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A platform to discuss the process of change - transition, transformation, reinvention, and of course, rebooting ourselves moving forward! The focus is on individuals who have unique stories and perspectives to tell around change and their journey through to those new beginnings and directions. Hosted by Executive Coach Barry Forward.
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Rnold Smith is a speaker, consultant, writer who specializes in behaviour change in relationships. He is president and chief Visionary of Connection Apps Inc. which has a mission to help people develop the habits that lead to happiness, life satisfaction and human connection. Rnold's basic premise is that if people can eliminate some of the unconscious behaviours that lead to relationship conflict and friction and build the habits that make people feel love and appreciated, you will be happier, healthier, more successful and more satisfied with your life.As a wellness advocate he teaches about the power of interpersonal mindfulness and helps people, teams and organizations integrate the Connection Habits™  into their routines.Although he has over 20 years of experience helping businesses grow, his happy marriage and two loving daughters are his greatest source of pride.    Some of the questions Rnold discusses:What is the happy relationship ratio?What is the one thing that all successful relationships have in common?What is the one thing that unhealthy relationships have in common?What are some techniques to avoid arguments? What should work to avoid arguments but doesn't?Why is behaviour change so hard?How long does it actually take to form a new habit?What are the three things that need to occur simultaneously in order for you to take action?What are the habits that lead to that honeymoon feeling in your relationship?Why are we our own worst enemy?Why is logic the enemy of transformational change? Rnold Smith on LinkedIn: Connection App: Connection App on Facebook:
Feedback.   Leadership Coach Dagmar Meachem joins me for a Courage Confab discussion on Feedback.  We look at creating a culture where feedback is welcomed, encouraged and trusted.  How to give good balanced feedback and strategies to incorporate feedback as a leader.Randall Stutman founder and co-head of the Leadership Practice  the Admired Leadership Institute states that Balanced Feedback requires a person to give both positive and negative feedback in an equally vivid, elaborate, and detailed manner.Radical Candor - 11 Ways to Get Feedback From Others: Tip 1: Have a go-to questionA question like, “Is there anything I could do or stop doing that would make it easier to work with me?”Tip 2: Embrace the discomfortAfter asking for feedback, stop talking and “embrace the discomfort.” Count to 7 and commit to allowing the other person to speak first. Tip 3: Listen with the intent to understand, not to respondDon’t interrupt or argue when someone gives you feedback. Just listen, focus on understanding what the person is telling you, and try to learn something from it.  Tip 4: Reward criticism to get more of itWhen someone provides feedback to you, treat it like a treasured gift! Tip 5: Ask for public criticismAnother way to show that you appreciate the criticism you receive is to ask those who are most comfortable criticizing you to give the same feedback in front of others. Tip 6: Criticize yourself in publicCriticizing yourself in public is a great way to show that you feel comfortable acknowledging that you aren’t perfect, that you have room for improvement.Tip 7: Call out body languageEven if people aren’t telling you what they really think with their words, their body language may still be sending a more candid message. Tip 8: Relish being wrongShow people that you are happy when they prove you wrong. Tip 9: Show that you careWhen you show you care, you build a relationship and you build trust. People will stop seeing you as the “jerk in charge” and assuming the worst. Tip 10: Don’t try to change your styleFigure out how to use your personal style, be it very vocal or very quiet, tough or gentle, approachable or intimidating, to invite criticism of yourself, to remind people that you want to be challenged.  Tip 11: Get theatricalSometimes you have to be really over the top to get feedback. Brené Brown: Engaged Feedback Checklist Dagmar Meachem is an accredited Professional Certified Coach, ICF and EQ-i 2.0 Certified.  She provides 1-1 coaching, group coaching and custom designed facilitated workshops. Throughout her career, she’s also worked in the area of personal and business development, health coaching and website design.For more information on Dagmar visit her website: CourageSpace.comFor information on Barry Forward, his work as an Executive Coach, Career Journey Specialist and past episodes of the Reboot Forward Podcast visit: or email 
Accountabilty.  What does it mean to be accountable?  To ourselves, to our teams, to our company and organization.  Today Leadership Coach Dagmar Meachem joins me for what we have dubbed The Courage Confab for a discussion on Accountability.  Dagmar and I take a deep dive into what it takes to hold ourselves accountable, hold others accountable and create a space where accountability lives in our work, our lives and in all the activities and relationships we are involved with.  On this episode we unpack the entire notion of being accountable and discuss strategies to bring accountability into our work and our lives.As Dagmar says, our hope with the Courage Confab is to lean in and discuss some of those sticky conversations that are typically uncomfortable for leaders, business owners, teams and individuals to have.  Our aim is to tackle things that are sometimes difficult to crack open, and have an open and honest conversation about them.  On this episode we explore Accountability.  Dagmar Meachem is an accredited Professional Certified Coach by Erickson Coaching International, Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation and is EQ-i 2.0 Certified.  She provides one-one coaching, group coaching and custom designed facilitated workshops. Throughout her career, she’s also worked in the area of personal and business development, health coaching and website design.Dagmar believes that obstacles can be an opportunity for growth and transformation and courage is a catalyst for change. For over 15 years, Dagmar has worked with leaders locally and internationally at all different levels of crisis and business models, coming alongside them through their change, growth and transformation as they take the next step in reaching their full potential. Her focus and methodology for change is to help create more courageous individuals, as she believes in courage as a catalyst for change, pushing us to act, move forward, and power through challenges. She is an accomplished leadership coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and change maker.For more information on Dagmar visit her website: For information on Barry Forward, his work as an Executive Coach, Career Journey Specialist and past epidodes of the Reboot Forward Podcast visit: via email at 
Barrie Street.  "I am 84 and feel 48. I’m blessed to have a passion for fitness, which I would love to spread in my blog  I would also be delighted to reach folks who are less than 50. The message I am trying to impart is that ANYONE of ANY AGE can be fit and it is NEVER too late to start. I believe - indeed I know - that fitness can be inextricably woven into our fabric."Teaching has been one of my major passions, mainly involved at the secondary school level.I am entering my 57th year of teaching Math with the same passion as when I began. Spending so much time with young people – whether teaching or coaching them soccer, field hockey, tennis, cross-country running, cricket or ping pong – has kept me young in mind. Young people will always remain the back-bone of society and to help them grow and mature has always been a privilege.Travelling has occupied a great deal of my leisure time, having visited some 50 countries – many  of which we erroneously call Third World nations – sharing their cultures and learning to appreciate their diverse lifestyles. Also learning to acknowledge how gracious and happy they are, despite often living in destitute conditions and being without the basic essentials of life. I have learned far more from them about the true values of life than I have from our own materialistic society. I have often encouraged my students to travel and acquire a better understanding of life.Volunteering has probably brought me the most satisfaction. I have been able to teach teachers in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Jamaica and also teach children in Guatemala and Costa Rica. I have come away from all these experiences more enriched. Helping to build a village for abandoned children in Costa Rica 40 years ago – one of the boys I found living in a cardboard box on the street still keeps in touch with me – reminded me of my own childhood. My parents abandoned me when I was 6 and this experience gave me a compassion and understanding which otherwise I would never have acquired. Another exciting project was collecting a mountain of soccer equipment here in Vancouver – all of which would have been consigned to the garbage dump – and delivering it to a black South African township. This was gold to the kids.Sports and exercise have brought me colossal fitness and health. I played team sports from the age of 10 to my mid-forties and then I began running, culminating in a marathon within a year. I was hooked. At 50, I graduated to triathlons and competed in my first Ironman, also within a year. From then on, I have been running, playing tennis and climbing our local iconic mountain – the Grouse Grind – which I have completed more than 2000 times.Barrie Street's blog can be found at
Michael Puldy is the CEO of Puldy Resiliency Partners, and has built a 30-year career dealing with disasters, crisis’, and crazy adventures. He recently launched his own podcast series – Risk Stories – where Michael and his guests discuss how people confront risk, and have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, navigated the never-ending and challenging maze of chance.In his business life, Michael has helped hundreds of companies navigate through business disruption, computer infrastructure failures and data loss, caused by a broad brush of reasons including human mistakes, natural disasters, and all out cyberattacks. Michael was Director of Global Business Continuity at IBM and has focused the majority of his career on business resiliency.  At IBM Michael was responsible for long term guidance and governance for business continuity management and resiliency programs across the globe. Prior to this role, Michael was a services and solutions executive where he managed all presales activities associated with IBM Resiliency Services business in the United States. These activities included technical architecture design and deployment, contracts and associated terms and conditions, and pricing strategies for customized, cloud, and shared resiliency solutions. Michael is a creative leader able to develop strategy, flawless execution, and the need to transform chaos into positive function and profitability.Michael Puldy is a technology executive, photographer, writer and world traveler. Between travels for business and pleasure, he has visited over 45 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.Michael Puldy is the author of The Millennial’s Guide to Business Travel: Lessons from the Next Generation of Road Warriors.  He has an incredibly impressive resume of travel including visiting all 50 states, 50 countries, has flown 3 million air miles, and is a member of the Circumnavigators Club.Michael Puldy: puldy.comPuldy Resiliency Partners: Puldy LinkedIn: Puldy's Risk Stories Podcast: Apple PodcastsMichael Puldy on Twitter:
Shaneel Pathak, CEO, Cofounder - ZoeInsights Shaneel cofounded ZoeInsights with the goal of empowering people with the resources, knowledge and tools they need to mobilize their own personalized health data, to connect meaningfully with the wisdom of the global health community, and to spend less time on health care and more time living their best possible lives. Shaneel'spassion came from the challenges his late-wife experienced after diagnoses of Stage-4 lung cancer. During the four-year journey, Shaneel realized there were limited digital tools to consolidate and collate the scattered information for himself, family and their care-team.   ZoeInsights was born from a desire to improve how patients and their caregivers use data to optimize their health.Shaneel has a degree in Computer Engineering and a M.A Political Economy. He has worked overseas as a management consultant in England and Australia and volunteered for the World Wildlife Fund in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea.   In 2015, he became a patient advocate and speaker on the power of health data in your hands at conferences across Canada.He is an avid traveller, pilot and loves the outdoors. Shaneel and his schnoodle, Zoey live in Calgary, AlbertaZoeInsights has partnered with:The Alberta Cancer Foundation: MitoCanada Foundation: Calgary: Canadian Fabry Association: contact Shaneel Pathak:  shaneel@zoeinsights.comTo download the ZoeInsights application or for more information on ZoeInsights:  
ALEX THOLL Partner, Business Development & Design DiveDesign, Boonton, New JerseyA few years prior to DiveDesign, Alex could be found flipping cars, motorcycles, gokarts you name it, he was trying to sell it. Alex found his passion alongside design in sales and elevated his skills through a design position in California. There, he met and assisted clients through the design process, learning the in’s and out’s of the trade.DiveDesign is a product development studio strategically building industry shaping products and brands. Dive is a full-service product development firm offering a range of services from Physical Product Development to Process Optimization. DiveDesign clients range from startups to well-established firms.Website: Tholl on LinkedIn:
Many independent consultants and coaches are searching for ways to sell their services to a global clientele.  Xhoni Mimillari has managed to break through the clutter and work successfully with leadership consultants around the world, all from the beachside community of San Remo, Italy.  And he does it in English, not only his first language Italian or in French, which he also speaks.  Xhoni has a go-for-it, "why not" attitude that's infectious.  He markets himself as a Business Consultant and Video Content Strategist who spends a lot of time working with clients to help them sell their services using LinkedIn and video.  Xhoni says he helps Leadership Coaches and Consultants generate consistent clients by tapping into the full power of LinkedIn with video.   In his current LinkedIn headline he describes what he does for his clients as:  Helping Leadership Consultants/Coaches To Generate Consistent Revenue/Clients On LinkedIn | Have Leaders And Organizations Lined Up Ready Work With You  Quite a statement from a former professional soccer (football) player in his 20s who cut his sales teeth selling insurance to the Yachting and Shipping industry.But what does it take to attract high-paying customers using social media, in particular  Xhoni shares a few  of his insights into his process for helping clients and what it takes to build a brand on LinkedIn, the social network that focuses on professional networking and career development.  To that end, you can find Xhoni inviting upward of 100 new contacts to connect with him every day.  He can now  lay claim to having worked with "6-figure Consultants, international trainers and authors, as well as getting recommended by Grant Cardone."  Not too bad for a former AS Monaco FC striker/sales professional from San Remo, Italy.You can see Xhoni's sales process in action by connecting to his lead generation sales funnel at leadershipclients.comYou can connect directly to Xhoni Mimillari on LinkedIn at:
David Morley is the President and CEO of UNICEF Canada, a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children around the world survive, thrive and reach their full potential.David is a passionate voice for the world’s most vulnerable citizens, who has dedicated his career to improving the lives of children and communities in Canada and around the world.Under David’s leadership, UNICEF Canada has played a key role in driving Canadian efforts to advance global child survival and mobilized Canadians across the country in an unprecedented response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.Before joining UNICEF Canada, David served as Executive Director of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders Canada, as President and CEO of Save the Children Canada and was the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. A recognized leader in the field, David currently teaches at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and is Co-Chair of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  He has also served as Chair of the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health and on the Board of Directors for several prominent organizations, including the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and has acted as a mentor with the Trudeau Foundation.David completed his Master of Education from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Carleton University.In recognition of his work, David Morley was appointed to the Order of Canada on June 29, 2018.UNICEF Canada website: unicef.caDavid Morley Bio: and Save the Children report on increase in the number of children living  in multidimensional poverty during the pandemic COVID-19 Vinyl Cafe characters Dave and Morley: storytelling icon Stuart McLean stories:
Today on the podcast we’re fortunate to have award winning speaker and writer Michael Puldy.  Michael takes us on his journey through a extremely tragic event that occurred in his life in 2009 to where he is today.  He’s the Author…two books…working on a third….which he has given the working title… renaissance of resiliency…Until just recently Michael was Director of Global Business Continuity at IBM and has focused the majority of his career on business resilience.  Beyond his current work as a resiliency consultant, Michael volunteers at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services assisting suicide survivors, providing guidance and mentoring those who have lost a loved one to suicide.  At IBM Michael was responsible for long term guidance and governance for business continuity management and resiliency programs across the globe. Prior to this role, Michael was a services and solutions executive where he managed all presales activities associated with IBM Resiliency Services business in the United States. These activities included technical architecture design and deployment, contracts and associated terms and conditions, and pricing strategies for customized, cloud, and shared resiliency solutions. Michael is a creative leader able to develop strategy, flawless execution, and the need to transform chaos into positive function and profitability.Michael Puldy is a technology executive, photographer, writer and world traveler. Between travels for business and pleasure, he has visited over 45 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.Michael Puldy is the author of The Millennial’s Guide to Business Travel: Lessons from the Next Generation of Road Warriors.  He has an incredibly impressive resume of travel including visiting all 50 states, 50 countries, has flown 3 million air miles, and is a member of the Circumnavigators Club. Michael Puldy: puldy.comRemembering Ann: Michael Puldy LinkedIn: Resiliency Partners:
Esther Hephzibah - Self-described human connection catalyst, Esther has a relentless passion to connect leaders of organizations with transformative and sustainable solutions that brings continued progressive value to their bottom-line. Esther thrives on motivating and energizing people around a strategic mission and purpose. A Solution-driven leader with 12+ years’ broad-based experience in a Fortune 500 company and highly transferable skills in implementing transformation strategies that align employee development and productivity with organizational goals. As an exceptional relationship-builder and champion of progressive change, her focus is to help talents succeed and organizations thrive.Esther has earned a reputation for assessing and resolving a wide range of organizational development, workplace culture, and human capital issues. She is also known for repeated success catapulting bottom-line margins and service quality in establishments with 100- 1500 employees and budgets of $5M-$250M.Adept at working in culturally diverse work environments and communicating effectively with employees at all organizational levels, her unique blend of strengths offer human connection and innovative oriented strategies that ignite sustainable positive change.As an independent Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Esther strives to value people and add value to them by offering virtual Leadership Development Training and Workshops (Lunch and Learns, Masterminds), seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching that aid personal and professional growth through practical application of John C. Maxwell's proven leadership strategies.Esther is also passionate about advancing women in leadership and creating inclusive cultures. Esther Hephzibah Email: Grow2glowconsulting@gmail.comLinkedIn:
On today's podcast we discuss the state of Leadership Development around the globe.  Jeremy believes that the leadership development industry has focused too much on the individual leader and take a look at the data that shows high performing teams & companies are driven more by a strong identities rather than great leaders. Jeremy Holt is an Occupational Psychologist with 24 years’ experience as a consultant, a coach, and a leadership trainer. He has a Social Psychology Degree from the University of Kent and worked in London advertising agencies for seven years before taking his Masters in Occupational Psychology (MSc). He is the Founder and CEO of Centre for Team Excellence in Sussex, England.Jeremy's research with the University of Sussex in the UK has concluded the following:Team identity causes a highly significant increase in perceived and actual team performance. Over time the differences in team identity and team performance polarized such that those teams with strong identities became stronger and performed better, while those that started weak became weaker. After 6 months the 20% of teams with the strongest identities outperformed the 20% with the weakest identities by a massive 53%. Website: Centre for Team ExcellenceFollow Jeremy Holt on Twitter: Teams Academy on Twitter: to Research at University of Sussex on High Performing Teams:
After decades as a top commissioner of scripted content at Canadian broadcasters, Tara Ellis has set up her own production company shingle. Her first production, Hey Lady! – a short-form digital series directed by Adriana Maggs and Sarah Polley – premiered at the 2020 Sundance Festival, and is streaming exclusively on CBC Gem. Select shows she backed as a programmer and commissioner of content include the series Slings & Arrows (for Showcase) New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum’s “favorite show of all time”, History Channel’s top rated series The Kennedys (for which Tara received an Emmy nomination) and Vikings. At CBC, Tara oversaw all scripted content including comedy, drama, kids and digital series.The Toronto Globe & Mail named Tara as one of the 40 Most Influential People in Canadian television for her efforts in bringing new talent to Canadian airwaves. Tara has been honoured with the Women In Film & Television Crystal Award for Creative Excellence. Raised in Stratford, Ontario, and currently living in Toronto, Tara’s first “real” job was as a reporter/photographer in Espanola, Ontario’s mid-north.In this episode of the Reboot Forward Podcast Tara Ellis discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the television production industry. What it means for consumers of content on network television and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  And the ongoing changes in the television and movie industry that have been underway over the past five years.LinkedIn: Tara Ellis Ellis Production Credits: Lady Series Instagram: Lady Digital Series Episodes on CBC GEM Lady Production Credits: Lady Writer (Morris Panych): Hey Lady Facebook: Lady Twitter: Ellis Production Company: http://www.tjcontent.caEmail:
What does it take to mount a job search in 2020.  We've had just about everything thrown at us this year.  Nicole Dunbar is a certified Life Coach, a Career and Business Coach, and the Founder of Congruency International. In this podcast, Nicole discusses proven strategies to successfully land a new job, despite all that is going on. Nicole discusses:Personal Branding - how important it is - even in the midst of a pandemic..Career Reputation - ensuring you don't get ruled out for a new role because of your social media activity.Tone Deaf Networking - knowing how important it is to be aware of the what is going on in the world in 2020 and how it it might influence your approach to your job search.Active Learning - how demonstrating your ability to learn is vital in 2020.Job Search Planning - the importance of creating an action plan and executing on it every day.Background on Nicole Dunbar:Nicole provides professional branding, career transition, and business development guidance to entrepreneurs and career professionals across North America.  She has served over 900 private clients across diverse industries and job functions, and trains thousands of candidates in career transition each year on topics such as Resume Development, Over 50 Job Search Tips, Personal Branding, Linked In, and much more.Nicole has held management roles in Corporate and Nonprofit organizations across multiple industries (Packaged Goods,, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Social Services, Hospitality). Her job functions included Marketing, Operations and Administrative Management, and HR/Recruiting.  She holds a Degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.Nicole is known for her skills in coaching, problem-solving, as well as process development, implementation and audit, which allow her to create “Order from Chaos” with her clients.Nicole regularly offers powerful career and business coaching events and content.  To learn more about the program mentioned on today’s broadcast, or schedule a consultation, contact Nicole via email at: or connect with her on LinkedIn where she shares her knowledge and expertise on a daily basis: Website: www.CongruencyIntl.comLinkedIn: 
My guest on this episode of the Reboot Forward Podcast is professional storyteller Faun Finley.  Faun discusses:What makes a great storyJoseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey: The Call to Adventure, Refusing the Call, The Ordeal, and the Return with the Elixir. Personal Branding & Branding Your BusinessFaun came to storytelling honestly honing her craft in the cynical world of west coast advertising where she worked with some of the top agencies in Los Angeles and produced video for Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies. She spent 5 years with Walt Disney Imagineering – the innovation and storytelling arm of Disney.  Faun also worked for 10 years at the News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina as a Senior Marketing and Brand Specialist. Faun Finley is a creative communications professional and sustainability entrepreneur who uses her expertise to market purpose-driven organizations. Looking to inject more meaning into her creativity, she switched to documentary production and journalistic media. Most recently, she founded Story Effects Consulting to help companies grow genuine connections with their audiences through authentic marketing and human-centered storytelling. She also teaches storytelling methodology as a means of influence to writers, business professionals, public speakers, and college students. After the recession in 2008 she moved her digital storytelling expertise to the world of sustainability, receiving her Masters in sustainability leadership in 2017.  Faun Finley lives and works in Greensboro, North Carolina.LinkedIn: Human Centered Storytelling:
Matthew Gould positively impacts revenue and performance metrics with companies through collaborating with leaders and focussing energy and resources on SWN (so what now). He spent 24 years leading sales teams in the fast paced and ever-changing telecom industry and has spent the last 7 years co-creating customized leadership academies with businesses across North America and working as a professionally certified coach. He is the President and Co-Founder of More Co Ltd, a husband, and father of 3. Matthew is passionate about relationship-based leadership and serves his clients to realize their greatest results by championing extreme ownership for what they can control. He can be reached at 604 328 8500 on Instagram and  Check out the 50+ articles on LinkedIn (Matthew Gould) with thought provoking perspectives and practical tools for leadership, sales, performance, and teamwork. According to Matthew, we are in a constant state of change. AND....we should focus on being present regardless of the changing that is taking place.PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE- can't control or change the past.- can't control or change the future as the future never comes.- one zone to be aware of our impact on change...the PRESENT. (now is forever)Replace WTF with SWN (So what's next?)- I have been laid off....focus on SWN- I have been impacted by covid...focus on SWN- I have heard the words 'you have cancer' spoken about my family members...focus on SWNCHANGE is life.  To not change is a lack of life (Death)In business, individually AND as a team, HOW we intentionally create change and HOW we respond to the changes that have happen is one of the keys to thriving at work and at home.CHANGE is feedback. Listen to the feedback and you will see what you need to STC- stop- start- continueand where do you take action?....a) past (impossible) b) present YES  c) future (never comes)Matthew is also the co-author of “Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership”, one of Amazon's top 5 best new releases for business and leadership. 
Matthew Rosenfield is an HR Leader and social entrepreneur recognized for establishing deep client relationships based on trust, business insight, and HR expertise. Matthew has held a variety of HR roles at IBM working from his home office in Amherst, New Hampshire.  Whether he's working professionally, coaching soccer, or focused on his family - he views himself as a community builder.  Along those lines, Matthew's "labor of love," Lake Life Brand, is a lifestyle apparel brand built around a thriving community of people making memories on the lake and committed to preserving those natural resources.
On this episode we dive into the career transformation of winemaker Costa Gavaris.  Costa is co-owner and winemaker at Rigour & Whimsy Wines and happily resides with his family in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Until a few years ago, Costa was firmly ensconced in a career in health care - health data collection to be precise.  Unhappy, he made the difficult choice to follow his passion. That passion turned out to be wine.  So he and his wife Jody bought a piece of land and started growing grapes.  Their wines are now distributed across the country.  He gives credit in the ability to make the move toward following his passion, in part, to being part of a men's group (ManTalks and Connor Beaton) and ultimately, being surrounded by a supportive group of men, who nudged him forward.
Niloufer Afzal is the CEO of G2G Impact Group and a Business Transformation Coach. She leverages her knowledge and experience in Strategic Planning, Marketing and People Development at Fortune 500 companies in North America, Europe and Asia to help businesses plan, perform, collaborate and lead in a disruptive world. She started G2G Impact Group with a vision of helping businesses achieve industry leading top and bottom-line growth, by leveraging a comprehensive system of products and design thinking solutions.1. Stratapedia is a proven vision-based strategic planning model that helps turnaround the baseline business & accelerate growth.2. InnovMAP is a complete innovation ecosystem that enables businesses to deliver innovation outcomes that are predictable, incremental & profitable.3. The uniqueness is driven by a scientifically-proven coaching framework that underpins all the projects, helping drive high performance and engagement across all areas of the organization.Over the years, Nilo has been an architect of iconic brands across industries including CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Electronics and Manufacturing. Having led Merger & Acquisition projects, she is recognized for helping teams deliver outstanding results while navigating change. Nilo has an MBA in Marketing & International Business. She is also a Chartered Marketer and a Certified Coach. Beyond the professional space, she believes in giving back to the community as a mentor to new immigrants; helping them become job ready for life in Canada. Forward, Executive Coach - Reinvention, Transition Coaching, Career Counselling, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Executive Career Coaching, Accountability Coaching email:
Sarah Daniels is a top selling realtor in Greater Vancouver, who has been licensed since 2003. On today's podcast we take a look at her career journey starting with life in the stock market (brokerage business) to a radical jump to on-air radio personality, and then follow her path into television, book author and real estate.  Sarah is opinionated, comes with endless energy and whit, and now, firmly ensconced as a Top Selling Real Estate Agent in White Rock, British Columbia, she is considering her long-term plans which don't include retirement, lots of buying and selling homes, and possibly taking aim at a running for political office.Sarah was one of the co-hosts of Global BC’s Morning News, which she joined after a career in radio. She has appeared as a real estate expert on shows like “The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV”, as well as local radio and television. Sarah has written two books; “Welcome Home: Insider Secrets to Buying or Selling Your Property" and "Buying and Selling A Home For Canadians For Dummies" - both published nationally by Wiley and Sons. She also developed and co-hosted the show “Urban Suburban” on HGTV Canada. She works at Macdonald Realty Ltd., in White Rock, BC.CKNW 980 Radio, CTV, BCTV, Global TVBarry Forward and the Reboot Forward Podcast, focusing on change, transformation and reinvention.  Barry is a certified executive coach and executive career coach.  Best way to contact Barry is or
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