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Author: Kate Chaundy

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Podcast on the realities behind the job... whether you're looking to change career or are just damn right nosy. Hosted by Kate Chaundy.
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This week's chat is with a really impressive woman called Jillian Kowalchuk who launched an app back in 2018 called Safe & the City - it’s now an award-winning app designed using real-time data to help people plan safe routes when walking around a city. Just over a month ago we had the very sad news story about Sarah Everard who disappeared in south London and her remains were found a few days later. Unsurprisingly, it created a massive wave of emotion, largely from women talking about feeling unsafe on the streets and questioning why we are still at risk - and why there isn’t more done to help stop the kinds of harassment that take place on a daily basis. Jillian was a victim of harrassment when she was going to meet a friend in Soho and the route on Google Maps took her into a dark alleyway. She then decided more was needed to help women stay as safe as possible when walking around and how technology can play a major role in that. 
BAKER: Paul Baker

BAKER: Paul Baker


Ever wondered what the life of a baker is like? Listen to my chat with Paul Baker, a third generation baker (hence the name) and founder of St Pierre Groupe, a branded bakery business which includes St Pierre, Baker Street and Paul Hollywood bakery brands in its portfolio. The company now has America's number one brioche brand and is worth over $100m. Paul was raised in a bakery and one of his earliest memories was mixing dough with his feet when the family bakery’s machinery broke down! Paul tried to get out of baking, determined not to become his namesake but after a failed events business and some tough taught life lessons, he trained as a master baker in France before running the hugely successful St Pierre Groupe. 
CELEB BARBER: Mark Macvier

CELEB BARBER: Mark Macvier


Ever wondered what it's like to be a London barber?Mark Maciver, aka SliderCuts, has been cutting hair professionally since 2003. During that time, he has nurtured an impressive client list, which includes basketball player Lebron James, world heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua, TV personality Reggie Yates and high-hitting UK rappers Stormzy and Tinie Tempah, amongst others.With over 89k followers on Instagram, and 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, SliderCuts has travelled the globe cutting hair, making him a worldwide renowned barber. His razor-sharp skills make him an expert figure in his field, and his vast knowledge and business acumen has made him a trusted figure within the wider community. As a result, Mark was recognised for his position as one of the UK’s top black business people following his win at the acclaimed Black British Business Awards in 2018, and was nominated for a prestigious Evening Standard Business Award in 2019.Through these things and more, Mark continues to perfect his craft while equipping small businesses, his community and the younger generation with the expertise and self-belief they need to flourish and succeed. Through his craft, Mark has built up a highly recognisable brand in SliderCuts that has stretched his reach and impact far beyond the barbering industry, landing him features in Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner” campaign, Facebook’s “Let’s Get to Work” campaign, features in magazines such as GQ and Time Out to name a few. Not only that, Mark opened the SliderCuts Studios barbershop in East London in 2018; is working on creating a product line; and released his debut book in 2019 titled Shaping Up Culture, where he shares key business insights.Mark’s passion, drive and diligence has allowed him to not only build a successful business, but to also become a role model to many.
Ever wondered what it would be like to work with endangered species? Listen to this chat with Bridget Johnson, a research and conservation manager at Knowsley Safari in Merseyside all about her role and what it's like to work with all kinds of different animals. We talk a lot about the work Knowsley does with the Bactrian camel and how they offer lots of learnings to teams out in Mongolia trying to help ensure there remains a wild population of the species and why they are critically endangered. We also talk about how she got into the role, the highs and lows and advice for those keen to do something 



This week I spoke to a really lovely and inspiring woman called Laura Brown who runs a company called Intuitive Alchemy - Laura calls herself an intuitive lifestylist which essentially means she’s helping people with different healing practices including tarot reading. Tarot is a large part of what she does so we focus a lot on that in the chat but essentially it’s all rooted in how Laura helps people open up to their multidimensional selves - unlocking real potential and start living a life that is more aligned and in keeping with what you truly want. I would really like to know your thoughts - have you had tarot reading? Are you someone who sees an alchemic expert? Please do get in touch - and also if this chat has inspired you to either explore the world of tarot or even train in it. 
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional chocolate maker? Listen to this chat with Maya Simler, founder of the educational and organic chocolate brand PLAYin Choc that Maya claims is the kindest chocolate brand on the planet. Designed to be a healthy alternative to the chocolate we see on the market full of allergens and preservatives, this one is made with just three ingredients as well as having packaging that is sustainable and educates children on different animals and why looking after the planet is so important.Read up more here: Ethical chocolate companies: 
Ever wondered what the life of a hat maker is like? This great chat with Katherine Elizabeth explains just that. We talk all about the art of millinery and her incredible creations, the history of hat-making, the influences, the craft, the route she took, her inspirations and how she’s helping build the next generation of milliners with amazing workshops and millinery academy that she runs and has thrived in lockdown.
There's not a huge amount that feels better than singing your heart out to a song you love and choral arranger and vocal coach Mark De Lisser understands that better than most. He has worked with some of today’s top vocal talent including Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Beverley Knight. He is the founder of Singology; an array of community choirs across London, and has taught at many recognised institutions around the world. Mark also actively leads award-winning ACM Gospel Choir, and has worked on numerous high-profile TV programmes, such as BBC’s Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure, Got it Covered for Children in Need and most recently his own 5-part series for BBC1 Meet the Street at Christmas.Driven to inspire and motivate everybody to succeed, Mark helps to increase confidence and self-awareness, whilst improving technique and delivery. Anybody who is fortunate to spend time with Mark is left feeling uplifted and invigorated.Mark also arranged the incredible arrangement of Stand by Me, for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018, which has now been streamed more than 3 million times on Spotify and has over 10 million views on 
Ever wondered what the working life of a model agent is like? You've come to the right place. Listen to Elizabeth Rose, founder of Evolve and Emma Durnell who heads up the women's division, talk about why they now run a boutique modelling agency after years working with the major agencies, how models are scouted and cast, the changing face of beauty and brand demands, the rise of social media and the influencer model, the reverse gender pay gap and life in COVID. 
Ever wished you could have someone to help source and present art in your home? Or take your existing art and help bring it back to life with better frames and presentation? Look no further than Louisa Warfield, an art consultant who does just that. I talk to her all about how she got into the role, what it really entails, how it's not just a service for the super wealthy and why it's so important to help new and emerging artists be seen and have a platform. Really interesting chat - and her website has great images and blog posts: 
Ever wondered what it would be like to earn a living from starring in reality tv? Jess Impiazzi, who featured on MTV's Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother details her experiences and the truth behind the camera, including what she feels are damaging elements of the concept to the positives that came from it. Jess also details her experiences and more in her new book Silver Linings available from Hashtag Press 
Do you want to work in the wedding industry? Do you want to be an event stylist? The final episode of both the mini small-business series and of Series 1 in general! A wonderful chat with Gemma Lander, an award-winning wedding stylist in Bedfordshire with a passion for creating perfectly relaxed and beautifully unique wedding days. Gemma talks honestly about how tough 2020 has been - seeing her business which had become hugely successful down to her sheer hard work suddenly stop overnight and all bookings cancelled owing to COVID.  The chat is full of experience on changing careers, managing a business whilst having a family, pivoting (she hates that word!) to accommodate the challenges this year and much more. Great for anything interested in working in events or the wedding industry.
Do you want a career change? Do you have a new business idea you want to get off the ground? This episode I chat to Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell- sisters and founders of Squirrel Sisters, an award-winning snacking brand.The sisters have a range of multi award-winning snacks that are vegan, gluten-free, 100% natural and contain no added sugar. They are one of the only snacking brands in the UK that does not add any syrups or sugar alternatives to their products.The chat has amazing learnings, advice and inspiration - we chat through the story behind the brand that led to them starting it, the food and drink industry, gut feelings, investment and turning it down, working together as sisters and more!
Do you have a new business idea? Do you want a career change? The third out of five small business specials, this episode is with Ben and Dan, twins and founders of Cranes Drinks, a range of refreshingly natural fruit ciders which contain 30% fewer calories and over 40% less sugar compared to brand leaders. They are now seeing great success being available in lots of supermarkets and have also recently undergone crowdfunding again. Full of interesting information on setting up a brand, expansion, innovating and ambitions for the year 
Do you want a career change? Do you want to work in the food retail industry? Episode two of this small-business mini-series that is looking at how different small businesses have coped, pivoted and survived this very challenging year. This week's chat is with Harriot, founder of confectionary brand Mallow and Marsh that is stocked in supermarkets and Starbucks. We go into detail on how you set up a food brand, the process in getting stockists and relationships with buyers, investment, growth and dealing with COVID in 2020. 
Do you want a career change? Do you want to start your own business? The first in a mini-series on small businesses, I chat with Hannah Paine, founder of jewellery shop and studio épanoui, which also sells beautiful hand-picked artisan gifts and products. With a physical store in Bedford and a thriving online shop, we discuss the past year, the challenges, the setbacks and worries, as well as the positives, learnings and creativity that has bloomed. Full of advice for other small businesses 
Do you want a career change? The final episode of series 1, this week's chat is with Sidonie Warren, the founder of Papersmiths, a beautiful shop that sells design-led stationery goods from designers all over the world. The chat goes into detail on how the business came about, the growth and expansion and, of course, how they have navigated 2020 during COVID. Sidonie chats through the challenges and how they overcame them - as well as future plans for the chain. 



It's not everyday you get to speak to a gold-medalist Paralympian but I was very fortunate to do just that - this week's episode is with the incredible Liz Johnson, a gold-medalist Paralympic swimmer as well as founder of The Ability People, a company that is dedicated to empowering the skilled global disability population.As a company The Ability People advises, educates, empowers and supports positive change and has specialist teams in ‘talent sourcing’ who recruit for household name companies and SME’s on both a permanent & contract basis.All of the company's consultants have overcome barriers to do incredible things in the worlds of sport, industry, community and education. This gives them a unique perspective on success and helps them source the very best talent across the 
Do you want to work in tech? This week I chatted to Cecilia Harvey, CEO of Hyve Dynamics, a pioneering sensory technology company and also founder of the communities Tech Women Today and Ladies Who Launch all about the work she does in helping support women in technology roles and female entrepreneurs. 
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