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Author: Luke Whipps

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Game Changer: "An event, idea or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something." AI is changing the world, and this is your destination to hear from the people who are driving that change.
19 Episodes
For the final episode of 2020, and Season 2 of the AI Game Changers Podcast - I speak to Armin Müller, Director of Analytics for the Grocery Retail giant; LIDL. For those of you who don't already know LIDL, here's a couple of statistics;Part of the Schwarz Group that saw €110b turnover in 2019LIDL has 310,000 employees world wide 11,000 storesOver 200 Warehouses Operating in 32 countries...So, they're pretty bigIn this episode we deconstruct Armin's time moving from the world of consulting to an industry he had no experience in, building a team of 20+ Data Scientists in under 12 months, and his realisations building a Analytics practice. Not only is Armin  seasoned Analytics leader with deep experience building Analytics teams, he is also a great guy and super open with his learnings. I hope you enjoy this episode and have an amazing Christmas/New Year! 
An episode I have been waiting a very long time to record! Luka Lukic is heading the Engineering team for Lidar at Hyundai Mobis and we'll be talking about a number of things, but also a rather provocative topic this week and will be diving into the "Camera vs Lidar" argument I'm sure you all have heard of from primary provocateur, Musk.Is the future of Autonomous Driving about diversity and Hybrid solutions? Or is anyone relying on Lidar doomed?An absolutely cracking episode with an absolutely cracking guy! Thanks Luka... it was a pleasure and I hope you all enjoy it! 
This week on the AI Game Changers podcast I speak to the ULTRA inspiring, Franz Pfister - CEO and Co-Founder for DeepC, the Medical AI startup based in Munich. We dive into Franz's background and his transition from industry (Medicine/Healthcare) into AI and becoming an AI tech-entrepreneur. We also talk about the future of Healthcare and what an AI Embedded system would look like, as well as what the future Doctor looks like... super interesting! Outside of this, Franz - what a guy! Super inspiring, cool, humble... and incredibly passionate about his/DeepC's mission. Check it out... it's a cracker! 
This week on the AI Game Changers podcast, I speak to Ara Ghazaryan - Technical Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist for Scylla - the AI company who are building Computer Vision AI systems for Threat Detection & Prevention. Check them out here: Some of their use cases include:Gun DetectionThermal Screening Intruder DetectionBehaviour RecognitionLink to their youtube channel: Ara dives into his background building the business from the ground up, his transition from research to industry and finally his thoughts on what he believes the future will look like.Check it out! 
This week on the AI Game Changers Podcast, I speak to Olav Stetter - the Head of Data Science for Konux ( - the AI & IOT Startup in Munich. I've always felt Konux is one of the real success stories of the AI community and it's an absolute pleasure to have Olav on the show. It absolutely did not disappoint and speaking to Olav was incredibly inspiring. Olav is one of those guys where you could listen to him for hours and enjoy every moment. His passion for his work was palpable and I hope you can feel it from this episode too! We dive into 2 main topics:1. Data Science research - his thoughts on "how" and "why" - including what makes a great research project & team 2. Challenges of driving impact and delivery in challenging environments. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did guys and gals! 
This week on the AI Game Changers Podcast, I speak to David Reger - CEO of Hans Robot. Wow, what an episode - We dove into David's background and his experience working with homeless people and people on death row in America, as well as how that transitioned into becoming a CEO of a top Robotics company. Not your usual journey that's for sure!David also shared with us his beliefs about the future and where he sees the robotics industry in 5 years. A cracking episode and I loved talking to him. As always, let me know your thoughts!
This week on the AI Game Changers Podcast I speak to Alexey Grigorev, Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group and Author of Machine Learning Bookcamp (if you haven't already, definitely check it out!)Alexey is well known in the community and this week we dive into his experience and journey in DS, but also what he thinks is the "secret sauce" to becoming a Lead Data Scientist.If you want to hear from someone who's been there and done it... check out this episode.Oh p.s.... Alexey has kindly given a 40% discount on his book!Link to book: Discount Code: grigorevpcAlexey Twitter:
If you're a founder or leader of an AI startup that's looking to scale, then this episode is for you!This week on the AI Game Changers Podcast I speak to the ultra experienced Petter Torgersen.Petter has had an extremely wide ranging career building tech teams for some of the most well known and prestigious brands such as Cisco, Schneider Electric, Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, and most recently Volkswagen AG.We dive into his time at AID and Petter shares his experience in baking values and culture into teams as well as creating rock star candidate experiences that enabled him and his team to build one of the most prolific technical functions in Germany.We also touch on common pitfalls and blind spots businesses go through when trying to scale, as well as what really matters when building teams. (hint, it's not huge salaries!)Alongside this, Petter is a super cool guy and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. What a great human being!This is a cracker.
Yes! It's good to be back with Season 2 of AI Game Changers and to kick off I'm speaking to Kat Stambolieva, Co-founder and CEO of Nina Space - the AI Tech company that uses remote imagery and sensing to combat the global issue of mega fires. Not only is Kat an awesome human being who gives a shit about the planet and the world we live in, she is super intelligent and knows a thing or 2 about AI :) We dive into her journey and her "Why", covering her struggles and successes building a business in an ultra complex world. I loved speaking to Kat and I hope you enjoy the conversation.   
For the final episode of season 1 of the AI Game Changers Podcast - I speak to Roland Meertens.Roland is a prolific Machine Learning Engineer in Munich and most recently he's been developing machine learning solutions for the perception problem of autonomous vehicles.Previously he's worked on deep learning approaches for natural language processing (NLP) problems at Infor, computer vision for drones as a researcher at the TU Delft, and social robotics at SpirOps.Roland is sharing his story with us this week and we'll dive into his experience, thoughts on AI & Robotics and as always predictions for the future.Rounding off season 1 with a bang!
On this week's episode of AI Game Changers, I get to speak to the wonderful Rudradeb Mitra - Founder of Omeda. Omdena is the collaborative platform to build innovative, ethical, and efficient AI and Data Science solutions to real-world problems.Since May 2019, over 1200 data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts from 82 countries have collaborated in 21 Omdena projects. Organisations like UNHCR, WRI, World Energy Council, World Food Program have worked with Omdena to build models solving issues with conflicts, gang violence, hunger & sexual assault.In this episode we discuss Ru's journey in AI, founding a global collaboration platform for AI and some deeper topics like effortless living. The world needs more people like Ru. Check it out! 
In this episode I get to speak to Lucas Spreiter - Co-Founder of the AI Agency, Unetiq. Lucas shares his experience in Artificial Intelligence, building Digital Shoes and founding an AI Startup to help companies build, launch and scale AI products. Lucas is also the Head of the Working Group for AI for Climate change at KI Bundesverband where he is driving the conversation around Artificial Intelligence to save the planet and have high impact in some of the most sensitive and important topics our society is facing.Not only that... Lucas is a super cool guy. I love his story and I hope you do too! 
In this episode I speak to the Co-Founder & CEO of Presize - Leon Szeli.50% of fashion products are returned. 75% of them due to wrong size and bad fit. Fashion eCommerce shops lose money every day and online shoppers are annoyed by returns.Using Deep Learning and cutting edge Computer Vision techniques, Presize allows web-shoppers to turn around in front of their smartphone camera once with normal clothes and automatically get their best fitting clothing size recommended. Founded alongside his 2 Co-Founders, Tomislav Tomov and Awais Shafique, Leon shares his story and journey in AI, what "Trust" means in the context of AI and as always his AI predictions for the next 10 years! Leon is a super humble dude... I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!
In this episode I speak to "MR NLP" himself, Ivan Bilan Lead NLP Data Scientist for TrustYou. Passion is embedded in Ivan's mindset - NLP isn't just a "job" for him... he truly loves the industry, community and domain of AI Language. In this episode we discuss 4 things:1. Ivan's experience in NLP and what he's working on at TrustYou 2. His thoughts on all things AI Language...including predictions on when we will be able to data OS's like the one in the film "Her" ;) 3. The future of NLP and AI in general 4. 10 Year predictions, both for life and AI It was a pleasure to speak to Ivan... as always, I buzz off of peoples energy and passion, and Ivan has tonnes of both of those things! Hope you enjoy it! 
This week on AI Game Changers I speak to Hendrik Siefert, Head of Big Data & AI for BSH Home Appliances Group.Hendrik brings a unique perspective to AI and he shares that with us this week. He transitioned from BI to AI a few years ago, and outlines his story on how he cross-trained, what his struggles were and what advice he would give to other people doing the same.He explains what it takes to work through the challenges of deploying ML models in an enterprise business, and how he successfully overcome them. We also touch on "how to communicate" with the business stakeholders and non-techies... a really awesome insight to how he's done it.And of course... 10 year predictions ;)Not only is he a great guy, Hendrik also has very strong Beard Game! :) (I'm jealous!)
This week I get to speak to the wonderful Hamza Tahir. CTO and Co-founder of Maiot. Also lesser known as the nicest guy in the AI industry. Maiot's vision is to expedite and optimize the process of bringing machine learning models from research into production. Their Core Engine platform is an end-to-end deep learning platform that lets developers train and deploy models at scale.87% of Machine Learning models don't make it into production - in this talk, Hamza shares his thoughts on why that is and what we can do to solve that problem. We discuss 4 things...1. Who Hamza and Maiot are/what problems they are solving 2. MLops... what it is... why we need it... and why it's "a thing"3. The industry challenges around Talent and Skill gaps4. As always... 10 year predictions ;)I absolutely loved recording this one - I hope you do too!
In this episode, I speak to Dexin Luo, Head of AI Technology Solutions for Linde plc. Linde plc is an Irish-domiciled multinational chemical company formed by the merger of Linde AG of Germany and Praxair of the United States. It is the world's largest industrial gas company by market share as well as revenue.We dive into 4 key areas;Who is Dexin Luo Transitioning from Operations and "Business" to AIManaging mindset change, as well as organisational changePredictions for the future both in supply chain and Artificial Intelligence Dexin brings a very unique perspective to AI, and her attitude towards developing and deploying solutions into a corporate giant like Linde is extremely agile and fast paced. Her comment "Don't talk about stuff, just do it!" perfectly sums up Dexin. Check it out! 
In this episode, I speak to Gilles Backhus, Founder & Head of AI for Recogni. Recogni’s mission is to design a vision-oriented artificial intelligence system from the ground up. The system will deliver unprecedented inference performance through novel edge processing, allowing vehicles to see farther and make driving decisions faster than humans while consuming minimal amounts of energy.We dive into 4 key areas;Who is Gilles & RecogniHis experience in AI & building Neural NetworksAutonomous Driving 10 Year AI Prediction Book recommendations (it was supposed to be 1... but Gilles recommended 2)When I first met Gilles, it was clear that he is a special dude. He is building something incredibly impressive and I feel privileged to be able to share his story with the world. 
In this episode, I speak to Alex Ciorapciu - CEO & Co-Founder of Autoretouch; the first end-to-end automated image processing platform utilising Deep Learning and Computer Vision. We dive into 4 key areas;Who is Alex & Autoretouch? His thoughts on what makes a good AI/Data Science Team.Is there more to AI than just tech and "what you can do"His predictions on AI over the next 10 years. Alex, in a few words, is a whirlwind of energy and passion. It was a pleasure to speak to him and get an insight to his world. 
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