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Want a podcast that discusses theological, historical, and cultural topics from a confessional baptist perspective? You have come to the right place! Support this podcast:
180 Episodes
Dan continues the discussion surrounding Particular Baptists and evangelism focusing on biblical grounds for approach they took as well as the method we should be employing as Christians. --- Support this podcast:
Dan and Andrew sit down the with Stephen Wolfe, author of "The Case for Christian Nationalism". We discuss covenant theology, government's role, etc. --- Support this podcast:
In this (unintentional) part 1, Dan discusses Particular Baptist history surrounding evangelism. --- Support this podcast:
Dan discusses that the reading of Scripture is just as important as understanding it. --- Support this podcast:
Dan discuss a controversial topic around sin's origin. --- Support this podcast:
Taya joins me on this episode to discuss theology and other things (as best as an 8 year old can, anyways)! --- Support this podcast:
Dan brings a more practical episode today after a week off from the Valley of Vision. --- Support this podcast:
Dan and Andrew finally respond to Stephen Wolfe on Christian Nationalism. --- Support this podcast:
Dan and Andrew respond to Jeff Johnson's new book, "The Revealed God", from a historical perspective. --- Support this podcast:
In part 1, Dan and Andrew discuss theological issues with Jeff Johnson's new book, "The Revealed God". For reference, here are some previous episodes: Immutability and the Incarnation: Did Paul Reject All Greek Philosophy? Analogy and God: Aquinas and Biblical Christianity: --- Support this podcast:
Dan looks at some tweets from Scott Anoil on natural revelation. --- Support this podcast:
Dan sits down with Pastor Jim Butler of Free Grace Baptist Church and discusses associationalism, an upcoming conference, and other topics. --- Support this podcast:
Dan takes a look at the reaction surrounding Alistair Begg's comments on attending a gay wedding and looks at the broader state of the church. --- Support this podcast:
Dan interacts with Collier, the Particular Baptist heretic from the 17th century, on reconciliation. --- Support this podcast:
Dan sits down with Dr. James Dolezal to discuss liberty of conscience and toleration from John Owen. --- Support this podcast:
Dan discusses the Trinity from the Valley of Vision and how it can be a comfort to us as Christians. --- Support this podcast:
Dan discusses the law and gospel distinction, Federal Vision, and other things surrounding these topics with Dr. Tom Hicks. --- Support this podcast:
Dan discusses apologetics including different approaches and methods. --- Support this podcast:
Dan responds to Dr. Jordan Cooper's video on the Lutheran understanding of "ordo solutis". Their view has a detrimental impact on the cross. --- Support this podcast:
Dan was blessed to be a guest on the "Why Theology" podcast with Khaleel Jones discussing chapter 7 of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith. You can find Khaleel's podcast here: --- Support this podcast:
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