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Goizueta Effect

Author: Emory University's Goizueta Business School

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When you change your perspective you can change business for the better. Join us on Goizueta Effect to hear from leading faculty at the Goizueta Business School on the latest trends, research, and innovations in business, and find out how you can achieve more, do more, and create more in today’s ever-changing marketplace.
4 Episodes
Economic downturns tend to have a large effect on young adults, but there are some silver linings for those graduating into a recession.
Recessions impact more than our financial stability. From baby names and music lyrics to who gets laid off and how we treat strangers, evidence of how bad economic times change our attitudes and behaviors can be found in unusual places.
Marketing professor David Schweidel discusses how marketers gather and use personal data, the role of privacy concerns, and what the government regulation of data collection and use will mean for businesses.
Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism


Goizueta Dean Erika James discusses the roots of “conscious capitalism,” how it has become increasingly popular, what it looks like today, and why it’s important to businesses, communities, and society, and the role of business schools in promoting the concept.
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