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Christina Stratton is the co-founder and CEO of Privai, a skincare line focused on personalized services, world-class treatments, and wellness. Founded in 2006, Privai has grown to over 20+ spa properties throughout the United States. Listen in as Christina shares her story of how she left the entertainment industry to pursue her goal of creating a brand that inspires and prioritizes self-care. Timestamped show notes 01:31 - Started at a simple day spa 02:37 - Meeting her business partner 07:11 - Sharing values 12:18 - Company vision 13:54 - Looking back at the COVID era 17:54 - Prioritizing self-care 21:11 - Personalized wellness 24:41 - Building an app 27:02 - Advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs 39:50 - How to prioritize self-care 46:04 - Guided meditation through Privai 51:41 - Entertainment or entrepreneurship? Links Privai:
Teja Bell is a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, a recognized Zen Master, a 6th-degree black belt in Aikido, and a qigong teacher. Teja emphasizes the healing and restorative aspects of qigong, with a focus on mindfulness and meditation. Listen in as he shows how mindfulness, meditation, and martial arts can impact your entrepreneurial journey.  Timestamps: 02:30 - The Art of Undoing 08:45 - The use of martial arts 13:03 - Harmonious living 14:29 - Competition 16:56 - Transformation 21:56 - What is Qigong? 24:08 - Qigong is a legitimate change 31:29 - Getting started with meditation 39:32 - Relax and recharge! 43:28 - “Soul searching” 48:23 - Qigong vs Tai Chi 51:40 - Join Teja’s Wednesday classes! Links Teja Bell:
Adriana Usvat is the managing partner for FLC Group, a marketing services agency based in Dubai that’s focused on consumer engagement and experiences. Listen in as Adriana shares her story of how FLC Group was started in 2008, in the midst of the recession. Overcoming obstacles and managing growth during such a tumultuous time was no easy feat. Today, FLC Group is one of the best marketing and event management agencies in Dubai. Tune in! Timestamped show notes 02:20 - Adriana’s Origin Story 05:33 - Why hire Adriana’s FLC Group 07:58 - Marketing vs Sales 08:50 - Opportunity during recession 10:53 - Simple changes 13:32 - An outside perspective 14:43 - Engagement, simplicity, awareness 17:25 - Fostering creativity 21:47 - Honesty is the biggest form of loyalty 23:16 - Marketing in 2022 26:42 - Seamless online and on-ground experience 28:38 - Humor and surprise  32:41 - Challenges with clients 35:53 - Video marketing 37:36 - Habits 42:45 - Advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs Links FLC Group:
Natasha Miller is a classically trained violinist and jazz vocalist with 7 records released on her label, Poignant Records. Nowadays, she’s the founder of Entire Productions, an event and entertainment production company based in San Francisco. Listen in as Natasha shares her journey; from switching from an established musician to running a large company. Entire Productions has been featured on the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row. She’s also launching her new book, Relentless: From Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream. Tune in!  Timestamps: 01:53 - Performer to entrepreneur 02:55 - Becoming a leader 03:57 - Growing a business 06:24 - Learning from Goldman Sachs 08:28 - Changing mindsets 09:58 - The catalyst 13:05 - Do what scares you 14:07 - Advice for women entrepreneurs 16:25 - Virtual and hybrid events in 2022 19:05 - Natasha’s upcoming performances 22:01 - Launching a book 29:03 - Routines! 31:18 - Outgoing introvert 33:24 - Changes with COVID 36:07 - Taking the first step 38:31 - Music :) 40:59 - Book title tips Links Natasha’s Website: Entire Productions: Relentless:
Megan Carpenter is the CEO and co-founder of FiComm Partners, a branding and digital marketing agency for the financial services industry. In this episode, Megan shares her thoughts on what brands can do in this information age to better their business. She also talks about her entrepreneurial journey, from learning how to work with a partner to going it solo, from starting off as a small venture to growing into a successful business, Megan has seen it all. Listen in! Timestamped Show notes 01:29 - It’s not an information age, it’s a communication age 03:05 - That human connection 07:49 - Online courses during COVID 09:35 - Challenges the financial services industry has faced 12:39 - Megan’s origin story 19:48 - Steep waterfalls 22:39 - Breaking a business partnership 28:17 - The benefits of EOS 32:27 - You don’t have to do everything yourself 33:25 - Family life! 35:27 - Member Leader in EO 37:53 - Megan’s habits 42:51 - Looking forward to 2022 47:32 - Video is booming 54:02 - Words for aspiring entrepreneurs Links FiComm:
Wendy Berry and Eugenia Marshall are the co-founders of ConditionHer, an LA-based intimate skincare brand. Listen in as Wendy and Eugenia share how their brand saw an increase in sales during the pandemic as a result of social activism, overwhelmingly positive word of mouth, and even a feature on Buzzfeed! Wendy and Eugenia discuss creating a successful business in an emerging market, what drove them into the entrepreneurial world, and the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses.  Timestamped show notes 01:53 - What is ConditionHer? 04:54 - Starting the business 05:02 - Success in an emerging market 09:22 - Pandemic struggles & successes 14:57 - Advice for female entrepreneurs 19:53 - Maintaining a positive energy 21:52 - The benefits of EO 27:05 - The vision for 2022 32:56 - B2B sales 39:44 - Connect with Wendy & Eugenia! 41:15 - Men use ConditionHer too! Links ConditionHer:
Wendy Jaffe is a former divorce lawyer, author, entrepreneur, and board member for the EO Los Angeles Chapter. Listen in as she shares her journey as a divorce lawyer-turned-entrepreneur. From selling wine bottle covers to sororities and frats in college to founding Conejo Deals, a hyperlocal daily deal site that has been going strong for more than a decade. Wendy gives tips to budding entrepreneurs, including relationship advice from her time as a divorce lawyer.  Timestamped show notes 02:05 - Bit by the entrepreneurial bug 03:38 - First business 05:47 - Law degree 07:19 - Conejo Deals 08:00 - Finding your strengths and weaknesses 09:50 - Things learned as a divorce lawyer 11:32 - Warning signs for divorce 14:11 - Advice for relationships! 19:07 - Building a strong support group 21:18 - Create harmonious interpersonal relationships 26:16 - Customer service 31:35 - Looking forward in 2022 35:52 - Parental alienation syndrome 41:06 - Giving back to budding entrepreneurs 44:41 - Things important to Wendy 45:43 - Advice for entrepreneurs 50:43 - Wendy talks about her favorite books! Links Conejo Deals: Wendy’s Book List The Lincoln Highway: Cloud Cuckoo Land: My Brilliant Friend:
Debbie Goodman returns to EO Wonder this week as she talks about her new book, The Living Room Leader, Leadership Lessons For A Hybrid Future. The modern workplace has changed drastically over the last few years. Some people are leaving their jobs, some are getting burnt out, and some get swept up in the dynamic workplace of today. Listen in and find out the techniques and unique experiences Debbie has had while managing her company, Jack Hammer. Timestamped show notes 02:13 - “The Great Resignation” 05:28 - Emotional and mental health 10:39 - Why people are leaving 14:15 - Emphasizing culture, values, connection, and people 16:11 - Innovative ways to manage teams 21:53 - Safety and security 25:40 - Diversity 30:44 - Belonging 31:38 - Social impact 40:00 - Looking forward  42:32 - Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs Links Debbie’s LinkedIn: Debbie’s Twitter: The Living Room Leader:
Val Fishbain is the founder of Spread the Love Foods, known for their unique jams and nut butters. What started off as personal wedding gifts to their guests as a token of their love soon became a beloved product now available on Amazon, Walmart, and over 150+ countries globally. Listen in as Val shares how Spread the Love Foods had its humble beginnings and how she was able to grow a homemade product into a global bestseller. Timestamped show notes 02:41 - Humble beginnings 04:26 - Why peanut butter? 08:55 - Entrepreneurship runs in her family 10:50 - Growing the operation 15:59 - Outgrowing the kitchen 17:07 - Having a business partner 20:08 - Val talks about her product line! 27:40 - Tips and tactics 29:45 - Working with your husband 33:40 - Next up for Val Links Spread the Love Foods: Instagram: TikTok:
Natalie Bell is the founder of Mindful Wellness, a coaching platform that uses meditation, mindfulness, and compassion training to help manage stress, develop strong personal resilience, and create authentic leadership. Listen in as Natalie shows how practicing mindfulness techniques and developing your own personal resilience can help in the world of entrepreneurship. She has studied neuropsychology and specialized in rehabilitation. Natalie and her work have been featured in media outlets such as Today, the LA Times, and MSNBC Your Business. Timestamped show notes 02:01 - Being tested in new ways 04:27 - Resilience in the face of adversity and unforeseen circumstances 14:43 - Self-compassion and mindfulness 17:37 - Participate in Natalie’s three-part mindfulness practice! 26:33 - Buckets of shame 30:14 - We think our own shame is permanent 33:17 - Negative self-talk triggers fight or flight response 35:10 - Practice, practice, practice 39:18 - Mindfulness whenever 40:48 - New Year’s Resolutions 43:49 - Overwhelm is an illusion 49:01 - Natalie’s launching a new self-compassion program! Links Natalie’s Website:
We take a look back at Kalika’s episode with Dr. Maria Nemeth, whose book, The Energy of Money, kickstarted Kalika’s entrepreneurial journey. Discovering this book is, as Kalika describes, the “inflection point” that led to her accomplishing her dreams. Tune in as Kalika goes over the 8 life lessons that Dr. Nemeth shares in her book. Links The Energy of Money:
Margalit Grunberger was the founder of Gotcha Covered, an “odd-sized pillowcase company.” After selling it in 2017, she decided to share her knowledge and experience running a successful business with others. She became an ICF Certified Professional coach and created “The Margalit Method.” Listen in as she shares her story of building and selling her company, the superpower of empathy, and what she calls “The Margalit Method.” Tune in! Timestamped show notes 01:35 - About Gotcha Covered 04:46 - Empowering entrepreneurs 06:26 - Empathy and choosing your emotional state 07:49 - Controlling your emotional states 09:40 - Struggling with empathy 13:43 - Becoming a better listener 16:30 - Tactics for entrepreneurs 21:30 - Coaching with Margalit 23:10 - Accepting transformations in life 25:43 - Being committed vs being interested 27:34 - Distinguishing words 28:43 - Resources! 30:47 - What has helped Margalit in her journey 33:48 - Next up for Margalit Links The Margalit Method:
Alia Henson joins the podcast today as she talks about starting a new company during the pandemic and learning the ups and downs that come with such a task. As a former broadcast journalist, Alia has always approached the digital and social media realm “with a reporter’s eye,” as she puts it. Listen in as she talks about her new venture, The Gatekeeper Course, and how its goal is to help other journalists get their stories on the news. Alia talks about the struggles of working in journalism during a pandemic and how being flexible and adaptable was extremely important. Timestamped show notes 01:38 - Starting a company in the middle of a pandemic 04:45 - Unexpected obstacles 07:00 - Learning to pivot! 08:14 - Learn to ask for help 09:31 - Every person is playing a different game 11:40 - Getting press during COVID 14:36 - Is the press still relevant today? 15:00 - “Diversify your portfolio” 15:53 - Alia talks about how Gatekeeper can help its clients Links The Gatekeeper Course:
Helen Lambert is the CEO of Lambert+Associates, a consultancy business based in France whose focus is on high-end products and retail. Listen in as Helen shares the story of how her business began 17 years ago and how her passion for fashion, beauty, and home design fueled her entrepreneurial drive. Helen talks about how the pandemic has impacted her business and how she’s adapted the importance of intuition in business. Timestamped show notes 01:25 - Starting her business 02:57 - Journey of retail 06:47 - Digital vs physical 08:36 - Changes in the retail space 11:49 - Running a business in France 13:13 - How brands use Lamberton Associates to grow 17:43 - Selecting brands to work with 19:53 - Targeting specific audiences 22:04 - A regular job to her own business 27:27 - Human betterment 29:33 - Advice for starting a business 32:24 - Trusting intuition 36:35 - Authentic action 38:54 - Looking to 2022 Links Style Pulse: LAMBERT + ASSOCIATES:
Nir Zavaro joins the podcast today! Nir is an Israeli entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of the marketing agency, Streetwise. Listen in as Nir shares his vast knowledge of marketing and how you can apply it to your own entrepreneurial ventures. Nir talks about starting from the bottom, from owning a bar to couch surfing with friends. Timestamped show notes 01:07 - Getting started with EO 02:45 - Storytelling as an entrepreneur 09:45 - Sharing struggles 14:38 - Education 20:23 - Nir’s first employee 23:46 - Nir’s new idea for EO 37:08 - Looking to 2022 47:35 - Nir’s last bits of advice 49:58 - Nir talks about his upcoming online course (coming soon!) Links Nir’s Website: Nir’s YouTube:  
Meet Lou Elliot Cysewski, former Army nurse and veteran-turned entrepreneur. Lou is the founder and CEO of Coolperx, “the world’s first and only Social Purpose corporate gifting agency.” Coolperx strives to build lasting relationships with its clients through sustainable and socially responsible merchandise. Listen in as Lou shares her experience switching from being an Army nurse into the world of entrepreneurship. Timestamped show notes 01:18 - Beginning of her journey 03:12 - First day as an entrepreneur 07:15 - The jump to entrepreneurship 11:45 - Joining EO 12:38 - Challenges 16:25 - Internal control 22:12 - Making the same mistake twice 32:52 - Handing off managerial duties 34:48 - Flexibility 39:37 - Advice for upcoming entrepreneurs 46:06 - Sustainability 49:12 - Visit! Links Coolperx: Time Timer® MOD
Meet Evan Horowitz, CEO and co-founder of Movers+Shakers, a creative agency whose mission is to “spread joy by connecting brands to culture.” Listen in as Evan shares his success stories with TikTok, how to grow on the platform, trends to look out for, and how to connect your brand to the ever-changing cultural landscape. Evan’s agency is responsible for Elf’s Eyes, Lips, Face TikTok ad campaign that generated over a billion views on the platform. Timestamped show notes 02:08 - Evan’s Journey 04:39 - Exponential growth 06:43 - Success stories 12:24 - the impact of TikTok almost getting banned in the U.S. 13:40 - Interactivity 16:31 - The realness mindset 18:06 - Competition in the space 20:00 - The evolution of TikTok 23:54 - Gathering data 25:32 - Advice for small business owners who want to enter the TikTok space 28:22 - Consistency! 30:19 - Evan’s thoughts on Facebook’s response to TikTok 32:26 - Sound on vs sound off platforms 35:48 - Evan talks about his successes and challenges 39:37 - Advice for entrepreneurs 43:27 - Up next for Evan Links Movers+Shakers: Evan’s LinkedIn:
Meet Amanda Ma, CEO, and founder of Innovate Marketing Group, an award-winning experience agency that helps brands connect with their customers. Listen in as Amanda shares how her upbringing shaped her into the powerhouse entrepreneur she is today. Innovate Marketing Group has managed events for the likes of Toyota, Marriott, and even Disney! Tune in and discover how to bring your brand closer to your customers. Timestamped show notes 01:38 - Not just an events company! 02:31 - Adapting to the market 05:08 - Virtual to hybrid trend 08:41 - The attendee journey 19:01 - What drew Amanda to the events industry 23:45 - Event with Disney! 26:29 - Diversity 30:04 - Handling family and work 33:42 - “Sequencing” 38:09 - What sets Amanda apart 43:49 - What’s next for Amanda? 45:33 - Scaling up Links Innovate Marketing Group:
We’re joined this week by Ashley Southard, CEO and Co-Founder of Mushroom Design, a nutraceutical mushroom brand whose mission is to inspire a better quality of life for people. Ashley is also the Co-Founder of Healer Collective, a marketing and fundraising platform for the wellness industry. Listen in as Ashley talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, from managing several other companies at 29 years old to innovating in the nutraceutical space with Mushroom Design. Timestamped show notes 01:30 - Ashley’s Beginning 03:39 - How Ashley got started with mushrooms 05:48 - Advice for people looking for their path 08:32 - How Ashley got started with meditation 10:42 - Ashley talks about her struggles in her business 13:45 - Strengths as an entrepreneur 15:49 - Hiring the right people 18:45 - Ashley’s daily routines 19:56 - What is Mushroom Design? 22:00 - Why mushrooms? 24:51 - Ashley’s three-year forecast 25:50 - Ashley talks about her product 28:53 - Entrepreneurs: born or made? 30:55 - Is it easy? 33:36 - Partnering up with the right people 36:48 - Having difficult conversations 39:19 - How to find Ashley’s products Links Mushroom Design: Healer Collective:
We’re joined by Dave Kerpen, current president of EO New York Chapter. Dave is a serial entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author. He’s also the current CEO of Apprentice, an organization whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs and talented college students and ultimately create one million mentorship matches. Listen in as Dave talks about the lessons he’s learned at EO, how to build a successful business, and the importance of delegating. Timestamped show notes 01:50 - Dealing with loss 02:45 - Remember Life 04:18 - Looking forward 06:38 - Lessons learned from EO 08:22 - Selling the company 10:10 - “Built To Sell” 12:14 - Build a sellable business from the start 16:12 - Build a business, not a job 17:04 - Prioritizing what is important to YOU 18:38 - Delegating 21:34 - Figuring out your process 24:45 - The definition of ‘success’ 29:13 - Pursuing joy 29:42 - Channeling gratitude 36:01 - Entrepreneurship and family 38:45 - Dave’s plans for 2021 40:24 - Closing remarks, how to find Dave! Links Apprentice: Dave’s Website:  
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