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Could the attack on Russia's Belgorod be the start of something bigger? How Greece's conservatives hope to go it alone as a second vote is called and Turkey goes into the election runoff with Erdogan's rival facing an uphill battle. Also: Is Europe falling behind in the AI race? Will the EU's new AI regulation lessen the risk to humans? And how talking credit cards can help the visually impaired.
Turkey's presidential election goes to a second round, hopes fade for those still missing months after Turkey's quakes, and what next for Georgia's EU membership hopes? Also: how are Kyiv residents coping with the on-off threat of Russian strikes, La Palma votes for the first time since the volcanic eruption, and Dutch help for those grieving for lives lost during the pandemic.
Election monitors in Turkey steel themselves for the task ahead, protests in Belgrade after mass shootings shock the nation, plus the British monarchy as seen by its fans… and by its critics. Then in the second half: a half-hour Eurovision Song Contest special packed full of sequins and spangles, politics and patriotisms… Don’t miss it!
Bosnia has a new regional government, Turkey’s Alevi community rally around their candidate, Britain gets out its bunting, and France’s Finance Minister writes a steamy novel. Also on Inside Europe: the World Press Freedom Index, Russian journalists in Riga, Fracking in the Netherlands, and refugee tours in Berlin.
The AfD’s youth-wing is officially right-wing extremist, urgent questions are raised about elections in North-Kosovo, an outside challenger shakes up the Turkish election race, and why the Pope will be staying a little longer in Hungary this time round. Also: Russian dissidents, North-Sea spy ships, and Scandinavian fact checkers.
Inside Europe 20.04.2023

Inside Europe 20.04.2023


Work begins on Finland’s border fence with Russia, an interview with breaking news reporter Allison Quinn, and climate protesters demand a 30 km/h speed limit in Prague. Also: sperm scandal in the Netherlands, a two-part look at the consequences of drought in southern Europe, and Luxemburg celebrates three years of free public transport.
Will Biden's call for a return to power-sharing in Northern Ireland be answered? Could lingering inflation in Turkey seal Erdogan's election fate? Why do many French see electronic billboards as an eyesore? Also: Amsterdam brothel owners see red over plans for sex in the suburbs, reality bites for young men in Latvia as conscription returns, and the onerous job of cleaning up landmines in Ukraine.
Finland becomes NATO's 31st member in record time, was peace in Northern Ireland achieved by one stubborn spy? And Istanbul bulldozes shoddy buildings as it prepares for the big one. Also: As Kosovo's ex-president goes on trial, is the West trying to rewrite history? memories of the Warsaw Jewish ghetto uprising 80 years on, and glowing algae and fungi help to light up a small French town.
Inside Europe 30.03.2023

Inside Europe 30.03.2023


Hungary votes to let Finland into NATO, Norway repatriates two sisters who left to join ISIS, Scotland has a new leader, and unvaccinated French medics remain in limbo. Also on Inside Europe: a half-hour migration special, including the view from Calais, the EU’s new Migration Pact, a model resettlement programme in Spain and the woman feeding Ukrainian refugees in Vienna.
Macron forces through deeply unpopular pension reforms in France, reckoning time for London’s Metropolitan Police, and who is the man attempting to topple Turkey’s Erdogan? Also: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports back. We’ll be looking in detail at what this means, as well as offering ideas for solutions.
The Dutch provincial election brings farmers to the fore, all eyes on the skies after a US drone falls into the Black Sea, and the BBC reinstates Gary Lineker, but what about the corporation’s impartiality? Also: Turkish journalists struggle to be heard in the wake of the quake, Belarus' opposition sets up its own alternative embassy and French cinema goers revel in anti-revolutionary history.
Inside Europe 09.03.2023

Inside Europe 09.03.2023


A Women of Europe special edition: We hear from the Russian Feminist Resistance and Ukraine's frontline as well as the nonagenarian performer Thelma Ruby. Also: Trail-blazing Hungarian politicians from opposite sides of the political divide, Sasha Talaver on Soviet gender narratives, UK campaigners against police misogyny, and a dead French woman still saving lives from beyond the grave.
Finland votes to join NATO, investigative journalist Erika Kinetz on the phone intercepts throwing new light on the horrors of Bucha, and Hungary's spyware scandal deepens. Also: a new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, Erdogan struggles in the wake of the quakes, German families say they’ve had enough, and we celebrate the day of Italy’s greenest nut!
We mark the one year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine with a special programme in which we’ll be taking stock of the situation so far - hearing from those most impacted, and asking: where to from here? Featuring interviews with Mark Galeotti and Tetyana Ogarkova.
The fingerpointing begins over the lack of quake-proof buildings in Turkey, opposition areas outshine the Erdogan government's response to the disaster, and arch-enemy Greece offers assistance to Ankara. Also: Holding Putin to account for war crimes in Ukraine, how bringing back bodies from the battlefield brings some closure, and inflation takes a bite out of Norway's sovereign wealth fund.
Turkey after the earthquake: we hear from DW's correspondents on the ground. Also: Giorgia Meloni's first three months in power, Germany gets its first ever Black children's library, Budpest hosts an Invisible University for Ukrainian students and the fight is on to save France's morribund churches.
Czechs elect a former NATO general as head of state, Turkey’s Erdogan clamps down on the political opposition and Spain repatriates the children of "Islamic State" fighters. Also: a million French people march against pension reform, it's game on for Ukrainian football despite the war, and meet the Bulgarian masked men and boys who chase evil spirits away.
Germany opens up the way for Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Turkey holds firm over its NATO veto against Sweden and heads roll as Zelenskyy launches a high-level clean-up. Also: disturbing human trafficking cases from Spain and the UK, why Switzerland is so keen to woo back Chinese visitors and meet the French bakers who left their ovens to take to the streets.
Survival at the Russian-Norwegian border, Turkish power ships and the race to alleviate Ukraine's energy misery, the arrest of Italy's most notorious mafia boss and accusations of police violence in Germany. Also: Croatia adopts the euro, an interview with Kosovo's president, Pompeii's lesser known twin reveals its secrets, and the launch of an exciting new investigative podcast.
Climate resistance in Germany's Rhineland, energy sobriety in France, a toxic waste fire in the UK and melting snow in the Swiss Alps. Also: the Vatican re-opens its investigation into the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, migrant workers return home from Russia, Serbia cashes in on Russia's brain-drain and Belgium uses art to take on angst.
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Kerry South

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Mar 12th

Kerry South

love what you guys do. rarely miss an episode. tx for showing us how true journalism should look and sound. the "kiddy post prandial sound effect" was a bit cringe. that is my only criticism for 2022. thank you

Jan 2nd
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