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Author: Josh White

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The One That Got Away is a weekly podcast that covers some of the most bizarre cases true crime has to offer. Each episode dives into a story where the offender gets away with the seemingly impossible. In this series we will cover prison escapes, fugitives, con artists, and unsolved mysteries. Make sure to take your blood pressure medication because these stories are going to get your heart racing.
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Travel into the darkness with Josh and Tyler as they dive into some of the world's most terrifying travel destinations. Each week they'll discuss a new location that not only has an eerie past, but is open for visitors. With a mix of travel, true crime, history, and hauntings, this show has something for everyone.This weeks episode is the Lizzie Bordon Bed and Breakfastwww.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by Thaibeats 
A Few Bad Santas

A Few Bad Santas


It's a Christmas special full of horrible Santas!www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by - Peter Petrowski
The odd story of one of America's first sensationalized crimes, the OJ Simpson case of its time.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by - Peter Petrowski
A strange Hollywood disappearance staring the same detective from the Black Dahlia case.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Peter Petrowski
America has a long, proud history of government officials shooting it out when  their feelings get hurt. From historic duels to modern murder, we're airing our countries dirty laundry.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Peter Petrowski
There are plenty of corrupt politicians that have called New York City home. William Tweed may not be the worst, but you sure could make a case for him. Listen in as we discuss one of the men who inspired "Gangs of New York"www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Peter Petrowski
In honor of this year's presidential election we're going to cover a few politicians who got away with some pretty awful crimes. Don't worry, we won't be taking sides. This mini series is a non partisan, crooked politician free for all. First up, Ted Kennedy!www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Peter Petrowski



Listen in as Josh and Tyler discuss the true inspiration behind Scream!www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Aries Beats
The Shining

The Shining


Listen in as we discuss Steven King's, "The Shining" and the events which inspired this classic.Music by: Aries
Listen in as we discuss the true story that inspired one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time, "Child's Play",  AKA Chucky!www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by: Peter Petrowksi
The conclusion to our eight part series covering the disappearance of Ron Tammen. This episode will discuss some unusual occurrences as to how the FBI handled Ron's case. At the conclusion of the show we will bring in our expert collaborator, Jennifer Wenger, to answer fan questions, and unveil her theory as to what happened.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronaldtammen.comMusic by - Peter PetrowskiSource: Jennifer Wenger and her blog site www.ronaldtammen.comThank you Jenny, we couldn't have done this without you! 
The CIA's Man at Miami

The CIA's Man at Miami


How is the CIA and MKULTRA tied to the disappearance or Ron Tammen? Listen in to find out!www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronaldtammen.comMusic by Peter PetrowskiResearch provided courtesy of Jennifer Wenger. Be sure to visit her blog site to find even more in depth info regarding this
This week's episode is dedicated to Marcia Tammen who passed away at the end of August. On this episode we will discuss what may have been going through Ron's mind and presenting a reason as to why he may have been exploring hypnosis at Miami University of Ohio. www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.rondaldtammen.comMusic by: Peter PetrowskiSource: Jennifer Wenger and her blog site www.ronaldtammen.comFor further education and understanding please look for the following:Before Stonewall (Amazon Prime)The Lavender Scare (paid group screenings)The Boys in the Band (Netflix)Coming Out Under Fire (Vimeo)
Were getting to the important stuff now in our series discussing the disappearance of Ronald Tammen. Listen in as we discuss the importance of Ron's open textbook that was found after his disappearance. www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronaldtammen.comMusic by Peter PetrowskiSources:Expert Contributor Jennifer Wenger 
Listen to the story of Rocky Myers. A man who almost certainly is being put to death for a crime he did not commit. It's not to late to save Rocky. After listening be sure to sign the petition below.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comMusic by Peter Petrowski
This week we continue our deep dive into the disappearance of Ron Tammen. We will discuss a reported sighting, Ron's roommate Chuck, and the importance of his open text book. www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronaldtammen.comExpert Contributor - Jennifer WengerMusic by - Peter PetrowskiSource - 
Listen in as we discuss details from blog entries found on about discrepancies that have been found in the timeline of Ron Tammen's dissapearance. We will also interview our resident expert, Jennifer Wenger, and see what she has to say regarding these details.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronnaldtammen.comMusic by: Peter 
Listen in as we discuss details from blog entries found on about who Ron Tammen really was, and a story that completely changes the timeline of his disappearance. We will also interview our resident expert, Jennifer Wenger, and see what she has to say regarding these details.www.theonethatgotawaypod.comwww.ronnaldtammen.comMusic by: Peter 
This season "The One That Got Away" will be discussing the disappearance of Ronald Tammen at Miami University. Josh and Tyler have teamed up with Jennifer Wenger who has investigated the case for over ten years. Listen in and find out what we think really happened to Ron.www.ronaldtammen.comwww.theonethatgotawaypod.comIntro music - Peter Petrowski1950s Doo Wop beat - Produced by Rogeaysample "put your head on my shoulder" by Paul AnkaCinematic Mystery - Produced by What PicturesSources:https://ronaldtammen.com -- Miamian Magazine Fall 2006 issue detailing three Miami Mysteries. -- Article from Nov. 26, 2019 which details the history of Fisher Hall. -- Issue of The Miami Student from April 28, 1953.  This issue features an article about Ronald Tammen and the details the university released at that time regarding his disappearance. -- The Miami Student, Oct. 28, 2011 issue.  This issue covers the Ronald Tammen disappearance and also some of the findings from the second psychic who visited campus during the 1970’s. -- Archived copy of The Miami Student from Nov. 1, 1988, which covers the visits by two spiritualists and Dr. Shriver’s “Miami Mysteries” lecture series, which included the story of Ronald Tammen.  -- This article contains information about Dr. Phillip R. Shriver and his passion for Miami University History, including a link to the Miami University Alumni Association YouTube page.  You can hear Dr. Shriver’s “History of Miami University” and share his passion for the university and all it has to offer. -- The Miami Student, Vol. 96, No. 49 (May 15th, 1973) .  This issue of the campus newspaper gives a short summary of the Ronald Tammen story and explains why the university opened up the building on Thursday, May 17th, 1973 for a day of guided tours.Pictures from:
Season Two Trailer

Season Two Trailer


Josh and Tyler are back with a whole new format. Join the two of us and our resident expert Jenny Wenger as we try to make sense of a missing persons case from the 1950's. Music by: Peter Petrowski
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