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Author: Tom & Amanda Agnew

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Ordinary Grace is a podcast devoted to experiencing the grace of God in the ordinary spaces of life. Our goal is to think through our favorite topics as well as contemporary issues through the lens of the Gospel. We love having conversations with our favorite people! So join us!
35 Episodes
If you have not heard, the organizers of the Together for the Gospel Conference have announced that April 2022 will mark the final installment of the beloved Conference.  Tom hops on to reflect on the impact this conference has had on his life and ministry and to grieve circumstances that contributed to the demise of T4G.  If you have not read it yet, here is Colin Hanson’s reflection from the Gospel Coalition.  Worth a Read.
It seems that the word “reformed” is used by a lot of well meaning brothers and sisters as a way to describe their theological convictions.  Though we are happy to have more and more people investigate the Reformed faith, we must use the word appropriately.  To be Reformed is more than being a Calvinist.  All Reformed are Calvinists but not all Calvinists are reformed. This conversations seems to be even more important in light of the emergence of the growth of “New Calvinism” (Think Gospel Coalition, Acts 29 Network ,etc) and the rise of more fundamentalist Calvinist Baptists who say they are reformed when they probably are not in its truest sense.  Tom and Ryan discuss the difference between being reformational and reformed.   This should be a good conversation!  Tune in!   
Tom and Ryan finally throw up another episode.  Today, we talk about the current evangelical landscape and how a confessional and reformed approach offers a more complete critique of the varying issues facing American religions. Suggested Resources:Recovering the Reformed Confession  - R. Scott ClarkWhy was the Reformation Necessary? - Robert GodfreyFind us on ITunes, Google Podcasts or any Podcast Catcher!
On this episode, Tom goes solo to discuss whats behind the relaunch of the Ordinary Grace Podcast.  This podcast is not an attempt to build a platform or experiment in vanity.  Rather, it’s a space to work out theological ideas and their relevance to the current American evangelical landscape.  Tune in and join the conversation.If you have thoughts or questions, you can contact Tom at
On this episode, we dig into the extent of God's decree and how God's sovereign actions cannot be separated from his being and nature.  
Tom and Ryan are finally back after a busy few weeks and some technical difficultly with Tom's 8 year old Mac.   But they are ready to dig into the Decree of God in chapter 3 of the 2nd London Confession & Westminster Confession.  In this chapter we will talk in detail about human free will and God's sovereign actions. This should be fun!
Tom & Ryan reconnect after a couple busy weeks of vacations and Covid-19 precautions to riff on politics & the glory and sovereignty of God as outlined in the 2nd London & Westminster Confession!  Tune in.
Tom and Ryan finish up their conversation on Chapter 2, Paragraph 1 from the 2LBC and WCF.  Where the first half of the paragraph deals with God's nature, the second deals with his character and how he relates to mankind.  
Tom and Ryan throw up the mics to discuss Chapter 2 Paragraph 1 in both the Second London Confession and the Westminster Confession.  The conversation was so dense that they had to break paragraph 1 into two episodes.  The knew what we needed to do since he allowed Tom's lawn care man to interrupt their conversation.  Important Quote about God's Impassability -"Theologians have often said that when God is described in the language of human emotion, these are expressions of effect, not affect.  In other words, we are reading about the effects God causes us to experience of himself not effects we have caused God to experience in Himself." - James RenihanSupplemental Reading:Knowing God by J.I. Packer. 
Tom and Ryan continue their discussion in the first Chapter of the Westminster and 2nd London Confessions on the topic of Biblical Interpretation.  They briefly introduce the categories of Redemptive Historical & Grammatical Historical Interpretations of Scripture and why they matter.  
On this episode, Tom and Ryan dig into the Westminster Confession and the 2nd London Confession on Part 1 of a conversation about the nature and necessity of the Scriptures. If you what to know more about why Christians love "THE BOOK" so much, tune in!  
On this episode, Tom and Joe Stegall (Pastor of Providence Baptist Church discuss the current cultural climate and the impact of the culture wars on the church.  We discuss everything from Cancel Culture, Inter-Family Disagreements, Leading with moderation as a pastor and discerning the multiple realms of authority established by God.  Super helpful discussion...This was a fun one!  Some great resources for reflection:Heidelblog with R. Scott Clark on GCC and Civil Disobedience Renihan on the Restricting of Conscience and Restricting of Actions
Tom and Ryan get things restarted on the Ordinary Grace Podcast finishing a series of discussions on the catholic (universal) church creeds with a discussion on the Chalcedonian Creed.  We talk about the importance of Jesus divinity and humanity.  We may even discuss the merits of Marvel vs. DC.  Of course, Marvel comes out on top.  Resources:The Basics of Chalcedonian Christology - Keith Mathison
On today's episode, a couple "Big Hams" tackle the importance of the Trinity and why it's not just an etherial discussion but one that impacts our understanding of Creation, Mission and Relationships.  Check out Lutheran Satire's fun video on Bad Analogies for the Trinity
On this episode, Tom and Amanda discuss the importance of doing history.  They also continue their series on the Doctrine of God as they discuss His Immutability and the assurance that gives our hope of redemption.  
Tom and Ryan discuss the far reaching impact of the Council of Nicaea and the Nicene Creed.  We also discuss the importance of Macaroni and Cheese.  
Tom and Amanda dive into a difficult conversation about God's Simplicity.  The essential nature of this attribute of God impacts our confidence in the work of Redemption.  Tune in.
Tom and Ryan Bigham continue their series of conversations on the importance of the ecumenical creeds with a conversation on the Apostle's Creed.  The dangers that the Apostle's Creed addressed are resurrected in just about every generation and the guys outline a few of those for us in this episode.  We also have a "little fun with northerners" as we talk about the differences in our vocabulary...oh and we have stumbled upon a T-shirt idea for Ordinary Grace.  "Don't be a Marcionite" (Pronounced Marshionite).Tune in!  
On this 3rd Installment in our series on God's Attributes called "KNOWING GOD", Tom and Amanda tackle God's Aseity.  Weird word  but so important to grasping the weight of God's free mercy and love for his people.  
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