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Author: Doug Neill

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Conversations about using sketchnotes as a learning, problem-solving, and storytelling tool. Sketchnoting is a note-taking technique that taps into the verbal and visual processing powers of your brain, and in this show I chat with folks who are developing their sketchnoting skills so that you can learn from our experience in order to build and apply your own sketchnoting skills to work that you care about. I’m your host Doug Neill, and after getting a Master of Arts in Teaching, I got pulled into the world of visual thinking and have been teaching this skill on my website and YouTube channel since 2013. In these conversations you’ll hear from real folks who are learning how to draw, how to lay out ideas on the page, what types of diagrams they can include, how best to use different colors, and how to store and share their notes in a way that supports their personal and professional development. Hit subscribe and learn something new from each episode.
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In this episode I chat with Roel Vermeulen about using sketchnoting while teaching a foreign language. We chat about creating vocabulary cards on the fly that your students get to keep after the lesson, other visual formats to explore in support of language learning, and then Roel shares some exciting work he's doing with PowerPoint presentations. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I’m chatting with Wen Yang, a data scientist who uses a combination of analog and digital tools for sketchnoting. We chat about how best to use those tools and what type of sketchnoting workflow is best suited for learning a subject like data science. This is a great episode for all you science sketchnoters out there! Hope you enjoy it.Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I chat with Miguel Cabral, who wants to build out a skill tree for the software engineers that he manages to help them continue with their professional development. In our conversation we talk about how you might create that type of diagram that helps someone follow a particular learning path. This is a great one for educators (formal and informal) as well as self-directed learners. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I’m chatting with Christina Lane, who’s interested in using sketchnoting as a storytelling tool. She wants to create a visual book, inspired by her godson, about the power of visualization. Throughout our conversation we chat about what the creation of that type of a book might look like. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I chat with Stephanie Sundborg about where the market exists for sketchnoting skills. Stephanie is a great example of someone who is integrating sketchnoting in her current professional work (for Stephanie it’s helping organizations implement trauma-informed care), and also keeping an eye out for new professional avenues that might be pursued, leaning further into the visual thinking skills she’s developing. We talk about creating videos, training materials, and live facilitation - all potential applications for your skills too, no matter the field you work in. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I chat with Karen Dawn about a course she’s working on to help creatives develop and use next-level vision boards (the course is called Overwhelm to Organized). After talking about the visual thinking tools she'll be sharing in that course we then discuss what it looks like to build a thriving learning community online. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes. ( the show (
In this episode I chat with Aïssa Henni about the development and recording process for making instructional videos, using sketchnoting as a tool to make those lessons more engaging. Though Aïssa’s approaching it from the entrepreneurial side of things, this one is very relevant for traditional educators making the move to distance learning right now. Hope you enjoy it!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode I’m chatting with educator Jessica Talbot, who’s planning out some project-based curriculum for the upcoming school year and wants to include sketchnoting within the first project about symbols. We talk about what that might look like, as well as how to create meaningful experiences even if distance learning is the norm. This will be a great episode for other educators making plans for the upcoming school year!Show notes ( the show (
In this episode Susanne Jul and I talk through the entire process of creating an online course. We chat about what that process has looked like for our latest course Digital Sketchnoting (which Susanne is a part of) as well as previous courses. This is a great episode for those of you thinking about turning your interests and expertise into an transformative educational experience for others.Show notes ( the show (
In this episode Krissa Randolph and I chat about her plans to teach civics and digital literacy in an online environment, using sketchnotes to help plan and deliver lessons, and also how students might use that skill when completing assignments. We’re catching Krissa at the beginning of her journey through the course An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking, so this is a great episode for setting goals and intentions prior to jumping into a learning experience.Show notes: the show (
In this episode Evelien Renders and I discuss how she might use her sketchnoting skills to communicate how information is digitized and shared across higher education institutions in Europe in connection with study abroad programs. This is a great episode for those using sketchnoting to communicate complex processes across institutions (education or otherwise) and potentially across cultures as well.Show notes: the show (
In this episode I chat with Paul Joy, who is exploring a variety of sketchnoting opportunities in front of him. Paul represents someone who is past the intermediate stage of skill development, has started to take on paid sketchnoting gigs, but isn’t quite sure how to define himself or the work he’d like to do moving forward. This is a great conversation for anyone who’s looking to go pro or semi-pro with their sketchnoting skills.Show notes: the show (
In this episode Jeremy Koenig and I chat about the concept of learning in public (something that sketchnoting is well suited for), and how Jeremy can best communicate complex science and his services to his target audience - high performance coaches, trainers, and health practitioners. Jeremy’s the founder of a company called Athletigen, which provides DNA insights gained from a simple cheek swab that can help you make better exercise and nutrition decisions.Show notes: the show (
In this conversation you’ll get to hear Chris Payne and I chat about how to use your sketchnoting skills to inspire action in others and help folks move down a path that takes them where they want to go. As much I as enjoy experiential learning and encouraging folks to take risks and learn from their mistakes, there is something to be said for listening to the advice of someone who’s already been down the roads you’re looking to travel. So in this episode we chat about the role that sketchnoting might play in that situation.Show notes: the show (
Visual Thinking & ADHD

Visual Thinking & ADHD


In this episode you’ll hear Maria Stout chat about her experience with an adult diagnosis of ADHD, how she learned to lean into her strengths while completing the pre-reqs for a graduate program in Occupational Therapy, and how she’s hoping to support other adults and children with ADHD.Show notes: the show (
Monica Mejia used visuals every day in her work as a psychologist - meeting with parents, collaborating with colleagues, and giving talks. With the whole world in lockdown, Monica’s now exploring how she can take her professional knowledge and merge it with her sketchnoting skills to give more meaningful and impactful online presentations. In this episode we chat about how to do that.Show notes: Support the show (
As Marko Hamel prepares for the English publication of his book Visual Selling, we chat about how he might build a community around the release of that book to help folks put the ideas into practice. Show notes: Support the show (
A conversation about bringing your full creative self to your work, and how you can weave sketchnotes into your writing to help drive home the impact you hope to have on your readers. Show notes: Support the show (
A chat about how to sketchnote faster, with a particularly interesting setting - creating instructional videos for customers of the software company that guest Hari Subhash works for. I think the tips that I share on increasing your sketchnoting speed apply to other settings as well, so I hope you find them useful! Show notes: Support the show (
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