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NEWS READER: Jess Dunsdon

NEWS READER: Jess Dunsdon


Ever imagined what it would be like to have a career as a news reader? This week's episode is with the fantastically accomplished Jess Dunsdon, currently ITV news reader in Jersey and someone with two decades of experience in the field. This chat is a great resource for anyone interested in getting into this area of news journalism and understanding what the job is really like. Jess details her route in, the challenges, the opportunities, the differences in regional, national and international news, the changing nature of the newsroom and much more.Read more about her here: Also check out Coaching Cast, a podcast run by Suzy Hunt & Lisa Robyn Wood exploring all things 'work related' - matters impacting you at work right now - each episode takes a different topic including discussion with some special guests along the way, sharing ideas, hints, and tips to try yourself. 
I love the fact I get to speak to brilliant, interesting and passionate people as part of the podcast- each one inspires me in different ways. This week is no exception and even more special as I had the pleasure of interviewing my dad, Bob. Dad was a news journalist for most of his career and for many years specialised in the craft of obituary writing for BBC TV news, BBC Online, radio and then freelance at national newspapers. It’s a career that’s often very misunderstood - firstly, many don’t know what an obituary is - for the record it’s an article or report offering an account of a person’s life who has died. So in the UK, our media tends to feature obituaries, or obits for short, on famous people who die - you can read the obit section of a newspaper or when you watch the news and you hear a report and see footage taking you through the highlights of someone’s life. So where people might think it’s a bit of a depressing area of journalism, you’ll learn in this chat that it’s the opposite. As a journalist who used to be on the radio dad’s used to being recorded and interviewed and I think he brings it to life really nicely. I hope you like it and come away with a new appreciation for the obituary! You can buy his novel Little Black Trains - a tale of life, death and commuting at: Visit dad's website and podcast at for interesting interviews with different artists.
Ever considered working as a luxury property agent seeing the top 1% of luxury properties in the world? That's exactly what today's interviewee does - meet Mariek Anselme, co-founder of A.M.A Selections, a local boutique holiday rental company on the French Riviera. With just over 15 properties, the company launched in 2014 with the sole purpose of delivering an exceptional experience while inspiring guests to discover the region.A.M.A Selections has since established itself at the forefront of the luxury vacation rental industry. With more than 20 years of combined experience and one of the highest average client spend in the industry, we know how to fullfil the expectations of the most discerning clientele.Here all about how Mariek and her business partner set up the business and what the reality is behind the job. 
Ever considered a career as an interior designer? It's a job I get asked to cover a lot and I finally have - with the wonderful Sarah Ellison, founder of Frank & Faber ( - this chat offers fantastic insights, tough truths, highlights, experience, and, of course, passion. Full of learnings for anyone thinking about this as a career choice. 
EXPLORER: Wendy Searle

EXPLORER: Wendy Searle


Fancy feeling inspired? Listen to today's episode with polar expedition leader Wendy Searle, a mother of four who decided to train and take on the feat of skiing solo from the coastline of Antarctica to the South Pole, unsupported. And she did it! Listen to her story and her journey in gaining physical and mental resillience and learn more about the trips she puts on for people wanting to take on their own polar expedition at 
Ever considered a career as a sound engineer or intrigued to know what it's like to work on the sound for TV and film? You've come to the right place - this week's episode is with Alistair Bolt a sound engineer for SNK Studios. Alistair details his job working across film and TV for all things sound, including voice-over work, sound effects, music and a process called ADR (automated dialogue replacement) - this chat is full of great advice and insights and tips for those looking to enter the industry. out more about Alistair here
Work has undoubtedly changed for a lot of us - companies are facing challenges in navigating hybrid working, changing company cultures and expectations, the great resignation and finding good talent. Therefore, fostering the right environment and mindsets on both an individual basis and team one is more important than ever.This week I spoke to Jeremy Snape, a former England and club cricketer and now a performance consultant and expert. After retiring from cricket, Jeremy completed a masters in sports psychology. He went on to work with different teams as well becoming a recognised name in the media on sports psychology . He took his learnings and approaches to start Sporting Edge, a company that works with businesses in helping foster and develop winning mindsets that transform behaviours and then results.
Ever considered a career as a sleep expert or struggle to sleep each night? This week's episode is with Dr Nerina Ramlakhan a sleep expert with 25 years of experience helping people and organisations to thrive. She uses a unique blend of physiology, psychology, philosophy, professional and personal insights to create profound shifts in awareness and consciousness. 
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional golfer? Today's episode is with Carly Booth - Carly became the youngest ladies’ club champion in Britain at the age of 11 at Dunblane New. At 12, she played with Sandy Lyle in the British Masters Pro-Am and at 14 she appeared in her first professional event, the Ladies Scottish Open, and finished 13th. She was rated the No1 junior in Europe after winning the European Junior Masters in 2007, the same year she lifted the Scottish Under-18 and Under-21 titles. In 2008, she became the youngest player to represent Great Britain & Ireland in the 76 year history of the Curtis Cup, facing the Americans in the 35th staging of that match at St Andrews. She also played at the Junior Ryder Cup in 2006 and 2008 and won the Daily Telegraph Finals in 2007 and 2008.At the end of 2009 aged 17, she became the youngest ever Scot to qualify for the LET. As a youngster, Carly was able to practice on the course made exclusively for her and her brother, professional golfer Wallace Booth, by her father Wally at the family farm near Comrie. Sporting achievement runs in the family, Wally was a British wrestling champion and Carly’s second brother Paul was a medal winner at the 2010 Special Olympics. Carly is a fierce opponent, who loves the winners circle and recently returned to it by securing victory in the 2019 Tipsport Czech Ladies Open, her first tour victory for 7 



Ever considered a career in songwriting? This week's episode is with the fantastic Clare Dove, a professional songwriter and now singer. She details the reality behind working in the music industry, the painful truths as well as the creativity and inspiration. Really honest chat and full of advice and learnings. You can learn more about Clare's songwriting work and workshops at and you can check out her new music at 



Ever considered hypnotherapy or wondered what the treatment is like? This week's episode is with Kate Hoyle, a hypnotherapist who specialises in Rapid Transformational Therapy also known as RTT. Kate details how she retrained to become a hypnotherapist after being so impressed by the results - and why it's so effective at quickly treating conditions such as phobias, addictions, anxiety and depression. You can learn more at 
Ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the Dreamboys? Or to understand what the job really entails? Look no further, this week's episode is with @Jordandarrell and @zacharysmithfitness two of the cast of @dreamboys one of the longest running and most successful male strip shows. We talk all about how they got into the cast, what the show stands for, the bond they have with fans and how important it is to so many. Fascinating insight into this world by two impressive cast members. Enjoy!
RADIO DJ - Lucy Horobin

RADIO DJ - Lucy Horobin


Ever thought about a career in radio? This week's episode is with Lucy Horobin, a British radio presenter well-known for presenting Heart Dance. Lucy details her own journey from student radio up to a big national station, the opportunities for people and what it takes to do the job. We also discuss the role of radio today and why it still has a place. You can find her on social media at @lucyhorobin
Reverend Dr Jenny McKay combines a working life as both a veterinarian pathologist and a Church of England minister - she's what is referred to as a minister in secular employment. After a life-changing event changed her outlook, she decided to train as a priest alongside her professional career. In this episode we discuss her work as a pathologist, including how she got to the position, a period of huge disruption and how she felt a calling, leading to her ministerial training. Very interesting conversation about the benefits of working in both fields and how they complement each other - and asking the question should there be more ministers that work in secular employment owing to the experience and knowledge they can bring to their ministerial position. Thoughts? Get in touch!
Have you ever been asked to do a wedding speech? Maybe you are due to be a best man and are already terrified about the prospect of delivering something that meets the expectations of the couple, the guests, the families, etc. You are not alone and this pod is for you. Listen to how Adrian Simpson has carved a niche and is the UK's leading wedding speechwriter - there is huge demand for it. Adrian is founder of All Speeches Great and Small - he takes great pride in being the most highly rated and reviewed professional wedding speech writer. Every person he writes for, every speech he creates, is a new and exciting challenge, each with a unique story. There are no templates, no cut and paste jokes and no dreary cliches. If you’ve run out of time, don’t know where to begin or feeling the pressure of making people laugh,  get in touch with him and let him help! 
This week, I spoke to Dr Courtney Raspin, a Registered and Chartered Psychologist with a specialist in eating disorders. She has over 15 years experience helping clients develop better relationships with their bodies and overcome their difficulties with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.She worked for 10 years within the NHS,  an is now Clinical Director and founder of Altum Health ( a  private team of eating disorders specialists  based in London. She also lectures in the Counselling Psychology Doctoral Programme at City University, London.Joining us in the chat is Ashleigh Kesson, Head of Guidance at a high school and someone who has experienced an eating disorder. She joins to offer her own personal experience and truth as well as her work with young people and the challenges she sees them face today.
Ever considered getting into the world of distilling? You've come to the right place - listen to this brilliant chat with Carmen O'Neal, MD of an award-winning distillery set in the heart of Haggerston, East London. Carmen details her whole gin-making journey up to where it is now - a fantastic distillery selling direct to consumer and the trade. But not just gin - now vodka and seltzers! Check out the whole range at and also learn about how the distillery stays sustainable and Carmen's pledge to be almost zero waste.
Have a business idea you want to get off the ground? Listen to this great chat with Rachel Wilson, founder of Our Remedy, as successful women-focused business selling organic CBD oil that can help with anxiety, stress, period pain and PMS. Rachel offers so many learnings - this is her third successful business venture - as well as detailing the importance of having platforms where women can talk about issues affecting them without the
This week i had an amazing chat with author and life/ work transformational change coach Carolyn Hobdey. We touch upon lots of different topics including the changing workspace, expectations we place on ourselves in life and work, managing difficult situations, negative beliefs, low self-worth, esteem and shame. And all the twats we meet along the way… as detailed in her book of the same name. Her new book ‘Redefining Selfish’ looks at the mistakes women often make in trying to do everything to feel better about themselves and why this is destructive. After struggling for years with her identity, battling low self-worth and unable to find where she was meant to ‘fit’ in the world, what was needed was an extensive reconstruction of mind and body.Carolyn embarked on a process of deep self-discovery; it led her to leave the corporate world behind and focus instead on helping others to bring about change in their lives.Her intention is to shine a light into the dark corners where shame, low confidence, unworthiness and sometimes even worse lurks about how we speak to ourselves. By being a role model for uttering the truth about how we feel about ourselves and with the fervent belief that we can change our self-narrative to live a happy life, Carolyn works to share and guide others through the ‘How To’ process that she’s discovered along the way.Carolyn’s passion is to help people thrive and shine based on her belief that everyone has the right to live the life that’s right for them. A life where our flaws are accepted and then worked upon from a place of positivity and self-kindness. 
Meet Mari Thomas, founder of sports bra and lifestyle brand Mari is fantastic - she is a rising star in women’s sports performance apparel and her company Maaree is a game-changing brand in sports bras. As a sports bra tester, she spotted a gap in the market and made it her mission to empower, champion and support women in achieving their full potential in sport with high-performing products for them to exercise in comfort and style.The first collection of sports bras was a sell-out success at the start of 2020; October 2020 saw founder Mari Thomas support CoppaFeel! and Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a limited-edition bra which sold out in a couple of days; the next generation Solidarity Sports Bra landed at the end of 2020, and, 2021 has seen some new SS21 colours launch. The likes of Bella Mackie, Chessie King, Zoe Sugg and Megan Rose Lane have been spotted wearing MAAREE designs. Great chat with lots of good business advice and tips!
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