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What is Freshly Baked? It’s a podcast with co-hosts and TMC Digital Media business partners Erik MacPherson and Chad Stamm, but it’s much more than that. Together with an incredible ensemble of guests, they explore the nuance of the B2B foodservice and cannabis industry, specifically topics related to digital marketing, sales, and leadership. Food and beverage? Sure. But be sure to tune in for insights on travel, sports, parenting, and, well, life. You can definitely look for some amazing guests. Freshly Baked is ambiguous for a reason, and you’re going to have to tune in to find out why.
7 Episodes
Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Freshly Baked with TMC Podcast kicks off with special guest and HubSpot guru John-Erik Pszenny. Pszenny, who is a Principal Channel Consultant with HubSpot and TMC Digital Media's go-to source for all things sprocket related, hops on the podcast to chat Inbound Marketing on this forum-based podcast. Listen as they recap this year's virtual Inbound conference, talk best practices for digital marketing, and discuss brand new features available from HubSpot.Episode HighlightsErik & Chad discuss their 2020 Inbound experience - starts at 1:52 markChad introduces guest, John-Erik Pszenny - starts at 8:52 markIntroduction from John-Erik Pszenny - starts at 11:07 markThe Importance of the Pillar Page - starts at the 15:30 markHow Important is Video-Related Content - starts at the 25:42 markDiscussing Recent Blogging Strategy - starts at 30:00 markNewest Product Updates from HubSpot - starts at 57:00 mark
Listen to PART TWO of this amazing chat with Jail to Jobs Executive Chef Saulo Cooper on another episode of Freshly Baked with TMC. Tune in to learn how Saulo got started working in the culinary field and get further insight into how the amazing Jail To Jobs program is making a difference for youthful offenders within the Austin, Texas community. To learn more about Jail to Jobs and their mission, visit their website at and find out how you can get involved with this life-changing organization. 
Jail to Jobs Executive Chef, Saulo Cooper, joins the Freshly Baked with TMC podcast for a truly inspiring and empowering conversation about making a difference in your community and cultivating change to the status quo through mentorship, dedication, and yes, food! In part 1 of this two-part episode, Erik and Chad get insight into Saulo’s background and how he rose above a troubled past to carve out a terrific culinary career. We also learn all about the incredible organization he works for, Jail to Jobs, which provides a support system that actively seeks out youthful offenders in order to help them succeed and gain employment. Through his culinary program, Saulo not only offers his students the culinary skills needed to advance their careers, but he also provides them with mentorship and wisdom because he was once in their shoes. Tune in and check out the Jail to Jobs website below to see how you can donate, partner, or even volunteer with this incredible program.Episode Links
Chad & Erik had the pleasure of chatting with Founder, President, and CEO of SSA Foodservice Design & Consulting, Ken Schwartz, on this brand new episode of Freshly Baked with TMC. Ken, who has been tightly connected with the foodservice industry for essentially all his life, has run his global hospitality design company and consulting firm for over 30 years, partnering with some of the top names in the industry. In this episode, Ken discusses the challenges operations like restaurants have as they begin to reopen, and he explores solutions that will help foodservice businesses deal with the serious impact left by COVID-19. 
Business coach and founder of The Miick Companies, Rudy Miick joins the TMC crew as the first guest to appear on the podcast! With well over 30 years of experience lending his expertise to nearly 1,800 clients across eight different industries and three continents, Rudy shares his wisdom on leadership, business development, and company culture. Erik and Chad grab some insight from Rudy on things the foodservice community must focus on amid re-opening post-COVID, and we learn a few nuggets about the Boulder, CO native on the new weekly segment Bakers Dozen. 
On the podcast premiere of Freshly Baked with TMC, co-hosts Erik MacPherson and Chad Stamm give a preview of what's to come on this new podcast adventure. The duo discusses what their current experiences have been like dealing with the effects of COVID-19, the impact it has had on the restaurant and foodservice industry, as well as giving us a rundown of what to expect on upcoming episodes. 
Get a taste of the Freshly Baked with TMC podcast as co-hosts Erik MacPherson and Chad Stamm preview what's to come on this new and exciting podcast journey. Learn more about this duo who make up the leadership team at TMC Digital Media as they unpack tips surrounding how the foodservice industry gets back to work, dish on the impact of digital marketing and sales, and give the rundown on what to expect on future episodes. Join in on the fun and stay tuned for more Freshly Baked ideas as the official launch of the first episode will debut on Friday, May 22.
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