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Learn about and discuss the cutting edge of the ag industry and explore new perspectives on farming’s old adages. Field Posts is a weekly podcast by DTN/The Progressive Farmer that dives deeper into the most important trends in technology, policy, management, and business to explore the ag industry’s cutting edge.
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January WASDE

January WASDE


A few unexpected announcements surprised markets coming out of a set of reports from USDA this week. The news could bode well not only for soybean markets, but for corn and wheat too in the months ahead. DTN's Todd Hultman joins us to break down how can producers stay on top of this fire hose of information.Today's episode is brought to you by ADAMA
2020 has official come to a close, but at the dawn of a new calendar year, many of the biggest worries of the past persist. Progressive Farmer Senior Editor joins us this week to discuss what farmers and rural American's may be thinking about the year to come in his analysis of the DTN Zogby Pulse of Rural America Survey. We'll talk COVID impacts, healthcare, the economy, the environment, and so much more. 
The December WASDE dropped Thursday, December 10th, bringing with at an unexpectedly low estimate for soybean demand, an unexpected move after a year of big swings from USDA on exports. Today, DTN’s Todd Hultman joins us to discuss what’s usually a very quiet report, what neutral outlooks for corn and wheat, and a bullish soybean market, could mean for the markets during the likely quieter months ahead, and why some trader positions might offer some caution.To watch Todd's full outlook for 2021 markets, visit
Over the last decade, young farmers and ranchers have been on a wild ride. But a few among them are shining particularly bright, and making a name for themselves. Today we listen in on the announcement of the 2020 class of Best Young Farmers and Ranchers as they discuss key issues their facing and share about their vision for the future of agriculture with DTN's Dan Miller as part of the DTN Ag Summit. To experience the full 2020 virtual Ag Summit today, visit
The 2020 election is finally behind us, and as the political dust settles in Washington, all eyes are on the Biden administration and what the new blood in the nation’s capitol might mean for the ag sector. We’re joined today by DTN’s Chris Clayton, who’ll give us a preview of USDA and EPA chief picks, and also explore the possible shake-ups in the House and Senate ag committees. We’ll discuss the odds and contents of possible stimulus and relief package as well before turning over to DTN Editor-in-chief Greg Horstmeier, who’ll break down the latest Ag Confidence Index numbers that indicate a surprisingly optimistic bump in as 2020 comes to a close. 
2020 has been a year like no other, and has fundamentally rocked so many aspects of agricultural businesses and lives, and preparing for what comes next will take more than just investing in the farm. DTN's Katie Dehlinger joins us to discuss how you can use the DTN Ag Summit to invest in a more vibrant future for your farm business. Sign up for the DTN Ag Summit today at 
The November WASDE offered some genuine surprise for a market that is already in the midst of a bullish run. DTN's Todd Hultman joins us to help us understand whether the source of that surprise, and other uncertainties beyond the farm economy, should be cause for concern as planning for the 2021 crop season gets underway.  This episode of Field Posts is sponsored by ADAMA. Learn more at
As the 2020 season comes to a close, many farmers will be looking at how they can put capital to work in the coming year. DTN's Vicki Myers brings us the latest update on ag land values, and what experts are expecting could be in store in the next 12 months. Read the full story "Seller's Market" in the November issue of DTN ProgressiveFarmer, or visit for more reporting by Vicki. 
The November 3rd election is just days away, and though coronavirus has made it clear that we won’t know the result by election night, the question remains-- how will farmers and rural American votes? DTN’s Dan Miller joins us to discuss the results of DTN’s  Pulse of Rural America poll, in partnership with Zogbys, and to hear how shifting perspectives on everything from the farm economy to healthcare to climate change might be affecting the farm political landscape in years to come.
With COVID-19 still an ongoing concern, this winter’s ag event season is going to be unlike any most producers have ever experienced. DTN's farm business editor Katie Dehlinger joins us on Field Posts this week to discuss how you'll be able to attend this year's revolutionary virtual event, right from your farm. Link to register:
The October WASDE hit our inboxes October 9th, dropping into a market that was already looking more optimistic that it has essentially all year. We’re joined by DTN’s Todd Hultman to break down how the USDA got beat to the punch, where bean and corn markets might be headed next, and how to avoid the emotional rollercoaster of trying to sell at the market high.  
You may be listening to this episode from your combine right now, and if you are, DTN is wondering how you feel about your iron. Dan Miller joins us to break down what thousands of farmers reported about their combines and planters in DTN’s reader insight survey.
Trait stacks in corn and cotton seeds have got more and more advanced in recent years, but farmers are starting to think more critically about how much return these technologies offer. DTN Staff Reporter Emily Unglesbee joins us to talk about how farmers can evaluate stacks to maximize return, and how a new EPA proposal could change the game of what genetics are available in the coming years.
The full impact of the August Derecho continues to be counted with harvest underway across the country. We're joined by James Henegan of GRO Intelligence to dig into what the satellite data tells us, and how it can help farmers understand the larger market impacts of future disasters.
The September WASDE brings some unexpected good news as harvest continues. We're joined by DTN lead analyst Todd Hultman to breakdown the news and discuss what could short supplies in Brazil and new orders from China could mean as we head into the 2021 season? 
The August derecho left behind a trail of destruction that could have a big impact on the 2020 harvest. Matt Wilde from DTN brings us the latest, and discusses how downed bins and damaged elevators could affect harvest storage capacity this year. 
Farming like it's 2120

Farming like it's 2120


The ag industry has been abuzz for years with talk of the future of driverless cabs, autonomous grain carts and mini-bots, and all the future applications of drones. Today we catch up with Progressive Farmer's Joel Reichenberger to discuss how, in 2020, farmers can start to put that tech to the test. 
A global pandemic cast a glaring spotlight on the often painful shortcomings of US cattle markets. But this was far from the first time producers felt like the markets had been hijacked. We'll sit down with Vicki Meyers, Senior Editor at Progressive Farmer, to learn more about proposed solutions, and where markets might go from here.
A bearish WASDE last week didn’t shake the market rally brought on by a Midwest derecho. We'll talk with DTN's Katie Dehlinger, Emily Unglesbee, and Todd Hultman about the crop in the field and the risks of August weather as harvest looms. 
A good year in terms of weather continues to help along a potentially record setting crop, but pockets of extreme weather, including a derecho in Iowa this week, could take the top off. We're joined by DTN's Katie Dehlinger and Emily Unglesbee to discuss DTN's 2020 Yield Tour results in progress. 
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