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I met Nancy a few months ago at the art gallery of a mutual friend and decided almost immediately that I wanted to interview her for this podcast.  She has a quick wit and can take a conversation in many directions, creating the pivot or following one to an interesting outcome.  This was an honor for me to speak to such an intelligent and wise woman and I believe you'll enjoy this talk immensely.Bio:Dr. Nancy Rogers is an alum of the PhD program at the University of Cincinnati where she also teaches. Her work in academia has won awards from the Cincinnati Psychological Association and the American Evaluation Association, and her work with students won her the Barber Award for Good Faculty/Student Relations. She recently completed a graduate certificate in Teaching English to Second Language Learners, which will aide in her passion for teaching overseas. She doesn’t mind the traveling part either. When Dr. Rogers is not working you can find her bowling, fiddling, trying some artistic endeavor, looking for a new pastime, booking flights and calling her kids.Please enjoy and share - there are great lessons to be learned here.Best,Jeff
A well rounded classically trained, professional musician and accomplished bartender, Aaron Boyle works to implement and stretch his creativity, gained and matured in the music world, to the hospitality industry.As the current bar manager for Walnut Hills’ Comfort Station, one of Esquire’s Top 27 Bars in America 2021, Aaron works on leadership through education by fostering support and positivity among the staff, and ensuring that each employee feels confident in their personal creativity and ownership. He is a certified Cicerone with over a decade of home and craft brewing experience. On top of his experience with beer, he is a seasoned bartender with enough creativity and confidence to experiment and create killer cocktails unlike any others. He was a 2013 gold medalist at the Cincinnati Winter Beerfest, winning in the IPA and Best of USA categories. He has been a finalist in both the 2021 Cincinnati Alchemy Fest and the 2019 Copper & King MixT&pe Competition. Out from behind the bar, Aaron is a professionally trained trumpet player, having graduated from The New England Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Music, and received a full ride to the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music’s masters program. He has performed with the Siam Philharmonic of Thailand, Harvard Baroque Society, Richmond Symphony, Victor Paz Big Band, The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, The Ohio Light Opera, and The Dayton Philharmonic, as well as having taught as a guest teacher at the Danilo Perez Fundacion in Panama. Aaron was also invited to study at the Hochschule für Musik und Theatre München. This brought him the honor to perform with orchestras throughout Germany as well as the Salzburg Philharmoniker in Austria.When he’s not fostering community at Comfort Station, you can find him on one of Cincinnati’s many public golf courses, or at any of the great bars in the area. He can also be found in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients for delicious late night meals and new concoctions for the bar. Link to Comfort Station:  @comfortstationcincinnatiAaron Instagram:  @theboozecoupe
My guest on this episode of the Sage Warrior Gentleman podcast is Vernon Jackson.Vernon for years dominated the open mic scene becoming the most sought after promoter for the underground poetry scene by businesses such as Toyota and P&G, and colleges such as Miami University, Xavier, NKU,  and the University of Cincinnati. Fraternities and sororities seek his expertise and extensive network to put on memorable events. As a poet Vernon is inspirational, positive, seductive, and calming with a style all his own. His poems address his spiritual maturity, relationships, betrayal, love, seduction, and life's lessons.He's referred to as " the insurance policy" or the "one stop shop" because of his ability to seamlessly book, manage, and professionally host events that consistently please the organizations and audiences, always leaving them excited and wanting more.As the owner of Noble Barber and Beauty, he's been a grooming professional in Cincinnati, Ohio for 15 years, specializing in barbering techniques. His reputation of being efficient, consistent, creative and punctual has earned him the honor of being one of the most sought after hair cutting professionals in the Midwest. He's the personal barber to many of Cincinnati’s sports and entertainment elite and also has a list of celebrity clients that include rap artists Fabolous and Big Sean, and R & B singer, Nokio of Dru Hill.In addition to serving these high profile clients, Vernon has made a commitment to serve the community through volunteerism, mentorship and serving the unseen with his talents. Vernon’s newest endeavor is the title author, which has again turned him into a household name. He is the author of "Looking Glass: A mans Reflections Within the Scope of Dating and Relationships". His book has touched the hearts and given a healthy perspective to thousands and still counting. His focus is now on the strengthening of the relationship, first with ourselves then with each other.So please welcome my guest and new friend, Vernon Jackson.Link to Amazon for book:  Looking Glass: A mans Reflections Within the Scope of Dating and Relationships
For this episode I'll be speaking to my friend and former colleague Brian Tudor. As a competitive and ambitious trailblazer with a fresh interpretation of product design, Brian looks for breakthrough innovation opportunities and uncharted challenges. Trained as a journalist, his ability to ask questions and decipher the answers is helpful in modern design storytelling and in crafting optimized digital experiences that set him apart from the crowd.When not immersed in the world of digital marketing and innovation, he enjoys spending free time as a geek blogger, journalist, and show-runner of the Infamous Podcast. Brian enjoys sharing his love of comic books, movies, video games, television, and other geek-related topics with his community across different media channels.Please join me for this fascinating conversation with my buddy, Brian Tudor.Links to Brian's content:Infamous Podcast|Facebook|Twitter|LinkedIn|InstagramEnjoy!
Mary Hoyt Kearns, founder and president of Your Stellar Self, LLC, is an intuitive coach, author, Reiki Master Teacher, and retreat leader with a passion for working with people of all ages to support their mind, body and spirit wellness. Mary has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Fordham University, and has studied a variety of healing modalities with world-renowned experts. Her new book, "Lessons from a Reluctant Healer: On Learning to Listen to that Still Small Voice Within to Better Bring Your Gifts to the World" is available on Amazon.Amazon Link: is information on Mary's upcoming in-person Reiki I Training, Old Town Alexandria, August 22nd:, here is a free ebooklet with tips for reducing stress, feeling more balanced, and tuning into your inner knowing!Jeff
This is an awesome interview with an awesome lady.  Her husband is John LaCause, who was interviewed towards the beginning of this podcast and they've just recently left their home in New York City and have moved to the OTR neighborhood in Cincinnati - 4 blocks from me!Elizabeth LaCause - Director of Development for Ballet Tech, which she joined in 2017. As the Director of Development, she manages and implements all aspects of individual and institutional giving. She has extensive nonprofit management and fundraising experience, including most recently as the Director of Development for the National Guild for Community Arts Education and for Career Transition for Dancers. She has also worked for RIOULT Dance NY and New York City Ballet. She received her BS and BA from Skidmore College in Dance and English Literature and her Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.So please give a listen to some heartfelt words of wisdom and honest answers from Liz.Enjoy,Jeff
In this first episode please welcome Charlene Kingston, a friend of mine since grade school who currently lives in the Phoenix area and runs a creative agency called Maverick Crow.She's an innovative business coach who has helped thousands of creative people build a strong online presence through her coaching programs and personal consultations. She guides creative people to achieve practical, sustainable results in the left-brained world of business and marketing technologies with her uncommon wisdom and maverick strategies.We speak at least once a month, sharing stories about wins and challenges and I can't even begin to count the number of times over the past few years where's she's helped me think through some tough challenges, and by reframing my thoughts and questions, come out the other side in a winning position.Charlene can be reached at and it's with great pleasure that I invite you along for this insightful conversation.
This is just a quick service announcement to talk briefly about an exciting pivot of format and interview subjects coming up very soon.Also here is the link to get the free guide if you've tried and couldn't get it before.  Our site got hacked and we're just now starting to recover.5 Ways to Become a Better Man Now:  Your Guide to the New Modern ChivalryEnjoy and see you soon!Jeff
Will and I currently work together for a large banking corporation and it became evident very quickly to me that this was a guy I wanted to interview for you for this podcast.  He and his partners are responsible for more than a few of the installations and murals you see around Columbus and he's tireless in pursuing new ideas and ways to help further his community.Will Alston joined JP Morgan Chase in 2020 coming from over 20 years of service in the Digital industry. He is always seeking to deliver the “Most Valued Experiences Possible” for customers.Will has a mindset of an entrepreneur whether running a startup or as a corporate leader. He has partnered and founded several companies over the years including a tech-based networking group, web technology firm, and a marketing advertising agency. Will has also traversed a rich corporate history for creating better experiences with top companies in retail, finance, banking, and insurance such as LBrands, Victoria’s Secret, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Nationwide and Chase.His community involvement in addressing educational gaps and fighting poverty is expressed by donating time, resources, and thought leadership with non-profits such as United Way and Columbus Metropolitan Library.Will enjoys travel, design, and crafting. He lives in Gahanna, OH and is husband to his beautiful wife Monique, a “girl dad” to an amazingly sporty daughter Mackenzie, and is a best friend to their dog Gucci. Enjoy,Jeff
Lex and I met rather recently through his affiliation with TechQualled and I asked him very quickly if he'd like to be on the podcast, to which he agreed equally as quick.Lex R. Brown II is the Founder and CEO of FortiPhi, LLC, a digital media and e-commerce company, where they engineer content and design products to help people build resilience, adapt to change, overcome adversity, and iterate personal success.Lex is the proud father of 6 wonderful children, and uncle to a dozen+ nieces and nephews. A native of Atlanta, GA, Lex now resides in the Tampa/St Petersburg, FL area. He is a military veteran, with 7 years of active duty service in the US Air Force and 2 years in the National Guard. The journey of transitioning from military service to civilian life inspired Lex to write his first book, entitled "Grit Grind GROW! A Guide to Conquering Career Transition". Here's a link to this insightful and on the mark personal development book:
I first met Troy a few years ago when he was recruiting me for a tech position in Cincinnati and we became friends very quickly.  He's a very honest and genuine man who loves his family and is dedicated to doing his best every day.He's the Director of Digital at Vaco in Cincinnati, OH and has spent the last decade working to shape user experiences for some of the world’s most recognizable brands and products.  Prior to his current role, Troy has served as senior UX lead for both Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, OH) and Kroger Digital (Cincinnati, OH).  Previous to the enterprise work at P&G and Kroger, Troy was Associate Director of UX at Grey Midwest (Cincinnati, OH) where he led UX initiatives for Abbott Nutrition, Smuckers, P&G, Conagra Brands, and Pro Football Focus.In his free time, Troy enjoys spending time with his wife, three children (13, 11, and 8), their dog, and reading, watching rugby (played three years in college as flanker), listening to old blues records, exercising regularly, and reading both fiction and non-fiction.  Troy hopes to one day publish his fictional material, which he has been working on since his high school days.
In this episode I share a bit about a few challenges I'm facing right now and my ability to bet on myself, rather than giving into doubt and fear.Will you bet on yourself when the odds may seem stacked against you?  Would you know how to help someone else make a choice in this regard if asked to assist?Look back at your wins and create a powerful momentum from them that can be your runway or ramp to move up to success.  Don't let fear creep in and destroy you or hinder you from the great things you can bring to this world when in your full power.Enjoy,Jeff
Matt Strippelhoff, Partner and CEO at Red Hawk Technologies, is an artist, technologist, serial entrepreneur, husband and a proud father of two. He moved from a small town in central Kentucky to attend the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he met his soul mate and graduated with a BFA in 1993. After working as an illustrator and graphic designer for several years, he started his first business and ultimately merged with an Advertising Agency in Cincinnati. He exited that partnership several years later to co-found Red Hawk Technologies in 2008, a custom software development company producing revenue generating solutions for mid-market clientele. During much of this time he was also co-writing, recording and performing original music with his band Grace in Gravity, which won a CAMMY Award and performed at Riverbend as the opening act for Lilith Fair in 1999. Matt has also served on the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, where he is still an active member today.Enjoy!   Jeff
In this episode that continues my reading from the free guide I give away on I talk about getting out of your shell and sharing your knowledge with others.As you know if you've listened to my interviews, I ask each man what he would mentor a younger person on.  That's what I'm getting to here - a purpose.  A belief in the world around you and about how you affect everything in it with every decision you make.You can't hide my friend.  There are repercussions to everything and you have the power to make that good if you so choose.Enjoy.  And step up.  The world needs your brains, heart, and wisdom.Jeff
Yes!  Read a book!  Any kind of book, just start reading.  Put down the smartphone, get off TikTok, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc, and read something.Hmmmm - how about if I start you off with a short list of books?  Yes, let's do that.  No particular order and several genres, here we go with some of my all time favorites, all Amazon links:If on a Winter's Night a Traveler by Italo CalvinoThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThe Life You Were Born to Live by Dan MillmanDotcom Secrets by Russell BrunsonThe Course in Miracles Experiment by Pam GroutThe Wild Diet by Abel JamesBy the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept:  A Novel of Forgiveness by Paulo Coelho
David started drawing as a kid, signing up for every class possible, and now, after playing bass in Mad Anthony among other creative endeavors, he’s a film maker who innovates, connects, sparks wonder, and solves problems. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio now living in Boston, David and I met a few years ago while doing a volunteer project for the United Way.  I got to know him as a generous, always ready to roll guy with a big heart and smile and we’ve been friends ever since. Inspired by museums, galleries, bookstores and travel, he has freelanced on Hollywood blockbusters and now works exploring VR, touchscreen kiosks, floating video, and facial recognition. Mentions in episode:Get Well, Stay Well of a Happy Brain!Jeff
Reading and thoughts continue from my free guide "5 Ways to Become a Better Man Now:  Your Guide to the Essential Habits That Make People Respect and Honor You"Excerpt:"Exercise is especially important as you start to get older.  That middle age paunch sneaks up on you, which I know from painful experience.  All of a sudden you're on the last notch on your belt and you've already gone up two waist sizes.  Not pretty.A good workout routine established in your 20s will carry over for the rest of your life.  And I know, life throws you curveballs - I get them all the time.  But you have to be diligent and you have to exercise."Get your free guide here: --- Jeff
Bachelor Survival Guides:  5 Ways to Become a Better Man NowYour Guide to the Essential Habits that Make People Respect and Honor Youhttp://bachelorsurvivalguides.comHere is from page 1 of the guide:Welcome to your life as a bachelor in the 21st century. I think you’ll agree that the world has never been as complicated as it is right now.  We get closer and closer to our world with each new technology marvel to hit the shelves and the internet yet in getting this close, we also tend to lose our way in what is acceptable and what isn’t. Let’s get one thing clear right up front – this is not a guide about the latest technique to pick up women.   There is no dating advice here and The Bachelor Survival Guides website isn’t going to teach you how to score.  We’re not about that. What you will learn here and at the website is how to be a gentleman in the modern world.  You’ll learn that chivalry is not dead, and that by practicing these skills and doing the things we teach you, your character as a man will increase. You’ll gain confidence that everyone will notice and when you do start a relationship that means something to you, your new love interest will be knocked over by what she feels from you and what she sees in the way you live. Age doesn’t matter. It’s really no secret that the divorce rate is higher than it’s ever been.  And what that means is that there are single guys out there from high school graduates to executive level professionals.   Whether you’re 17 or 67, this guide, the website and the other books and media that we’ll produce will help you be a man that a woman admires and wants to be with if that’s your goal.   Guarantee We can only guarantee you that the skills you can learn here will help you get your shit together.  The rest is up to you.  If you’re ready, let’s get started.  If you’re not willing to put some time and effort into this process, thanks for checking this out and best of luck to you.  No hard feelings. Enjoy --- Jeff
Steve has had a great career in the fashion industry in NYC and as President of Pointcarre USA, supports some of the largest and best known companies with what I found in my career in fashion to be the best software for design textiles.He was born in Brooklyn, NY and put himself through college, attending the Parsons School of Design where he earned a BFA in Advertising and Communication Design, along with a certification in Computer Graphics.He managed Boyswear design for Federated Department stores before getting into the software business, with his first position there managing training and support for Monarch Design Systems, which later became Pointcarre.He rides a Harley, plays guitar in a band that gigs in NY and the surrounding area, and will be leaving soon for a trip to Sturgis, one of the USAs biggest bike weeks.Enjoy,Jeff
The website has a very brief page on African philosophy so this is a short episode.African Philosophy is a disputed term, partly because it is not clear if it refers to philosophies with a specifically African theme or context (such as distinctively African perceptions of time, personhood, etc.), or just any philosophizing carried out by Africans (or even people of African descent).One of the earliest works of political philosophy was the Maxims of the Egyptian official and philosopher Ptah-Hotep as early as the 24th Century B.C. The Egyptian Hellenistic philosopher Plotinus of the 3rd Century B.C. is credited with founding the Neoplatonist school of philosophy. as mentioned, I'm going to take just a couple of days off to decide my next route.  This wraps up 5 Minute Philosophy and I hope you enjoyed it.Back soon with another short series and we have two new interviews coming next week as well.Thanks --- Jeff
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