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Author: Steve Nelson & Keith Nottonson

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They were college radio DJs during the 90s. They helped expose bands like Nirvana, Pavement and PJ Harvey to the masses. They went to shows, interviewed musicians and reviewed albums. They worked security at concerts and once, even did load-in for a Phish show. Now they’re dads. Whether you want to explore lesser-known music or take a trip down memory lane tune in to The New Dad Rock. Hosts, Steve and Keith, share their love of music across eras and genres while helping you, the listener, to find new songs to rock out to. From deeper cuts by familiar artists to cult musicians who never earned their due and everything in between, The New Dad Rock will expand your mind.
39 Episodes
On paper, Tool would seem like the perfect band for The New Dad Rock. And perhaps they are. It's just that Steve and Keith never really got into them beyond Sober or after 1993. To remedy this, Keith invited his friend Eric in for a discussion on all things Tool. Included are steps on how to get into Tool and a first-hand testimonial on their brilliance. Also, one of their most popular songs is called Stink Fist.If you are interested in delving deeper, here are some entry-level songs that may just set you down this parabolic path to Tool super fandom.InvincibleThe PotForty Six & 2LateralusPneumaFear Innoculum7empestPrison SexSupport the show (
It finally happened. You knew it was bound to. One of the dads got one of their kids on the show. Keith and Steve are joined by Steve's 14-year-old daughter to talk about the quarantine-based resurgence of One Direction fandom. 1D!Sadie takes us through One Direction's roots on X-Factor to their surprising hiatus in 2015, parrying questions from Keith along the way.  And when you're done, check out these songs from 1D and each member's solo career, hand-selected by Sadie herself:Moments / Over Again / Truly Madly Deeply / Irresistible / Strong / Through the Dark / Half a Heart / Fool's Gold / Stockholm Syndrome / Clouds / Illusion / End of the Day / If I Could Fly / Walking in the Wind / A.M. / Home / To Be So Lonely / Canyon Moon / Heartbreak Weather / Paper Houses / Too Young / Always You / Rainberry / MidnightAnd don't forget to pick up The New Dad Rock swag for you and yours this holiday season!Support the show (
H.A. Eugene is back and that means we're going deep. Deep into the world of trap, electro, ambient, soundtracks and nothingness. And since it's just about Halloween, he focuses on some of the spookier aspects.You won't hear it if you don't listen.As we age the anger of industrial gives way to a mellower though no less dark pathway through witch house and on to trip hop, trap and post punk. Don't worry, we'll describe these genres for you in glorious detail. Eventually you catch 50's eye in the not to far off distance. You deconstruct. Soundscapes, soundprieces, themes from a video games, horror movie soundtracks. It falls apart. Everything in its right place.What even is this music?100 gecsUniform and The BodyKABurialGhostemaneSALEMDalekMica LeviColin Stetson4:33FACSDisappearsDavid Bowieblack midiSupport the show (
By the late 80s, the halcyon sound of synthesizers and electronic drums had become ubiquitous. No artist was safe from the effervescent mechanical march that swept up Rush and resulted in Judas Priest's make most controversial album (Turbo). But this episode has literally nothing to do with any of that.You're welcome.No, this week The New Dad Rock delves deep into the uncanny valley. From innocent beginnings in machine learning with Depeche Mode we delve headlong into the industrial lairs of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. The snapping jaws of Skinny Puppy give way to our cyberpunk future. Anxiety sets in and the end of the world vibe of the late-90s forgets the despair to make the best of what's still around. So rave 'til dawn with Keith, Steve, and very special guest, H.A. Eugene as they stroll down Electronic Avenue.  LA Style - James Brown Is DeadPaul Hardcastle - 19Smart E's - Sesame's TreetNine Inch Nails - The Only Time Ministry (feat. Gibby Haynes) - Jesus Built My HotrodDeath Grips - I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States KMFDM - A Drug Against the WarSkinny Puppy - RiversFront 242 - HeadhunterMeat Beat Manifesto - Edge of No ControlDavid Bowie - WarswazaLady in the Radiator - In HeavenDJ Simon - Free at Last Claude VonStroke - CaliFuture nala - Telepathy Nikki Nair - Breakz 4 Love (set) Support the show (
Oh, You Ate One Too?What is The New Dad Rock? What is Dad Rock? No matter how you define it, dads (and practically everyone else) love Van Halen. Their songs get the party started and it's almost impossible not to smile when listening to their music. Especially the David Lee Roth era. This week, Keith and Steve are joined by a special guest to discuss Van Halen's place in The New Dad Rock pantheon and whether Sammy Hagar measures up to Diamond Dave.You're not going to want to miss this one.If you're taking whiskey to the party tonight and looking for somebody to squeeze, don't get uptight just listen to these:"I'm the One" and "Little Dreamer" from Van Halen"Dance the Night Away" and "Beautiful Girls" from Van Halen II "Fools," "Romeo Delight" and "Could This Be Magic" from Women and Children First"Mean Street," "Push Comes to Shove" and "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" from Fair Warning "Your Love is Driving Me Crazy" from Three Lock Box (Sammy Hagar)"Hang 'em High" and "Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)" from Diver Down"1984" and "Girl Gone Bad" from 1984"I Can't Drive 55" from V.O.A. (Sammy Hagar)"Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" from Crazy From the Heat (David Lee Roth)"Yankee Rose" from Eat 'em and Smile (David Lee Roth)"I've Got the Fire" from Montrose"Finish What Ya Started" from OU812Support the show (
Can you believe it? The New Dad Rock has been going strong for one full year. Come celebrate with Keith and Steve as they reminisce on the past year and look ahead to the future of The New Dad Rock.Enjoy these songs by artists we have highlighted throughout the year:13th Floor ElevatorsPavementBlind MelonModest MouseOne Direction JuiceWRLDCocoRosiePJ HarveyOrville PeckCamper Van BeethovenWeenPhishKing Gizzard and the Lizard WizardTropical Fuck StormOverkillOranssi Pazuzu RAKTASupport the show (
The title says it all. In this episode The Dads countdown the top ten albums by Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer.10. ...and Justice For All9. Kill 'em All8. Peace Sells...but Who's Buying7. South of Heaven6. Among the Living5. Seasons in the Abyss4. Rust in Peace3. Ride the Lightning2. Reign in Blood1. Master of PuppetsSupport the show (
Do you remember live albums? What were they: cash grabs, greatest hits packages, contract fulfillers or maybe a little of each. Any way you slide it, live albums are a staple in Dad Rock.  From the classic live albums of the 70s and 80s to bootlegs and live concert recordings, and file sharing on Napster & YouTube to livestreams now, what does it all mean? Are live albums dead?The list of live albums goes on and on and on. Here are a few:Johnny Cash Live at San QuentinThe Who Live at LeedsFrampton Comes AliveUFO's Strangers in the NightDeep Purple's Made in JapanMaiden JapanKiss Alive!Rush's All the World's a StageScorpion's World Wide LiveU2 Under a Blood Red SkyDepeche Mode 101Nirvana Live on MTV UnpluggedJeff Magnum Live at Jittery Joe'sDaft Punk Alive 2007Support the show (
Dave Lowery is the mastermind behind two legendary indie rock bands, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker.Join the Dads as they delve into these two bands, check in on Dave's current gig as a professor at University of Georgia and solve the digital streaming royalties conundrum, among other subjects.A few Camper Van Beethoven songs you may dig on:Take the Skinheads BowlingOne of These DaysWhen I Win the LotteryGood Guys and Bad GuysAll Her Favorite FruitA bite of Cracker:Teen AngstLowSidi IfniGet Off ThisSupport the show (
It's been almost 15 years since Arab Strap released an album and nearly that long since Steve was taken in by The Hold Steady. In the past couple of weeks, each band released a new album that harkened back to a decade we were uncertain how to name. Listen in as the Dads take a deep dive into the seedy words these literate lyricists create.Songs mentioned in the episode:The Shy Retirer by Arab StrapThe Feelers by The Hold SteadySpices by The Hold SteadyThermal Treasure by PolvoLanyards by The Hold SteadyFamily Farm by The Hold SteadyHeavy Covenant by The Hold SteadyThe First Big Weekend by Arab StrapThe Turning of Our Bones by Arab StrapKebabylon by Arab StrapRocket Take Your Turn by Arab StrapCantaloupe by Thurston MooreSupport the show (
A wise man said, a little less talk a little more action. Not wanting to upset Elvis, the Dads spend most of this episode listening to Polygondwanaland, the 12th studio album from Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. (For a further dive into KG&LW, please check out EP 31.)Support the show (
The episode title says it all! It is finally time to delve into the miasma of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard an Australian rock band known for rollicking live shows and their prolific output.Join our intrepid hosts as they navigate the open water of a band that should fit well within the warm confines of New Dad Rock. Jangling guitars, metronomic drumming, psychedelic outbursts, terrible canyons of metal, scientific exploration and a time of redness in the west are just a few of the bizarre motifs that are unraveled here on this unrivaled podcast.The links below barely scratch the surface of the many facets of this beguiling band:from KG:KGLW / Straws in the Wind / Oddlifefrom Infest the Rats' Nest:Planet Bfrom Nonagon Infinity:Robot Stop / People-Vultures / Road Trainfrom Flying Microtonal Banana:Melting / Sleep Drifter from Murder of the Universe:Altered Beastfrom Sketches of Brunswick EastThe Book / A Journey to (S)hell / Rolling Stonedfrom Fishing for Fishies:Cyboogiefrom I'm in Your Mind Fuzz:I'm in Your Mind / I'm Not in Your MindSupport the show (
Another quest to define the boundaries of the obscure realm known only as The New Dad Rock. This week, the Dads' focus is on the New as Keith introduces Steve to a grab bag of recent artists each seeking to join the pantheon of The New Dad Rock. The contenders are:Fall Out BoySturgill SimpsonDarius RuckerHARDYSenkingJon HopkinsBasti GrubDoglegChicano BatmanSufjan StevensBring Me the HorizonWaxahatcheeBonny DoonSupport the show (
The twenty-first century. Two decades down and our intrepid hosts are far too wise to make a "Best of Two Decades" list. But they sure try their darnedest. Tune in to their longest episode yet as they try to encapsulate the last twenty years of music. So grab a mug of egg nog and nod your head along as they explore everything from Drake to Disappears.Support the show (
The New Dad Rock's take on the contractually obligated 'Best Of' list. Join Keith and Steve as they rattle off descriptions of a few albums that they remembered came out in 2020.  By no means, is it an exhaustive or comprehensive list. Along the way they revive their idea for music based game show and this time, they cast a host.Here are some of the releases they dug on:Bartees StrangeOseesKing Gizzard and the Lizard WizardThe Flaming LipsStephen MalkmusOranssi Pazuzu*Roddy RicchJuiceWRLDDoglegGanser* The Oranssi Pazuzu concert starts at about 6:30. Skip ahead!Support the show (
One of the perks of being a parent is the ability to exert your influences on them. You literally have the power to determine what language they use, their view of the world, whether to call them Kleenex or tissues, and most importantly--what kind of music they listen to.Do you just blast them with Kids Bop, Disney Radio and Little Einsteins? Or do you survey the history of music, culling the best sounds from the past seven decades, in the hopes that they will develop a love and appreciation for the classic?I think you already know the path that the dads at The New Dad Rock chose; Ween!In this week's episode, Steve unearths a mix he made his 5-year old daughter over a decade ago. From forgotten blog-approved contemporaries (The Black Kids) to 80s hits (Madonna) to timeless standards (Rosemary Clooney), they cover it all.Think of the children!and while you're at it, check out these songs that are great for kids!The Sound by Human HighwayDirty Work by Steely DanJust Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In by Kenny Rogers and the First EditionThe Bear Missed the TrainHouse Party Time by Dan ZanesNew York, New York by Cat PowerWonder by Colin MeloyCupid by Sam CookeWhat a Wonderful World by Louis ArmstrongWhere'd the Cheese Go? by WeenSupport the show (
Despite being a child of the 80s and hip to the freaky stylings of such pranksters as Ween, Primus and Extreme Elvis, Keith still doesn't quite understand the Butthole Surfers. Fear not, Steve can take him gently off the rails into the annals of this acid-soaked punk miasma. This one is not for the faint of heart. That being said, here is a selection of some of the prettier Butthole Surfers songs:Einhoven Chicken Masque From Humpty Dumpty LSDRocky From Hairway to StevenThe Wooden Song From Independent Worm SaloonStrawberry From Independent Worm SaloonJingle of a Dog's Collar From Electric LarrylandCough Syrup From Electric LarrylandSummer in the City From MOM III (Music for Our Mother Ocean)American Woman - From Rembrandt PussyhorseWho Was In My Room Last Night - From Independent Worm Saloon Pepper from Electric LarrylandX-Ray from Hairway to StevenDum Dum from Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's SacSupport the show (
Happy Rock-tober everyone!Steve is back to work and back behind the wheel commuting. And what is a commuting man to do but catch up on some recent releases? Join Keith and Steve as they drive the latest additions to The New Dad Rock canon your way:Two rare live Pavement albums new to streaming services;The latest by San Francisco psych rockers The Osees; Perennial New Dad Rockers The Flaming Lips; A LOVE-ly covers homage by Deerhoof;An overlooked Woods record from May;A preview of the upcoming record by Avalanches;Bartees Strange's mesmerizing new release, Live Forever; andYet another live album from Iron MaidenYou won't mind the traffic when checking out these sweet, sweet sounds.And if none of these albums are your cup of tea, perhaps you'd like some puppets.Support the show (
Vinyl is poised to outsell CDs this year (2020) for the first time since 1986.A big part of that can be attributed to Record Store Day which has been raising the profile and interest in music on vinyl since 2008. From humble beginnings with just 10 special releases to this year's COVID-inspired four consecutive months of Record Store Days featuring hundreds of unique, exclusive, and early releases, it has grown into a global phenomenon.Join Steve as he regales Keith with why he made the vinyl plunge and shares some of his favorite releases from Record Store Days past.Even if you can't make one of the Record Store Day Drops (9/26, 10/24) or Black Friday, please visit your local independent record store. Even if you haven't played vinyl since the 80s.Check out some of the selections we mentioned in this weeks chat:Stephen Malkmus - Cold Son EPThe Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen at 21Jimi Hendrix - Message to Love/ChangesThe Flaming Lips - Onboard the International Space Space Station Concert for PeacePavement - Quarantine the Past [RSD Version]John Coltrane - Both Directions at OnceSqualus - The Great FishSupport the show (
I just heard a new band called the Osees. No, not Thee Oh Sees, or Oh Sees, or OCS, Osees.For the past 20-plus years, John Dwyer has been a musical chameleon appearing in several bands, half of which have a very similar sounding name. He's the musician Keith has seen live most often and no matter the venue or the band around him, he puts on a stellar show. We tell you all about it here. Alas, during these chaotic and troubling times, there are no concerts and a livestream is all we have to look forward to. Until then, please enjoy the various guises which has been worn by our man of the (not quite half) hour.New album rehearsal: & Brown live in Brooklyn Kopf Elvis with a Man - zeigenbock kopf Pearl - Pink & Brown - Pink & Brown the show (
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