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Why We Lead - Military Leadership

Author: Christopher "Matcha" Little

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Why We Lead is a podcast centered around military leadership. The focus is on professional military interviews, articles, and videos found on Mission: To educate today's warfighters to be modern and effective military leaders. Vision: Connect and develop leaders at every level to help teams
15 Episodes
The past, present, and future of RPAs
Leaders, here is a chat with Billy Folinusz, the new person who runs The Field Grade Leader. Lots of good information in this video on various leadership topics, particularly in regards to self-development. He is a stand-up guy who has a passion for leadership. 
Leaders, the new show The Last Dance centered around the six-time championship team The Chicago Bulls along with Michael Jordan, coach Phil Jackson, and team manager Jerry Krause. They are a myriad of leadership lessons to be learned in this series, mentioned in this podcast are the authors most admired.
Leaders, I had the honor of interviewing Ret. Lt Gen David Deptula in this video on a multitude of topics including leadership, reading, writing, doctrine, his time in the Air Force, and what he is currently doing.
Leaders, Doctrine Man, and I wore our best interview shirts we could find for this interview! Enjoy this discussion on leadership with topics including: why it is important to be able to communicate effectively, read, leaving a legacy, mentoring, and being able to write effectively as a leader. Additionally, there is even some info on how to take a hack at Clauswitz. Thanks again for your time Steve Leonard. Enjoy!
This podcast will examine why having ambition and goal setting are good things. It tells a story of Alexander the Great and an unnamed philosopher: By the age of thirty, Alexander the Great ruled over one of the largest empires in recorded history. In one of his campaigns, he and his army were trying to cross over a river. However, an unnamed philosopher was blocking their path. Alexander the Great asks the philosopher bluntly, “Who are you? I am Alexander the Great, I have conquered the world...For what is it that you have ever done with your life?” Without hesitation, the philosopher replies, “I have conquered the need to conquer the world.”  The podcast gives suggestions on how to keep your ambitions and goals on focus and not too far or left from the center.
This episode looks at the life of a servant leader. It looks at Napolean Bonaparte and the fiction character Leo from Robert Greenleaf's Essay on Servant Leadership. It is some simple ponderings of a simple theory about leadership.
Leaders, learn about leadership from a General Mike Holmes perspective. I was able to ask him some questions via The Field Grade Leader on a zoom call. Topics included his definition of leadership, what he would of done differently earlier in his career, and where he sees the future of RPAs going.
Leaders, enjoy this chat with Commander John Laney with Awesome guy with lots of leadership insight. His website and team focus on why a leader needs to continually read. He learned through an episode in his career how much he needed to be reading. A leader needs to always read to paint light in a path that might not be well lit.
Leaders, ever failed at something in life? The most effective leaders have failed, and fail frequently. It is how one recovers from failure and bounces back that separates the have's from the have nots. Enjoy!
Leaders, check out this leadership chat with Lt Col Yogi Lebby! So much to learn here from such an experienced leader. Topics include reading, leading a squadron multiple times, and what makes a successful military
This Podcast discusses why it is important to be able to effectively write as a leader in today's military. It focuses on the Air Force, but the concepts are applicable to any service branch. Examples of Action, Impact, and Result are found within as well as an example of two Flt/CCs. One who writes and one who doesn't.
Leaders, incredibly informative video with Josh Powers, owner of The Field Grade Leader. An awesome leader, with lots of experience at the tactical and staff levels.Topics Discussed include: Why to blog and give one's perspective; why reading is so important as a leader; How to develop those you lead in both direct and organizational leadership; Lastly, how to adapt and overcome failures.Leave some feedback below if there is anything you'd like discussed in the
Leaders, here is a video with guest Lt Col Travis Halleman "Pred" talk about a myriad of leadership topics. Lots about what he has seen work and what hasn't. He has bomber experience as well as AFPC experience from the bomber functional perspective. Lots of good stuff here. Thanks for your time Pred. Enjoy!
Leaders, check out the latest podcast on my reflections on leadership in Flt/CC. This is what worked for me and the teams I have been fortunate enough to lead. Comment below what worked for you in your leadership position(s).If you are ever interested in writing an article on leadership, let me know, I'd love to publish it. Go to and click the tab "Submit Article" on top for a how-to.
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