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After some time off we are back, this week we talk about our predictions in the PLL and MLL championships. Will the Bayhawks and Whipsnakes go back to back, or will a new team be crowned? We also talk about whats been going on in the world of lacrosse the past few weeks with COVID-19 still in full effect here in the US.
With everything going on in the world we felt that it was time to have this discussion! We talked with two gentlemen who are at the top of their game about what it is like to be a minority in the game of lacrosse. Jovan Miller and Shaun Church, are both African American men who have excelled in the game and are talking with us this week on their experiences and how this game has effected them as well as what it is like to be a minority in the lacrosse world.
This week is the continuation of last weeks episode. Talking about the international game of lacrosse. We talk about the PLL and their choice to play their games this year in Utah. We also talked about Jeff Teat and his choice to play one more year at Cornell. and finally we talked about who we believe will be the next team to win a medal in the world lacrosse games.
This week we will be talking about the international side of lacrosse with our good friend Brian Witmer. He joined us though a zoom call since he is living in the Czech Republic. But we talked for over and hour and a half and i felt it was to hard to cut it down so you the fans decided to vote on it being a 2 parter. So here it is, part 1 of 2 with Brian. We also update you on the lacrosse world news. And have our debate on where the next world lacrosse championships should be! ENJOY!
This week, we focused on the IBLA (Interstate Box Lacrosse Association), which as of right now is nearly the only league left that still has plans to go this summer. We sat down and talked with two GM's from their respective clubs. One being the Cambridge Nor'Easters based out of Boston, MA. The other being the new Seattle Kings based out of (for now) Everett, WA. Both GM's Dave Mather (Seattle) and Ryan Conwell (Cambridge) talked about the state of the league and how both their teams have effected not only themselves and their teams but how their teams have effected their cites, states, and sides of the country in the lacrosse world. We also talk about more of the lacrosse world news and have a debate about where lacrosse is going in the US and its comparison to Canadian box lacrosse.
In our SECOND EVER podcast we will be talking about the lesser known world of the ALL (Arena Lacrosse League). What its like to play at that very high yet lesser know league. Our guest is Andrew Dasilva who currently plays with the Toronto Monarchs. We also talk about whats going on in the world of lacrosse like the PLL, NCAA, and a few other topics.
First ever The Two Man Game podcast introducing your hosts of The Two Man Game, Kroy and Clay Arnold. We are twin lacrosse players currently playing in the ALL (Arena Lacrosse League). We will be talking about lacrosse news in any and every league (NLL, PLL, MLL, WLA, MSL, ALL, International, and others) in this great sport. We will also be doing reviews of new gear and so much more. We will also be doing interviews of players from every league out there including some international flavor on occasion. As well as discussing hot and even controversial topics within the sport.
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