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Breaking The Chain

Author: Nathaniel Chapman & Terentia Browne

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Breaking The Chain deep dives into the successes, challenges and stories of Entrepreneurs & Leaders looking to shake-up their industries. Join us as we jump into the trenches with innovators battling to make their dreams a reality.
12 Episodes
Welcome to Breaking The Chain – The Leadership Series, hosted by Director of Career Coaching and Leadership Development at Impel Talent, Terentia Browne.In this episode Terentia sits down with Michelle Williams-Swartz,  Global Head of Quality Systems and Performance at Johnson and Johnson. Together they talk about Michelle's journey throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and her experience in growing her global team virtually. 
Welcome to Breaking The Chain – The Leadership Series, hosted by Director of Career Coaching and Leadership Development at Impel Talent, Terentia Browne.In this episode Terentia sits down with Damen Tolley, HR Director at OneWeb Satellites. Together they talk about the power of coaching and mentoring and how Damen has incorporated the training programs lead by Terentia at OneWeb satellites.They cover the challenges faced by leaders who are time poor and struggle to mentor and coach their teams, the importance of leaders championing and leading this type support, how to manage up and guide your own manager on what you need to develop in your career and the importance of normalising feedback in order to grow in your role.One way Damen would recommend you starting on your journey of finding a mentor? Use your network! Be brave, be bold and use what you have at your fingertips to start making immediate, positive changes.
In this episode Terentia sits down with Charmaine Reid, Vice President of R&D Europe at Takeda, to talk about the value of investing in yourself as a leader throughout your career.They speak about resources and creative ways you can continuously learn and how to role model this behaviour for your team. Being open to learning and being teachable are the traits that set great leaders apart from the rest of the pack. 
In this episode Terentia sits down with Jody Lodge, Managing Director at Johnson & Johnson as they talk about the power of leadership through his own career journey, his biggest fears, biggest achievements and greatest lessons learnt. They deep dive into how developing ones emotional intelligence helps you be a better leader. They also talk about how Jody has led many teams across different countries and thrived as an introverted leader. 
Hear how Maciej Grajewski & Richard Rushby became Co-Founders of SG Papertronics, a business dedicated to creating testing devices that help with quality control assurance and controlled innovation of projects. With a focus on their latest product the 'Beer-o-meter' learn the story behind an innovative device that democratises lab grade quality control to maintain consistency in the production of beer, now available to all Craft Breweries around the world however small.
James Kerslake is the Founder behind luxury cocktail business Tom Savano. After graduating at the age of 20 from Auckland University with a bachelors in Computer Science, he spent two decades working in finance before dabbling in the world of cocktails.Between 2011 and 2018, James flirted with a number of different ideas such as BarPanda (an app to order drinks in a bar and split the bill with friends), FindJoe (A similar concept to what is now TaskRabbit/Airtasker) as well as a few writing projects however in 2018, when a friend's sister asked if he could do cocktails for her wedding, James's lightbulb moment happened and the idea for Tom Savano, the now award winning luxury cocktail business, was born. 
John Vickers is the mastermind behind Blue Abyss, the worlds very first commercial training centre for Astronauts and space explorers. We talk about what it takes to pioneer the future of space exploration and the hurdles that as a Founder, John has had to overcome to get to where he is today. 
5 years ago, Lora Haddock Di Carlo was set on the path of being an award winning entrepreneur after having a mind-blowing orgasm. Her curiosity surrounding it lead to the creation of an incredible piece of tech for women. Join us as we explore her story, discuss how her product was banned from CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and learn about her company's vision to bring equality to sex through pleasure. 
Alex Cooke is building a business with a mission to bring next-generation treatments to market faster and save patients' lives by providing top tier talent for scaling biotechs. We talk about his journey from being a musician, to working at Disney, which then lead him into the world of recruitment and headhunting. 
In this episode we discuss the growth and professionalism of esports and the opportunities it is providing new businesses. We also explore Saad Sarwars own personal and professional journey that lead him to create Level 99, along with their work of bringing some of the biggest names in esports to life. 
We are joined by CEO and Co-Founder of The Last Game Board, Shail Mehta. As a child and immigrant to the United States, Shail first connected with new friends and built a passion for table-top gaming as a child. As an adult and as a mother, that passion has fostered into a mission to revamp board games and bring people back together by introducing technology to board games. Learn about her journey and how you could get your hands on a Gameboard 1!
We speak with CEO and Co-Founder of Force Impact Technologies, Anthony Gonzales. Anthony has been bringing the hustle towards the mission of making sports safer, without actually changing the sports themselves. Join us as we explore his 7 year journey to bring to market a product that will change the world of contact sports, the Fit Guard.
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