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Would you love to learn about how to practice and teach yoga, access flow states, master breathwork and transform your mind through meditation, NLP and Hypnosis? This Podcast brings together professionals from diverse fields of movement, meditation and mindset to help you excel in being the most awesome human possible!
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This weeks guest is Gunther Mueller,  We are talking about Magnetic Minds and the power you have within the superconscious mind the manifest an incredible life.   Many people know of this work as the law of attraction.  Gunther has some important understandings to add to these principles that can take you rapidly toward your goals. Gunther Mueller is an optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist who has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again.He says there are 5 simple but profound steps to create whatever you choose.  However, many people get them wrong, because they choose an ineffective goal or do not know how to take the correct actions. The amazing TRUTH is, you can create anything you want as fast as you want as long as you know how the universe works.In this episode we discuss the principle of the superconscious mind, how to truly know what you want, how the law of attraction and manifestation works and how to begin dreaming of a bigger life.  Links:
The first in a series of meditation and inner life practices I will be sharing with you over the coming months on this podcast.  Enjoy this short 12 minute body based meditation that will leave you feeling calm and more deeply connected - out of your head and into your body.This month I am also offering a 50% discount off my Calm Living meditation programme.  Visit the link below and use the code Discount50 at checkout.Links:Calm Living Meditation Course 
This weeks guest is Victor Briere and Ayurvedic Doctor and Health Counsellor.   If you have ever been interested to find out about the ancient yogic science of medicine and healing then this is it!Victor Briere, A.D., is the co-founder of  the International Institute of Ayurveda, where he serves as a NAMA-recognized Ayurvedic Doctor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Victor’s approach to wellness emphasizes the role and importance of lifestyle and dietary balance. He offers the support often needed to successfully address the root cause of illness and restore the body to balance.In this episode we talk about the personal cost and risk of becoming healthy - what it really takes and what most people aren't prepared to do.  We discuss the doshas, tongue, fingernail and pulse diagnoses of disease or imbalance and also how an ayurvedic session would work.Victor is offering a free 15 minute phone consult to help you determine your dosha so you can start the process of inner healing for yourself. Links: Links:   - Use code Discount50 at checkout to get access to Michael's Calm Living Meditation programme for half price. 
A powerful and very important episode with Jackie Simmons about how to prevent teen suicide by asking 4 simple questions.  Jackie is a TedX Speaker, radio show host, international best selling author and co-founder of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society.  In this episode we discuss Jackie's shocking journey with her own daughter's suicide attempts that propelled her into an unforeseen world of understanding teenage mental health and the cultural taboos that exist around talking about suicide.  Through her work Jackie has developed 4 simple yet powerful questions she believes every parent should be having with their children.  Links: 
This weeks guest is Keith Blakemore Noble, the UK's number 1 fear strategist.  He helps people transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths.  Keith is a certified master practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis and the author of four international bestselling books.In this episode we talk about how fear could literally be killing your business, relationships and life.  We dissect the very essence of what fear is and discuss if we can really get rid of it once and for all.  We discuss using tools such as NLP, reframing and mindfulness to change our relationship to fear. Keith offers a free copy of his 30 page ebook, The Abridged Almost Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Phobias book to listeners.  Check out the link below.   Links: 
Amanda Monnier is a Psychologist, Magnetic Minds and Nutrition Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher.  She left a former life as a police officer to become a coach to women who want to up level their life, heal old wounds and align with a deeper calling of the heart and soul.In this episode we discuss how to use the Superconscious mind to align with a higher purpose in life.  We discuss generational trauma and how this unconsciously programmes the mind.  We talk about how to re-wire the brain and tap into what Amanda describes as Soul Alignment. Links:  @amandamonnierFB /amanda.monnier.31/groups/269073841325651Email:  
Mark Breadner is a yoga teacher, entrepenuer and business coach helping yoga teachers find their inner message and then market this to the world.  He has mentored CEO's of global businesses, world champions and Olympic gold medalists.  In this episode we discuss Mark's concept of spiritual wealth and how to inject this into your life and business.   We talk about seeing yoga not only as a physical practice but also as the ultimate life coaching system to enhance all areas of your life including wealth.   We talk about meditation, gurus and accessing a deeper intelligence within to guide your life and provide answers to who you are and more importantly where you are going.Links:Web FB
This weeks guest is a best selling author, spiritual teacher and breathwork specialist.  Christian De La Huerta has been leading transformative retreats and spiritual programmes for over 30 years.  His new book Awakening the Soul of Power was described by Grammy winning singer Gloria Estafan as a 'balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life's difficult questions'. In this episode we discuss the life changing moment when Christian transformed his life from corporate money focus to spiritual adventurer and teacher.   We talk about the power of breathwork and how his first encounter with Rebirthing altered the direction of his life forever.In his new book we talk about living with accountability and  and taking ownership of your life.  We discuss the draining effect of the 'blame game' and why this is stealing genuine growth from the world.  We talk about what genuine 'power' is, especially with women and how people readily give away their power.  This is a great conversation about life, possibilities and transformation.  Links:To access a free guided meditation, power practices and a chapter from the book visit the Website: the Newsletter: YouTube: Insta: LinkedIn: Author Page:  All Author: Facebook Group: Reedsy: Twitter:
What does freedom mean to you?  In your body, your mind and your emotions there are ways to move, think and feel that can liberate you or hold you back.  In this episode Angela Howard discusses the many levels of freedom.  We talk about Somatic Movement Therapy and the powerful way the  body speaks to us if we know how to listen.We talk about what it means to live from your strengths rather than manage your weaknesses.  We talk about the Clifton Strengths which is an assessment of your own personal strengths and which you can take on the website below.  We talk about the power of finding your voice and allowing the authentic expression of who you truly are to be let out fearlessly into the world.  You have a message and it's time everyone heard it!Angela Howard has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in International Business and Finance.  She is a somatic movement therapist, life coach and movitational speaker.  She created Wild Heart Expressive in 2020 to motivate and support people in their personal evolution.  Links:Wild Heart Expressive   Use Discount code  75off at checkout for a 75% discount. IG - FB - -
Do you struggle with self doubts, low self worth and a lack of confidence?  Is there something you really want to do but just feel crippled and can't find your voice?  In this weeks episode Vanessa and myself sit down to talk about all things confidence and living with passion.  Vanessa shares her story about her first year teaching yoga and having to deal with so much anxiety and self doubt.  She describes her process and what she had to do to get through it.  We talk about the power of reframing experiences and acting As If.   We talk about the fact that self worth isn't a 'thing' you can put into a box and it's often just a misperception about who we are.  We discuss the idea of intrinsic self worth and that every human has something valuable to share.We also talk about the powerful triad of physiology, focus and inner dialogue that you can use to start changing your relationship with confidence today.  Links:Yoga Teacher Training:  Mind Performance Coaching Certification:Mind Performance Coaching Sessions:   
Would you like to be able to understand, clear and be free from those old negative emotions that keep surfacing and holding you back in life?  This weeks guest is Simon Timm.  Simon has a Masters in Religion from Yale University and also lived as a monk for 16 years before realising that all his years of meditation hadn't really touched the surface of his deeper negative emotions.  Simon says that rather than resolve the negative emotions that live in the heart we often repress them and we do this for a number of reasons.  He says that to begin with they pretty much suck so nobody really wants to deal with all that discomfort!  We're often ashamed of having certain feelings and as a result we disprove of them.  Perhaps the biggest challenge people have in dealing with negative emotions is that we just haven't found a way to process them effectively.Simon tells us that many of our surface emotions aren't the real issue and that we need to get underneath these to find out what's driving behaviour.  He suggests that many of the negative states we experience aren't really resolvable because they are just the surface. In this episode we discuss Simon's new method of mindfulness that has three main steps that he calls the Eagle, the Lion and the Moose.   Simon has published a new book called An Introduction to The Self Salutation:  How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness.  Links:https://selfsalutation.com 
My guest this week is Nicole Cargakis - a yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator.  In this episode we chat about the practice of Rebirthing, a powerful breath based therapy that has helped to change many lives over the past 40 years.  We discuss how breathwork can come in many shapes and sizes and it's important to understand why you are doing the practices you are.  We talk about the whole spectrum of breathing from the fundamentals of relaxed slow diaphpragmatic breathing, to yoga breathing exercises and all the way out to the more therapeutic techniques such as Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork.With many people on the planet today becoming really interested in breathwork, this episode will help you find a better understanding of how all the different practices come together and can be used at different times in your life to produce great results.  Nicole is a qualified yoga teacher as well as having further studies in Emotional Anatomy, Somatic Awareness and Trauma Informed Stress Release.  She is an experienced Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Therapist and Intuitive Guide.  Links:Instagram:  nic_ritual_movementFB:  Ritual Movement - Nicole Cargakis
In this episode I speak with Adrian Stephens of Balanced View about how to have a more happy, peaceful and free life by accessing the power of awareness.  We talk about meeting a common teacher, Candace O'Denver, in India in 2005 and share our experience of something magical 'waking up' inside us at this time.Adrian talks about some of the simple principles and tools you can use right now to start feeling better and enjoying more of the short moments of your life with ease and openness.  Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, successful or happy, every human being can discover a natural state of open intelligence and awareness within the midst of all their life experiences.Adrian is a teacher with Balanced View, a global grass roots movement of empowering people to live with freedom and benefit.  Links: Group:  Bright - Inner Peace Wisdom and Fulfillment
Can spirituality and financial abundance live side by side?  How can you manifest wealth and live a deeply purposeful life?  In this episode, I speak with Adrian Nathaniel about the yoga of wealth.  Adrian is a financial advisor and deeply committed yogi.  He has spent many years in India living in Ashrams before deciding to integrate all he has learnt into a programme of financial and spiritual coaching.  He helps people get all the different priorities of their life in order.We discuss an ancient Vedic philosophy of Purusartha which speaks of the 4 goals of a wildly juicy life.  Adrian gives practical advice about improving your finances while keeping one eye on the bigger picture of your life.Links:
Your much loved guest Lorin Roche is back to talk about all things meditation, Tantra and creativity.  Lorin is a meditation teacher with over 40 years experience.  He is a rebel in the field and brings a freshness and joy to the practice of living inside your own mind.    In this podcast we also talk about creativity and how to unlock the inner voice.  We discuss NLP and how it can be used in such powerful ways to transform your mind through language.    Links:
This weeks guest is Adrienne White and it might just save your life!  Did you know that heart attacks in women are on the rise?  Would you know the early warning signs for yourself?  Would you be able to help a friend?  In this episode Adrienne shares her own compelling story of having a heart attack in a restaurant in Canada at a much younger age than expected.  She survived because somebody knew what was happening and more importantly knew what to do.  We discuss the symptoms and frightening statistics of female heart attacks, even in so called healthy people.  Everyone on the planet, especially women can benefit from this episode and sharing it widely with your circle of friends.  Adrienne shares her message online and in talks with organisations and groups across the world.  Links:Free community service heart health talks: (for individuals to attend) (for groups who want to bring this to their audience)Personal LinkedIn: in CanadaTwitter: @Leaders_LandingI invite people to opt in for monthly notes with brain tips, leadership insights, and ways to live a more self-expressed life: 
In this episode I speak with Christine Barnes, a naturopath, wellness professional and long term yoga practitioner.  We dive into some important topics for modern yoga practitioners.  What is the best diet for you versus what some tradition might say or what the latest You Tube influencer wants to sell you.  Diet is an individualised journey that should be based on intuition, testing and some trial and error.  There is no one size fits all diet that will work for everyone on the planet.We talk about the challenges of Veganism and how long term this can lead to diminished health, energy levels, brain size and even intelligence.  We discuss the microbiome and how we can hack our environment to influence better bacterial health.  We also speak about the practice of hormesis and how placing temporary stressors on the body will help it to grow back even stronger.  Christine also shares her Masters research on managing anxiety and how the simplest breath technique of left nostril breathing was found to be as effective as anything else.Christine offers personalised Naturopathy via Online consultations from anywhere in the world.  Links:   Facebook:  Email:
In this second episode about NLP and Yoga we discuss how to develop real compassion by learning how to respect everyone's model of the world.  We discuss the NLP Communication Model and how all your results in life are determined through your behaviours which are in turn driven by your physiology and internal state.  Change your physiology and tweak your internal maps and you will see profound shifts in the results you achieve in life.  In this episode, Michael and Vanessa continue their dive into NLP as a modern path of yoga and explore how to use the ancient principles of movement and breath alongside these new understandings of the mind to truly make your life a masterpiece.    We talk about compassion as beginning with self but then how to extend this into the world.  We talk about living free from guilt and accepting everyone is just running their own programmes.  We talk about the power of yoga postures as energetic seals that create emotional shifts in the body and mind.  We also talk about the new course Michael is running in 2021 called Mind Performance Coaching.  It's a comprehensive training course in mindfulness, NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and Time Line Therapy.  This can be done as part of the Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training or as a stand alone course.  Links: 
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of tools and practices that has the power to change your life, business, relationships and health.   In this episode, Michael and Vanessa talk about how NLP has impacted their life and just why they consider NLP to be a modern form of yoga.    We discuss some of the founding principles of NLP and just why these are like installing an upgrade to your human operating system.  We talk about two central ideas in NLP that have deeply impacted us.  The idea that there is no failure only feedback and also that everyone already has all they need for success, they are possibly just looking for it in the wrong places.In coming episodes we will chat more about how to use NLP to change beliefs, shift old behaviours and remove negative emotions.  At the end of this episode, we discuss our brand new, world first, Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training course that is now offering a Diploma in Mind Performance Coaching, incorporating NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness and Time Line Therapy.Links:Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training and Mind Performance CoachingDiploma in Mind Performance Coaching
In this episode I speak with Dan Alder about the ancient yoga text known as the Yoga Sutras.  We talk about the nature of the human condition and why this really hasn’t changed in the 2000 years since this book was written.  We talk about the deeper human thirst to find peace and calm and just how to do this in a busy modern world.  We also take a slightly deeper dive into some of the inner philosophies of this text that speak about why we suffer and how we can overcome this.  We discuss meditation as well as the famous astanga eight fold path of yoga that most people are most familiar with in the Yoga Sutras.  Dan has been translating this text from its original Sanskrit and making it accessible and relevant for the modern world. He has published the first chapter called Samadhi Pada and is releasing the second chapter in early 2021.  You can get yourself a copy of this directly from Dan on his website below.  Links:Website:  Facebook:  dan.alder.94Twitter: @the­_sutras 
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