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Author: Matt Sagen

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A fun and educational Game Show about innovation, investment, and those parts of human nature that slow (or even stop) successful ventures. Join us as we challenge the world to share their "new" ideas while we race the clock to prove they are NOT NEW. Learn to Explore, Pivot, and Leapfrog, and most importantly how to fail fast to succeed faster.
9 Episodes
In this Episode, we ask "Does increasing R&D spend result in more successful outcomes?"The answer may shock you!We remind ourselves that the goal is prosperity and quality of life, not activity.  We highlight some of the factors behind how we get Innovation wrong, and of course, the critical process we must follow to get it right.
Learn why the common phrase "Innovation Ecosystem" leads to some useful insights about the funding of research and development.  Spoiler alert: it's not the best description of what's usually going on.Dive further into understanding the J-Curve and why it is so vitally important to remember that innovation includes commercialisation.  Also we talk about risk and a reminder that we should be overjoyed to discover we are not the first to do something - a bruised ego is a small price for avoiding a pile of risk.
In this episode we show you one more reason why it is important to get objective, independent, evidence-based validation of your idea before you start - "Barrow Boys" are more than happy to profit from a business model that benefits from the deepest, longest dives into dilution and debt that they can encourage you to take.  But winners are almost without exception the ones that get to market fastest and with the least investment burden.
We have completed the "" process, shout out to them for a great self-service programme.Our new, improved story is all about the Unique Value Proposition - but not the exaggerated bluster we too often see people blowing during their "elevator pitch".  We are all about evidence-based UVP.  Join us and we will help co-write "My Unicorn: The Prequel", even if it turns out to be more like a gazelle, which are awesome!Learn how we do things differently in this sixth episode of Invented Again.
Note that we will henceforth split "IP Snaps" into their own episodes for easier navigation.Explore "The Hydraulic Analogy" of Ideas with us - aka "The Idea Pipeline".A clear ethical line is drawn: We reveal our Charter and invite your feedback and your commitment.We review the Principles that a good "Looker" adheres to.We explain how the "Product" of our service is structured (a Chronology or Story) and why it makes it more valuable than any other format.
We talk about some of the problems with Ideation, how we tend to do it, and how we fund it.  We also focus on how it is not just businesses but also government who needs this process.IP Snap: What to do with Plastic Waste after our customer for it stops taking it.
We explore investment, and look to two of the best in the game: Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.  What is the "Circle of Competence" that they often talk about?  Learn why it is important to avoid the "inventor fantasy", focus on exploiting existing knowledge first.IP Snaps:  The Portable Boxing Ring, The Springfree Trampoline, and the Rivet as Bicycle Tire Puncture FixDiscover a strange and coincidental connection between 2 of these snaps!  Open the practically infinite toolbox instead of relying on just your hammer.  Learn a couple of new ways to get involved at Invented Again.  All this and more in Episode Three!
We beat the odds and made a second episode!  Learn why Rock Paper Scissors is a good way of understanding patent strategy, and hear us play IP Snap with two ideas -"App that Identifies Stuff you Point your Camera At""Magnetic Wearables to Stem COVID"We also do a "historical" Snap of an invention for turning plastic waste into building blocks for construction and start to see principles emerging - what is the goal of Invented Again and what kind of traits and skills does a person need to help us to help the world be more successful at innovation.
The First One!  I.P. Snap

The First One! I.P. Snap


Our debut in which we talk about the background of our process and play IP Snap with two ideas - "Avalanche Survival Breather" and "Upcycled Wheely Bin Foot-Operated Hand Wash Station".
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