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Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World
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Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

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Wonder, a podcast by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (, places women entrepreneurs in conversation with those thought leaders who amaze, astonish and inspire. Each guest shares their own journey with entrepreneur and host, Kalika Yap, giving insight into the ordinary challenges of extraordinary people.

Featured guests include: Lisa Sugar of pop culture hub, PopSugar; Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics; and Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert on The Biggest Loser. Tune into this podcast to marvel at the meaningful insights of entrepreneurs.

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When something is under a lot of stress, that something tends to break. The same thing can happen with the human body--and that’s exactly what happened with Gemi Bertran. Working full-time as a single mother and a full-time student, Gemi was under a tremendous amount of stress. “My brain broke,” she says. “My body wasn’t following the orders I was giving it.” Doctors couldn’t figure out what was happening to her either. As a result, Gemi turned to researching on her own. She started studying the brain, its behavior, its neural pathways, and ultimately how to work, live life and manage stress. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 01:57 - Tactics and tips 03:20 - Curbing the anxiety 05:52 - Gemi walks us through her day 07:31 - Achieve what makes you happy 09:11 - Helpful superfoods 13:23 - Developing new habits 18:48 - Sugar decreases the neurotransmitters in your brain 23:43 - Check ingredient labels! 28:43 - Avoid stress eating, work out! 33:29 - Understanding how the body works 34:14 - Gemi shares how her journey started 36:39 - Despite her condition, Gemi tried to push forward 38:03 - Pushing yourself past your limits all the time is not healthy 40:01 - One thing many cultures’ traditional medicine has in common is food 40:54 - Meditation is key 44:48 - In the US, mental health problems aren’t addressed at the root cause 46:12 - It took Gemi 1 and a half years to recover 47:31 - Gemi helps out soldiers, veterans, and others with mental health issues 48:56 - Falling back into old habits is normal 50:26 - Keystone habits 51:23 - How to reach out to Gemi Links Nourish the Brain:
In this recap, Kalika looks back at the three-part podcast series with Dr. Lee Hausner, an internationally recognized clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Hausner specializes in helping entrepreneur parents raise their children to the best of their ability. Listen in as Kalika shares her thoughts on Dr. Hausner’s strategies and insights, such as the difference between a good parent and a responsible one. Tune in! Links Dr. Lee Hausner: Children of Paradise: Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families:
“You have a gift with people and words,” Chris’s uncle told him. “Develop that gift. That’s your gift.” Listen in as Chris shares how these words of encouragement served as a pivotal moment in his life. Tune in and learn how to utilize podcasts to reach a wider audience, grow your business, and grow your brand. Timestamped show notes 02:45 - The podcast: an internet revolution 05:12 - Chris’s first podcast 06:35 - Two pivotal moments in Chris’s life 09:34 - Born, or made? 11:40 -How did Chris learn? 15:06 - Shaking up the podcast space 18:58 - COVID dips 22:41 - A versatile platform 24:23 - Podcast tips and tricks! 29:17 - Pricing, pricing, pricing 30:07 - Different podcast formats 33:12 - Recaps and breaking things down for people 34:42 - Putting yourself out there 39:31 - Starting “ugly” and ignoring the haters 41:45 - Keeping it simple with software 45:23 - Influencers 50:05 - Do you start a podcast as a business owner? 51:49 - What’s next for Chris? Links Chris’s Website: Vidfest Expo:
At 20 years old, Hal Elrod was struck by a drunk driver going 70MPH. He was dead for 6 minutes. With 11 broken bones and permanent brain damage, he was told he’d never walk again. Then at 37 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of leukemia. He was told he had weeks to live. In both instances, Hal emerged triumphantly and defied the odds. His strong sense of motivation and visualization helped him overcome the impossible. Listen in as Kalika shares her thoughts on Hal’s incredible journey of determination and resilience. Notes SAVERS: Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing Links Hal’s Website: The Miracle Morning: 
What do you do when life throws you a curveball? How do you pick yourself back up and find the strength to push forward? Ask FOX 11 weather anchor Maria Quiban Whitesell. When her husband Sean was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she was utterly unprepared. It was difficult--Maria had to figure out how to explain the situation to her son, how to deal with the day-to-day, and how to cope with what was going on. In her book, You Can’t Do It Alone, Maria shares her experiences and provides readers with advice on dealing with illness, death, and grief. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 01:39 - You Can’t Do It Alone 03:00 - The start of Maria’s journey 04:38 - The diagnosis 07:24 - Explaining to their son, Gus 09:46 - Discussing with family 12:09 - Navigating the lack of control 15:28 - Asking for help 17:09 - Ohana means family 19:11 - Finding support 22:09 - Overwhelming but important 24:56 - Finding moments of joy 26:44 - Kalika shares how the book has helped her 28:09 - Maria encourages people to help donate for cancer research 29:21 - Closing remarks, Maria shares how Gus is doing Links You Can’t Do It Alone:
To celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day, Kalika shares her learnings from her inspiring talk with Kendra Scott, founder of Kendra Scott LLC.
Kalika shares some of the best takeaways for her recent episode with Brian Shiers, a senior mindfulness teacher for the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. The full episode can be found here.
Even as we wash our hands or measure out six feet from the nearest human, there is a need to work to guard the mind from undue fear, conditioning our awareness, thinking, and action towards resilience, adaptation, and connection. The paramount skill to accomplish this project of mind during the current extraordinary conditions we find ourselves under is Mindfulness. Brian Shiers is a senior mindfulness teacher for the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and a psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-based interventions at WestSide DBT. Listen in as Brian shows us how to build skills in awareness, compassion, and action in an unprecedented time of need. Timestamped show notes 03:53 - Brian begins his presentation 6:00 - What mindfulness is not 07:39 - The idea of paying attention 09:12 - We are really scattered 11:53 - The antidote is being more present 14:42 - Using mindfulness to monitor habits 16:20 - Reducing stress reactivity 21:37 - Relating to the moment, the neuroscience of now 27:06 - Seize fear and let it be a moment 31:11 - Brian begins a mindfulness exercise. Follow along! 43:00 - Coming out of the exercise and reflection time 45:58 - The concept of the first and second arrow 49:05 - Relaxed vigilance 51:17 - Brian provides some resources for mindfulness 54:17 - Brian’s recommendation on practicing 55:16 - Meditation and children 57:57 - You must embody mindfulness first before applying it to your organization Links Ten Percent Happier: marc.ucla: Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn:
Jess Weiner is a cultural expert, educator, consultant, and CEO of Talk to Jess. She is a "secret weapon" for brands, helping them contextualize and humanize cultural trends in campaigns—which ultimately boosts loyalty from employees and consumers. Weiner has in-depth experience working with top brands including Disney, Netflix, Google, and Amazon. Two of her most notable campaigns are Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty and Mattel's launch of more inclusive Barbie dolls. She is also an adjunct professor, author, and host of "We're All Going To Die, Anyway" podcast. Timestamped show notes 02:02 - How did Jess get to where she is today? 04:38 - Businesses and brands value creatives 07:39 - Jess shares her thoughts on the state of the world 10:48 - Personal change 11:46 - Business change 16:12 - Vision first! 17:26 - Discovering your own values 19:10 - How to build a good life 22:38 - Feeling like falling 24:04 - Adjust to the disruption 25:28 - Jess shares why she started her podcast 30:14 - Asking “why” 31:06 - Empowering women and Jess’s advice 34:31 - Advice for businesses in today’s ever-changing world Links Jess’s Website: We’re All Going to Die Anyway Podcast:
Meet Dandapani, a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, and former monk who is revolutionizing the business world with his practical and simple systematic approach to balancing work/life challenges. Dandapani is an expert on various topics surrounding self-development and provides simple, practical tools that are easily applicable in every aspect of daily life. This conversation will focus on life's purpose and managing energy. Timestamped show notes 01:51 - How Dandapani became a monk and an entrepreneur 04:00 - Finding life’s purpose 06:21 - Entrepreneurs don’t know their purpose 09:54 - Dandapani’s core purpose 11:21 - It’s always about alignment 13:43 - How to spend real time 17:44 - Sometimes it takes a catalyst to find your purpose 18:45 - Advice for energy management 22:14 - What is an “energy vampire” 25:43 - “Where awareness goes, energy flows” 29:11 - How do you be present? 34:02 - How does someone know that you’re not present? 36:52 - Practicing distraction 38:26 - How do you concentrate? 43:23 - Making a change 47:41 - Dandapani’s journey from Santa Monica to New York to Florida 51:53 - How can entrepreneurs help others? 53:24 - How to reach out to Dandapani Links Dandapani’s Website:
In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Sameer Bhatia, CEO of ProProfs, a software company focused on the idea of building and sharing knowledge. Sameer shares his insights on the importance of search engine optimization, digital marketing, and his goal on creating a “hundred year company.” With ProProfs products being used in many Fortune 500 companies such as Sony and Dell, Sameer understands the importance of digital marketing and a delightful customer experience. Listen in! Timestamped show notes 04:19 - Focusing on search 07:33 - Black hat tactics 08:54 - Getting started with search engine optimization (SEO) 13:04 - Mobile first indexing 14:22 - Speed ranking 15:46 - Security 18:39 - The importance of responsive design 19:58 - The “SEO Technique” 25:32 - What are schema tags? 27:37 - People don’t read, they scan 30:33 - Video marketing 32:08 - A video a day 32:23 - What is content marketing? 39:17 - Managing a multinational company 42:39 - Sameer talks about working with his wife, the CEO of 45:26 - How to stay happy 49:28 - Having a hundred year company Links ProProfs:
Tune in this week as we sit down with Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint, the iconic San Francisco based, healthy lifestyle company. Kara started Hint when she was pregnant with her fourth child with a budget of only $50,000. Listen in as she shares her incredible journey to becoming the largest flavored water company in the U.S. that isn’t related to the industry giants like Coke or Pepsi. Kara talks about raising kids in an entrepreneurial environment, shares some wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs, and her new book, Undaunted. Timestamped show notes 02:19 - Starting Hint 06:21 - Judge not by one’s answers, but by their questions 14:06 - Addiction to Diet Coke 25:03 - Stocking shelves while 9 months pregnant 30:39 - Getting into Starbucks 40:16 - Direct to consumer 45:09 - Catapulting the business 53:47 - Sunscreen and deodorant 01:01:04 - Raising children in an entrepreneurial environment 01:04:41 - Next up for Kara 01:06:22 - Parting wisdom Links Hint: Undaunted:
This week’s podcast features two guests, Gary Hirshberg and Meg Hirshberg. Gary is the founder of Stonyfield Yogurt and Meg is the author of the book, “For Better or For Work.” Listen in as they share their stories of starting their businesses, living the entrepreneurial lifestyle while managing the familial and relationship struggles that come with such a lifestyle. Gary and Meg provide insight on how they were able to make their relationship work and how you can improve your relationships as well. Timestamped show notes 02:00 - How do you build a strong company and strong family? 06:29 - Don’t carry stress to your family 13:15 - Give to the business and the family 19:25 - Go for a walk! 21:24 - Be present with your kids 25:00 - Focus on your spouse and your kids too, not just work 30:32 - Gary talks about his entrepreneurial children 32:46 - Holding regular family meetings 37:54 - Being in or being out 42:32 - Decide what to share and not to share 43:51 - Don’t assume your partner is the same as you 44:28 - Sharing core values Links Stonyfield Yogurt: For Better or For Work: Ethan’s Functional Shots:
Meet award-winning, serial entrepreneur Heidi Golledge—CEO of Jobot, a revolutionary career platform. Heidi’s entrepreneurial journey had an early start. As a child, Heidi wanted to do whatever she could to make money to help her family. She decided that honing her sales skills and learning code were two ways she could make a difference. Listen in as Heidi shares her experiences starting her first company, acquiring funding as a woman in the tech industry, and the ups and downs of serial entrepreneurship. Timestamped show notes 02:44 - Heidi’s origin story 04:39 - What is Jobot? 06:37 - What’s it like being a serial entrepreneur? 07:55 - Tips and tricks on hiring the right people 10:16 - Sharing struggles 11:35 - Relying on intuition 13:35 - Care for your employees as if they were your clients 14:32 - Heidi’s core values 16:35 - Acquiring funding as a woman in the tech industry Links Jobot:
Kathy David, founder of Office Athletics, is an award winning entrepreneur. She was named the Minority Owned Small Business of the Year and her company, IT Tech Pros, was named Supplier of the Year by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council. From waitress to bank branch manager and assistant vice president to accomplished entrepreneur, Kathy has truly worked her way to the top. Listen in as she shares her story, gives advice for up and coming small business owners, and shares insights on how entrepreneurs can utilize tech in their workflow. Timestamped show notes 02:48 - Kathy’s origin story 11:05 - Waitress to bank management 11:44 - Making the jump 13:27 - Kathy shares the story of leaving her bank job 19:23 - Tips, tools, tactics for small business owners 25:00 - Backing up data 26:18 - Protecting passwords 35:09 - What services does IT Tech Pros provide? 40:11 - Upcoming trends in tech and entrepreneurship 41:37 - Entrepreneurial habits 45:13 - Reprogramming yourself 48:23 - Intuition and decisions Links Kathy’s LinkedIn: IT Tech Pros:
Do Nothing | Rob Dube

Do Nothing | Rob Dube


Meet the phenomenal Rob Dube, CEO of Imagine One. Imagine One was recognized as a top 25 small business in Forbes, Small Giants, and Inc Magazine’s Best Place to Work. Rob also wrote the book, donothing, “the most rewarding leadership challenge you’ll ever take.” Listen in as Rob Dube shares his journey as an entrepreneur and his journey with meditation. Rob shares tips on meditation, practicing mindfulness, and how to “do nothing.” Timestamped show notes 03:07 - Rob shares his beginning selling blow pops 05:12 - Rob talks about how he met Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants 07:15 - Opening day of Rob’s company 08:48 - What is Imagine One? 09:00 - Adapting 15:42 - Trend forecasting 17:34 - “It’s a commitment on a daily basis” 19:13 - Rob shares why he wrote donothing 25:39 - Rob shares the story of his first silent retreat 28:33 - The Simple Six 35:19 - Meditation tips! 40:11 - Time for meditation 43:52 - Understanding your mind 47:09 - Understanding what really matters 48:35 - Mindfulness resources 50:22 - Learn more about donothing 51:28 - Leading With Genuine Care podcast with Rob Dube Links donothing: Image One:  
How does someone with a background in software engineering become a medical intuitive, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and the co-founder of a highly successful company? Meet Carolyn Harrington. Her company Maty’s Healthy Products, creates all natural, whole food health products. Listen in as she shares health tips for entrepreneurs, how she received investment from a Fortune 100 company, and how to beyond making your company successful. Tune in! Timestamped show notes 02:05 - Accountant to software engineer to health 02:54 - The catalyst 05:28 - The journey to starting the business 06:37 - Holistic health practitioner 07:38 - Techniques for sleep for entrepreneurs 10:23 - What is a medical intuitive? 12:14 - Carolyn shares some healing techniques 14:39 - Practicing mindfulness 15:31 - Keeping your gut healthy 17:54 - Get deeper with your emotion 22:09 - Carolyn’s emotional journey 24:47 - Going beyond just building a successful company 27:42 - Paying it forward 29:36 - Tips for working with your spouse 31:38 - Struggles in business 34:03 - Go big, or go home 38:43 - Daily habits and practicing mindfulness 41:31 - Pain and stress is like a barrel Links Carolyn’s Website: Maty’s Healthy Products:  
In this podcast, meet Gino Wickman. Gino is best known as the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). As an entrepreneur for over 30 years, Gino has seen and experienced it all. Listen in as he talks about his latest book, The Entrepreneurial Leap, and shares insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Timestamped show notes 03:15 - Confirm, glimpse, and path 04:37 - How Gino became an entrepreneur 05:39 - Gino’s father was also an entrepreneur! 08:24 - Gino shares why he wrote his book 09:47 - The 6 essential traits that define an entrepreneur 13:29 - Adapting naturally 14:21 - The role confidence plays in entrepreneurship 15:41 - Avoiding nightmare scenarios 18:00 - Pricing and people 19:01 - Finding the right people 20:34 - Confident pricing 23:46 - A perfect day in entrepreneurship 25:45 - Gino’s daily habits 30:38 - Staying on the path of entrepreneurship 32:07 - College and aspiring entrepreneurs 38:27 - The 8 Disciplines 42:56 - Mentorship’s importance 47:25 - How to help a million entrepreneurs change the world Links Gino’s Website: Entrepreneurial Leap:
Systematic racism, police brutality, and social injustice are just a few of the many harsh realities that people of color face in society. For too long, these issues have not been properly addressed. A good first step to tackling these issues is to have an open conversation about them and also listen to those that experience these injustices firsthand. Lauren Messiah joins the podcast today to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, her experiences as a black female founder, and how she plans to use her position as the EO Los Angeles chapter president to make a dent in the world. Lauren has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and was one of YouTube’s Women to Watch. Listen in. Timestamped show notes 03:11 - Emotional overload 05:12 - Lauren shares her experiences dealing with microaggressions 06:07 - Racism is not always overt 07:27 - “I’m protesting for basic human rights that black people don’t have” 08:59 - Lauren shares her thoughts on how she can enact change as EO Los Angeles president 10:30 - Some people don’t even recognize the racism behind their words 12:41 - The starting line starts further back 14:24 - Lauren succinctly explains why “All Lives Matter” is detrimental to the conversation 15:15 - Lauren shares a story of racial profiling and injustice 18:26 - Identify the problem, understand the issues, and work towards a solution 22:39 - “It’s not about creating divide, it’s about finding a solution to the problem” 24:11 - Be open, don’t be argumentative, and LISTEN 24:41 - Lauren shares some resources on educating yourself on the issues 27:26 - Expanding perspectives and broadening viewpoints 30:27 - Don’t just stay silent, open the conversation by asking “How are you doing” 31:12 - Lauren talks about how she is planning to use her position to make a difference 34:43 - “Get in the Room” challenge - Lauren’s challenge to tackle the mindset that women should act or dress a certain way 37:38 - Get in the room, then shake it up 41:50 - People just look at the “what” and don’t dig beyond at the “why” 45:34 - Lauren talks about how the pandemic has affected her 46:57 - Understand what really matters, get back to the basics Links Lauren’s Website: Black Lives Matter: Resources On-demand Video Services Kimberly Jones (Youtube) Trevor Noah (Youtube) The 13th (Netflix) When They See Us (Netflix) Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland (HBO) Just Mercy (Amazon Prime Video) Instagram Luvvie
Heidi Zak is no stranger to revolutionary ideas. Her bra and underwear brand, ThirdLove, offers its trademark half-sizing to their customers--a completely unique and revolutionary idea. Listen in as Heidi shares how the idea for ThirdLove came about, how she left her job at Google to begin the company, and how her experiences helped her as an entrepreneur. Timestamped show notes 02:08 - Heidi talks about her journey 04:41 - Heidi’s harrowing first bra shopping experience 06:34 - Executing an idea 07:52 - The first step 09:17 - Finding that entrepreneurial spirit 11:26 - Raising money 12:18 - “Fundraising is never easy.” 14:07 - Pitching differently to different audiences 14:59 - The origins of the name “ThirdLove” 16:17 - Third Love’s brand voice 17:09 - Evolving business 18:56 - Heidi shares some tips on finding a team 22:20 - She also shares how she wants ThirdLove to evolve and expand 23:53 - Advice for women looking to start their businesses during the pandemic 25:21 - Working with clients and customers to create wanted products 26:03 - “There is no such thing as balance.” Links ThirdLove:
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