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Join me as I chat with Melody Escobar as she shares her inspiring story that took her from the confines of an autoimmune disorder to using this journey and her own healing as a force of good to help others.BIO: I help queer high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives break free from trauma with trauma-informed nervous system regulation and holistic practices, so they can finally feel connected with themselves, worthy, grounded and safe. . Most high-achievers live their life overworked, not being able to sleep at night, feeling irritable, exhausted, frustrated… Basically, they live with a dysregulated nervous system!To connect with MelodyINSTAGRAMWEBSITEFACEBOOK   Thank you so much for supporting the show!Support the show
In todays milestone episode join me as I celebrate our 100th episode with contribution from a host of guests and listeners!Over the last 99 episodes we have had so many guests, so many words of wisdom, training, strategy and inspiration by the bucket load, along with thousands of downloads from listeners all around the world.This is what has made The Chrysalis Conversations a Top 1% podcast globally!THANK YOU all so much for your continued support of the show and here’s to the next 100!To connect with all of todays amazing international guests who are all running incredible businesses just click their names!Tanya Ong Deborah FlannaganKiri HarleyAnn-Marie Finlayson Margaret Opedo Halima Keshev Nicoline Huizinga Lindsay Randerson Jane Campbell Alison Bale  Laura Holme With my love xxSupport the show
What if you had an injury or an illness and you couldn't work? Or perhaps you personal circumstances meant that you had to step away from the business for a while?Perhaps you've hit an income ceiling or you just want to impact more people!Creating additional income streams is such an important process in growing and scaling your business and in this episode we talk to 2 fellow members of the Chrysalis Community about their journey as they explore creating multiple streams of income.To Connect with Sarah visit:Sarah Hayward - McTimoney Chiropractor @sarahbelseyhaywardTo connect with Karyn visit: the show
In todays conversation I am joined by the wonderful Cindy Jesse as we talk all about why it's time to start making yourself a priority.Hear Cindys incredible and inspiring story and make today the day you start putting yourself first.Cindy's BioCindy Jesse, LISW, MSW, is a fierce supporter and advo- cate of women. Cindy’s passion is to help women break out of their past pain patterns, and to see who they are in the fullness of their personal greatness and light, through her private practice, digital courses, and book. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is married with three grown children. She loves being at the ocean’s side as much as possible as water is her calm. She loves writing, teaching, Overcoming People Pleasing Whole-Life Self-Care Setting Boundaries Overcoming Trauma Depression/Anxiety Has A Message Becoming Confident coaching and creating relevant online courses to help people to develop personal life mastery the show
In this episode I am joined by Candice Frazier as she shares her incredible story of resiliance against a lifetime of challenges and adversities and how now, through her work she is able to use all of these experiences as a massive force of good to help others.Candices Bio: I’m Candice J. Frazier. Certified Master Transformation Health & Life Coach, former certified medical assistant, Air Force Veteran and best selling author. Having overcome the adversity of childhood abuse, trauma and 2 failed suicide attempts, it was with holistic and alternative health approach to overcome the health and mindset & executive function impairments. I am a Divine Alignment & Ascension Sage, meaning that I can see where people are stuck and help them write a new belief and move more quickly toward their goals. I can see the source of their despair, anger, resentment, compare, envy, greed, hate, lack, hopelessness and how it’s hijacking their happy.To connect with Candice visit:WEBSITE BOOK https://namasteawayandthrive.comPODCAST the show
In this episode I am joined by Alison Bale as she shares her story from corporate UK, to  health and wellness India and all the challenges and decisions that she has had to make during this adventure.Alisons Bio: I have travelled a path from publishing and corporate communications, to chiropractic, and now mindfulness. In the process I left the UK, moving to India and setting up one of the country's first chiropractic clinics. Now I'm charting a course back to the UK.To connect with Alison:Website LinkedIn Support the show
Join me and 2 of your fellow members of The Chrysalis Cafe Laura Holme and Susan Dunn as they share their journeys of why they decided they needed  to start working a bit smarter in their business and their life and the steps they have and continue to take towards achieving their vision.Laura, a professional photographer for over 20 years, and IBCC coach is embracing her uniqueness to help others do the same. A mum of three boys between ten and 17, Laura felt lost and realised that there was more to life than just surviving. She wasn’t just a wife, a mother, shop assistant, she was a woman of many talents, she wanted to do things. Hitting 40 she realised she wasn’t getting any younger and took it as an opportunity to find out who she was. Through her own personal journey to develop her own confidence, Embracing Unique was created.Taking the time to listen and help clients she is Passionate about helping others embrace and love their uniqueness through the power of coaching and photography so that they too can feel confident and happy in their own skin. Grabbing life with both hands there’s never a dull moment, there’s not much Laura won’t do, but she loves nothing more than kicking back relaxing in a tent in a field or walking along a beach where she lives with her family on the Isle of Wight“Life is for living - Embrace your Unique”To connect with Laura visit:FB Page Embracing UniqueEmbracing Unique Website Susan is a self-employed sports massage therapist with a passion for lifestyle medicine. She initially trained as a medical technologist in Nuclear Medicine where she gained her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and health. It was during this time that she trained as a massage therapist, initially as a hobby, then after further training (and 2 children!) she decided to make this her career. Susan's main interest is in helping people to take control of their own health by making small, manageable changes that fit in with their busy lives. To connect with Susan visit:Susan Dunn Massage Susan Dunns Health Hub Support the show
In this episode I share with you some of my recent journey and why it's important to preserve your happiness.Support the show
In this episode I am joined by the lovely Margaret Shenken as she shares her story of transformation and growth from her legal career to successful health and wellness business.Reminding us that we have much more control over our habits and mindset than we think we do. And it’s not as complicated as we make it.Margarets Bio: Margaret is a Performance Coach. She is a qualified solicitor, but left her legal career in 2011 and requalified in health and wellbeing. She has now been coaching for over 10 years in fitness, nutrition, mindset and habits.  Margaret helps both individuals and their teams to become healthier and happier in their work and life, by breaking negative habit cycles and making 1 small positive change at a time. Margaret lives in Glasgow with her husband, their three children and two dogs, Charlie and Lola. She has been published in the press and Psychologies magazine, featured on the BBC and has a TEDx talk titled “What if I don’t know what my passion is?”To visit Margarets website click : Support the show
In this episode I am joined by Tracey Montgomery as she shares her journey of challenges and recovery, and finding an inner strength that she did not know existed.For the last 7 years Tracey Montgomery has been putting her life back together. Through personal experience Tracey has developed many strategies to support women in midlife. Tracey Montgomery has had a meandering path to lead to this point. Narcissist survivor, which left her and her daughter homeless and in debt at a time of life when the societal norm leads us to believe that we are all comfortable and ready to take life easier. Through Tracey Montgomery's own findings she has found that there are many women who are having difficulties at this time of life. Some talked about, others kept behind closed doors. Through study Tracey has found that up to 60% of women change their career path at this time of life due to misconceptions and unobtainable expectations. Tracey Montgomery wants to show women and their employers that, with a little consideration to this time of life women are still able to flourish in the career path of their choice.To connect with Tracey visit:LINKEDIN : Support the show
In this episode I am joined by Eileen MacDonell as she shares her story of of stepping out of the shadows of her younger years and experiences and stepping into the person she was meant to be. Lots of inspiration, good chat and loads of tips too!  Support the show
Catch up with me halfway through my One Life, Live It Festival as I share 5 key themes from the event so far that you might need to hear to live your best life! Support the show
In this episode I am joined by Hannah Powell as she shares her story of being diagnosed with functional neurological disorder after working and playing too hard in London. Nature helped her heal and return to the family garden centre and rural living completed her green recovery.Now a best selling author, join Hannah and I as we talk about Hannah's story, recovery and learnings with lots of tips to share with you too!Support the show
In todays conversation, I am joined by the lovely Claire Nettley as she shares her story of how a lack of boundaries impacted her life. Through her journey Claire learnt so much and uses it as a force of good to help others improve their boundaries too! Lot's of tips, chat and fun to be had! Let's get those boundaries clear and solid!  Claire is a coach, teacher, speaker, and the founder of Better Boundaries. She helps her clients to find their 'no', set boundaries and build a strong sense of self so they can show up wholeheartedly in their lives and relationships without losing themselves.To connect with (download your free Boundaries ebook) the show
Jessica had always loved numbers, they were just something that she loved and that came easy to her! Little did she know that as she got older numbers would take her from Wall Street Trader to helping others understand themselves and their unique energy through the power of numbers!Hear Jessica's amazing story and hear how important numbers could be for you too!Jessica Cerato is a certified Numerologist and energy strategist on a mission to help people prioritize intuition over intellect through the power of numbers.  She loves new ideas and connecting the dots and patterns in the world.  Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, she has always felt connected with her guides - but now, she listens to them!  And with this transformation, she hopes to inspire you to start to listen to yours too.She lives with her husband and two young girls in North Vancouver, BC and loves spending time in the forest, by the ocean, and dancing in her kitchen.  Calculate and learn more about your Ruling Number with her free resource at: Connect on IG:  @jessica.cerato   FB: @jessicaceratonumerology + Numbers Don't LieSupport the show
In this episode I am joined by the wonderful and inspiring Maria Tan as she shares her story in the Philippines starting her first business at 6 years old and embracing everything that was different and unique about her to make a huge difference and impact! To connect with Maria visit:website: FB: IG: Clubhouse:  Your Business Magic Checklist >  Support the show
In this episode I am joined by the incredible power house that is Dana Pharant.  Former Dominatrix, High Priestess and 7-figure CEO who helps successful business owners scale without the grind!  Dana  shares her story of leaving a strict religious upbringing, becoming a dominatrix and using all that learning to become a true powerhouse and a woman who leads from the heart, makes huge demands of the universe, and only creates space for those who fit her soul standards! Such a fab conversation with so many learnings to be shared to inspire you to embrace becoming your own powerhouse too!  To connect with Dana visit:LINKEDIN: www.danapharant.comSupport the show
In todays conversation I am joined by Aleksandra Kohut an incredible profit and money to hear her story of how recurring burnout and high flying took it's toll and how making the decision to step back  in her business and to evaluate actually brought her more including her own successful business and a life of fulfillment.Lots of magical insights, great chat and lots of tips too!Aleksandras Bio:  Aleksandra is a profit coach and money mentor. She is a qualified accountant, but in 2018 left her corporate career and followed her passion of working with small business owners and helping them succeed by changing their relationship with money.She helps small business owners to make more money without signing more clients, doubling their hours, or seeing their family less.She is helping them to scale up their business with an offer and structure that ensures they are able to achieve their financial goals and helps them improve their relationship with money. By doing that they can move away from constantly hustling for new clients and start seeing real profit from their hard work in their own pocket!Connect with Aleksandra on LinkedIn with Aleksandra on YouTube: the show
Marijke had the Harvard degree and what looked to the outside world, had it all. But she wasn't happy and yet changing direction seemed like an impossible task and threw up so many limiting beliefs and challenges to work through. Working through these set her on a new path of discovery and in todays episode Marijke shares her story, her wisdom and learnings to help you make sense your your path, your journey and the destination you are searching for. Plus of course, lots of fun chat too! To connect with Marijke visit:My website: or I welcome people to Email me: My Weekly Reset activity - - for anyone that is looking for something that will help with consistency, balance and growth while getting things done!Support the show
In todays conversation I am joined by John Papaloni,  founder of Just Ask John as he shares his story of transformation and growth on an incredible rollercoaster of life! John candidly and honestly shares the highs and lows from his very first business right through to launching his coaching Just Ask John and the amazing successes and crashes along the way!With huge insights and learnings a plenty! As well as some good chat too! Support the show
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