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What Hurts

Author: Phil Bronstein and Dave Pell

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Worrying About The News Since 2015
6 Episodes
Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle


Phil and Dave try to see the forest through the trees when it comes to Sean Penn's jungle interview with El Chapo. Plus a related discussion on the Tooth Fairy.
Phil and Dave discuss issues related to bias in the news, Zuckerberg's gift, reporting sodomy to the SEC, and the agony of choosing the wrong day to leave a game early.
We examine a culture and a media landscape in which everyone has all the answers long before any of the facts or context of a story are known. Also, the worst political slogan and parent teacher conferences.
Phil and Dave debate the "source code" when it comes to deciding what info to publish or share - from government leaks to salacious rumors. Plus, there's news of bacon.
In our second week, we play the headline game, cover the top and the bottom of the news, personal aches and pains, and take a look at the blurry line between sharing personal information online, and having that personal information shared by someone else.
The is a beta version of a new podcast. Seriously. Really beta.
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