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Can't get enough of Taiwan's CPBL? Why not join Tom and Rob for your weekly dose of Taiwan's professional baseball league.
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Special interview episode with Daniel Shih, the man behind the CPBL official Twitter account.- Daniel's baseball origin story.- First day working for the league.- Philosophy how Daniel handles editing highlights and recaps.- What kind of contents overseas fans enjoy?- Running out of ways to say home runs.- Daily routine working for the CPBL's social media team.- What can fans expect from the CPBL Twitter account in the near future?- Most memorable moment since Daniel started working for the league.- Daniel's fanboy story.You can find Daniel on Twitter @daniel_shih88 and check out his podcast Rants with Danny Shih.Recorded on July 9, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Fubon Guardians suspended Hu Chin-Lung indefinitely over leaked message scandal.- Guardians are rebuilding in the 2nd half- Rumour why the Guardians sent down Lin Che-Hsuan.- Rumour the Guardians are trying to trade away Hu Chin-Lung and Lin Che-Hsuan.- Trade rumour between the Uni-Lions and Guardians (Chang Wei-Sheng and Wang Wei-Yung).- Tom and Rob talks about why there isn't much trades in the CPBL.- Trade rumours of high profile players from 2013 to 2019.- Idea to boost the frequency of trades.- CPBL cheerleaders moving teams more often than the players.- Bullying rumour of the Uni-Lions' cheerleader Yuri.- Uni-Lions to part ways with Logan Darnell.- Tom's talks about the Brothers fans using the Uni-Lions' rally song.Recorded on July 6, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Uni-Lions parted ways with Ryan Feierabend.- Uni-Lions signed a yet to be named former MLB right-hander.- Tom talks about being in Taoyuan Stadium infield for the first time.- Fubon Guardians' clubhouse drama involving veteran Hu Chin-Lung.- Guardians sent Hu down to the farm team jail.- Guardians never-ending in-fighting scandals.- Tom attended his 200th CPBL game.- How Tom became an Uni-Lions fan, his first impression of the CPBL.- Tom witnessed the "walk-off perfect game".- Tom's favourite Uni-Lions players.- Why people should root for the Uni-Lions.Recorded on June 29, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Uni-Lions released Donn Roach.- Uni-Lions reportedly signed Brock Dykxhoorn.- Potential problems for Dykxhoorn.- Guardians signed Manny Bañuelos.- Guardians want to sign foreign hitter, why this is a silly idea.- Guardians' lack of depth discussion.- Brothers close to signing Arturo Reyes.- Ariel Miranda said Taiwan is too hot.- Rob and Tom talks about their heatstroke experience.- Tom talks about Su Chih-Chieh.- Su Chih-Chieh on pace to break 3 CPBL home run records.Recorded on June 22, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Uni-Lions demoted Kuo Fu-Lin for driving under the influence.- CPBL's handed out another pathetic out of date punishment.- Kuo likely to face internal punishment for damaged the Uni-Lions' public image.- Lin Chih-Hsiang incident in 2017, ended up losing his job.- Unnamed foreign player will join the Uni-Lions.- Unnamed foreign player will join the Fubon Guardians.- Playing in the winter league is it really worth it?- Listeners' Question.- Will the CPBL continue to offer English commentary service in the future?- How's the CPBL international viewership holding up?Recorded on June 15, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- CPBL loosen restrictions at the games, no more masks.- Rain of biblical proportions.- Chiang Chen-Yen became 3rd CPBL player to start and won a game on his birthday.- Tom talks about Chiang Chen-Yen.- Rob talks about Lin Chao-Huang and Kuo-Lee Chien-Fu.- Guardians' currently on a 19-game home run streak.- Home run streak in the KBO, NPB and MLB.- Chu Yu-Hsien hit the 10,000th home run in the CPBL.- Chu Yu-Hisen is currently in a slump.- Brothers' are heading to the top of the standings.- Uni-Lions' pitching coach hinted they are going to release some foreign players.- Guardians submitted a "foreign player domestic status" proposal to team owners' meeting.- Listeners questions.- How the playoff structure work in the CPBL?- Why is number 23 significant for the Brothers' organisation?- How will this "foreign player domestic status" would affect foreign players staying longer?Recorded on June 8, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Following up on CPBL juiced ball scandal.- Did the league de-juiced the ball already?- Ariel Miranda's whopping 300 USD fine, time for a rule change?- Uni-Lions' home run streak ended in 23 games.- Veteran Pan Wu-Hsiung's game-tying home run.- CPBL announced 2020 draft schedule.- Hidden gems from amateur tryouts.- Dragons' expansion draft at the end of the year.- Listeners questions.- Predictions to the 2020 Taiwan Series?- Uni-Lions' front office is a mess.- Favourite breakout player and most disappointed player?- Revival of veteran Lin Chih-Ping.- CPBL ever going to enforce their pitch clock rule?- CPBL minor league season, rosters structure, prospects to watch for.- Conspiracy theory the CPBL are dumping the leftover juiced balls to minor league.- Hard-throwing left-hander Yeh Chia-Chi (157kph).- Uni-Lions' closer Chen Yun-Wen is very good at pitching.Recorded on June 1, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- A lot of rainouts games.- Crazy rescheduling back in 2017.- Logan Darnell's CPBL debut.- Ariel Miranda intentionally hitting Lin Yi-Chuan.- CTBC Brothers banned 2 rowdy fans.- Wei Chuan Dragons to adopt Hsinchu stadium (10+5 years deal).- Listeners questions.- Usage of analytics in the CPBL?- Why Victor the Space Ape the greatest?- What will it take to get 6th team in CPBL?- How to increase the level of play in the CPBL?- Does Taiwan need to institute rules to forbid MLB and NPB in signing Taiwanese amateur players?- Any long running bad blood in the CPBL?Recorded on May 25, 2020



Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- Total of 53 runs scored in 2 games.- Chen Yung-Chi's big league and little league grand slams.- CPBL revealed the balls are juiced this season.- Who can stop Lin An-Ko from winning the rookie of the year award.- Tom talks about rookie Lin Ching-Kai.- Rob talks about mascots Open-Chan and Lock-Chan.- Listeners questions.Recorded on May 18, 2020
Your weekly dose of Taiwan's CPBL:- CPBL reopens to the public with 1000 fans per game limit.- Lin An-Ko is very good at baseball.- Uni-Lions' lineup heating up.- Wei Chuan Dragons in 2021.- Fubon Guardians choking once again.- Guardians foreign player Mike Loree.- Rakuten Monkeys bullpen.- CPBL teams don't ship their merchandise overseas.- Games are way too long this season.Recorded on May 11, 2020
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