit down with a person of her caliber!Cultivo, Inc. is a Design and Consulting Firm located in Topanga Canyon, California whose primary focus is specializing in creating the world’s finest pharmaceutical grade ag facilites through their proprietary building methods, Cultivo aids in the design and implementation of complete facility build-out from the ground up, as well as existing facility optimization and tenant improvements for indoor growing facilities. Cultivo’s aim is to not only create the cleanest, most secure, and sustainable facilities in the world, but to also set the standard and raise the bar for all cultivation facilities.
Greg Huffaker III oversees the licensing application process, the technical writing team, and overall project management for Canna Advisors, one of the first consulting companies in the cannabis industry. He is an expert in navigating the complex cannabis regulations and emerging state programs across the country.
This episode I talk with the Co-Founders of Leaf411, Katherine Golden and Jennifer Axcell. Leaf411™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating a FREE cannabis-trained nurse hotline. Their mission is to provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis (marijuana & hemp).We have a great conversation about the difference in thinking and change in conversation when it comes to cannabis, and discuss their resources to help people with questions and concerns. 
This episode I sit down with Connor Lux, Co-Founder of the event/co-working space Cultivated Synergy. We talk about the future of co-working, networking events and trade shows. We also touch on how Covid-19 has impacted live events and the future landscape of office work and what that might look like.Join us as Connor shares his entrepreneurial spirit, how he channeled it into the cannabis industry and his insight for others that might want to follow his lead.
In this episode I talk with Alex Hearding with NCRMA (NATIONAL CANNABIS RISK MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION)Alex Hearding has an educational and professional background as a water and soil scientist and safety professional. He has legally cultivated marijuana as a medical caregiver and as a facility manger in a licensed greenhouse. He has experience starting marijuana businesses including license application, facility design, construction, operational development, and management. Alex currently provides services including occupational safety & health services and training and risk management for the cannabis industry.   For more information
Join me as I catch up with Vince Harkiewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of Grownetics. Grownetics is a farm management and environmental mapping company that helps owners and operators get a birds-eye view of the entire facility, utilizing wireless controls and integration. 
Today I sit down with Beau Druilhet - Director of Cultivation at Wellcana. We talk about the industry, cultivation, Louisiana and the need for more medical research in cannabis. 
Today I talk with Rob Tolette about Aquaponics, its role in residential and commercial agriculture, as well as its future in the cannabis space. Join us as we talk plants, water and fish poop!For more information Rob Tolette -
In this we talk with David Bush, a senior attorney with the Hoban Law Group where he represents farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and other professionals in industrial hemp and marijuana.  His current practice focuses primarily on regulatory compliance, corporate formation and governance, contract preparation and review, and commercial litigation.He is also Co-Founder of Industrial Hemp Research Foundation where he also acts as President and Secretary.
Today I talk with my friend Ross Bradshaw, co founder of New Dia, a new Rec dispensary in Worcester, MA opening soon! We talk about the beginning of the industry here in CO, what's happening now in MA and the need for social justice programs in the industry. It was good to get his thoughts on how cannabis can benefit highly impacted communities from the war on drugs and some ideas of making sure everyone has a place at the starting line.Ross has been an active entrepreneur and activist in the industry and it was good to get some insight into the MA legalization path and where we should be headed nationwide. 
This week I sit down with Genifer Murray. Genifer was president and founder of one of the first cannabis testing labs in the US, and was a founding member of the Women's CannaBusiness Network - the organization that served as the foundation for Women Grow.Genfier was named by Hemp Connoisseur Magazine as one of the "Top 100 People to Know" in the cannabis industry. She is a leading advocate for legalization and responsible regulation, highlighting the need for product safety and quality assurance, and has become a trusted resource for legislators, industry organizations, and media. 
This episode I catch up with Ryan Tatum of Cultivated Synergy. Cultivated Synergy is a pioneer for coworking, events and networking in the cannabis industry. While none of those services are new, they didn't have a place in the cannabis industry in Denver, CO before Cultivated Synergy.Cultivated Synergy has been a great resource and platform for the cannabis industry here in Denver, CO and everyone in the industry should look forward to their expansion in the future.Join Ryan and myself as we talk about the Cannabis Industry, expansion, weathering the storm for entrepreneurs, their famous Budtender Appreciation events and even Bend and Blaze Yoga events!
In this episode I sit down with the rockstar, Jenny Germano of ICS Consulting. Jenny has over a decade of experience in the industry, and is one of the top compliance auditors in Colorado. It was great to talk about safety, fair wages, treating employees right and being proactive with compliance and training to save a ton of $$$. Anyone in the industry, or who wants to be, will benefit from what she has to say. Join us for a great conversation about the industry, and get to know another person making a difference and paving the way!
In this episode I sit down with Jason MacDonald, the Associate Director of Cultivation of one of the largest and most successful Cannabis companies in Colorado, Native Roots! We discuss important things like company culture, where the industry is headed with automation, how he got started and some advise for others with a look ahead.
Join us as we discuss waste disposal for the cannabis industry with Paul Isham, Co Founder of MariWaste. Paul tells us about his intro to the industry through the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, which took him down the path to waste remediation, reporting and compliance. While waste management isn't the hottest and sexiest topic in the industry, it's one of the most important. For more information visit
Get to know a leader in LED lighting technology and how he began his journey into the cannabis and horticulture space. Brian takes us on a journey of how to bring a product to market in the cannabis space, the challenges that comes with it and how to adjust to what your customers want, not what you think they want.  Join us as we get to know the thought leaders in the industry and their stories.
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