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What do Sony, North Korea and 81 Million dollars have in common?...  the story of a hacking ring and an attempt to steal a billion dollars. Do you remember the Sony hacks of 2014? Did you know they were linked to James Franco and Seth Rogen, Kim Jong-Un and the so-called Lazarus Group?Tune in this week as Ollie wraps up Season 2 by introducing James to a podcast that spans the globe in search of why a group of international hackers attempted to steal 1 Billion dollars from The Bangladesh Bank, with The Lazarus Heist. Brought to us by BBC News and hosted by the brilliant journalists Jean Lee and Geoff White, this tale of international intrigue is a must listen.Hear all the reasons why you need this podcast in your life and in your podcast queue.
In follow up to our review of Ecstasy: The Battle Of The Rave we have the pleasure of having the brilliant Chris Waburton and Ciaran Tracey on the show.Tune in to hear all about the team that brought the podcast together and gain insight into how the podcast was made. 
S2 E23: 13 Alibis

S2 E23: 13 Alibis


What do a New York murder, Police laziness and a baby's birth in Florida have in common?...  How a man who claims to have 13 alibi witnesses got convicted of murder and served 20 years in prison.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a Podcast that chronicles the case of Richard Rosario, who was convicted of a 1996 murder in New York City while he claims to have been in Florida, with 13 Alibis Brought to us by Dateline NBC and investigated, presented and produced by Dan Slepian, 13 Alibi's is a must listen.Make sure you listen to all the reasons you to get around this podcast.
What do Disneyland, Sex workers and a foot in a trash-sorting plant have in common?... A podcast that examines a woman detective determined to get justice, whatever the method. Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that focuses on Anaheim investigator Julissa Trapp and her hunt for a notorious killer, with Detective Trapp. Brought to us by Wondery and the LA Times and hosted by the brilliant mind who brought us Dirty John,  Los Angeles Times staff writer Christopher Goffard.Hear all the reasons you should listen to this true-crime podcast that as opposed to focusing in on the killer, homes in on the cop — and draws an intensely human portrait of its titular subject.
What do Rupert Murdoch, The Mossad and Jeffery Epstein have in common?... A podcast that helps us to understand Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in crime) by getting to know her father, media tycoon Robert Maxwell.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that follows Robert Maxwell's rise from nothing to fall... from the deck of his super yacht under mysterious circumstances, with Power: The Maxwells. Brought to us by  Somethin’ Else, makers of ‘The Immaculate Deception’ and ‘The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq’ and hosted by brilliant Investigative journalist Tara Palmeri, ‘Power: The Maxwells’ is a seven part series on the incredible true story of a media mogul whose legacy is still being felt today.
What do a stand up comedian, the worlds "smartest" people and a dumb slut have in common?...  A woman's more-than-uncomfortable year of experiences in Mensa, the world’s oldest high-IQ society. Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that explores the nasty alt right undercurrent of Mensa, with My Year In Mensa. Brought to use by iHeartRadio and first person reported by the hilariously dry Jamie Loftus, the podcast is a must listen.From death threats online to the infamous 'boob thread', taking the test as a joke to attending the 2019 American Mensa gathering and everything in between, make sure you listen to hear why you need this podcast in your life.
S2 E19: Wind Of Change

S2 E19: Wind Of Change


What do Louie Armstrong, The CIA and a baby boom in France have in common?... The rumour that the Scorpian song, Wind of Change - one of the biggest rock singles EVER,  was actually written by the CIA.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that embarks on a journey to find the truth. A podcast that explores the possibility that a song that ended the Cold War was a CIA activity spreading propaganda through pop music. An original series from Pineapple Street Studios, Crooked Media and Spotify, Wind of Change is researched and presented by the fantastic Patrick Radden Keefe.  From Moscow to Ohio, spies doing the unthinkable to leather clad rockers performing in Russia and a maze of government secrets, We discuss all the reasons Wind of Change is a must listen!
S2 E18: Bed Of Lies

S2 E18: Bed Of Lies


What do environmental activists,  state-condoned sexual abuse, and a public inquiry have in common?... one of the biggest scandals in recent British history. Between 1990 and 2010 women of various left-wing  groups were seduced, misled and manipulated by undercover police officers; they were victims of what has become known as the “spy cops” scandal.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that explores the horrifying abuse of human rights that occurs when women are toyed with and used in the pursuit of "justice", with Bed Of Lies. Brought to us by The Telegraph and written and hosted by the brilliant Cara McGoogan, Bed Of Lies is a must listen and Ollie and James will tell you why.
S2 E17: Suave

S2 E17: Suave


What do the Supreme Court, a journalist and a man serving a life sentence have in common?...A journalist who followed a story for almost 30 years - the ups, the downs and the relationship that evolves between reporter and source.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast about the system that sentences juveniles to life in prison, a story of incarceration, redemption, and the unusual relationship between a journalist and a source, with Suave. Brought to us by Futuro Studios and PRX and hosted by Maggie Freleng - Suave  is an unsettling seven-part podcast that tells the story of Gonzalez, who expected to live his whole life behind bars, and his friendship with the journalist Maria Hinojosa, who gave a talk at Graterford State Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania in 1993 and stayed in contact with him in the years that followed. 
In follow up to our recent review of the deeply personal and skillfully reported Sold in America; brought to us by Stitcher, we are privileged to speak to the fabulous journalist and Activist herself, Noor Tagouri.Tune in this week as we talk all things Gender neutral names, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, sex trafficking, opioid addictions, sex workers, Philanthropy,  elevating homelessness, Rick and Morty, Solar opposites Justin Roiland, Avatar the Last Air bender, Bryan Konietzko, Ramadan, Still Processing, Black Cowboys, Podcast Noor and what's up next for Noor Tagouri. 
In follow up to our recent review of the exceptionally written and well researched Real Dictators, we get to speak to the producer himself and CEO of Noiser, Pascal Hughes. Pascal is young, ambitious and extremely talented and this interview is a must listen.Tune in as we talk all things Noiser, Pascal's transition from TV to Podcasts, Bristol, Banksy, Real Narcos, former DEA Chief of international operations,  Paul McGann, 12 million downloads, mafia season 1 and even what Pascal is listening to and watching.
What do  a suicide bombing, an Elk hunt and an infamous propaganda video have in common?...  How an American mum who left behind a comfortable life and travelled to the heart of the Islamic State group caliphate with her family.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that tries to uncover the truth about an American family’s journey from Indiana to the Islamic State group’s caliphate and back, with I Am Not A Monster. Brought to us by BBC Panorama and Frontline (PBS), I Am Not A Monster is hosted by Josh Baker and explores his four year journey to unravel a story where nothing is as it seems.  Secrets, lies and lasting consequences, hear all the reasons you need to listen to I Am Not A Monster.
What do Acid house, police riots and car convoys have in common?,,, How ecstasy changed the club scene in the UK in the 1980s.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that explores how a group of lives was changed forever when Ecstasy and Acid House first swept Britain, with Ecstasy The Battle Of The Rave. Brought to us by BBC Radio 5 Live, The producers have decided to tell that tale in two ways. First, a six-part documentary (plus a bonus episode), hosted by 5 Live’s Chris Warburton. Second, five monologues written by Danny Brocklehurst. Hear all the reasons you need to get around this podcast ASAP.
What do Oprah, Punk Rock and Neo Nazi skinheads have in common?... The origins of the youth white supremacist movement in America. Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that explores how young neo Nazi skinheads became the frontline soldiers for a coming race war and resuscitated life into the declining and laughable KKK and American Nazi's of the 1980's, with Motive Season 3. Brought to us by WBEZ Chicago, reported and hosted by Odette Yousef, produced by Colin McNulty and story consultant Christian Picciolini, MOtive Season 3 is a must listen.Hear all the reasons why you should listen to the podcast that explores why young Americans joined the white supremacy movement in the 80's and the impact that is having on America today.
What do orgies, rising music stars and a famous weatherman have in common?... The complicated and bizarre story of Chuck Bronstadt, a famous local weather man in Florida that was found dead in his water bed.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to an original fictional, comedic true crime podcast, with This Sounds Serious - Season 1: The Case of Chuck Bronstadt. A Castbox original podcast, created and produced by the award-winning studio Kelly & Kelly and voiced by Carly Pope - This Sounds Serious was rated by Apple Podcasts as one of the 'Best Podcasts of 2018'.Be ready to laugh out loud at this fake, satirical crime podcast!
What do Craigslist, Congress and the Bunny Ranch Brothel have in common...? The billion-dollar trade that is  the world of selling sex in the United States.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that covers issues from human trafficking to prostitution, and pulls back the curtain on our nation's sex trade, with Sold In America.Sold in America is an nine-episode journey hosted by journalist and activist Noor Tagouri, and brought to us by Stitcher.  This deeply personal, deeply reported series takes listeners across the country to meet the human faces of the sex trade industry – and uncovers its surprising misconceptions.
S2 E9: Real Dictators

S2 E9: Real Dictators


What do an American-trained doctor, a Chinese peasants son and a Japanese politician have in common?... Some of the worlds cruelest and murderous tyrannical leaders.Tune in this week as Ollie introduces James to a podcast that explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants, including Mao Zedong, General Tojo and Papa Doc, with Real Dictators. Brought to us by Noiser, produced by the brilliant Pascal Hughes and hosted by the talented Paul McGann (Dr Who, Luther, Withnail and I), Real Dictators is exceptionally written and well researched.The way Real Dictators fuses immersive, dramatic storytelling with interviews with world-renowned experts including  historians and an array of regime insiders, this podcast is a must listen.
In follow up to our review of the emotional and honestly raw Silent Waves, we get to speak to co-creator, host and producer, Raquel O'Brien. Find out how Silent Waves came to be, the ripple effect the podcast has had and where and what Raquel has been doing since the podcast.Covering a host of different topics like her family's involvement in the Podcast, the amazon, Maya Angelou, Casefile Presents, Casefile Presents The Official Portuguese Edition and much much more, tune in to hear the interview we have been waiting months to bring you.
In follow up to our recent review of the enthralling Chameleon Hollywood Con Queen, we get to speak to Journalist, author and one of the hosts, Josh Dean. Hear all about how he went on a quest to uncover one of the biggest scams in recent history.Find out how Josh and Vanessa put pressure on the FBI to crack the case, how COVID 19 could interfere the investigation and outcome, teasers about what's next for Josh and Campside Media and much much more.
What do Hollywood, Jakarta and the 'offer of a lifetime' have in common? An unbelievably long con where hundreds of Hollywood gig workers have been fooled into flying to Indonesia for a movie that doesn’t existTune in this week as Ollie introduces James to one of the weirdest and wildest scams in recent history; where an international con artist was able to impersonate hundreds of Hollywood  elite to scam millions of dollars out of thousands of people, with Chameleon Hollywood Con Queen.  Brought to us by Campside Media co-founders Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis, hear why  Spotify, Stitcher, and Rolling Stone named it one of 2020's best podcasts.
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