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Author: Kevin Mutore

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The Health Notes Show is dedicated to bringing you the hottest topics in medicine so that you can use real science to make informed choices about your health. Join the movement that puts FACTS before OPINIONS.
2 Episodes
Dr. Fauci announced that the Remdesivir clinical trials were a success and that it was the new standard of care for the coronavirus treatment. But was he right? Join me today as we explore the different trials that have looked into Gilead's Remdesivir antiviral drug.  We will discuss randomized control trials and take an in-depth look at what it takes to  truly accept that a drug is effective.
Are you wondering if it is too early to remove stay-at-home orders? As many states begin lifting restrictions and businesses start opening their doors, people seem  split between staying at home and trying to regain some sense of normal. In this episode, we explore the facts behind stay-at-home orders and quarantine.  We look at the science behind COVID-19, why stay-at-home orders where put into place, and what I think the solution to this problem is. Remember to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review to let us know if you're enjoying the content.