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Welcome to the Fresh Ideas for Teaching podcast where we spotlight inspiring stories from educators, authors, and more to find out what's working in K-12 education. The Fresh Ideas for Teaching podcast is presented by Savvas Learning company, a next-generation education company delivering award-winning learning solutions for grades K-12.
14 Episodes
Literacy author and thought leader, Dr. Elfrieda "Freddy" Hiebert, shares insight around the science of reading and the need for systematic and explicit instruction.
Math author and thought leader, Dr. Randall Charles, shares some practical ways mathematics educators can address unfinished learning. 
Literacy author expert and teacher educator Dr. Judy Wallis shares her thoughts on what really matters in literacy instruction, communicating what we value to students, guiding students along the path towards independence and self-determination, and truly taking time to give ourselves grace during this unprecedented time in our society and in education.
Follow our Learning to Read: What Really Matters series and listen in on our conversation with educational literacy leader Dr. P. David Pearson as he shares great insight about the “virtuous” cycle of knowledge begetting comprehension begetting learning as a way to break the vicious cycle of low achievement and low motivation.
Listen to our conversation with Literacy Specialist Karen Miller as we discuss ideas for novel brain re-energizers that use physical movement to prepare your students for their next learning activity.
Follow our Learning to Read: What Really Matters series and listen in on our first conversation with educational leader Dr. Frank Serafini as he shares his perspective on multimodal literacy, teacher growth/appreciation, and the future of teaching. 
We talk with Dr. Ernest Morrell, Coyle Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Notre Dame, who shares some tips for strengthening writing and media literacy instruction in a distance or hybrid learning environment. 
We talk with Dr. Marla Sheppard, Deputy Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, who sees this moment in K-12 education as an opportunity to reevaluate and reimagine the way things have always been done. 
Literacy specialist Karen Miller discusses the amazing resilience of educators and offers tips for recalibrating this summer before going back to school. 
In this podcast, Dr. Ernest Morrell shares his insight as to why students are not engaged and how we can engage them. Centered around increased representation, increased cultural understanding, and student voice, culturally relevant instruction offers academic equity by allowing all students to see themselves as valuable members of the classroom community.
Master teacher Don Robertson shares easy-to-implement instructional tips that boost productivity and engagement for kindergarten students during remote learning.  Don also presents helpful summer learning information for parents of our youngest students.
Dr. Sharon Vaughn describes the Science of Reading and implications for literacy instruction, clarifying misconceptions presented in this latest resurgence. Can a focus on foundational skills and balanced literacy coexist? This podcast provides valuable information every teacher can use. 
Dr. Maria Arreguin Anderson, an author on the myView Literacy and miVisión Lectura solutions, discusses providing dual language learners with relevant, authentic educational opportunities during distance learning. 
Award-winning teacher & literacy specialist Jamil Odom joins former classroom teacher and principal Kathryn Teel to discuss the importance of teacher self-care in these unprecedented times. 
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