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The Bones and Bobbins Podcast

Author: Haley Pierson-Cox and Natali Heuss

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In the Venn diagram of crafting, true crime, and morbid curiosity, you’ll find Bones & Bobbins digging through dusty old boxes in a curiosity shop parked right at the center.
7 Episodes
06 - And That’s an Unwrap

06 - And That’s an Unwrap


In this episode, Haley and Natali cuss out Victorian colonizers while unwrapping the oddly endearing mysteries of mummification. As one does. Show notes on
You know what situation both Haley and Natali will nope right on out of? Creepy dolls. Whether they’re ceramics inspired by a morbid cautionary tale or literal wax copies of Victorian children who passed too soon, there’s just something about these dolls--or any doll, really--that’s always just a tiny bit unsettling. So, come along with us in season 1, episode 5 of the Bones & Bobbins Podcast as we open one of our more securely locked cabinets in the Curiosity Shop and explore the sad origins and clever finishing techniques of Frozen Charlotte dolls, plus the many, many dolls and effigies made by mourning Victorians and modern makers.
04 - It Has Pockets!

04 - It Has Pockets!


In season 1, episode 04 of the Bones & Bobbins podcast, Natali explores the somewhat sinister and extremely infuriating history of pockets in women's garments, then Haley swoops in with the Victorian chatelaine, which, honestly, might be even better than having actual pockets. Of course, our listeners will be relieved to know that enterprising women had no trouble finding ways to harbor weapons in both.Show notes will magically appear at on Friday.
Throughout history, death has always been the topic of SO MUCH art. But, in this episode, that art actually IS death itself. Settle in while Haley and Natali discuss the art and craft of death masks (complete with a tangent on rockstar naughty bits), and the never-ending endeavour of turning centuries of bones into architecture in the Paris Catacombs.
02 - Deadly Colors

02 - Deadly Colors


In this episode, Haley and Natali talk colors that can kill and explore the popularity and grim fate of the glamorous, literally luminous Radium Girls.
In this very first official episode of the Bones & Bobbins Podcast, Haley and Natali discuss Miyu Kojima and Frances Glessner Lee--two women, worlds and decades apart, who combined craft and death in their own amazing way. One would process death and create an act of public service for the living, the other would birth Forensic Science as we know it today.
The Bones & Bobbins Podcast launches on May 22, 2020!The first 3 episodes will go live on launch day, so subscribe now for more crafts-meets-true crime-meets-morbid curiosity creepiness from Haley and Natali!
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