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Author: Nicole Rosania

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Welcome to The Abroad Pod! Your go-to podcast for all things work, life, and study abroad. I'm your host, Nicole, and each week I share helpful travel tips & tricks, especially for all you 20-somethings eager to explore the world on a budget. Each episode also features a destination segment, covering useful country-specific information. As a 20-something myself who studied abroad 3x in college and has traveled to 35+ countries, I can't wait to share my abroad stories and hacks with you all. My hope is to inspire and educate you each week!
31 Episodes
Ep. 15: Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to The Abroad Pod, your go-to podcast for all things abroad! I'm your host Nicole and today's episode is actually the season finale for season 2. I wrapped season 1 with 15 episodes and decided to do the same with season 2.  I will be working on a season 3 at some point (I can't imagine putting my mic away for good!!!), but am going to take a nice long break for now to focus on my blog, work, and some fun summer plans! In today's episode I cover some life updates and share a very exciting announcement! This announcement is a new goal I'll be working towards, and is some podcast-exclusive information! I haven't shared this plan on social or my blog yet, but I will soon. I wrap up this episode with a short travel Q&A to answer some of YOUR questions about packing best practices, the world of SEO and digital marketing, and more. Thank you so much to everyone who has tuned in to one of my episodes and has left a review. It means the world! Talk soon! -NicoleMy links:
Ep. 14: Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to another episode of The Abroad Pod! I’m your host Nicole and today I’m joined by yet another guest for another Abroad Series episode. The Abroad Series is a series I started last season to showcase different abroad programs and experiences around the world. I’m so excited for this week’s episode because today I’m sitting down with Gab! Today Gab is going to share her experience teaching abroad in China. Not only did Gab live and work in Shanghai, she worked for Walt Disney! She also happened to be in China at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I have a TON of questions for her. I’m so excited to hear about Gab’s story today and hope you all are too. This episode is definitely a unique one. Without further ado, let’s meet Gab!Follow Gab on IG: me on IG: links:
Ep. 13: Happy Wednesday friends! I’m your host Nicole and today I’m joined by yet another guest for another Abroad Series episode. The Abroad Series is a series I started last season to showcase different abroad programs and experiences around the world. I’m so excited for this week’s episode because today I’m sitting down with Meli, a recent college graduate from Washington State. Meli’s story is a super unique one. Growing up in a military family, Meli spent 11 years of her life living abroad. She’s lived in 6 countries total: the US, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Bahrain, and Ecuador! I’m so excited to learn more about Meli’s life growing up abroad and I hope you are too. Without further ado, let’s meet Meli!Follow Meli on Instagram: me on Instagram: links:
Ep. 12:  Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of The Abroad Pod, your go-to podcast for all things abroad. I’m your host Nicole and today’s episode is going to be another Abroad Series. The Abroad Series is a series I started last season where I bring on different guests to showcase abroad programs and experiences around the world. I’m so so so excited for this week’s episode because today I’m sitting down with Lexie Alford, the Guinness World Record Holder for being the Youngest Person in the World to Visit Every Country! As you guys know, I am the Social Director for Serengetee, an e-commerce travel brand, and we were thrilled to work with Lexie back in December during one of our gift with purchase promotions. Lexie and I have stayed in touch and I’m so honored that she’s joining me today on my podcast. Lexie is a 22-year-old, Northern California native who has visited all 196 countries. She managed to do this by the age of 21, winning the world record by a landslide! Today Lexie is going to share her journey with us and provide some insight on how she managed to pull off the adventure of a lifetime. Follow me on Instagram: links: Lexie on Instagram: to Lexie's YouTube Channel: up for Lexie's Newsletter to get an exclusive, first glance at her brand new book (launching this summer!):
Ep. 11: Hey There! Today's episode breaks down the differences between Airbnbs vs. Hotels vs. Hostels in terms of cost, safety, what's included, and more. I discuss various hotel types to educate you all on which choice may be the best for your next vacation! I also share why hostels are my preferred accommodation choice, and a fun story or two about some of the roommates I've had. I also cover the benefits and disadvantages of staying in one or another. At the end of the episode we travel to Estonia for this week's destination segment! Estonia is a hidden gem of a country with a population of only one million. I promise you'll want to add this Baltic country to your bucket list. As always, please take one moment and leave me a rating or review on Apple Podcasts! Your support means the world.Estonia blog post: an Airbnb by 03/31/21: links:
Ep. 10: Hey Hey Hey! This week is another solo episode led by your host (that's me!), Nicole. In today's episode, I walk you all through exactly how to create a blog and podcast. If you're here to learn about podcasting, skip to about the 25 minute mark. I spend the first 25 minutes of the episode discussing exactly how to set up a blog, from picking a domain name, purchasing a theme, creating a Wordpress account, finding a host, and most importantly, how to write high-quality, engaging content that actually provides value to your readers! The second half of the episode focuses on all things podcasting, covering my recommended microphone, editing program, and host. At the very end of the episode, we travel across the pond to England, learning about the differences between the UK and Great Britain, along with what to do in London. As always, feel free to DM me questions on Instagram @nicole.rosania. Enjoy!My links: me on Instagram:
Ep. 9: Hey there! Welcome back to The Abroad Pod! Today's episode is another Abroad Series, where I interview guests and showcase unique abroad experiences around the world. This week's guest is Lindsay Stein, successful travel PR professional, freelance writer, travel blogger, and the founder of the Roundtrip Collective. Lindsay's work has been published in Travel + Leisure, Elite Daily, and more, and her blog, the Nom Nom Blog, has landed her multiple paid press trips around the world. Whether you dream of working in the travel industry (like I do), or are just excited to learn more about this career path, this is the episode for you.PS. As mentioned in the episode, if you're interested in joining Lindsay's Roundtrip Collective Travel Career course, you can do so with the link below! Lindsay was nice enough to offer a discount code to all of The Abroad Pod listeners... that code is: ABROADPOD. Enter it at checkout to save!The Roundtrip Collective Travel Career Course: the Roundtrip Collective on Instagram: me on Instagram: links:
Ep. 8: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode is another Abroad Series, this time bringing us to Madrid, Spain! In this episode, I sit down with Cristina, a Panama native and recent grad from Syracuse University. Cristina spent 6 weeks studying abroad in Madrid, Spain as part of a short-term, summer program. This is the first Abroad Series interview I've done about a short-term study abroad program, as opposed to a traditional semester abroad, so tune in if this is something you're interested in!Check out Cristina's travel page here: me on Instagram: travel blog: https://theabroadblog.comMy links:
Ep. 7: Hey Hey! Welcome back to another week of The Abroad Pod. I'm your host Nicole and today's episode is a solo one all about everything you need to know about studying abroad in Europe vs Australia. I was lucky enough to do two full semesters abroad in college, one in Florence, Italy and a second in Sydney, Australia. In this episode I do something I swore I'd never do- I directly compared my experiences! I'm always asked which one I liked more, and although this question is almost impossible to answer, I tried my best by outlining some differences in this episode. Whether you're planning to study abroad in the future, or are mapping out some potential plans for a future life abroad, I hope you find the pros/cons that I list out to be helpful! Stay till the end for this week's destination segment on Denmark! And as always, please take 3 seconds to leave me a rating on Apple Podcasts! It means the world!I recently wrote a blog post all about this topic! You can check it out here: blog post: me on Instagram: links:
Ep. 6: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode is another Abroad Series, this time focusing on Oxford, England! In this episode I sit down with Jordan Lopez, a recent grad who spent the spring semester of her freshman year studying abroad in Oxford, the literary capital of the world! We talk all things home stays, travel around the UK, weather, pub life, and even Albert Einstein. Did you know that Oxford is only 40 minutes from London? If you ever find yourself abroad in England, be sure to add a visit to Oxford to your list!Follow me on Instagram: Abroad Blog: https://theabroadblog.comMy links:'s Instagram:
Ep. 5: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode is another Abroad Series, but this one is special. It's all about teaching English abroad! My past Abroad Series episodes have covered studying abroad in places like Florence, Galway, and Barcelona, but today's episode covers all things post-grad. I sat down with Kylie Nathan, 24-year-old Hawaii native, who spent 6 months teaching English in rural Thailand and backpacking through South East Asia during her first year of post-grad! Kylie was able to visit Bali, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore during her time abroad, and shares all of her favorite stories and tips in today's episode. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating on Apple Podcasts! It would mean the world :)Follow me on Instagram: blog post: links: Kylie on Instagram:'s blog: https://www.kylienathan.comThailand blog post referenced:
Ep. 4: The Abroad Series is back baby! I started this series in Season One as a way to highlight different abroad destinations around the world, and am so excited to be back today with an episode all about Barcelona! In this episode I sit down with my good friend Courtney to discuss her semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. We chat all things restaurants, sights to see, classes, the metro, pick pocketing, clubs, the beach, and more. Whether you're considering studying abroad in Barcelona in the future, visiting, or even moving here one day, this is the episode for you!Barcelona Blog Post: me on Instagram: links:
Ep. 3: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode covers all things abroad- as most do. This is The Abroad Pod after all! If you aren't/weren't able to study abroad in college (hello college athletes and future scientists I'm talking to you) (oh, and hello COVID-19 pandemic), this is the episode for you. I curated a list of 10+ travel programs for 12-35 year olds that will allow you to travel internationally with a group on either short-term or long-term stays. These programs are for interning abroad, teaching abroad, working abroad, or just travel abroad in general, and are great alternatives to traditional undergraduate study abroad programs! At the end of the episode I share the story of my 14 hour bus ride from Italy to the Czech Republic in 2017 and how I managed to see all of Prague in only 2 days PLUS pit-stop at Oktoberfest on the way home... You won't want to miss this week's destination segment.Also, thank you to "Learn Spanish Con Salsa" for sponsoring today's episode!Here are the links to the programs mentioned:1. Global Experiences: https://www.globalexperiences.com2. IVHQ: https://www.volunteerhq.org3. EF Ultimate Break: https://www.efultimatebreak.com4. Contiki: The Yacht Week: https://www.theyachtweek.com6. People to People: https://www.peopletopeople.com7. Rustic Pathways: https://rusticpathways.com8.  New Zealand Tourism Program: Workaway: https://www.workaway.info10. CIEE Teach English Abroad: InterExchange AuPair: https://www.interexchange.orgCzech Republic blog post: links: me on Instagram:
Ep. 2: Happy Wednesday everyone! This week's episode covers 2021 and everything you need to know about traveling this year. I cover COVID-19 and it's effects on the travel industry, how the industry has continued to change, and what trips will trend this year. I've done a lot of research on this topic, and reference sources such as Travel + Leisure and the CDC in this episode, so I hope you find it informative. At the end of the episode, I discuss this week's destination: Belgium! Listen until the end to learn something new about this small European country that you probably didn't know before...Belgium blog post: me on Instagram: links:
Ep. 1: Guess who's back?! Welcome to Season 2 everyone! I'm your host Nicole and this is The Abroad Pod, your go-to podcast for all things abroad. After a short hiatus from the pod this past fall, I am back and better than ever for season 2! You can except a new episode from me every Wednesday again, starting with this one- a recap about the last 4 months and what I've been up to. In this episode I discuss my job as Social Director for Serengetee, my new Airbnb Tour, my family's moving plans, and more. This season's destination segment brings us across the pond to Europe, and kicks off today with Austria! So excited for this season and all of the interviews & topics to come!Link to my blog post about Austria: my travel blog, book my Airbnb tour, and shop Serengetee here: me on Instagram:
Ep. 15: Happy Wednesday! This season finale covers all of YOUR abroad questions! I had you guys ask me anything related to travel for this episode on my Instagram (@nicole.rosania) and you did not disappoint! In this episode I cover hostel tips, saving for abroad, how to study abroad more than once, my favorite trips, travel in 2020, and more!Thank you to everyone who has listened to my episodes so far! This quarantine project has turned into a passion of mine and has been an incredible learning experience. I already have so many ideas for Season 2 and am so excited to share them with you all. Keep an eye out for Season 2 coming Fall 2020!Need more abroad content? Check out my blog:
Ep. 14: Happy Wednesday! Today's podcast episode is all about PACKING! I cover how to stay organized with a backpack, duffle bag, carry-on, or 75 lb. suitcase. These tips will have you packing like a pro for your next adventure! I also answer several questions I've received about packing for a semester abroad and long-haul flight. At the end of the episode I share some facts about Ecuador and stories from my service-immersion experience. This destination segment is one you won't want to miss!Packing blog post:
Ep. 13: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode features two very special guests... my grandparents! Meet Grandma Pat and Grandad Hoagie, the world's best grandparents and avid globetrotters! G&G are both in their early 80s, and have traversed the world together since their honeymoon in 1963. They continue to explore annually and have been an inspiration to me when it comes to travel ever since I was a little girl. In today's episode, they share several of their adventures with us and at the end, provide insight into why we should all travel. The message is clear: Never stop exploring, learning, and growing. Cheers!
Ep.12: Happy Wednesday! Today's episode is full of tips for traveling on a budget, including how to find cheap flights, where to stay, how to find cheap transportation, discounted activities, and more. At the end of the episode I discuss Bermuda in this week's destination segment and provide recommendations for a hotel, dining, activities, and more!Bermuda blog post:
Ep. 11: Happy Wednesday! If you're looking for some car ride entertainment, this is the episode for you! Today my friend Mairin and I discuss everything you need to know about road tripping... from a truck stop in the middle of Kentucky! Yup. We may or may not have broken down in the middle of Kentucky, but used the downtime to record this episode. It may be a bit noisy, but I think the truck horns and whistles add character. Stay till the end for St. Thomas and St. Martin tips!St. Thomas/St. Martin blog post:
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