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Emily Pruitt is the founder of SoleFire Wellness, a business focused on supporting women to achieve their personal and business goals through the importance of wellbeing and self-awareness.   She is also the Community Champion at The Founders Team! I hired Emily just over a year ago to help facilitate masterminds and support our members through the ups and downs of owning a business.   I asked Emily to do this interview because I thought it might be interesting to hear from an employee perspective of why she chose to apply for the job and what she loves about her role at The Founders Team, as well as how she juggles that alongside her biz.
Brooke Vulinovich is an Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, and creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy. Brooke's journey from employment to business owner was not a clear path, and she has pivoted to exactly what her audience and clients want to build her Social Club community and highly successful business. Like any business owner, there have been ups, downs and plenty of in-between moments. But Brooke has been a leader in business with integrity and innovation being values that have led to fast and furious success. We chat about how Brooke accidentally started the Social Club, her journey through growing her business to an international brand, how she’s grown her personal brand too, what she did when she lost half her members due to the initial covid freak out everyone had and now, how she’s managing being a new Mum to Karlo (who features in this episode) as well as a business owner. Want a FREE month of Social Club Membership? Email me and I'll send you a code! #thanksBrooke
Taking proactive rest allows us to show up as our best selves for our clients and our personal relationships.  So why do we always push ourselves, prioritise everyone else before us, and think that pushing through our tiredness and exhaustion is something to be proud of? Proactive rest needs to happen, but it needs to happen your way. And this is what I chat about in this episode. Send me a DM on Instagram @leanne_webber to let me know how you're going to take proactive rest. This episode is brought to you by The Founders Team. Join the waitlist today at
Clare Spelta is designer and CEO of organisation and accessories business, Bon Maxie, based in Brisbane.   A believer in reducing unnecessary stress, she aims to solve daily annoyances with good-looking solutions cleverly designed to make getting more organised, effortless.   When she's not designing unique jewellery organisers, feature-packed handbags and wallets or organisation hacks, Clare, with husband and CFO, Joe, cares for their son, Max, who has complex additional needs.    Grown from a small, handmade business in 2015 to a thriving boutique brand with a loyal following of 'Bonnies', Clare has a vision to eliminate our daily messes and stresses, well into the future.   In this episode we chat about how Clare grew the business, while also balancing Mum life to her beautiful son. We chat all about the hard things like launch fails, delegating, sampling and more. And Clare shares where she gets her inspiration from for new product creations.   I had the pleasure of getting to know Clare as a member of The Founders Team and she's such a genuine, down to earth & kind human who is amazing at what she does.
The first half of 2021 has been a little bumpy for myself and my business. But in bumpy times, we learn big lessons and in this episode I'm sharing two that have come up for me this year. As well as a peak at what was happening behind the scenes. This episode is brought to you by The Founders Team. Applications open for the next Mastermind Programs in less than 8 weeks so head to to join the waitlist or DM us on insta -
Tina Tower

Tina Tower


Tina Tower is an award winning, serial entrepreneur who has founded, grown, and sold several businesses and franchises. We chat about Tina's journey in her first business which she created from nothing at the age of 20 and built into a 35 franchise business with over 100 staff!  Tina shares why she decided to sell and move into the world of online business.  This episode is full of laughs, heartbreaking moments and helpful tips. Mentioned in this episode: Her Empire Builder Mastermind - this is perfect for you if you're looking to amplify your online course or membership! Tina's books! Million Dollar Micro Business One Life Tina's recommended books The 4-Hour Work Week The One Minute Millionaire
Welcome to Season 2

Welcome to Season 2


Join me (Leanne) for a quick episode to find out why I took a podcast break and what's been happening behind the scenes in my business, The Founders Team and my life.
Rebecca Veksler is the Founder of Sol Cups, a product based business creating beautiful hand-blown glass products. In this interview Bec shares about: How she became healthy again after waking up one morning unable to walk How she ‘accidentally’ started Sol Cups Why she created Sol Cups How she launched with such success and sold her first 6000 products in 2 weeks The design and manufacturing process of creating unique products How she continued growth without any marketing spend One of the reasons Sol Cups experienced almost overnight success The importance of a team that believes in your brand How Bec handled such fast growth with an auto-immune disease
Marty and Emma are the Co-Founders of Your CEO Mentor. They are also father & daughter! So we chat all about how and why Marty left his role as CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and Emma a role in a marketing agency she loved to start a business together, their growth and scaling strategies, the importance of being optimistic yet also pragmatic, how they managed the transition of working in a big team to a team of the two of them and so much more.
Katie Stevens is an influencer and entrepreneur with a passion for helping women succeed in business and kick serious goals in life! Katie has travelled the world hosting events, presenting on world stages, coaching small business owners and has built 5 successful companies from the ground up. In this interview we chat about: Starting a business at 18 How she learnt about running businesses even though she’s never had a ‘job’ What all of her business ventures are built around The process of creating a product based business Why she created Minding Her Business and how to make profit from events How she manages to do run so many businesses AND find time for health, fitness and wellbeing Her experience of COVID isolation in QLD with businesses in both events and beauty
In this episode, your host of Behind the Business Blinds talks about what's been happening behind the scenes of her own business - The Founders Team. Leanne shares about the challenges of business growth, how to know when to scale a business, balancing tough times as a business owner and more.
Bronwyn Bate is the Founder & CEO of Mettle Women Inc. - a social enterprise existing to create sustainable employment pathways for survivors of domestic & family violence. In this interview we chat about dealing with vicarious trauma as an empath, Mettle's three strategic pillars and how these keep Bron on track, Bron’s big vision, accepting that there are things out of Bron’s control, finding and working with a Board of Directors and much more.
Ronsley Vaz is the Founder of AMPLIFY - Australia's First Audio Marketing Agency and host of We Are Podcast. Ronsley also produces two podcasts - Should I start a Podcast and Psychology of Entrepreneurship. We chat about monetising passions, hosting a conference with no event management experience, losing $700k on a restaurant that didn't succeed, challenges of COVID, Ronsley's routine that keeps his mindset in a good space and more life changing lessons he has learnt.
Samantha Wills is a modern entrepreneur, writer and speaker. Having built one of Australia’s best known accessories brands, Samantha brings fifteen years of experience in being a creative founder & director. In this interview we chat about: The unexpected reason Samantha started creating jewellery How she got into $80k debt and how she managed to come out the other side Getting celebrity placement both nationally and internationally Re-establishing the brand for the US market How the Samantha Wills brand remained consistent over 15 years The reality of living between New York and Sydney Why Samantha chose to close the business and how she came to the decision The Samantha Wills Foundation Why health is so important whilst running a business The importance of sharing vulnerably
Rachelle Saevil is the Founder and Creative Director of boutique design studio, Saevil Row. We chat about how Rachelle started her business, why growth has been a challenge for her, the importance of contracts and legals, overcoming mindset struggles, celebrating achievements and so much more!
Lauren Warwick is the Co-Founder of Glamazon which was recently acquired by Urban Company. Lauren shares all about her journey from her initial idea of Glamazon, her startup journey and growth, joining forces as a Co-Founder with someone who was a competitor in the space, to then going through the sale process leading to acquisition and how it feels now being employed again.
Cass is the founder and Managing Director of Brisbane’s premier creative space, Newstead Studios. An architecturally converted warehouse home to boutique offices and co-working, professional photography studio, event and workshops spaces, gallery and cafe. Cass and her husband - photographer and film maker Sam Thies - developed Newstead Studios with a vision to create a space that inspired creativity through beautiful design and above all, community. We chat about the beautiful history Cass and Sam have with the property, how they survived COVID-19 as an events and coworking space, the importance of investing in critical things and her plans for the next few months - post COVID.
Danielle Lewis is the CEO & Co-Founder of Scrunch & The Answer. This interview covers SO many things including: Why it took years to sign their first customer Raising capital without a proven business model How they've landed some incredibly well-known clients The Scrunch philosophy around hiring and leading a team How Danielle manages challenges How Danielle recognises she needs to take time out The big vision for Danielle, her partner and their businesses Why she places an importance on having no regrets
In this episode I chat to Jess Ndenda - Founder of Olive Louise Social and The Belle Evolution. Jess is a multiple biz owner, Leader of 5 employees and Mum of four! She talks us through how she manages the juggle (*hint - she's a productivity queen), how she hires and leads a team of fellow Mums and her journey of realising the importance of mindset in business.
In this episode I chat to Odette Barry - Founder of Odette & Co. Odette has built an incredible business, but not without big challenges and lessons! Odette shares really openly with us about how she’s overcome those challenges and what’s next for her business.
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