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A chat with the lovely upcoming artist 'Aishvan Jeyapalan', based in Toronto, Canada. Aishvan tells us about his journey in music and how he engaged in vocal development.  This twenty-one-year-old artist started singing at around three years of age and has performed in talent shows, local competitions and recitals.  At sixteen, he released his first single, "Completely Incomplete", and debuted two independent projects, including his most recent effort 'NONE OF THIS WAS EASY'.He now balances life with being a student and pursues both avenues.Tune in for a lovely chat at Facing Mel's Music!www.aishvan.comSpotify Link to AishvanYouTubeSupport the show
A chat with Tony West, singer-songwriter and frontman of BLACKLIST UNION. Tony was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He discovered his passion for music at five and knew that music was his way forward. As a child, Tony faced severe struggles with abuse that shaped him. His lyrics today reflect with honesty the journey he endured. His approach to recovery is highly inspiring as he speaks of overcoming his pain and obstacles through finding spirituality. Tony reveals deeply personal topics as he talks of the passing of important people in his life and the impacts of his loss. Tony West is described as an open book as he shares his past traumas taking us to where he is today. Their brand-new single, "The Queen of Everything' is a powerful and emotional rock song that will tug at the heartstrings. BLACKLIST UNION has been hailed worldwide as the next big rock band. the show
Chad Lewine is a heart-centred artist! He gives an honest chat and shares his opinions and feelings on spirituality and humanity giving emphasis on the importance of music being written from the heart with sincerity. This is a great conversation, and very entertaining! Chad is an activist and a leader using music as his vehicle to transcend his messages of love, peace and humanity. He believes in using the voice for the good and integrates positive affirmations into his songs for empowering people.  Chad has experienced adversity in his own life and writes all about what he lived through. Tune in for a great convo and enlightening experience! the show
A chat with the lovely Frank Blair of the rock band DROWN AGAIN. The Band DROWN AGAIN just released their first single and music video entitled Measure of Man. Off their upcoming 10-track album ‘EMERGE’, this single is an emotional rock song, with a music video that tugs at the heartstrings.The band formed internationally during the Covid-19 shutdown of the last year and a half, with members in Ireland and the USA. This was an unusual meeting of two dads with autistic sons. Singer of Scar For Life & Boneyard Dog and award-winning producer Rob Mancini and Guitarist Frank Blair of Neverwas and Chlorine Dream met after Frank, and his son had recorded some music together and needed a vocalist to finish off the song. Rob Mancini accepted the request to do vocals on the track. Rob also has a son with the affliction, and was eager to work on the project. Frank and Rob hit it off immediately and started working on new material after finishing the song.Support the show
Monique Angele - Sing Together on Christmas (New Single)Australian-Canadian singer-songwriter Monique began her career at the tender age of six years. Entering the world of ballet, her artistry grew as she developed her taste and interest, starting with the piano. Her lessons culminated in a Major in piano performance.The foundations of her vocal training lie firmly in the style of opera and musical theatre, and she is described as sounding similar to Kate Bush. Her influences extend to rock artists and bands such as Queen and Evanescence.Monique enjoys writing and creating “freely”, as she talks around the rules of classical music and feels her way is to be free.Monique draws plenty of natural inspiration and implements this into her music videos. Info on live performances can be found on her website, Monique loves to connect with people and feel the energy in a room with live audiences.Tune in to get to know this lovely lady! the show
TV ShowA fantastic duo comprising two wonderful and successful artists who both excel as musicians in their own right. Between them, they take the roles of singers, songwriters and producers, creating quality music and content to be enjoyed by the family. Together, Swaddley & Dean have created a TV show for children with a strong appeal to adults as lyrics cleverly tap into inner child content. Drawing from their musical inspirations, The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, these videos are lively, bright, educational and emotionally intelligent, guaranteed to entertain and inform. Swaddley and Dean have carefully crafted their songs, paying attention to the diphthong, the phrase and the rhyming and have been described as extremely precise. These two musicians have spent time on the details and taken the project seriously to ensure that messages are perceived by the public as accurately as they were conveyed. You can hear snippets in this podcast!ULTRA SWADDLEY & DEAN are the adult version of this outfit. Explicitly aimed at adults, they are to release their single on the 16th of December, ‘Are You Worried’. These professionals play their single for us here in a live acoustic version as they pick up the guitar and perform it here in this show. A real treat!Tune in now! the show
HOSSArtist and Founder of Funktasy Record Label & MagazineIranian-born Music Producer Hoss is both artist and founder of Funktasy Records & Magazine based in Ontario-Canada. Hoss’s journey into music is fascinating as he headed to Canada at the tender age of eleven and began his journey in music. Hoss gives us an insight into his entrance into the music industry from political, personal and cultural perspectives. His passion for music had Hoss search for instruments at a young age from the black market to pursue his passion. His label Funktasy, signs artists from various countries giving opportunity to those with low resources. He believes in giving artists a chance in the industry by delivering high-quality recordings and productions.Humble and passionate about helping financially underprivileged artists, music for Hoss is about a “soul’s pleasure rather than financial rewards”.  He didn’t become the rockstar he aimed to be but found great passion in helping artists succeed.Funktasy Magazine started as a blog and took off as a magazine with artists submitting demos. This company has been saturated ever since with brand-new artists, the latest articles and industry spotlights.This conversation develops into mental health and how fashion ties in with music. Hoss gives an interesting perspective on musicians becoming the designers of fashion. The effects of social media on mental health are highlighted in this interview, along with the elements of survival.   Support and passion are indeed behind this admirable company Funktasy Records & Magazine.Built from nothing but belief! the show
Eric Walker featuring ACM Buddy MixStar Wars child star actor Eric Walker is in full throttle with his music career involving his lifelong friend ACM, Buddy Mix. ACM standing for Alpha Centauri Man, has teamed up with Eric to create original music with a twist of alien themes running throughout.‘Chaos’, originally composed as ONE WORLD for Michael Jackson took a turn when it landed in the hands of lyricist and composer Buddy Mix. Now wrapped in an alien character, this track totally changed direction and thrives in its success today.”Buddy ACM got a hold of it and flipped it!” – quotes Eric.These wonderful artists talk about their song ‘Chaos’ as a beautiful energy in the world that embraces diversity and celebrates differences.Eric Walker reflects on his time as a child star actor in Star Wars and what it was like being on set every day, “it was the hardest I worked”. A chat about children’s mental health led to conclusions about the style of care and dependency on parental support. Eric speaks of his dad with fondness, who sat with him every day and supported him yet always reminded Eric, “you’re going to be a nice guy for everybody”. Eric’s father is credited with a solid and loving environment, “it’s all about the upbringing,” says Eric. Buddy Mix has a successful background in the theatre industry, responsible for writing the music for the musical A Little Meditation. Buddy received an award at the Hollywood Roosevelt Theatre for best music director from the NAACP Theatre Award Committee. Later, Buddy was invited to write another musical for Dragula and was awarded Best New Musical by The Los Angeles Theatre Festival. Buddy is working on a music video with Daddy Andre and is looking forward to making an album with Eric Walker.This is an enlightening conversation with these two gentlemen as we tap into mental health and spirituality, the Laws of attraction, and the devotion needed to successfully pursue a career in the arts. Brand new single Chaos is out now!Support the show
From wheelchair-bound to breakdancer/ violinist, Asher talks of his journey overcoming illness and thriving through his love for music. A truly inspiring story is as he takes you through his experience of miraculously overcoming a physical disability and thriving thereafter. His talents are many as he talks about his medical degree and passion for science. This wonderful artist has depth and overcame an obstacle which will inspire people to continue believing in themselves. the show
This entertaining podcast features the fabulous Stephanie Carlin, who reveals much about spiritual growth and resilience. This lady talks about her music and spiritual journey with humorous chats! Running her successful Truth School, Steph talks about secret dreams brought to life by exploring the four R’s (resentment, rejection, regret, revenge). Steph helps young people keep their goals vibrating as she accompanies her clients to find faith, repair and heal. This great artist shares her feelings toward the music industry after walking away for seven years and re-entering with a new outlook after feeling heartbroken. This chat is guaranteed to entertain! Starting on a new album, Steph is moving away from her solo career as she moves into partnership with her loyal music collaborator. Together they are called Fore Fader, the Danish word ancestor. the show
From counsellor to counsellor! An enlightening chat with the wonderful Soneakqua J. White. Covering topics about faith, purpose and meaning, Soneakqua shares her work largely related to artists and musicians. Her work extends to assisting high-end Ministers as they have responsibilities to the people who follow their word.  Throughout this podcast, she reveals how she helps clients discover their gifts, often described as 'buried gifts'. Soneakqua goes 'undercover' to help people discover their inner artist selves leading them to their true paths. Creatives and ministers are drawn to this gifted lady who, without a shadow of a doubt, has a pure soul. Soneakqua released her book ‘A Time to Heal’ and explains how this reflects her calling, now beneficial to others who are experiencing the same. Her need to heal family issues shifted throughout the making of this book as she discovered a process for healing others. Her book ‘Red Flag’ is trauma-related, offering insights to recognise the triggers.Soneakqua has courses you can attend and read about via her website. She tells an amazing story of encountering her angels who saved her life as a car accident was about to happen but didn't! Tune in to listen!‘Coaching the Called’ to be released in August the show
Chris LevelEighteen-year-old musician & sync artist from Rwanda speaks about his early experience of making music for the film industry. His passion extends to helping his fellow female sync artists succeed as he believes in the power of equality. Already making a mark in the industry, Chris is on his way to huge success as he places his music in major movies. Driven and motivated to succeed, his motive doesn’t simply rest in making music but in making a difference in the community and bringing people together through music. Tune in to this entertaining conversation!Chris Level - SpotifySupport the show
Brandon is a digital marketing expert and SEO specialist. Here you will find tips for musicians on maximising your search engine optimisation (SEO) to drive more traffic to your website and achieve a higher ranking on google. The trick is to achieve this without investing too much time or money! One piece of advice is to know who your competitors are and make a huge list of your keywords. Brandon is an expert in driving traffic to your website and can be contacted via: in to the show for more!Support the show
A fascinating chat with the retired plastic surgeon and former emergency physician Dr Robert Yoho. Robert gives his take on the medical world, focusing on the global pandemic that swept the nation and left us all in a fog of dismay. An open talk on the pharmaceuticals that made billions from medical research, topics in this show include the theory of conspiracies and where the public reside within the chaos that plagued the world. Dr Robert Yoho is disturbed by the events and feels his place is to inform the public as he continues to be the ‘whistle blower’ in the world of medics.  The pandemic may be over for most of us, but facts dictate that control continues behind the scenes. Robert has a wealth of knowledge and will shock you as he mentions Greenpeace being a sociopathic organisation. It was fascinating to hear him speak of the corruption behind the medical world leading to topics on the psychology of desiring plastic surgery, hormonal drugs for transgender changes and finally, big boobs get your attention but are definitely not always the answers to the root cause. Tune in for more! Surviving healthcare (podcasts)Support the show
Upcoming hip-hop rap artist TayOG is making his mark in the music industry in such a short space of time! This wonderful young soul is an advocate for supporting mental health and contributing to various mental health foundations of support. Chicago-based TayOG speaks openly about his diagnosis of bipolar and ADHD and the impacts on his art. He shares his music, the song's meaning, and how passion and pain go hand in hand. His love for fashion and photography began as a 16-year-old and was the first step into his music career! Secretly writing for years, he desired more of a stage image and succeeded!For more visit: search TayOG on Spotify and Soundcloud.Support the show
Ana Lennyr is a premier life strategist who specialises in helping teenagers and adults to build strong and supportive family relationships. Ana addresses the root cause that holds people back and believes in removing excuses by replacing them with reasons and opportunities for a new way of being. Ana teaches the skills to ‘master the game of life’. Her unique approach to healing involves fixing the problem together between parent and child as she believes skills need to be learned to improve the issues at hand. She emphasises the importance of working as a team and the miscommunication between parents and their children. Often teens don't feel understood by their parents. Mel and Ana have an honest chat about the dynamics of romantic relationships and how often presenting issues can trail back to abusive relationships. She speaks of breaking away from the cycle and reaching your true potential.Ana has a fabulous service where you can text and ask her any question and she will answer you within a couple of days. Visit: www.betteraskana.comThis service is open to adults, teenagers and young adults. Remember to be as specific as possible with your question. Good luck!  Support the show
A fascinating conversation with the lovely Dr B. A Canadian musician and forensic scientist who talks us through his brand new music project involving the story of giants and dragons and journeys on ships in a mythical tone with battles underwater. A concept that evolved over time culminated into an audio film experience. A visual album written and produced by the talented Dr B. His intentions are for the listeners to feel the holistic experience through visual and audio content.  Narrators and actors have been working on this project for eighteen months. Dr B has 10,000 listeners a month on Spotify. He used to be in the old music biz in the early 2000s and talks about his break from the music industry with a dislike for the music biz in general. He had distribution deals with Warner Brothers and ran his own record label. Quote "Now you can do what you want to and not deal with the old ways of the music business". The new business gives a direct link to your audience!Dr B talks about being realistic as he knows what to expect. The worries of false expectations are not in his vocabulary. "You don't put out a song and get an immediate million streams". This insightful artist talks about the importance of consistency when releasing music and gaining the trust of fans. He advises how to build a fanbase and how to be a serious artist with long term consequences. "Be motivated by your own music", this legendary musician from the past has made a come back after his break and talks about the fakeness of people who were interested in him for his fame and fortune rather than him as a person. Owning a record label gave Dr. B plenty of experience in the music industry. He reflects on the complications of drugs and addictions with artists under his wing. Honest reflections of hip hop artists and the bizarre attitudes of some who crossed all boundaries, as a record label he fired all his artists for the disrespect!His interest in psychology goes beyond anxiety and depression. He’s motivated by the "crazy of the crazy, and the worst of the worst". Sociopathic behaviours fascinate dr. B as he pursues his studies in the field researching extremist behaviours. He will go into a PhD in forensic psychology. Dr. B and his wife own a mental health clinic in Ontario. This dedicated musician and solid person believes in studying and self-development wanting to give to the world. An inspiration to his children he demonstrates the importance of being the best version of yourself. Work hard and make sacrifices for the grades you want, Dr. B believes in education academically. He believes strongly in implementing work ethics, as eventually they are reflected in the results.Support the show
Chatting with the wonderful Terry Tucker about his blogs and works on Motivational Check. This chat looks at his own motivation and the incredible will he possesses to engage positively in life following his ten year battle with cancer. This former police officer and basketball player, speaks of his reinvention following the diagnosis and treatment of rare cancer resulting in amputation. Terry is a consultant and coach helping all levels of careers from students to business professionals, Terry's purpose is to aid their journeys and transitions by adopting a positive mindset. Quote "You can succumb to the debilitating distress and misery, or you can learn to embrace it and use it to make you a stronger and better human being. I chose the latter". Tune in for an enlightening chat.   www.facingmelsmusic.com the show
Mel chats with the lovely D.Lisa West, born and raised in Seattle. D.Lisa brings her passion and expertise together through art, coaching, and meditation for her clients' healing and well-being experiences. She shares her work and concepts and explains the benefits of her courses and workshops such as Doodle Like an Artist. D.Lisa refers to art as a language and teaches from her studio, inviting the public in to learn and understand her processes. This chat is light-hearted and insightful with humourous moments running through! the show
Mel chats with singer-songwriter and stand-up comic Cervon Campbell who shares his experiences of being an artist, managing relationships, and overcoming loss & depression all through building a career.Support the show
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