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Fully Involved with Unified Fire

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Join us as we talk firefighting and the issues. Fully Involved with Unified Fire will be a product of UFA's Information Outreach Division aimed at discussing a diverse subject matter. Our goal is to inform ourselves, our peers and our communities about all aspects of Utah’s largest fire department.
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On this episode:The Salt Lake Valley is known for its mountainous landscape and canyon recreation. As emergency responders in these areas, we face unique challenges providing service and protection to these communities. In this episode, we discuss the ways we are optimizing our coverage as we continue to see trends of increased call volume as more people use the canyons. We talk about the difference in the type of calls these crews go on and the importance of their working relationships with partner agencies like Ski Patrol and Search & Rescue. Providing response to the canyons can be challenging, so we are grateful to all those willing to assist in our service delivery.Guests:Fire Chief Dan PetersenOperations Chief Dusty DernBattalion Chief Brian AndertonCaptain Jason CampFollow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode:Today is February 1 - day one of recruit camp for Class 54. With 36 individuals, this will be the largest camp in UFA history. Members of our training staff and cadre join us to give an overview of what the camp will be like, what our recruits can expect, and the adjustments they've made to maintain a cohesive unit while splitting some weeks into two groups. We also learn more about our guests' backgrounds, the readiness they strive for Class 54 to achieve by graduation, and how the staff/cadre deal with the pressure of shaping the future of UFA. Needless to say, we all have first day jitters.This episode is brought to you by The Chad Mustache Wax, not only available in November.Guests:HazMat Specialist Sean Garrett (Fire Training staff)Paramedic Tommy Miller (Cadre)Paramedic Chad Pate (Cadre) Follow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode:In the first part of the show, we are joined over the phone by Specialist Bethany Bitter. She relays her difficult, recent experience with COVID-19 and what the lengthy recovery process has been like. Captain Greensides also talks about his experience and notes the similarities and differences between their cases. Later on, Dr. Graham BZ joins to discuss the vaccines available to our department and answer some of the questions people have who are hesitant to get it. Guests:Operations Chief Dusty DernHealth & Safety Officer Captain Mike GreensidesHazMat Specialist Bethany BitterUFA Medical Director Dr. Graham Brant-ZawadzkiFollow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode: We talk with some of our Fire Training staff and cadre members about the challenges faced for Recruit Class 53 in the midst of COVID-19. Five weeks into the new firefighters' camp, the pandemic hit and that brought uncertainty in how to proceed. We discuss what made this camp unique and how this time of hardship affected the recruits, but also led to strengthened relationships. Guests: Captain Dustan DinkelHazMat Specialist Sean Garrett Paramedic Micah StrattonEngineer Molly SwensonFollow us: Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode: On June 22, 2020, a fire started on the roof of the Applied Technology Building at the Salt Lake Community College Taylorsville campus. Initial reports came in of heavy smoke coming from the roof at around 5:20 pm. Crews immediately struck a 2nd alarm, asking for more resources due to the size and complexity of the incident. This fire presented unique challenges with building construction and wind. We break down these challenges with those who first arrived and identify some important lessons learned with a couple of our chief officers.Guests: Operations Chief Dusty Dern Battalion Chief Steve Prokopis Captain Brandon Boshard Heavy Rescue Technician Sean Brass Follow us: Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode: A look into the first two months of the wildland fire season. We have already responded to multiple high profile fires this year, including the Traverse Fire (June 28, 2020/Lehi, UT), Knolls Fire (June 28, 2020/Saratoga Springs, UT), Crestwood Fire (July 11, 2020/Millcreek, UT) and Pole Canyon Fire (July 15, 2020/Eagle Mountain, UT). We break down the challenges faced during these incidents and identify the important takeaways from the lessons learned.Guests:Operations Chief Dusty DernBattalion Chief Lee AscarteWildland Division Chief Anthony WiddisonFollow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode: We're talking Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT), these are teams dedicated to firefighter rescue. RIT is a 911 for working firefighters when they are in trouble. At Unified Fire, we have crews dedicated to this service. On this episode, we get an inside look at what these valuable teams do, how they train for worst-case scenarios, and talk about an upcoming training opportunity.Guests:Operations Chief Dusty DernCaptain Brandon BoshardCaptain Matt HambletonFollow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode: We talk about our new, developed fitness standard. We'll look back on how things started over a year ago, why this standard is a need for our department and what the process looks like moving forward to implement it into policy.Guests:Assistant Chief Riley PilgrimHealth & Safety Officer, Captain Mike GreensidesParamedic John MorganFollow us:Facebook - @unifiedfireauthorityInstagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthority
On this episode of Fully Involved with Unified Fire, Director of Communications Nile Easton sits down with Assistant Chief Riley Pilgrim, Division Chief Bryan Case and Public Information Officer Matthew McFarland to discuss our strategic planning process. The Strategic Plan provides guidance for the UFA to be sure the needs of the communities we serve are met. This plan adopts the vision, mission, values, goals, and action items that are integrated into the budget process and reporting mechanisms each year.Follow us on social media:Instagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthorityFacebook - @unifiedfireauthority
This week on Fully Involved with Unified Fire, PIO Matthew McFarland is joined in the studio with UFA Health & Safety Officer Captain Mike Greensides and Assistant Chief Riley Pilgrim. Dr. Eddie Stenehjem, an infectious diseases physician and medical director of Intermountain Medical Center’s Antibiotic Stewardship Program, calls in to discuss COVID-19 antibody testing. We talk about the test, it's importance and relevance, and how we use this information to move forward as an organization during this pandemic.Follow us on social media:Instagram - @unifiedfireTwitter - @fireauthorityFacebook - @unifiedfireauthority
Glimpse into Grief with Chief Burchett UFA Wildland Division Chief Dominic Burchett sits down in the studio to discuss grief. After losing his brother 18 months ago, Burchett explains his experiences with trauma, PTSD, growth and his road to healing.(Roll Call Podcast // Episode #23 // February 25, 2020)
UFA Fire Training (Chief Rhoades, Captain Dinkle, Specialist Garret, and Specialist Anderson) discuss our recruit camp and how it has changed from years past.(Roll Call Podcast // Episode #19 // January, 28, 2020)
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