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Missioning is a space to explore all things mission. Global Interaction is an Australian based global mission organisation passionate about seeing vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways. Missioning is Global Interaction's podcast.
36 Episodes
It's the time of year where we start to reflect on the highs, lows and lessons of the past 12 months. And it's no different for Missioning! For our special season finale, Sulari, Scott and Marcus take the chance to share five pivotal moments from their 2021.Why not join them in reflecting on your year? The five sections are:1. Top life-giving moment of 20212. Most surprising moment of 20213. Biggest challenge of 20214. Best decision of 20215. Favourite story from Global Interaction's ministry in 2021 This is an engaging and full conversation. Enjoy laughing and learning with Scott, Sulari and Marcus. Scott Pilgrim is Global Interaction's Executive Director, Marcus Wong is a mission-minded young adult and filmmaker and Sulari Nielsen is our Missioning host. Support the show (
What has God been teaching you over the past season? In this episode, Cambodia team members Luke and Rachel share the top seven things they learnt in their first three years as intercultural workers. It's an engaging conversation full of stories, laughs and insights about God, mission and life. And what's amazing is that so many of things they are learning in Cambodia are just as relevant in an Australian mission context. Be encouraged by this episode as you journey with people in your local neighbourhood.Support the show (
10 years ago, Ryan visited the team in South Asia on a Global Xposure trip. This was a pivotal experience that prompted Ryan to ask God if this is where He would have him serve for the next season of his life. A decade later, Ryan and his wife Suzie have joined the Global Interaction South Asia team. In this episode, Ryan shares about God's leading in his life, humility, the life-changing impact of our partner NGO in South Asia and the wrong question to ask about our involvement in God's mission. Ryan has been a physio, Pastor, Global Interaction's VIC/TAS State Leader and is now the Team Leader of our South Asia team. He is also a passionate football fan and history buff! Support the show (
There are a few things in life that are inevitable, and one of them is that we will all experience challenges… but that doesn’t make them any easier to live through!So how do we overcome doubt, disappointment and discouragement? That’s the very question we asked three different people for our second thematic episode of Missioning. Ryan (South Asia), Mel (Silk Road Area) and Mike (South East Asia) share candidly from their personal experience of discouragement and doubt, as well as how they have come out of that space. We pray this episode encourages you in your faith as you hear the stories of others.   Support the show (
This episode is all about prayer, and so are our guests Dema and Carolyn! Dema and Carolyn join Sulari from Thailand where they have been serving with the Global Interaction team for the past 11 years. In this conversation, Carolyn and Dema share the story of Pam, an Ethnic Thai friend who is taking steps towards Jesus... something they and their partnership team have been praying for. Dema and Carolyn also share about their personal prayer practices and how they hear from God. These two faithful followers of Jesus will encourage you in your prayer life! This special prayer episode is one of the resources of Just Prayer. Just Prayer is a weekend of focused prayer for the world and Global Interaction's teams, 12 - 14 November. Explore more at: the full episode here: the show (
What does it mean to go? Can we 'go' while staying right where we are? Our guest for this episode of Missioning is Mel, an amazing young woman who is preparing to join the team in the Silk Road Area. After a short-term trip to visit the team, Mel felt the Spirit's promptings to explore intercultural mission for herself. In this conversation, she talks with Sulari about the human characteristics of Jesus, life as a police officer and the power of prayer. Support the show (
This is part two of the rich conversation Chris and Jodie MacCartney had with Sulari. And it's a true part two... so if you haven't listened to part one then please head back to episode 25 to hear the start of the conversation! In this episode, Chris and Jodie share more stories from their time in Thailand and explore what their new role at Global Interaction is all about. Enjoy!Support the show (
Chris and Jodie MacCartney are Kingdom people! They embody Kingdom values in the way they live their life, love people and serve God. We're excited to share part 1 of the rich conversation Jodie and Chris had with Sulari for this episode of Missioning. Chris and Jodie share about their 14 years in Thailand where they served with UNOH and Global Mission Partners among an impoverished neighbourhood in Bangkok. Now back in Australia, they have joined the Global Interaction team as Recruitment Specialists and are excited to journey with people passionate about partnering with God in His Kingdom work. This is a dynamic and rich conversation that will inspire and challenge you. These two are legends! Support the show (
Imagine you have packed up your belongings, boarded a plane and arrived in another country to become a long-term intercultural worker. It's day one and you are in hotel quarantine. What's going on in your mind? For this episode of Missioning, that's exactly where we meet Mike! Mike has just arrived in South East Asia to serve with the team. In his candid conversation with Sulari, Mike shares what it actually means to go... and why there is a need for people to go in the first place! He also shares what he's excited about as he embarks on this adventure and answers some tricky listener questions.   Support the show (
What would you tell yourself at the start of your mission journey? That's the question we asked three different people at three different stages of their mission journey. This episode is the first in our series of 'Thematic Episodes' which we will intersperse with our regular longer-form interviews. In this episode, we hear from Milard who serves in Lebanon, Lisa in South Asia and Mike in South East Asia. Their intercultural experience ranges from literally just arriving on location to 20 years of service! But they've each got something unique to share. If you want to dive in deeper, you can hear more of Milard's story in episode 21 of the podcast, Lisa's in episode 22 and Mike's in episode 24. Enjoy! Support the show (
What does God's Word say about remembering the poor? And what does this mean for our daily lives? Our guest for this episode, Lisa, is part of Global Interaction's South Asia team, serving as the CEO of our partner NGO. In this conversation, Lisa shares the impact that the NGO is having among the poorest of the poor in South Asia and the importance of sharing God's love through both word and deed. She also reflects on how her time as an intercultural worker in Cambodia continues to shape the way she lives her life. Lisa is a deep thinker with a love for God's Word, listen to be inspired and challenged.  Support the show (
As followers of Jesus we know that we should be sharing our faith with those around us, but sometimes it hard to know how to start. What if I don't know what to say? What if they reject me? If that's where you are at, then this episode with Milard with embolden and inspire you! Milard is a Global Interaction Intercultural Worker in Lebanon and over the past 19 he and Joyce have reached out to their neighbours with the good news of Jesus in powerful ways. Milard is passionate about people, building relationships and most of all... Jesus! Listen for practical next steps to equip you as you step out and start the conversation. Support the show (
Money is hard to talk about! But it is important to talk about. Our relationship with money and giving is all part of how we participate in God's mission. In this episode, Sulari chats with Tim Collison who has recently joined the Global Interaction team as our Supporter Engagement Manager. This conversation explores fundraising in the Bible, giving cheerfully and the power of prayer as we partner with God's work around the world. Tim also shares from his experiences as a missionary kid and how he is actively living out his faith in Australia.Support the show (
Craig and Kim headed to Australia for 6 weeks... 12 months ago! We praise God that they have now safely returned to their home in Cambodia. But before they got on the plane, Sulari took the chance to chat with them about Khmer culture, participating in God's mission and learning to take a back seat. It's a rich conversation full of laughs and insight for all contexts.Support the show (
This is the fourth and final episode in our 2021 May Mission Month series and connects with the theme of 'Partnering Together'. Shannon is part of Global Interaction's Outback Australia team and in this episode, shares about the encouragement of partnership. We truly can only do it together. Shannon also chats about parenting, finding rest and partnering with the First Nations believers. Support the show (
This is the third episode in our 2021 May Mission Month series and connects with the theme of 'Humbly Contextualising the Good News'. Dave, Team Leader of our South East Asia team, shares exciting stories of how God is using the team's Education Foundation to bring people into the Kingdom. He also shares a wonderful framework for living missionally in any context.   Support the show (
This episode is the second in our 2021 May Mission Month series and fits with the theme of 'Sharing God's Love'. Cathie has been living and serving as an Intercultural Worker in Cambodia for just over a year. She and Andy are in the early days of their Khmer language learning. In this episode Cathie explores how despite their currently limited Khmer communication skills, they are finding ways to share God's love with their neighbours and friends.Support the show (
This episode is the first in our 2021 May Mission Month series and fits with the theme of, 'vibrant communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways'. Melanie is an intercultural worker in Malawi, and in this episode she shares about the sisterhood of Yawo women that she has been journeying, growing and learning alongside for the past decade. Support the show (
Geoff Maddock knows the power of plants! In Lexington, Kentucky (US), he saw the way community gardens bring people together, break down barriers, demonstrate Kingdom truths and open opportunities to share God's love. In this episode, Geoff shares stories and reflects on what he's learnt over the past decades of neighbourhood mission. Geoff is Global Interaction's VIC/TAS State Leader. Support the show (
This is the fourth of four sermons in this series from Global Interaction's Executive Director Scott Pilgrim. In this series, Scott explores the question, "With eyes of faith, what do we see for communities in Australia and around the world?" We see... vibrant communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways, sharing God's love, humbly contextualising the Good News and partnering together. Support the show (
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