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Host Robbye Fox sits down with Andrew Reiner, author of the new book Better Boys, Better Men: The New Masculinity That Creates Greater Courage and Emotional Resiliency, to discuss how parents of sons can encourage improved communication to help men and boys develop the emotional intelligence they need to live more authentic, connected lives. Support the show
There's no question that the life-limiting impact of the pandemic and concern about other current events are affecting our emotional and mental health, but how do we talk with our kids about it? This episode includes a conversation with Rachel Larkin, MSW, LCSW, and director of crisis prevention and intervention services at EveryMind, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mental wellness of every mind, as she shares not-to-be-missed insights and information about what our children might be thinking and feeling and how we can determine when to worry and what to do when we are.  Rachel is a social worker who has been running the 24/7 Montgomery County Hotline for more than a decade. The American Association of Suicidology accredited program is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network. Rachel has a MSW from The National Catholic School of Social Service and a MA from Vanderbilt University. She is co-chair of the Montgomery County MD Suicide Prevention Coalition. In addition, she speaks throughout the state on mental health and suicide and spent 7 years as a trainer for the Mental Health First Aid program.National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 800-273-8255. The Montgomery County, MD hotline run by EveryMind is 301-738-2255 or Support the show
The latest episode of Parenting With PEP During the Pandemic is all about the dad's perspective. Covering the challenges and opportunities of working and schooling at home including: keeping the family organized, who cooks dinner, who takes out the trash,  who cleans the dishes and tips for connecting with your kids. Support the show
The events of Summer 2020 laid bare the racial injustices we face in this country. Parents want to raise the next generation to embrace the diverse communities we live in and take action to spark conversations and action with their children.Join host Robbye Fox and fellow PEP Parent Educator Carol Muleta, founder of Parenting 411, for a conversation about parenting and race. Carol shares her experience raising twin black boys and the skills and values she hoped to inspire in them. Discover a few perspectives about parenting and what we can all do to raise racially conscious children.Support the show
Preparing for and applying to college wasn't ever a cakewalk. Now with the Coronavirus keeping our kids at home without the structure of extracurriculars, internships, and sports, the question arises: how can our graduating seniors plan for college in the fall, and how can freshmen, sophomores, and juniors remain competitive for college? Host Robbye Fox is joined by PEP Certified Parent Educator and college consultant Wendie Lubic who offers guidance on encouraging teens to use this time wisely in planning their futures.Support the show
Parks closed. Camps and activities cancelled. Play dates unavailable. Where's the fun? And why should my kids be having fun when they're not giving their schoolwork the attention it deserves or helping around the house? The fact is fun is an antidote to the anxiety all family members may be feeling during a pandemic. Join Certified Parent Educator and Professional organizer Paige Trevor as she shares with host Robbye Fox why incorporating fun into the day is important in increasing family connection and cooperation. Support the show
With everyone in the house together 24-7, family life can feel more than a bit of chaotic and out of control. What are limits and how can they help families improve connection. Host Robbye Fox is joined by Certified Parent Educator Dana Spencer who offers guidance on establishing and enforcing consistent limits within the home that everyone can live with.Support the show
Being stuck at home with all activities cancelled means children of all ages want to spend more time on electronics and even need to because of virtual schoolwork. How can families reduce electronic battles and maintain a life balance while surviving a quarantine? Host Robbye Fox speaks with Denise DeRosa, a digital health and online wellness coach and founder of Cyber-Sensible, about what we can all do to work toward safe, mindful and purposeful use of technology.Support the show
Yelling, crying, fighting, shutting down ... parents and caregivers across the world are seeing these emotions and many more as their children deal with quarantine and the disruption of their spring and summer plans. In this first episode of Pandemic Parenting with PEP,   host Robbye Fox speaks with Emory Luce Baldwin, a Licensed Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Parent Educator with the Parent Encouragement Program, about what we can do to help coach our children through these difficult emotions while working toward more peace in the home. Support the show
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