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As the saying goes, whatever you give to the world always comes back to you. That's exactly why focusing on your customer experience is one of the most important things you can do as a cleaning business owner. It’s everything when it comes to your success. An exceptional customer experience leads to:Your ideal customersMore customersHigher rates for more profitHappier employees And that’s just the beginning. In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, The Brandons talk about customer experience, what they are currently doing in their own cleaning business, and why you really have ZERO excuses when it comes to delivering an experience your customers LOVE. You’ll also hear them share their ideas about what you can do to grow your own business through the art of customer experience.Tune in to this episode and start giving your customers the experience that they really want!Highlights:(02:29) Software tools and systems to automate parts of your business(04:47)  AI:  The reason people get really pissed off with businesses (08:30) Why is interaction important in the business? (10:15) Gratuity for customers + WHY customer experience matters (12:12) The Law of Reciprocity(15:09) Understanding the new “Claim Your Weekend Check-In” concept(16:18) Creating a customer experience that is beyond the cleaning service(17;14) The importance of creating demographic data(33:25) Giving the best customer experience possible - no excusesLinks:
NEWSFLASH: Walmart is now offering cleaning services.First reaction? Freak out (and not in a good way), especially if you own a local cleaning business yourself.Second reaction? Listen to this podcast where the Brandons are diving into Walmart’s new venture and how much you should actually be worrying about your newest competition in the home cleaning niche. Learn all about it and what you should be doing next by listening to this full episode right now!Highlights:[03:24]Walmart House Cleaning Services: Time to Panic?[09:25] Why LOCAL Businesses Can Still Compete[10:42]Before Walmart, There Was Amazon… [13:42]What Amazon’s Venture Into the Cleaning World Can Teach Us[16:30]Gig Workers: Hiring Independent Contractors to Take On More Cleaning Jobs[20:58]The Ultimate Silver Lining for Local Cleaning BrandsLinks: Mentioned:Launch 27Walmart Adds ThumbtackFiverrUpworkThespruce.comDoordashSandia Green Clean
Reviews will either MAKE or BREAK your business. While a bad review is never a good thing, a good review is GOLD. Of course, getting someone to leave an excellent 5-star review takes time and effort. You can’t just expect customers to leave great reviews without some sort of action on your part. Most of the time, YOU have to initiate the review-leaving process.Yes, it takes work, but each and every great review makes it easier for you to dominate in your market. As those great reviews stack, your business will uplevel like never before. In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons talk about getting reviews, why they’re so important, and how to create systems that automate the whole process. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the show, leave us a review, and share it out with someone who could benefit from today’s topic!Highlights:[04:08] How the Profit Cleaners became the most reviewed cleaning company in the whole state of New Mexico[06:44]  Learning about cognitive and confirmation biases[10:01]  Addressing your visibility and listings for SEO[15:00] Different strategies to get people to leave a review[17:35] Why you should consider Podium for your business[24:31] Leveraging friends and family to get a BOOST in the business[30:35] Using keywords for reviews[32:44] ​​ Getting a  company review in exchange for leaving a review for othersLinks:
Books are an excellent tool not just for personal growth, but for business growth too.How many books do you read each month? How many books do you and your employees read together? In this episode of the Profit Cleaners podcast, you’ll hear the Brandons talk about the latest book they’re reading as a company, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Winning in business requires that you take extreme ownership in order to truly lead your company and its employees. Learn how you can apply these Navy Seal mindsets and principles to the business world and, of course, your own life, too. Listen now!Highlights:[05:00] The Concept of Extreme Ownership[06:30] Becoming a TRUE Leader by Taking Responsibility[07:20] Dropping the Ego[11:50] The Next Principle: NO Bad Teams, Only BAD Leaders[16:00] The Principle of Clarity and Belief[20:00] Keeping Your EGO in Check[22:28] TEAMWORK: Cover and Move Tactic[28:00] The Prioritize and Execute Principle[30:00] Decentralized Command[38:40] Discipline = FREEDOMLinks: Website: Podcast: Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win
Is all the work you do each day really worth it? How much of an impact are you actually making cleaning people’s homes or owning a cleaning business?In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, we’re looking at the impact of just one small thing – and how much of a difference it makes in the world. If you’re looking for that “I-guess-I’ll-keep-going” moment, this is the podcast to listen to right now. There is POWER in each and every business. And the simple act of helping someone’s house feel more like home can change everything. Highlights:[05:30] Positive Impacts and Real Wealth [08:00] Good Leadership and Positive Environments[10:30] Impact Over Income[12:00] The Core of Entrepreneurship: Solving Problems[13:50] TIME: A Finite Resource[16:00] Understanding the Butterfly Effect [18:40] The Graffiti Tipping PointLinks: Website: Podcast:
Having systems for your business is a game changer, no matter how big or small your cleaning business is. Having outstanding people with awesome goals and a shared vision is exactly how you take any business from good to great. In today’s episode, we’re sharing with you the big wins we had at our company’s annual meeting and some advice that should help you hit your business’s goals this year, too. Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), we’ve been getting on the same page with our management team on a weekly (not just annual)  basis – and it’s definitely something you should consider doing with your own teams!If you’re ready to learn even more about our system and the values that we share on our team, this is a can’t-miss episode. It’s also a great one to share this with other business owners – even those not in the cleaning niche! Highlights: [02:09] Overview of the  Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) we use[08:00] Our two-day agenda highlights + wins from our annual meeting [12:12] Understanding the SWOT analysis[17:11] Taking on new markets for even more opportunity[17:33] Creating a better customer experience [18:35] Why it really pays off to create customer loyalty[21:55] The Wheel of EOS + six components needed to get traction[28:50] SUSTAINABILITY at the heart of every business[31:30] Core values on our vision traction organizer [38:04] How can you help your employees by creating the most amazing jobs?[41:50] Setting GOALS the right wayLinks: Profit Cleaners | Grow Your Cleaning Company. Redefine Profit.Sandia Green Clean: #1 House Cleaning Service Albuquerque NMApple Podcast: Get a Grip on Your Business Paperback – April 3, 2012
If you haven’t noticed gas prices going up…Well, of course you’ve noticed gas prices going up.In this episode we’re going over how cleaning businesses can stay positive and proactive with this new challenge. We’re also sharing what we’re doing with our business to stay ahead of the situation (as best as we can).Join us now on this episode of the Profit Cleaners and learn some of what we’re doing to find the opportunity in the mess, rather than just focusing on the obvious problem.Make sure to subscribe to the show, leave us a review, and share it out with someone who needs some advice with their cleaning business!Highlights:[02:09] What drives rising inflation? [04:00]Adding a fuel surcharge to your cleaning services [09:23]Considering a credit card surcharge option [17:03] Brand Story: A strategy to justify price increases[24:04]Focusing on what you can control Links: RobbinsGas Buddy (App)
Email marketing may be underutilized, but surprisingly, it has all the potential to help you boost your business and attract more customers.  While sending emails regularly is one of the ways to make this type of marketing effective, there are lots of other simple things you can be doing to make even more impact in your customers’ inbox. Not into the idea of sending emails or how it will help your cleaning business? In this episode, Brandon Schoen and his wife, Julie Schoen, talk about the Five C’s for better emails and specific ways to improve your emails as a cleaning business.  Tune in now and make your emails 10x better! Highlights: [03:38] The Importance of Emailing Current and Prospect Clients[04:04] Email as a viable source of getting more customers[05:06] Few reasons why you should email current clients[05:20] Sandia Green Clean’s Referral Program[14:48] First Key Step: Consistency[17:54] Second Step: BE CLICKABLE![20:02] Third Step: Be CREATIVE + Make Emails Stand Out[24:09] Fourth Step: Be Conscious [29:40] The Last C: CUSTOMIZE![26:00] Bonus: A tool that can help you in sending your emailsLinks:Website mentioned:’s Website:
This episode is just a quick company update on what's going on at Sandia Green Clean, our local cleaning business in Albuquerque. Because we’re business owners just like you, we’re going through a lot of the same stuff you’re going through – so we wanted to keep you in the loop!In this episode you’ll hear us talk about:How to keep your customersOur latest office updatesKeeping up with the changing worldSystem updatesAnd everything else we’re working on in order to keep our momentum going in 2022 and, most importantly, to better serve our customers and our employees. Tune in and, as always, keep it clean!Highlights: [02:00] Economies of Scale in Sandia Green Clean[03:00] Changing the System to Become Adaptable[04:20] What’s Inside Sandia Green Clean’s Building + Refurbishments[05:30] Sandia Green Cleans’s Cool New System[06:05] The Flower Business is BACK![09:16] Getting Two Full-Time Customer Service & More Customer Service Hours[12:20] Navigating Mask MandatesLinks:Website:         
Being willing to change is one thing, but being HUNGRY for change is what you really need as a business and business owner. Becoming stagnant means that it’s impossible for you to grow and see the opportunities that allow you to move forward. While that’s easy to understand, recognizing that you’ve become stagnant as a business is actually difficult to see for yourself. In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen talks about navigating change and how your IDENTITY, how you perceive yourself, plays a huge role in the way your business operates and grows. What you create in your business – and your life – is ultimately determined by your identity.Who do you believe you are? What do you believe your business is capable of?Listen to this podcast episode to learn why cultivating a powerful identity is the ultimate key to achieving your goals – personally and professionally.Highlights:[00:39]What is identity and how is it connected to culture, core values, and business?[02:33]How does change in an identity shift everything?[03:51]A prime example of an organization with a lack of identity[07:23]How to Navigate Change in the Business[08:40]What happens when everything stays the same?[11:55]Behavior: The Highest Form of Expression[13:56]Things you should be looking at in your business[17:53]Resilience: The State of your Identity [21:55]Comparison: The Root of All Pain[23:26] Building Your Identity with New Stories [31:51]What do you need to do when change happens naturally?Links:
Almost every business wants to develop, grow, and generate more money. But having only one or two product lines can make growth difficult. No matter where you’re starting from, there’s always a PATH FORWARD, one where growth and success is inevitable.When you look for opportunities to diversify what you provide to your clients you not only increase your value in their eyes, but you naturally become more successful, too. In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, The Brandons talk about the steps that they are currently taking to propel them into the next phase of their business. If you are listening to the podcast and don't have a cleaning business yet, now’s a great time to get started. As the Brandons launch their next business in a new market, you can literally follow along week by week and launch and grow your own business by following their footsteps. Tune in now and learn more about how to reach your goals by expanding and diversifying your offerings!Highlights:[00:55] WHY should your offers be expanded and diversified?[02:47]How do Government/Political Regulations affect markets?[05:18] WHEN should your offers be expanded and diversified?[06:40] Things to keep an eye out for in the near future[11:04] Launching in New Markets + The Best Ways to Do ItLinks:
“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”Most of the time our bad habits stick around not because we don’t want to kick them to the curb, but because we honestly don’t know HOW to change.Ask yourself this:What is it in your business that you might need to change or cut off?What needs to be eliminated in your environment so that you’re less distracted + more ready to win? In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, we’re giving you a sneak peek into the first month of our book club so that you can hear the discussion we had for James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits. Tune in now to hear more of the book’s best ideas, the most notable quotes, and what your biggest takeaways should be as a business owner. Highlights:[01:02]Being Successful with Habits: Is it really a thing?[07:00]Three Levels of Change: Outcome, Process, and Identity [11:09]Creating an implement intention for your business[14:36]What is Habit Stacking and how does it work?[18:29]Behavior Change: Make Habits Unattractive[21:15]The Important Things  about “Atomic Habits”[22:19]Difference Between Goals and System[24:59]Action vs. Motion[28:48]HABITS: How many times should it be repeated and how long before it works?[33:20]How to reframe your habits to highlight their benefits?[36:53]Atomic Habits: Key Takeaways, Quotes, and Action ItemsLinks:Cheat Sheet [21:37]Profits
“Your personal life dictates your business life. If you’re not happy in your personal life, you’re not gonna show up a hundred percent in your business life and you’re not gonna be able to execute and take action on your goals the way you want.”  -Brandon SchoenOwning a business should make your personal life better – not worse. The healthier your personal life is, the healthier your business will be. The two act like a mirror whether we want to recognize it or not.Relationships are relationships. Habits are habits.The more you can start to take ownership of your life so that you can enjoy every bit of it, the more you will naturally take ownership of your business – and your company will THRIVE because of it!In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen shares how to improve your business with a simple and powerful system. If you struggle taking any action or figuring out what to do next, then this podcast is a must-listen!Highlights:[06:13]What can you do next to propel yourself forward in business?[07:13]Start taking control of your own life [10:34]STOP overanalyzing and START making a plan [11:14]Identify  3 - 5 critical tasks that will move you forward[10:11]Why is frustration a great opportunity?[13:42]What does a critical task really mean?[16:23]The fundamentals of this system[22:00] The 4 keys to achieving your goals Links:Profits CleanersPeople Mentioned:Phillip BlackmanAndy FrisellaEd MylettTony Robbins
You don’t have to have a big marketing budget (or any marketing budget) to advertise your local cleaning business! And, even if you do have money to throw at paid advertising, you’ll often find that it’s the FREE types of PR that get you the best results.In this episode of the Profit Cleaners we’re talking about our strategies around Spring Cleaning – how to get free press, advertise to customers, and make sure that you’re not offering services that you and your employees will hate. Tune in now and learn how to take your business’s spring cleaning offers to the next level!Highlights:[02:30] “Sharpening Your Axe” in business[04:00] The importance of proper planning[05:02] How a local magazine approached our business in New Mexico[07:17] Why should you showcase your business in different places?[08:12] Tip #1: Becoming the Authority[10:50] Tip #2: Be (a Little Bit) Outgoing[13:31] Tip #3: Knowing Where Your Customers Hangout[14:21] Tip #4: Create Stories for Publications[15:50] An overview of the article that was published (and ideas for you!)[29:57] Bonus Spring Cleaning tips from the Profit Cleaners*Question Template Reference:[16:49] What do clients look for in a spring cleaning service?[18:40] How detailed can a spring cleaning service get?[20:13] What's the average clients’ response after a spring cleaning?Link: Art of War by Sun Tzu
For us, everything begins with our mindsets. In order to be the best in our business, we have to constantly be learning and growing – it’s the only way to have the knowledge we need to improve our systems, our business structure, and the daily habits that support everything we do. Almost every single one of the top CEOs in the world understand the importance of a healthy mindset, which is why they are avid readers. It’s also why you, fellow business owner, should be an avid reader!Today we’re talking about the importance of always learning and how the simple act of reading a little bit every day can dramatically improve your business – and your life.We’re inviting you to join the Profit Cleaners Book Club in 2022 so that we can all hold each other accountable for reading, learning, and applying our knowledge to our businesses.Join today by clicking the link:[02:00] The importance of always reading new books[03:06] The average person’s book consumption vs. a CEO’s book consumption[05:46] The best kinds of books to read[06:50] Our favorite book recommendations [09:56] Join our book club and start reading Atomic Habits by James Clear[14:40] The right way to consume more books than everLinks: Mentioned:
You can gain credibility in a lot of ways. One of those ways is winning awards. Yep, it’s old school and, yep, it still works. When you earn these types of public achievements, people pay attention. And, bonus, you get to use them to GET people to pay attention. But awards are more than just for show, they truly do demonstrate that you know what you’re doing in business – you’re competent, you’re reliable, and you’re one of the best in your area.In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons share some of the habits they have that have helped them win Best of the City 4 years straight. They also share some easy ways you can replicate what they do to be the best so that you can do the same in your city.  Tune in now and learn more about what you can do to take your business to the top.Highlights:[02:47]What is the Best of the City award? [05:31]Habit #1: Know your outcome[10:23]Habit #2: Confidence[12:17]Habit #3: Eliminate doubt [15:30]Habit #4: (Listen in to learn…)[20:17](Bonus!) Habit #5: UrgencyLinks:Profits Cleaners
“The world doesn't reward busy, the world rewards effective.”- Brandon SchoenThe concept of the bucket story has transformed many businesses all throughout the years.  In any business, it is important for entrepreneurs to innovate and find ways to work efficiently and effectively to be able to see the bigger picture and for the business to thrive and grow. It doesn’t matter if you work hard, but what matters is that you work smart. Wrong systems and actions could affect your business in many ways, how will you be able to do it right this time?In this solo episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen will talk about the metaphor of the bucket story, building the system and strategies to expand and grow your business without having to do so much work but still generating more and more profits. Start thinking outside the box, uplevel your game, and win in the business by listening to this podcast and learning only from the best and experienced!Highlights:[2:28] Building Pipelines, Buckets and Big Picture Thinking for Systems[4:00] Why is it important to work smart, not hard?[5:27] Laying the foundation of one’s system[8:00] A Key towards Success: Building an Amazing Pipeline in Your Business [12:00] Building the Right System: Working Effectively, Not Working Busy[15:00] How a system creates freedom and structure in the businessLinks:Website: Course:
The most important reason to organize a holiday party is to show your staff how much you appreciate them. A holiday party also strengthens the bond and connection between your employees, which makes them even happier to come to work and stay with your company. In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons reveal how they improve their holiday parties every year and give you some insight on how to create a fun company holiday party for your own employees. Tune in!Highlights:[01:42]Lessons from previous holiday parties [08:24]Showing appreciation for your employees[11:21]What to keep in mind when planning a party[11:46]Creating loyaltyLinks:Profits CleanersQuotes:“Trying was the whole point. If we did nothing, it would’ve done nothing. Something, anything, is better than nothing.”“If your teams are happy, you’re customers are gonna feel that”Teaser:[07:17 - 07:48]It’s not a huge thing to do . . . you wanna treat them like that[11:21 - 11:45]This are the things . . . facilitator of that[11:46 - 12:04]Its the experience. . .personalize way too[13:31 - 13:43]If your employees . . .that goes a really long way
Every element of thinking -- including perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making -- requires a high level of focus. If you don't pay attention to what you’re doing (and thinking), it affects EVERYTHING. In your business, being able to focus on what matters most is how you become more efficient. When you enter the flow state, thinking becomes streamlined, energy is conserved, and the work you do becomes way more enjoyable.In this episode of the Profit Cleaners, the Brandons talk about how to get into the flow state for your business so that you can run at the pace of excellence. You’ll hear how they get themselves into the flow and how you can too so that you can get more done in less time. Give this podcast a play and start getting into the flow this week!Highlight:[01:20]What is the flow state?[02:48]The idea of five gears and what they mean?[04:43]The secrets to having a good night’s sleep[06:38]How to deeply focus and eliminate distractions[7:08]3 super important tips[16:32]How to find what really works for your work sessionsLinks:Profits CleanersBook Mentioned:Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones App Mentioned:Freedom
In today’s episode of the Profit Cleaners, Brandon Schoen is joined by his wife, Julie Schoen, a Copywriting Genius & Content Marketing Pro. As the founder of several successful digital businesses, she knows what it takes to take your business from zero to hero - and it all starts with how you talk to your audience. She has written email sequences and product descriptions for multi-million dollar FBA businesses on Amazon and has composed hundreds of landing pages and sales letters for the top entrepreneurs in the country. Julie Schoen’s writing has been featured in the marketing for international wellness retreats, including several of her own, as well as yoga festivals, teacher training, and workshops around the globe. She is also the author behind 75+ eBooks and guides, as well as the founder of Clean Cut Copy.Listen in as Julie gives you tips for better communicating with your audience and the importance of writing great content for your brand! Highlights:[01:06] Getting to know Julie[04:49] Thinking of copywriting as communication[11:44] The benefit of swipe files in marketing and advertising your business[12:50] The biggest do’s and don’ts of copywriting[16:28] The basic copywriting formula every business owner should know[21:22] Clean Cut Copy: What is it all about?Links:Website: cleancutcopy.clubJulieschoen.comLinkedIn: Julie SchoenFacebook: Julie SchoenInstagram: juliedankeschoen @cleancutcopy 
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