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Author: Amy Turner

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A warm welcome to 'This Wild Life Conservation Podcast'. Each week, leading conservationists will describe tales of wild adventures and discuss the highs and lows of living and working in the wild. You will laugh and cry as leaders in their field reveal unique insight into the lives of the animals they work tirelessly to protect. Learn about the pathways to becoming a conservationist and gain valuable insight into current conservation issues facing the world. We’re here to bring the wild to you!
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This week we talk with Bobbi Brink, founder of the ‘Lions, Tigers and Bears’ Sanctuary in California. Bobbi provides a captivating and powerful insight into the brutality of the Exotic Pet Trade. The episode covers a range of topics including how Bobbi started the sanctuary, the challenges she faced and the process of rescuing an animal from the exotic pet trade. Bobbi also outlines her recent encounters with Joe Exotic, from the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’, she discusses the risk to human life when holding these species captive and talks about the psyche of people who own these species. It’s a fascinating episode and not one to be missed!
This week, undercover investigator, Andrea Crosta, takes us behind the scenes of two enthralling films, Sea of Shadows (National Geographic) and The Ivory Game (Netflix). Andrea also discusses his organisation, Earth League International, which operates across three continents relentlessly uncovering the illegal wildlife trade. We will learn of covert operations across the globe, including revealing those responsible for the near extinction of the Vaquita and exposing traffickers who are fuelling the illegal ivory trade. Andrea's personal story is as fascinating as his stories from the field and certainly not to be missed. 
This week we head to the Western States of America and talk to Suzanne Roy about her quest to protect the wild horses and burros. Horses capture the hearts and minds of people across the globe and Suzanne allows us a glimpse into the lives of these spirited creatures. We will hear about the American Wild Horse Campaign organisation, whose mission is to save the herds by engaging with the government and proposing sustainable and humane ways to manage herd numbers. Suzanne will tell us why it is so important to protect these gorgeous animals and discuss the progress they have made so far. A must-listen for all horse and donkey lovers!
In this episode, I am honoured to talk with James Mwenda! James is a distinguished conservationist, safari guide and caretaker for the last remaining Northern White Rhinos on the planet. We will hear about a baby rhino rescued by the Ol Pejeta team, a ground-breaking project that aims to bring back the now 'functionally extinct' Northern White Rhino, and James' incredible experiences of walking amongst wildlife every day of his life.  
In this episode, David talked to renowned conservationist Rory Young, co-founder, and president of Chengeta Wildlife. Rory dedicated his life to wildlife protection, operating in some of the most politically unstable environments in the world. We will learn about Rory's mission to save the Mali desert elephants from poaching and hear about his incredible experiences training ranger teams in the Central African Republic. We are deeply saddened that shortly after recording this podcast, Rory was killed by jihadists in Burkina Faso, West Africa, along with the Spanish journalist David Beriáin and the documentary filmmaker Roberto Fraile while creating a documentary about his work in Africa.
In this episode,  you will be transported across the globe with environmental journalist, Jeremy Hance. Jeremy delights us with fascinating insights into his adventures in wild places. Including the story of a chatty rhino named Tam, the last Bornean Rhino on the planet, who happened to walk into an oil plant plantation. Jeremy will also tell us about his remarkable book, ‘Baggage: Confessions of a globe-trotting hypochondriac’. Wonderfully entertaining and not to be missed.
This week I'm thrilled to be talking to Dr. Tim Wittig (Head of Intelligence, United for Wildlife) and William Brown (CEO, Focused Conservation) about the complexity of tackling the Illegal wildlife trade. We'll learn about how these world-leading organizations are supporting governments, and law agencies, to investigate, arrest and prosecute traffickers. This brutal trade has an estimated global value of $50-$150 Billion USD, crosses international borders, and spans continents and is driving species, including Rhino and Pangolin, to the brink of extinction. Join us to understand how we can all play our part in helping to eradicate the illegal wildlife trade.
In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Greg Rasmussen, a world leader in Painted Dog conservation. Greg regales us with heartwarming stories, including one involving a dog named Circus, and captivating insights into working with local ranchers to put an end to the killing of painted dogs. Greg also talks passionately about the wonderful social structure of these unique animals, including how no dog is ever left out. Please head to to find out how you can support Greg and his Zimbabwean team. An episode certainly not to be missed. 
This week we have a fascinating conversation with Roderick Stien-Rostaing, Founder and Director of Reef Doctor. Reef Doctor is a pioneering organisation that has been conducting conservation and social development in southwest Madagascar for 15 years. A major part of their work is the preservation of the delicate coral reef system. The Reef Doctor team have been instrumental in preserving biodiversity and relieving poverty in the area. From military coups to terrible roads, Roderick gives us an insight into what it's really like to start a conservation organisation. 
This week we have the privilege of being joined by Sergeant Nkateko Mzimba, a key member of the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, South Africa. Not only has the unit reduced poaching by over 60% in the Balule region of the Greater Kruger National Park but also broken tradition as the world's first all-female anti-poaching unit. Nkateko gives us a fascinating insight into what it's like to become a Black Mamba and the threats she faces everyday. From being chased by lions, to the worry of coming face to face with armed poachers. Join us!
Join us to hear all about the mysterious world of the Amazon River Dolphin with Suzanne Smith, founder of the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation (ARDCF). Suzanne shares stories of her expeditions into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. From being caught in tropical storms to swimming for hours with these incredible dolphins. ARDCF is firmly intertwined with the local communities and conducts world-leading research on the dolphins that call the mighty Amazon river their home. Tune in to hear about Suzanne’s Amazon adventures!
We go behind the scenes of a National Graphic Ocean expedition with renowned explorer Paul Rose. Paul is the expedition leader for the Nat Geo Pristine Seas project that has led to the protection of 23 marine reserves from Costa Rica to the Galapagos. Alongside a team of world-leading scientists, Paul explores areas of the planet that have never been seen before. In this episode Paul talks of challenging ocean currents, getting bitten by a moray eel while filming, and what it’s like to share the water with a vast number of sharks. Don’t miss it! 
This week we are focusing on a big cat that could be described as the ghost of the mountains as we welcome Dr. Rodney Jackson and Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson from the Snow Leopard Conservancy. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Jackson is a pioneer in snow leopard conservation and his seminal research has been showcased in National Geographic. Ashleigh and Rodney take us into the extraordinary world of these cats, from where they live, to the threats they face. We will also learn about the extreme challenges required to monitor them, including how Rodney spent 15 days walking to get into Snow Leopard territory! Finally, they describe the importance of working with the local people to change their perception of these animals and even re-ignite the snow leopard's sacred status. So join me for this episode in the mysterious world of the snow leopard! 
This week we chat with Vera Castro and Sam Turley from Imire Wildlife and Rhino conservation, Zimbabwe. From baby rhinos that bring hope during this challenging time to a cape clawless otter that nearly stole the show, you won’t be disappointed! In short, Imrie was founded in 1948 by the inspirational Norman and Gilly Travers and is a conservancy dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, most specifically the breeding and protection of the critically endangered black rhino. We hear about how Imire never gave up on their mission to save the black rhino, even after a devastating rhino poaching incident. Vera and Sam also give us a deep insight into how Imire is completely intertwined with the local people. Vera talks passionately about the women's support group that enables girls to get a full education. Sam also describes the shocking living conditions that the local school children were staying in after school and how this became the catalyst for a much-needed community project. Head over to to support Imire's tireless work in enabling both wildlife and people to thrive!
Would you like to discover why a ban on trophy hunting may not be beneficial to conserving species such as lion? This week we have the privilege of talking to Dr. Amy Dickman, founder of the Ruaha Carnivore Project and a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford. In this episode, Amy provides incredible insight into the innovative methods her team employs to reduce the number of lion killings. Importantly, how the engagement of local communities helps to protect these large carnivores. We also discuss the divisive topic of trophy hunting and Amy explains the complexities of this emotive issue and why it’s not always as clear cut as it seems.
This week we head over to Zambia to talk to Anna Tolan, founder of the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. In 1998, Anna and her husband Steve packed their bags and moved from the UK to Zambia and the rest is history! Having found a plot of land on the banks of the Luangwa River, opposite the South Luangwa National Park, they created Chipembele. Their mission is to teach Zambian children and communities the value of wildlife and to conserve it for present and future generations. The success of the trust is evident and previous students have become conservation leaders in Zambia. As well as hearing about the incredible success of the trust, Anna also tells us all about her life in rural Zambia. From where she does her shopping, to rehabilitating a baby hippo, to wild dogs hunting on their doorstep – tune in, you won't want to miss it!   
Want to hear about one of the most dangerous jobs in wildlife conservation? Well, on today’s episode we take to the skies with Mike Ross, Helicopter wildlife capture specialist. Mike has over 22 years of experience in capturing wildlife for conservation purposes and tells us what it's like to be in the cockpit during a capture. In addition to being an exceptional pilot, Mike has a detailed knowledge of different species and explains the importance of using different capture methods and flying techniques depending on species, in order to reduce stress. Splitting his time between South Africa and North America Mike entertains us with stories of flying in the North American Rockies and the plains of Africa. This episode is not to be missed! 
This week we welcome Francesca Trotman onto the podcast! After witnessing distressing shark killings in the unprotected waters of Mozambique, Francesca founded Love The Oceans. Their mission is to create a marine protected area through research of species such as whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays. Love the Oceans is co-owned by the local people and has had a wide-reaching impact on the communities. For instance, their swim program has taught hundreds of children to swim to prevent tragic drownings. Learn about the challenges of living without a postal system and incredible encounters with humpback whales off the coast of Mozambique!   
In this episode we are joined by Sabrina Colombo, a senior ranger and project manager at ‘Limpopo Eco Operations - Africa’. LEO Africa, situated in the beautiful Waterberg area of South Africa, aims to monitor and conserve key species, including cheetah and lion, amongst many other endangered species. We gain insight into the fantastic LEO Africa volunteer program and sustainable living philosophy. Sabrina discusses a range of topics including her journey from being a high level tennis player in Italy to turning her life upside down to work in wildlife conservation in South Africa. She also tells us hilarious stories including one encounter with a hippo that nearly prevented this episode being recorded at all. Join us for this high energy chat, all about African wildlife conservation!
Today I am thrilled to be talking with Dr. Johan Marais, a world-renowned wildlife vet and founder of the organisation, 'Saving the Survivors'. Saving the Survivors treats any animal in need ranging from lions to wild dog. A large proportion of their work involves rhinos, which suffer terribly as a result of barbaric poaching attacks and their horns hacked off. During this episode, Dr. Johan discusses how he brings back rhinos from the brink, including facial reconstruction and the difficulties of putting a rhino in a cast! Although this episode highlights the atrocities faced by these gentle animals, Dr. Johan’s passion shines through and is truly inspirational.
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