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Serial Entrepreneur’s David Schomer and Ken Wilson share tips, advice, and insider knowledge about all things Amazon FBA and E-Commerce. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams by selling physical products online so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love - whether that is spending more time with family or traveling the world. Ken and David have successfully created several six and seven figure online business ventures. During the journey, they have had major wins, losses, and lessons learned. This podcast will teach you about selling physical products online through platforms such as Fulfillment by Amazon, building a team, outsourcing, listing optimization, pay per click (PPC) advertising, driving traffic to your listings, and productivity tips / life hacks that will provide a path to be successful in building your online business. It’s a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Ken and David you’re not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe, and get ready to change your life.
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Episode 77 Joe Valley fired the man 24 years ago and never looked back ever since. He wrote “The EXITpreneur's Playbook” to guide entrepreneurs in exiting their businesses the right way, specifically sharing tactical steps and mindset shifts that they need to get the most out of their exit. Joe can also be heard regularly in the podcast, “The Quiet Light.”Tune in now and learn from Joe how to train for your exit strategy! [00:01 - 05:03] Opening SegmentWe share our key takeaways from our interview with Joe ValleyFREE chapters from Joe’s bookLink below [05:04 - 13:10] Joe The EXITpreneur Let’s get to know, Joe, and how he fired the manTraining for an exit vs. planning for an exitThe biggest problem of entrepreneurs right now[13:11 - 20:00] Should You Have a Broker in Selling Your Business? Establishing an exit goal the right way The role of the broker in a transaction Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[20:01 - 27:30] Earning Money All Day LongBuilding a relationship with aggregators The main quality of a good advisor Joe gives a sneak peek about his book[27:31 - 37:03] Managing Expectations Among Entrepreneurs Joe breaks down the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings What can entrepreneurs expect in today’s e-commerce space? He shares his experience dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic [37:04 - 43:23] The Mindset to Work for Your Goals “EXITpreneur” is not your ordinary bookJoe talks about the Ignorance DiscountKnow more about Joe in the Fire Round! [43:24 - 45:31] Closing Segment Connect with Joe. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“Good advisors earn their money all day long. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the business.” - Joe Valley“[Good advisors] put more money in your pocket with a better deal structure so you could sleep at night.” - Joe Valley Resources Mentioned:ThrasioPerchBook: TractionEmail to connect with Joe or follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Listen to his podcast or check it out online: website, Facebook and Twitter.3 FREE chapters of Joe's book! Download herePurchase his new book------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liked what you’ve heard? Send us a voice message and share your thoughts!  FacebookYouTubeInstagram Email us --> LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 76Many e-commerce business owners are having a hard time overcoming the current Amazon inventory restrictions. That’s why in this episode David and I will be talking about the strategies we’re implementing. But that's not really it. We also want you, the Firing the Man Nation, to share your own solutions. Let’s stay the course and fight through these tough times together. Listen to this episode and learn how to overcome Amazon inventory restrictions![00:01 - 05:07] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayHow the Amazon restrictions have affected our accounts [05:08 - 13:30] Our Thoughts on Inventory Restrictions The rule that applies to everything but David wishes would go away soon We think that these restrictions should be temporaryKen guarantees it Don’t miss our exchange about Inventory Performance Indicators [13:31 - 23:21] Solutions to Amazon Inventory Restrictions Solutions to these Amazon inventory restrictionsChecking inventory daily Send shipments daily if possible Run reports and find slow-moving products Consider increasing prices and here’s why Ken shares what he thinks as the top solution here Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[23:22 - 30:59] Why You Should Stay The Course Why you should try the Amazon FBM and warehousing Do you have an idea we did not mention?Send us a voice mail below! Why you should not give up now [31:00 - 33:34] Closing Segment Connect with us. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“If you’re out there and you’re struggling to manage inventory, you’re not alone.” - Ken Wilson“Stay the course. Fight through these tough times.” - David SchomerResource mentionedWalmartDeliverrShipup------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have a strategy that you are using to overcome this hurdle, hit us up at If you share an idea or pro-tip with the Firing the Man Nation that was not mentioned in this podcast that will help Ken and I navigate this more effectively, we will personally buy you a steak dinner.FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Check out to use promo code FTM 300 and tell them that FiringTheMan sent you.Episode 75Ken and I are happy to talk with Burak Yolga for the second time, where we talk about logistics, inventory, and supply for e-commerce businesses. Our interview with Burak is timely as shipping is so expensive right now. How then can e-commerce business owners ship to the US in the most efficient way possible? What can they learn from smart Amazon sellers? All these...and more in another episode of Firing the Man. Tune in now and learn from a logistics expert! [00:01 - 05:14] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Burak YolgaBurak gives a “State of Freight”[05:15 - 15:37] Shipping is Currently Expensive and Here’s Why Why is shipping so expensive right now?What you can learn from smart Amazon sellers An advantage you’ll have if you ship in the US [15:38 - 30:44] Shipping to the US Efficiently Negotiate with your suppliers better with these tips from BurakWant some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400The most efficient way to ship to the US according to Burak [30:45 - 35:04] New Markets to Explore Best ways to ship from China to Europe Is the Middle East a good market right now? Know more about Burak in the Fire Round! [35:05 - 41:40] Closing Segment Connect with Burak. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“Just make sure you’re planning [everything on time].” - Burak Yolga“The more you repeat, the better it gets.” - Burak Yolga“Never be shy about asking, especially if you’re a beginner.” - Burak YolgaResources Mentioned:Burak’s first time with Firing the Man: Episode 16: Coronavirus Implications on e-commerce with Burak YolgaBook: Millionaire Success HabitsEmail or to connect with Burak or follow him on LinkedIn. Visit Forceget and experience a fast, cost-efficient, and reliable logistics service!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liked what you’ve heard? Send us a voice message and share your thoughts! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
We have the one and only Chris Odegard to talk about alternative investment vehicles you can try over the traditional ones such as the 401(k). Our discussion mostly focused on 401(k) and why he will advise people to NOT put money into it. Instead, he will advise them to invest in real estate, which if done right, can lead to financial freedom and prosperity. Tune in now and learn alternative investment secrets from The Prolific Investor! [00:01 - 04:22] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know  Chris OdegardHe talks about alternative investments [04:23 - 14:42] Alternative Investment VehiclesHow Chris bought his first rental property Don’t miss this advice from Chris about 401(k)! Listen to our interesting exchange about taxes The 2 tax systems[14:43 - 25:09] How Chris Fired the Man The power of negotiation in the real estate space Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400How Chris fired the man Listen to his story The Hierarchy of Investments [25:10 - 35:04] Rentals > 401kShould you drop your 401(k) and buy rentals instead? If you’re already putting money into 401(k), here’s Chris’ advice for youHow to start an alternative investment[35:05 - 39:25] Closing Segment Know more about Chris in the Fire Round! Connect with Chris. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“I think you have to have a goal that’s bigger than money because when the money doesn’t come fast enough or gets too hard, people will give up and quit.” - Chris Odegard“...if I was your age, with this brain, I would have never put any money into that 401k. I would have started acquiring single family rentals.” - Chris OdegardResources Mentioned:BookRich Dad Poor DadTax-Free Wealth401 ChaosEmail to connect with Chris or follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out The Prolific Investor to learn more about his services. Download the Hierarchy of Investments! Find it herePre-order his upcoming book: Get Off Your A$$ and Manage Your MoneyJoin his coaching program ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liked what you’ve heard? Send us a voice message and share your thoughts! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 73Ben Leonard built a 7-figure business from his laptop...only to sell it after 3 years. You may be surprised and curious as to why Ben did it, but for him, it was the right thing to do. What were his reasons for this surprising decision? He drops by to tell us why. Ben is the epitome of “Firing the Man,” and if you are someone who’s just starting an eCommerce business, you still would want to check this episode out. Tune in now and learn the right exit strategy for you in the e-commerce space! [00:01 - 04:48] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Ben Leonard His path from ecology to e-commerceWhat is “learning by doing” for Ben?[04:49 - 13:52] The Truth Behind Starting an E-Commerce Brand Ben walks us through the process of building his businessThis was the time he also had a full-time jobDon’t miss this advice from Ben to start your own business! Ben’s regrets in his e-commerce business [13:53 - 19:22] Selling at Peak Romance The day Ben went full-time in his e-commerce business Selling the business at its peakShould you do it?Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[19:23 - 30:00] Crafting an Exit StrategyBen talks about the process of selling his businessWhat is the “Entrepreneur’s Relief?”How Ben can help you in your business[30:01 - 39:22] What Your Business is Worth The right mindset to sell your business How to know the value of your businessKnow more about Ben in the Fire Round! [39:23 - 40:53] Closing Segment Connect with Ben. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“Sometimes, you just need one point of reference, and if it’s somebody who’s been there and done it, then that helps quite a lot.” - Ben Leonard“If you risk nothing, you risk everything.” - Ben LeonardResources Mentioned:ThrasioBookThe E-Myth RevisitedHarry PotterEmail to connect with Ben or follow him on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out his personal website and visit Ecom Brokers to learn more about his services. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liked what you’ve heard? Send us a voice message and share your thoughts! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 72Have you heard about dropshipping? This business model looks attractive as a passive income stream because you don’t need an inventory to start selling products. You only need a platform to accept orders and forward them to the manufacturers. Ken tried it, alongside sponsoring a semi-pro Poker player, and failed. The silver lining of these failures, though, is that it brought Ken and I together. No one knows if we’ll be here sharing our e-commerce experiences had Ken not encountered the dropshipping model. Listen to this episode and learn from Ken’s experience as a dropshipping owner! [00:01 - 03:44] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayWhat is dropshipping? [03:45 - 13:00] Starting a Business Online How to start a business online Platforms and tools that usedWhy Ken spent 20 hours in YouTube research The Power of Facebook Ads [13:01 - 24:24] Sponsoring a Semi-Pro Poker Player Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400How Ken realized that his dropshipping business failed Ken’s reasons for sponsoring a semi-pro Poker playerLessons learned from this experience [24:25 - 27:04] Closing Segment Start a business or buy an existing one?Ken weighs in Connect with us. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“Do something whether you think that your business idea is good or not.” - Ken Wilson“Even though I only made 3 was like a spark that ignited something in me.” - Ken WilsonResources Mentioned:Shopify OberloMcAfee------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a similar experience? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 71Are you planning to sell at Walmart? Then, don’t miss this episode. Ken will share his experiences so far in selling in Walmart. We will talk about the things we like about it, including how easy the integration is and how the sales are going. We will also discuss more topics to make your Walmart experience worthwhile, including how to get top-quality reviews for your products. Listen to this episode and start your Walmart journey! [00:01 - 03:21] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayWhy we are on Walmart [03:22 - 09:07] Start Your Walmart Journey Ken walks us through his Day 1What to expect in the application processHow to set up your listingsThe 3 different ways to set upExplore the Listing Quality Dashboard [09:08 - 16:49] Sell in Walmart How to sell using WalmartKen shares his current experience with Walmart Learn the bright side of his experience Don’t miss Ken’s review of Walmart’s customer service! Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400What you should know about the Walmart Fulfillment ServicesHow is it different from Amazon's FBA? [16:50 - 26:14] Ken’s Walmart Pro TipsHow to leverage third-party logistics in Walmart Ken talks about his experience in delivering productsWhy his grade, for now, is BGet top quality reviews for your productsDon’t miss Ken’s pro tips to get into Walmart! [26:15 - 27:35] Closing Segment Connect with us. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“Walmart has this thing called Pro Seller Badge, and if you meet this criteria, they automatically grant you this badge.” - Ken Wilson“For us to actually sell on Walmart now with [Walmart Fulfillment Services] not an option, we had to choose a [third-party logistics].” - Ken WilsonResources Mentioned:Firing the Man’s previous episode: Off-Amazon Sales Channel News & Other Happenings in 2021Walmart’s Market ApplicationWalmart Fulfillment ServicesPro Seller BadgePaypalDeliverrFedExUnited States Postal ServiceUnited Parcel Service------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a similar experience? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 70In today’s episode, David will share his failed business experience and the lessons he learned from it. He realized later on, which you should realize as early as now, that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. You should consider this thought especially if you also want to fire the man. David is willing to try this business again, though, but this time, he’ll do some things differently. Listen to this episode and learn from this failed e-commerce business! [00:01 - 01:52] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayKey lessons in a failed business venture [01:53 - 10:19] Woodworking Business How did David start his woodworking business Don’t miss this pro tip from DavidThe biggest investment in David’s woodworking businessWhy was this business model not enough to fire the man?Great hobby but not a great career [10:20 - 21:07] Lessons from David’s Failed Business “Having fun” and “firing the man:” Can they work together?Points to consider Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400Lessons David learned from his unsuccessful business venture“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”Proof of concept Understand cash flows The true purpose of a hobbyWhat David will do differently this time[21:08 - 23:54] Closing Segment Will David try this business again? Connect with us. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“If your goal is to fire the man, get a good understanding of how much annual cash flow you’re gonna need or even monthly cash flow or weekly cash flow.” - David Schomer“When you learn a tough lesson firsthand, it sticks.” - David Schomer“I think when you get emotions into business, it’s to the detriment of yourself, your time.” - Ken WilsonResources Mentioned:SawStop------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a similar experience? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.comLEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 69In today’s episode, we talk with Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe, LLC. AccrueMe is providing growth capital for Amazon sellers with 0% interest and no payment requirements. You don’t even need to let go parts of the ownership when you work with Don’s team. The only way they will win is if your Amazon business wins. Does this sound too good to be true? Listen to this episode and learn how to grow your Amazon business! [00:01 - 08:23] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Don HenigHis path to helping Amazon sellers [08:24 - 18:47] 2X Capital, 0% Interest, 0% OwnershipDon breaks down the unique business model of AccrueMeWhy Amazon sellers can benefit from AccrueMeWhat part of your business will AccrueMe support? [18:48 - 27:34] Not A Loan The only way you don’t win with AccrueMe Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400Don clarifies that their model is not a loan [27:35- 39:44] Timing is Everything Successful businesses have done this according to Don A true story about building a business  from DonWhy timing is important in any business [39:45- 48:03] AccrueMe’s No. 1 RuleThe no. 1 rule of AccrueMeLet’s get to know more about Don in the Fire Round!What separates success from failure according to Don [48:04 - 50:45] Closing Segment Connect with Don. Links belowFinal words Tweetable Quotes:“I love to do things where it’s a win-win. Everybody should be able to win.” - Don Henig“My idea is to provide you capital when you have the opportunities to grow.” - Don HenigResources Mentioned:Book: The Compound EffectEmail to reach out to Don or connect with him on LinkedIn. Check out AccrueMe and grow your Amazon business now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 68In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the top 5 articles in the eCommerce industry in the first quarter of 2021. We have talked about Amazon and where it will go upon the departure of Jeff Bezos. We’ve also shared our insights about Walmart, Target, and Shopify and their respective business models that contribute to their recent growth. David and I ended this episode on a high note with our thoughts about the almost $800-billion sales of US eCommerce in 2020.  Listen to this episode and get updated on the recent happenings in our industry! [00:01 - 03:24] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayWhy we’ll discuss these news articles[03:25 - 13:26] Alternative Business Models Listen to our exchange on Target’s invite-only membershipWalmart is on a tear and we tell you why Should Amazon be worried? [13:27 - 23:52] What to Learn from Shopify’s Growth Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400Watch out for Shopify How is it different from Walmart? [23:53- 33:48] Amazon’s Future Direction Hear our insights about Jeff Bezos leaving AmazonTwo more Jeffs are leaving AmazonFind out who they areWhat this means for Amazon[33:49 - 37:52] Closing Segment Here’s another reason you should go into eCommerce Final words Tweetable Quotes:“Once you create a habit, it’s really hard to break.” - Ken Wilson“ you build a good team around you, you become less and less important.” - David SchomerResources Mentioned:Marketplace Pulse article on Target: Target’s Marketplace Still Tiny Two Years LaterDigital Commerce 360 article on Walmart: Walmart's online sales grow 79% in its just‑ended fiscal yearMarketplace Pulse article on Shopify: Shopify Is 40% As Big as Amazon MarketplaceCNBC article on Amazon: What Jeff Bezos told Amazon employees about stepping down as CEO: ‘I’ve never had more energy, and this isn’t about retiring’Marketplace Pulse: US E-Commerce Sales Nearly $800 Billion in 2020Firing the Man Episode 65: Navigating Walmart's E-Commerce Platform with Experienced Seller Miro Posavec------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 67Are you planning to start an eCommerce business? Well, you’ve come to the right podcast episode. Today, Ken and I made a deep dive discussion about it, which we divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the needs of a business such as business name, employee identification number, and business bank account. The second part is all about Wants. They’re not really required, but they can make your life--and business--a lot better. Listen to this episode and start your eCommerce journey! [00:01 - 05:07] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayStart with your business nameWhat to consider in choosing a name[05:08 - 10:03] Setting Up the Business Get an Employee Identification Number in 10 minutes  Follow David’s tips Open a separate business bank account and checking accountHow to get a 5% cashback on your PPC (Pay-Per-Click)? Product vs. InventoryListen to our exchange [10:04 - 16:10] Physical and Digital Assets The physical asset you should have for your business Backup your important files with a dedicated cloud storage You need internet access for thisHear our thoughts about having a separate workspaceCan be a simple corner in your house [16:11- 20:17] Ways to Learn Business Is a mentor a need or a want? The other ways to learn your business Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[20:18- 26:37] Ergonomic Office Setup The Mercedes Benz of office chairs according to David The perks of having a dual monitor setup for Ken How to set up an ergonomic office set upLink below[26:38- 33:04] Ecommerce Hacks for Beginners Why have overflow storage for inventory? This is what David wished he has done earlier How to use product research tools for free for more than 30 days?[33:05 - 39:04] Closing Segment Other physical assets you can buy Final words Tweetable Quotes:“If you’re stuck on [choosing a business name] and not moving forward, outsource it.” - Ken Wilson“It’s a good way to skip to the head of the line...just get a mentor.” - David SchomerResources Mentioned:United States Patent and Trademark OfficeInternal Revenue ServiceLegalZoomChase Ink Business Credit CardsStarlinkHerman MillerWall Street Journal video: Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk | WSJA6 Binder Journal Refillable NotebookOnlinejobs.phFiverrUpworkJungle ScoutHelium10------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 66In today’s episode, we are joined by Ethan Bachinski, an engineer that is just beginning his journey in the e-commerce space. Ethan played division 1 football at Western Illinois University and then continued his education at the University of Iowa where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.  In the last year, Ethan has leveraged his engineering skills to create products using a CNC Machine and 3D printer. Let’s listen to Francois and learn from a product-sourcing blackbelt! [00:01 - 04:57] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Ethan BachinskiEngineer-turned-eCommerce business owner[04:58 - 13:11] To Fire or Not To Fire the Man?   He breaks down the CNC machine and what you can do with itBe inspired with these goals from Ethan! Is Ethan trying to fire the man?[13:12 - 20:48] The Key to ManufacturingEthan’s experience with the self-manufacturing business modelThe key to manufacturing according to Ethan Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[20:49 - 32:27] From Idea to Product  Ethan talks about the challenges he’s facing in his product launchTurn your idea into a product with these tips from Ethan!Build your business with these resources suggested by Ethan[32:28 - 41:20] Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs  Join Ethan in our Coaches Corner!How to increase sales?Get to know more about Ethan in the Fire Round![41:21 - 42:49] Closing Segment Connect with Ethan! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:“The endgame is obviously [to] fire the man and be my own boss.” - Ethan Bachinski“There’s risk and reward in everything that you do.” - Ethan BachinskiResources Mentioned:EtsyFacebook MarketplaceeRankePlusWoodsmithThe Woodworkers ParadiseGoogle TrendsBook: Outliers: The Story of SuccessEmail to reach out to Ethan or connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 65Let’s visit another marketplace in today’s episode with Miro Posavec. Miro is an experienced seller at Walmart, selling health and wellness products for the last few years now. He will help us navigate the Walmart platform online, talk about the value that it offers to both sellers and buyers, and share tips to successfully start our eCommerce business. Listen to Miro to better navigate Walmart’s eCommerce platform! [00:01 - 05:25] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Miro PosavecWalmart vs. AmazonMiro weighs in [05:26 - 12:59] Walmart Fulfillment Services How’s Miro’s 3PL experience at Walmart?Choose Walmart Fulfillment Services!Miro tells us why  Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[13:00 - 23:23] Opportunities at Walmart The smart move that Walmart is doing right nowThe opportunities at Walmart that you should knowListen to Miro’s strategy to drive traffic to his store[23:24- 35:48] Valuable Online Presence Miro shares his outlook about the future of Walmart The tremendous value Walmart offers that Amazon doesn’t Don’t miss Miro’s advice on starting your own businessWhere to start? Amazon? Shopify? Walmart? Your no. 1 priority in starting an eCommerce business[35:49 - 41:35] Closing Segment Get to know Miro more in the Fire Round!Connect with Miro! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:[Walmart is] building trust with the customer and that’s a good long-term strategy.” - Miro Posavec“If you wanna be successful, you just have to be persistent.” - Miro PosavecResources Mentioned:WalmartShopifyEbayAlibabaCedCommerceBook: A Man for All SeasonsEmail to reach out to Miro or connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 64Ron Parisi, CPA, JD, has more than 25 years of experience in accounting and technology, which he leverages as a Virtual CFO & Accounting Service to assist other entrepreneurs. His articles have been published in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Accounting Today. In this episode, he will talk about the ideal path of a successful business, which highly depends on the owner’s ability to get organized and understand available credit vehicles and tax deductions. Let’s listen to Ron and learn from the CPA on Fire! [00:01 - 04:13] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Ron Parisi Why he loves working with entrepreneurs[04:14 - 14:19] A Reminder for Entrepreneurs The biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs according to RonDon’t miss these tax tips from Ron! How entrepreneurs can leverage credit vehiclesPaycheck Protection Program (PPP)Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)[14:20 - 22:34] Credit Vehicles and Taxes Explained Are you eligible for the PPP?Learn from RonWant some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400The top tax write-offs you’ve probably overlooked [22:35- 36:42] 20% Income Tax DeductionShould you start off as an LLC? Listen to Ron’s adviceDo you want a 20% income tax deduction?What you’re missing when you don’t file a tax return [36:43 - 41:47] Closing Segment Get to know Ron more in the Fire Round!Connect with Ron! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:You don’t necessarily need to have a business before you can start planning for tax deductions.” - Ron Parisi “The future is so bright [and] has so much opportunity to grow. Don’t let 2020 split you down.” - Ron Parisi Resources Mentioned:Book: A Confederacy of DuncesFiring the Man Episode 58: Joel Bower on Getting Intentional with Your TimeEmail to reach out to Ron or connect with him on LinkedIn. Schedule a free financial review with Ron’s team by visiting their website or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.WATCH OUT for their Prosperity Report, a roadmap for eCommerce and online business.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 63It’s been 6 months since Ken fired the man. In this episode, we have talked with Ken about his eCommerce business so far, the steps he took to balance his full-time job and business prior to firing the man, and the freedom of having control of his own time. He also shares this one regret in starting a business. What do you think is that regret?  Let’s listen to Ken’s Firing the Man journey to find out! [00:01 - 03:51] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayWhat’s the last 6 months been for Ken? [03:52 - 11:07] Before Firing the Man Don’t miss our interesting exchange about health insuranceHow much you should consider it before firing the man How Ken balanced his full-time job and eCommerce business then[11:08 - 19:46] After Firing the ManDon’t miss these tips from Ken in running your business Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400“What if firing the man doesn’t work for me?”Listen to Ken’s advice hereKen’s outlook about the future of eCommerce industry[19:47- 27:03] A 5-Star Experience Why small businesses fail Ken talks about the power of networkingWhat is Ken’s only regret in starting a business? [27:04 - 28:14] Closing Segment Final words Tweetable Quotes:“Surrounding yourself with like-minded positive people really helps.” - Ken Wilson“Nothing’s been more powerful for my life than knowing that I can take care of myself and my family on my own.” - Ken WilsonResources Mentioned:MastermindHealthcare.govClubhouseDaymond JohnGrant Cardone------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 62Francois Jaffres is a blackbelt in product sourcing. We have him in today’s episode to talk about his company, Noviland, and learn product sourcing tips that can elevate our businesses. Among other things, we have also discussed China and other potential manufacturers, common mistakes that Amazon sellers make, and the traits that separate successful entrepreneurs from the average ones. Let’s listen to Francois and learn from a product-sourcing blackbelt! [00:01 - 07:40] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Francois JaffresAn entrepreneur at heart His journey to Noviland [07:41 - 16:12] A Pioneer in eCommerce  How Noviland became a pioneer in the eCommerce industryDon’t make these 4 common mistakes of Amazon FBA sellersExperienceCapitalSpeed Listen to learn the last one! [16:13 - 28:25] Why Sign Up For NovilandChoose Noviland because of these reasonsListen to Francois on how they optimize units in a containerWant some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[28:26- 43:50] Should You Look Outside China? Answering Noviland’s Request for QuotationFrancois walks us through the process Are there any other viable manufacturers aside from China?Francois weighs in [43:51 - 48:13] Closing Segment Get to know Francois more in the Fire Round!What is the common denominator among successful entrepreneurs? Connect with Francois! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:“Grit is the number one component that I think I see from entrepreneurs that are successful.” - Francois Jaffres“We’re here to really be more as a partner rather than just another transactional platform that you used as a source or to find factories or to see production timelines.” - Francois JaffresResources Mentioned:AlibabaBook: BlitzscalingEmail to reach out to Francois or follow him on LinkedIn. Check out their website and get the best products for your business! Also visit them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 61Not all debts are created equal. There's good debt that can grow and scale your business and there's bad debt that can drive it to bankruptcy. David Kennedy of Parkside Financial joins us in this episode to tell us the risks and rewards of debts. If deployed correctly, debt can be a great investment for businesses. They just need to identify what assets they should have and the specific situation they need to be in before going to the bank and borrowing money. Let’s listen to David and demystify debts! [00:01 - 04:08] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know David KennedyHis path as a commercial lender The services offered by  Parkside Financials [04:09 - 14:06] Risk and Reward of Commercial LendingShould a company have debt?David weighs in The risk and rewards of commercial lending David explains the 5 C’s of credit[14:07 - 23:27] The Cushion You Need in Your Business Listen to David to know why their rates are attractive to borrowers The cushion that your business needsWant some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400[23:28- 34:45] The Bad Time For Debt Don’t miss this inspiring story from DavidWhat is Parkside Financial looking for in a client? The situation when debt is dangerous to use [34:46 - 39:08] Closing Segment Get to know David more in the Fire Round!Connect with David! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:“Debt can be dangerous when not deployed correctly.” - David KennedyAt the end of the day, it’s not balance sheets that pay you back. It’s people that pay you back” - David KennedyResources Mentioned:Dave Ramsey Book: Shoe DogBook: Ender's GameEmail to reach out to David and check out their website to know how you can leverage debts for your business. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 60It’s official. David has fired the man. In this episode, David will talk about his rollercoaster journey in the last four years and the satisfaction that comes with arriving at the destination. This is a must-listen for those still in the “grind stage” and those who have not started their journeys yet. This is coming from two normal guys who just wanted to support ourselves and our families. We were also uncomfortable at first, probably just like you are right now. But we never gave up. We trusted the process, and now we’re here. Let’s listen to David and learn how he fired the man!  [00:01 - 02:22] Opening SegmentWe introduce our topic for todayDavid has officially fired the man! [02:23 - 08:10] A Memorable 20,000+ HoursWhat happened after David deleted his Outlook appDavid’s thoughts on leaving the public accounting spaceWhat excites David about going full-time in e-commerce?[08:11 - 16:44] Living With The DiscomfortDavid tells us the importance of learning in his previous full-time jobThe biggest amount of compensation that David has received Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400David’s main takeaways on his journey in firing the man [16:45- 21:11] “The Juice is Worth The Squeeze”We exchange insights about this “magical connection”We talk about this life-changing call we hadOur advice for people in the “grind stage”[21:12 - 23:11] Closing Segment Final words Tweetable Quotes:“We talk about ‘firing the man.’ If that’s your ultimate goal, consider changing who you work for if you feel you’re at a dead end job or you’re not learning anything.” - David Schomer“Those of you in the grind stage, keep grinding. The juice is worth the squeeze. It is such a good feeling.” - David Schomer“This is possible: to get your freedom, to take your freedom back and support yourself and your family...” - David SchomerResources Mentioned:Outlook------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to fire the man yourself? Send us a voice message and let’s see how we can help you! FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 59In this episode, Kevin Flaherty from joins us to talk about how his company acquires third-party businesses in the Amazon space. In 2020, was named the “fastest profitable U.S. company to ever reach a $1 billion valuation.” Before joining, Kevin worked as an analyst at Advantage Capital where he would work on providing capital to both start-up and expansion state companies to create growth and strong returns for investors. Let’s listen to Kevin and learn how to have an 8-figure exit by selling your Amazon business! [00:01 - 05:40] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Kevin FlahertyWhat is Thrasio? [05:41 - 14:56] 8-Figure Exits Do you have an Amazon business you want to sell?Kevin talks about the huge potential of the e-commerce industryKevin breaks down the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings [14:57 - 23:53]’s R3What are “add-backs” and why should you know it? Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400Hear from Kevin their criteria in acquiring businesses[23:54- 34:17] Next Generation Procter & GambleWhat’s Kevin’s vision for Are you ready to sell your business?Kevin tells us how you’ll be compensatedKevin talks about their due diligence process [34:18 - 38:17] Closing Segment Let’s commence the Fire Round!Connect with Kevin! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:“I think at the moment...e-commerce is in the second or third inning in terms of a larger game being played.” - Kevin Flaherty“People can get overwhelmed by the growth or get overly bullish and things start to go sideways from there.” - Kevin FlahertyResources Mentioned:Book: The Arsenal of DemocracyBook: Billion Dollar Brand ClubEmail to reach out to Kevin and check out their website or social media pages: LinkedIn,, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW!
Episode 58Today, we have an awesome guest to talk about his entrepreneurial journey and share the tips that helped him along the way. Joel Bower is the co-founder and owner of Owning the Edge, a high-end consulting and intimate mastermind business, helping established entrepreneurs and executives get personalized advice and training they need to replace cookie-cutter solutions that simply don’t work for growing businesses.Listen to Joel and learn the tricks to get intentional with your entrepreneurial career! [00:01 - 05:59] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Joel Bower His motivations for pursuing an entrepreneurial career [06:00 - 17:41] Solopreneurs Are Not Alone Joel recalls how he discovered his passionHelping people get “unstuck”He talks about one of the toughest challenges for entrepreneursHow to deal with it? He gives interesting insights about the “guilt” in gifts [17:42 - 29:40] Protect Your Beliefs Joel walks us through the last goal he setHow did he reward himself? Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GetidaPromo code: FTM400Are you a new entrepreneur? Here are Joel’s tips for you The role of family and friends in your careerJoel explains [29:41 - 40:43] Just Do Something and Be Consistent Joel shares the beauty of Mastermind and how it works Join us in this exciting game!Let’s commence the Fire Round! His favorite bookHis hobbiesThe qualities that set successful people apart from everyone else [40:44 - 42:05] Closing Segment Connect with Joel! Links below Final words Tweetable Quotes:“Entrepreneurs have a tendency of getting so fixated on their dream, getting so caught up in the opportunity, the fear of missing out… that burnout is a constant thing.” - Joel Bower“When you’re starting a business, you need endless information. You need everything.” - Joel BowerResources Mentioned:Tony RobbinsZig ZiglarDenis WaitleyMastermindBook: Think and Grow Rich!Book: The 4-Hour Work WeekBook: The Road Less StupidBook: The Lean StartupBook: Buy Then BuildBook: Dotcom SecretsBook: Awaken The Giant WithinBook: Blue Ocean StrategyYou can find out more about Joel on his website and on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FacebookYouTubeInstagramEmail us --> support@firingtheman.LEAVE US A REVIEW as it really helps the show!
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