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Author: Mark Coggins

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Crime fiction by Mark Coggins featuring private investigator August Riordan. Season 1 is THE DEAD BEAT SCROLL, a novel the New York Journal of Books called a “Glorious potpourri of violence, black humor … sex, and a hunt for a lost manuscript.”
51 Episodes
In this audio fiction presentation of the novel The Dead Beat Scroll, private investigator August Riordan returns to San Francisco to avenge the death of his friend and one-time partner, Chris Duckworth. Duckworth has taken over Riordan’s old business, his old office, and even his old apartment, and Riordan suspects Duckworth’s death is linked to the missing-person case he was working when he died.An alluring young woman named Angelina hired Duckworth to look for her half-sister, but what Riordan finds instead is a murderous polyamorous family intent on claiming a previously unknown manuscript from Beat writer Jack Kerouac.Following clues from Duckworth and a trail of mutilated bodies left by the family, Riordan soon realizes that avenging his partner will first involve recovering the manuscript—then saving Angelina and himself from kidnap, torture, and death. As the bodies pile up, Riordan must work with old allies and enemies to untangle Duckworth’s last case before time runs out.In Chapter 1, Riordan makes a late-night visit to a massage parlor.Support the show (
Riordan goes back to his old San Francisco office to compare notes with his ex, Gretchen Sabatini.Support the show (
Riordan goes to Berkeley to talk to Ivy, the sugar baby who hired Duckworth.Support the show (
Riordan visits Ivy's sugar daddy.Support the show (
Riordan meets Angelina, Duckworth's actual last client.Support the show (
Riordan makes another late night visit to Golden Fingers.Support the show (
Riordan makes an unsettling discovery.Support the show (
Riordan updates Angelina on developments in the case.Support the show (
Riordan gets his hair cut--and makes an important discovery as a result.Support the show (
Riordan has a literary experience.Support the show (
Riordan visits a rare book dealer.Support the show (
Riordan gains important insight into the origin of the mysterious scroll thanks to research by GretchenSupport the show (
Riordan gets schooled on Beat Generation writers.Support the show (
Riordan meets with Kittredge to compare notes.Support the show (
Riordan meets Kim and learns a thing or two more about the birds and the bees.Support the show (
Riordan goes to see Kim's friend Tuyen.Support the show (
Riordan learns more about what happened to Tuyen and goes to see Angelina.Support the show (
Riordan meets the leader of Wo Hop To.Support the show (
Riordan receives an unexpected visitor from Palm Springs.Support the show (
Riordan gets an important message from an old friend.Support the show (
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