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One day your in and the next day your out and nowhere to be found.  Digital content creator and model, Serena Becker, joins the show to discuss ghosting, fearlessness and her career.  Christopher and Jamie keep Serena on her toes as they add in their two cents worth of updates and stories. 
Have you ever been curious enough to go full Vegan?  What about doubling up on your dating curiosity and trying the Polyamorous lifestyle?  Guest, Adrienne Kramer, has taken the leap of faith in both and is enjoying the best years of her life.  Listen, as she shares stories with Christopher and Jamie, on the how's and why's of how she decided to choose what was right for her. 
How do you handle being sick?  Are you a nightmare to take care of or do you just want to be left alone? Russian born/LA based Musician and Comedian, Ksenia, joins Christopher and Jamie to talk about her music, comedy and how she survived and overcame an illness all on her own when she thought family and friends would be there for her no matter what.  
Never apologize for who you are and what you stand for.  Model/actress, Monique Nicole LeClair, joins the show to discuss being a single mother, her dating life and career. She’s an inspiration to all mothers out there; a hard worker and really doesn’t apologize for doing it her way.
Hall of Fame Running Back, Marcus Allen, joins the show to tell us all about life in the NFL but most importantly how he maintains the quality of life outside of his football career.  Join Christopher and Jamie as they talk to Marcus about being just a remarkable person and MVP off the field.  It's not just about winning trophies and awards, it's about being a good human being.  
Life is a road map that can take you in many directions.  Where  you end up depends on the decisions you make along the way.  MMA Superstar, Bi "Killer Bee" Nguyen, joins the show to share her story on how she became the person she is today.  And by the looks of it she knows exactly where she wants to be.
Dan Bilzerian is a high stakes poker player, playboy and social media star.  With his big or go home attitude he doesn't disappoint when it comes to throwing massive parties, surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful women and driving tanks around just for fun.   He joins the show to discuss his new book "The Set Up" as well as share stories of his personal life and quite frankly just to put his feet up and relax.  Don't miss this explosive episode of fun and intrigue.  
Marketing and Branding CEO, Mark Young, joins the show to talk about his new book "Date Your Clients: Building Professional Equity from Life's Worst Personal Strikeouts". Mark guides us through the ups and downs of dealing with clients as if you were dating them in order to get a better understanding of what they need for their business to thrive and grow.  And just like any relationship, it takes communication, trust and understanding in order to achieve a successful healthy relationship. 
How do you show up for your kids when they need you and how can you always be there for them and in their corner? MMA's 2020 Coach of the Year, Eric Nicksick, joins the show to discuss being a coach, mentor and friend to some of the most prominent fighters in their industry.  Listen how he splits his time between coaching the UFC heavyweight champion of the world to being a great dad and family man.   Take a seat at ring side and hear how this coaching guru stays grounded.  
Are you Single?  Guest Taylor Spadaccino shares the mic with Christopher and Jamie in this episode to discuss why being single isn't as bad as people think it is.  But we all want to find some form of connection.  Which leads us to ultimately looking for the right partner.   It takes time to find the one.  But you also have to be willing to be by yourself and take time out of your busy schedule in order to make the best decisions.  
Where do you draw the line between age differences? Muscle and Fitness model, Vanessa Serros, joins the show to discuss dating someone much older/younger than yourself.  Listen as Christopher and Jamie hear all about Vanessa's own age gap relationship as well as how you decide if the age difference really does matter in a relationship.  Don't miss a moment in this "Age-detailed" episode! 
Super Bowl Weekend!

Super Bowl Weekend!


What a weekend! Join Christopher and Jamie as they talk about all the events that they attended leading up to Super Bowl LVI.  Listen as they share stories about walking the red carpet, the people that they meet (and don't meet) along the way and how they never make  it to IN-N- Out burgers all weekend long.  Nothing but a good time on this fun filled episode. 
Former Season 12, Bachelorette contestant and Co-founder of, Chad Johnson joins the show to discuss all things the Bachelorette, Only Fans and his follower base.  Listen as Christopher and Jamie find out about how this sexy playboy became one of the most love/hate contestants in Bachelorette history.  It's a soap opera that you secretively admit that you love to watch.  
Canada's #1 Podcast Pillow Talk's bad boys, host Ryan Pownall and his cohost, Dark Hersant, disrupt the show to discuss why guys have a bond of steal by having each others back no matter what the cause and why women, although more loyal, will have reason to stir the pot more than just once against each other.  Christopher and Jamie ante up in this put up or shut up all or nothing episode.  This one will have you going back to play over and over again just to catch all the hilarious one liners and name dropping.  Thank god our show is unedited.   
When is the last time you had a one night stand and then it turned into more than just one night?  Influencer and reality tv star hottie, Carly Lawrence, from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Season 2,  joins the show.  Listen as  she shares her opinions with Christopher and Jamie about  what the one nighter means to them and why they have or have not gone down that road.   This ones a fun rollercoaster ride that you might get a little nauseas from.  So buckle up and enjoy the show.  
 Sticky Paws Studio owner, Jon Orlando and head producer, Travis Flesher crash the show. Join Christopher and Jamie as they do a round table with these guys to talk about everything from the zombie apocalypse to Hentai.  Who would have thought that they were so opinionated and had so much to say.   
How healthy is your relationship?  Do you and your partner show each other mutual respect and share a desire for each other's happiness? Or do you feel unsafe and feel constantly on edge?  Licensed therapist, Jamie Lynn, joins the show to discuss what makes a "toxic relationship" which is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance and control.   Listen as Christopher and Jamie V. ask the hard questions to get to the center of what makes up a bad relationship and why we stay.  You will definitely find out a lot about yourself after this episode.  We certainly did.  
When is it appropriate to start giving gifts? And if so, what do you give without feeling like you're being too overbearing or too presumptuous about how you feel about the other person?  Christopher and Jamie go solo to start Season 3 off with a bang!  Are you big on gifts or a bah humbug?  
A One Sided Relationship Never Works.In a relationship, both sides need to make sure that they continuously pursue and chase their significant other in order to maintain balance. Pro shooter and firearms expert, Joe Farewell, joins the show to shake things up for Christopher and Jamie in the season finale. 
How soon is too soon to tell someone what you want in a relationship? Influencer and spokesmodel, Char Modelle, who runs her own branding and marketing company, joins Christopher and Jamie to discuss the big question: When do you know  it's the right time to set  the parameters in a relationship?  And how do you know  if you want it to be long term, short term or just friends with benefits?  Listen as we share stories and try to come up with the best possible solution.   It's not as easy as we thought.  
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